Evaluation question 3 What have you learned from your audience feedback?


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What have you learned from your audience feedback?

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Evaluation question 3 What have you learned from your audience feedback?

  2. 2. My target audience Before production began on my film I had to get an idea of who I would be aiming myproduct to. Most student drama short films are aimed at a teenage target audiencebecause they are far more relatable than trying to adhere to an audience that iswither older or younger; the portrayal of short films in the media makes for popularonline videos. Short films are popular with all age groups, and although this is ageneralised statement, I wanted to make my film to appeal to a specific targetaudience so for the purpose of my research I decided to aim it at a general audienceof males and females between the ages of , 17 and 22 but perhaps more maleorientated.
  3. 3. Introduction Audience feedback has been an important part of the research andplanning stages of my blog as well as my post production work.Feedback has helped me to identify where a piece of work hasbeen effective or has needed further development in order toachieve toe best overall product. For me the most important part offeedback was from my target audience. It has been important toaccept negative criticism from my audience as well as positivebecause it has helped me to develop and improve my work.
  4. 4. My target audience Cont. This is a good audience to aim for with my product. Teenage Audiences make up a largepercentage of film goers, and are more likely to watch films on newer digital technologicalformats like YouTube and Vimeo. Students and are also more likely to be on socialnetworks such as Facebook and twitter than older audiences. In recent polls it has shownthat 93% of teenagers go online regularly, increasing the chances of them seeing my film onthese technologies. They are a mass audience and so are more financially viable. With my product I am targeting at a secondary audience. Due to my product not using anyspecialist jargon for my chosen age group and its themes being universally accessible, Idecided to also target my short film at an older audience because of the films interestingvalues. However I do believe my secondary audience will want to watch the film for differentreasons to my primary audience; my Teenage Audience will generally be more interested inthe protagonists character as he is more relatable whereas an older audience will beinterested in the intertextuality of the piece itself including its clichés. In having more thanone target audience it helps the product have a larger reach and gets the film more wellknown which is why I found it so important to conduct research at every stage through theproduction and filming process.
  5. 5. Audience Feedback Throughout production I have learnt a lot from Audience Feedback Another importantlesson I have learnt from undertaking my target audiences that not all feedbackis relevant or helpful. One of the main tools I have been using for audiencefeedback is the social network ‘Facebook’ as this has given me the opportunityto receive feedback from all over the world. Contrastingly this method could beseen as a limited way of displaying my work because it is so restricted in theanonymous side of feedback being received. . As I was developing my AncillaryFilm Poster for example, I put an unfinished version onto the social networking siteFacebook for feedback. The advice I got from there really helped develop my productfrom its basic beginnings into the piece I have now. As everything that we are creating inthis unit is for a specific audience it is always useful to get their opinions and criticisms asit stops it becoming a product that you like and it becomes something your audience willenjoy. Without these other perspectives I doubt I would have made my products to thequality that I would have liked
  6. 6. Audience Feedback cont. During the final parts of my project I decided to get feedback frommy audience in different ways. I decided to send my short film out(from YouTube) on a Facebook message to a small focal group. Ihave also designed a small written questionnaire from which Ihave passed around another group to fill out. All the people whotook part in this feedback were aged from 17-22 and part of mytarget audience. My Results come over the next few slides;
  7. 7. Facebook feedback - IdentMy final ident is finished and received some good criticism towards my final work . Overall people liked thehorror style of it and thought it didnt detract to much away from the final film. They thought the text at the startwas a little distracting but overall liked the idea of the text revealing from an unknown piece of symbolic text tothe final Indivisual title. Another criticism was that the eye video played as a backdrop was too blurry andinstead needed to be reshot. Although I agree with the idea that the footage is grainy, I feel it adds to the feel ofthe video itself so will be leaving the ident as it stands. Below is the feedback I received for this ident afterasking 15 people within the target audience of my final film.1."I feel the ident was very effective but gave me a sense of a horror film. Could change!"2."Great ident! but the eye in the background is creepy and could be changed"3."I dont like the moving text at the start, It doesnt make a lot of sense"4."I like the branding for the film and the name of the company"5."the film ident was effective"6.I feel as if the music isnt very fitting alongside the bright and happy atmosphere present in the final filmssoundtrack."7."Change the ident to fit a different genre"8."I would not change anything about this ident. It is very effective"9."I like the fact the ident ends abruptly alongside the music"10."The ident is slightly too long"11."It was a really good ident"12.I like the changing letters at the beginning. It makes the piece stand out as its own prduction company"13."the short film ident went well with the final film"14."really good name! indivisual!"15."I dont like the indivisual name. it feels like youre trying to be clever for the sake of being clever"
  8. 8. Facebook feedback Close analysis From my Facebook group I only had one criticism, the rest being complimentaryof the way the film was constructed, particular praise coming from the use ofmusic and the way the narrator was presented as an ever present force. Herethe criticism of the work is due to the final scene, saying perhaps I could havehad the car in the film slowed down as the films end cliché was too predictable.When filming I did try this effect, but I found it looked messy and unstructured,destroying the building of a tense atmosphere. I find the ending I used, in whichhe suddenly appears fits in with the tension I built. This scene was used similarlyin the film ‘stranger than fiction’, upon the death of the main male protagonist.
