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How to Create a Youtube Channel - Phillies Edition
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How to Create a Youtube Channel - Phillies Edition


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Class project for COMM352

Class project for COMM352

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. How to Create a Dedicated YouTube Channel
    Phillies Edition
  • 2. Setting Up Your Account
    Before you can get started on YouTube, You need to get signed up
    Go to
    In the top, right hand corner click “Create Account”
    Think carefully about the username, it is the same name given to your YouTube Channel
    Username: ThePhilaPhillies
  • 3. Edit Your YouTube Channel
    To begin editing, click the username, and click Account
    Here you will find many different ways to customize the channel
    To change the picture, click “Change” under the blank picture space
    Here you can upload any picture to represent the organization
    You can also add a description and any other personal information
  • 4. Edit Your YouTube Channel
    To continue with edits, click back over the username and click “My Channel”
    At the top of this page, you’ll see various gray tabs
    In the Post Bulletin tab, there is an “Edit Profile” button
    Edit Profile: this is where you can disclose as much or as little as you want about the organization
    Click “edit” in the profile box
    You can choose to show or not show different categories
    Be sure to save your changes!
  • 5. Edit Your YouTube Channel
    Settings Tab: Here you can add “Channel Tags” that will serve as key words, when visitors search for videos
    Themes and Colors Tab: this page gives you numerous options to change the color scheme, layout, and content displayed
    You can even upload a picture of the Phillies logo or stadium to serve as your background
    You can edit font selections and colors as well
  • 6. Edit Your YouTube Channel
    Modules Tab: you can edit the settings of the different categories that as an organization you want your viewers to be able to see
    Videos and Playlists Tab: here is where you organize your uploaded video
    It allows you to edit the layout of the videos, order, and featured content
  • 7. Uploading Videos
    To upload a video to the dedicated channel, it must be less than 2GB in size, in an acceptable file format, and less than 15 minutes long, unless you have unlimited permission
    Supported Files:
    WebM Files
    .MPEG4, 3GPP and MOV Files
  • 8. Uploading Videos
    If all previous qualifications are in order, you are ready!
    Step 1: click the Upload link at the top of an YouTube Page
    Step 2: Click the Upload Video button to browse for the video file you’d like to upload, click Open
    Step 3: As the video file is uploading, enter as much information about your video as you would like
    Create a descriptive name that gives subscribers and video watchers a clear idea of what the video displays
    YouTube allows you to upload 10 videos at a time!
    Be sure to save your changes!
  • 9. Communicating with Subscribers
    Click back to the Post Bulletin Tab
    At the top of this page you will see Bulletin options
    Here you can enter a message you would like to include on your bulletin board, which is sent to your subscribers
    You can include a personal note, video link, or both
    Remember: when you post a bulletin it will appear:
    On your subscribers’ recent activity module
    On your channel page in your recent activity module
  • 10. Confirm The Channel is Working
    After creating the account, editing all settings, add information, and uploading the first video, make sure your Channel is working
    Step 1: Sign out of your account
    Step 2: Search in YouTube for your organization
    Step 3: See if anything comes up
    Step 4: if you can find your channel, make sure everything looks like you want it to!