  9. 9. Questionnaire feedback Along with feedback from my Facebook focal group, I also handed out ashort, 8 question long questionnaire to people in my target audience agerange (around 15-19). From this I have learnt what was good in my pieceand how I could potentially improve it if I was to do it again.
  10. 10. Questionnaire feedback cont. From my questionnaire I found that most of my group understoodthe genre of the piece from the usage of colour and conventions,and almost all put that they believe the audience of the productwould be mid to late teenagers. Most of the feedback of the piecewas positive, the few complaints being about my ancillarymagazine review. Of course out of the three this is the leastvisually interesting, so it makes sense that this would be the leastpopular. If I had made this piece really flashy and colourful itwouldn’t have stuck to the generic conventions of a MagazineReview. Other things said about my product included my group agreeingthat the products stuck to the conventions, and that they combineto make one professional product. Those who took thequestionnaire who like short films said they would be interested inwatching it.
  11. 11. Feedback for Rough cut As I showed my rough cut to a target audience of 22 people aged 15to 20 and a second target audience of people aged 21 +, I gotdetailed feedback on the thoughts behind my final rough cut. Below isa typed list of a selection of the comments I received and the changesI will be making as a result. feedback from 12, 15 - 20 year olds. I enjoyed the rough cut but felt like there needed to be a titlesequence at the start or finish the ending to your rough cut was terrible as the car sped up to fast!Other than the the story values were really good really enjoyed the story improve some of the continuity errors such as the car leaving the trafficlights about half way through
  12. 12. Feedback for Rough cut re-film some of the key area such as the pan across the ipad, butotherwise i really enjoyed it great cliff-hanger ending really good soundtrack that fits well really didnt like the silence that was left behind during the latter half ofthe video. the rest of it was really good the only part that needed significant changes to be made was the carspeeding off at the end of the video. this was too fast! really liked the film overall. not sure what was going on at the start andthe narration could be finessed ever so slightly feedback from 10, 21+ year olds. the film was good but lacked some artistic subtlety. I think you have lefttoo many questions unanswered. i really liked the ending but the car needs to be slowed down
  13. 13. Feedback for Rough cut the film was effective but there are a few continuity errors. Firstly iswhere a car accelerates off the traffic lights and then mysteriouslydissapears in the next shot (maybe add a jump cut) also make thetransition between going into the library and coming back out moredefined improve some of the continuity errors such as the car leaving the trafficlights about half way through re-film some of the key area such as the pan across the ipad, butotherwise i really enjoyed it great cliffhanger ending really good sountrack that fits well really didnt like the silence that was left behind during the latter half ofthe video. the rest of it was really good change some of the continuity errors but otherwise the film wasreasonably effective
  14. 14. Feedback for Rough cut I dont think the soundtrack was effective enough with the final film, alsoyour sound effects are all over the place and you really need to quietdown the sounds of background rain noise (no comments given) fix the ending as a lot of others said but otherwise was a really grippingand interesting story. very unique! The final thing I asked was if they would watch the film again after imade these improvements and over %80 agreed.
  15. 15. Ancillary productfeedback As part of my research into the effectiveness of my finalproducts before submitting them to gauge their effectivenesswith my target audience, I decided to ask some of my targetaudience about what they thought about the posters andmovie review. Firstly was my Movie poster. The purpose of afilm poster is to advertise a film, and create a buzz (or interest)surrounding the films premise. It is often a good idea to showoff elements of the plot storyline using your movie poster toinitially get people interested in your film concept, whichworked effectively in my final ancillary products.
  16. 16. Ancillary productfeedback cont. As a poster describing my films firm position in the drama genre,my posters need to show they are effective in portraying theboring life of John Spencer which is something I tried to achieve inmy horizontal poster with a blurred backgroundthat separates John in the foreground from the background. I toldseveral people about my initial poster to gaugean understanding of how effective they were.this included random selection of 18 to 24 year olds and a groupof the same size that fit the criteria of my target audience. As amust, in my ancillary products, I tried to incorporate sections oftypography that fit the conventions of my final video, and this is anelement of my film that my target audience thought was effective.Below are a list of the feedback comments I received. As anadded measure all people that were interviewed had not heardof my project until after they gave me their feedback on myancillary product, and were told they were professional examples.Participants were also asked to keep their comments brief.:
  17. 17. Ancillary productfeedback cont.randomly selected audience feedback (allanonymous) I like the overall layout and the contrast between thehorizontal and vertical designs, it is very effective. the blurred background of the horizontal posterworks very well and really reflects the isolation of theprotagonist. the custom font is designed well, Butcould have been kept even more consistent with thefont from the magazine cover. the typography is consistent and works well, It lookslike an interesting short film. The poster seems to be missing something as their is alarge void of blurred space with no object to fill it. I prefer the horizontal poster for artistic style as theportrait one looks more aimed towards, um, thehorror genre, sorry.
  18. 18. Ancillary productfeedback cont. audience feedback- target audience. the poster is really good ant fits the conventions of a normal video poster your steel tongs font needs to be a little bit more spaced out but the way theposters are split in terms of the filled space is good. include the name of the production company, but the style of typography isgood the structure of the posters are both very effective I like how well the magazine cover and posters seem to go together. They bothwork very well.
  19. 19. Ancillary productfeedback cont.I am personally very happy with the feedback as it shows the products I haveproduced for my final film are effective. If i could have changed anything fromthe final poster, It would be the page curl affect in the upper left hand cornerof the portrait poster itself. My final magazine review also received both greatfeedback and minor criticisms, but nothing that couldnt just be down topersonal perception. Below are both my final ancillary products together toshow off how effective they were together.
  20. 20. Overall what has myResearch shown me Sticks to Conventions well Can pass, visually, as a professional short film Narrative was interesting but could have done witha different voice actor, shots not varied enoughespecially at the scene with the traffic lights Can’t follow plotWhat I have learnt from this:During planning stages, check with target audiencethe script in order to not fall into the issue of a stale plotby the end of productionMake sure that I vary the shots more, don’t always usemid-shots, try to us the multi-camera set up to changefrom mid-shot, to close-up, to long-shot
  21. 21. Conclusion on Audience feedbackFrom my audience feedback I have found out things I could potentially change if I did itagain but I am confident that my product is effective, due to it sticking to conventions andincluding elements my target audience would enjoy. If I was to do it again I would like tomake my film longer and more extensive, and perhaps use more effects. But due to myFocal group feedback, I am confident that it is an effective and professional product.I gathered the audience feedback through two different ways. This was so my audiencecould decide whether or not they wanted to remain anonymous. If they wanted anonymity,they could view the short and then provide back some written feedback They, as a group,viewed the piece while recording their reaction and finishing with a final comments orquestions section afterwards.Given my target audience, I mainly sourced from there. However, I did you the feedbackfrom one or two who acted in it, so their opinions might have been biased. Also, I didn’tsource any feedback from anyone older than 22. Additionally I decided not to ask forfeedback from any of my friends as they to would give a biased response.In the end, I did get some varied feedback, but I could have done more to source it fromoutside my peers and present it in a different way.
  22. 22. Different ways ofpresenting my work toreceive feedback