The Remarkable Market Stall


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The Remarkable Market Stall

  1. 1. TheRemarkableMarketStall Jamey Coughlin Business Development & Economics
  2. 2. What is remarkable?
  3. 3. If you saw a purple cow, what would YOU do?• Stop• Take a second look• Come back again• Tell your friends• Talk about it
  4. 4. Remarkable
  5. 5. The Remarkable Market Stall• Effective Display Techniques• The Right Signs• Tells a Great Story• Exceptional Customer Service
  6. 6. Ask yourself ONE question…• How can I make things EASIER for my customers?
  7. 7. and remember ONE thing…• The right mix of strategy, product, quality, display, merchandising techniques, pricing and customer service will make your market sales sizzle, and increase your profits and pleasure.
  8. 8. Today:• Display, Signage, Story & Service• Lots of information, ideas, pictures and questions• References:
  9. 9. Farmers Markets are:• Growing in popularity• Lots of buzz in the press• Locavore was word of the year• More customers each season• Offer a sense of community, unique, fresh and quality products, connection with neighbours, shared civic values and lots of hugs...
  10. 10. Why bother with remarkable?Isnt pretty nice, best stall intown, worked for 20 years OK?Why is a constantly improvingdisplay important?
  11. 11. Competitionis intense &evolving
  12. 12. • Consumers bombarded with priorities, messages, information and advertising
  13. 13. Customers arestressed out!• Time• Money• RRSPs• Job• Kids• Health• Planet• Future
  14. 14. • New markets and vendors• More people are NOT shopping at markets than shopping at them• Profitability / balance challenges• Local Food Trend gets customers to the market; but quality, experience and ease bring them back and coming to YOUR stall
  15. 15. Good News!• Challenges common to all retail• Lots of simple tips and tricks• They work
  16. 16. Effective Display Techniques
  17. 17. BASICS• Layout• Organization• Appearance• Cleanliness
  18. 18. Table Layout• Shallow is better than deep• Parallel to traffic flow is better than aisles, alcoves or obstructions• Product should be accessibleMake it Easy!
  19. 19. Increase customer reach with layers
  20. 20. Angle product towards the customer
  21. 21. Layers give illusion of abundance
  22. 22. No bending! Knee to shoulder height
  23. 23. Display similar products together… `
  24. 24. Produce different varieties of thesame product
  25. 25. Offer a variety of sizes…
  26. 26. Is your stall clean?• Garbage?• Unattractive containers?• Your own food and purchases?• Are storage containers in good shape?
  27. 27. CLEAN & Organized?
  28. 28. ONLY NUMBER ONE QUALITY• Freshness is why people shop at farmers’ markets• Product should be first quality, anything less should be marked• Keep it cool enroute and at market• No amount of marketing or merchandising will make up for poor quality
  29. 29. Make it easy• Easy to see while passing by• Easy to see at the stall• Easy to find what they want• Easy to reach• Easy to purchase
  30. 30. NEVER lose a sale because...• A customer couldnt see what they were seeking• You left a 1/2 eaten lunch on the table• You tried to sell product that you knew you shouldnt bring to market• A customer saw you treat unsold product like compost the week before
  31. 31. To really kick it up a notch... Appeal to your customer’s SENSES!
  32. 32. Pile it high and watch it fly!
  33. 33. For eye appeal, mix up the color
  34. 34. Small details like tablescloths and baskets matter
  35. 35. Be creative if your product cannotbe displayed
  36. 36. Use aroma to draw attention… Smell Me!!!! Smell Me!!!!
  37. 37. Activities &Demos areawesome!
  38. 38. Sampling & freebees sell products
  39. 39. Dont forget the sense of humour
  40. 40. Additional Display Tips• Leverage all the senses• Change with the seasons• Balance abundance with clutter• Continuously restock displays• As you run out, reduce display size
  41. 41. TheRightSigns“A display without a sign is a sign of no display.”
  42. 42. • Placement• Message
  43. 43. Every product needs a price sign…
  44. 44. Visible, Legible and EASY• The vast majority of customers will not ASK about prices• If in doubt, they will keep walking...
  45. 45. Visible, Legible and EASY
  46. 46. Will customers block your signs?
  47. 47. Don’t forget to tell them who you are!
  48. 48. Sign construction• Avoid white background – it draws the eye away from your products• Best coloring is black on yellow OR green, red or black on off-white• Laminated signs! • can be changed as needed• Keep lettering neat• NEVER be negative!
  49. 49. FONT SIZE
  50. 50. Make it Easy!
  51. 51. Beyond price...• Using signs to communicate a meaningful message
  52. 52. What kind of information?• Why are you special?• Whats in it for the customer?• Why should they believe you? Make it Easy!
  53. 53. Understand what you do great!• Emphasize one or two key ideas:• “The apple pie guy”• “The heirloom tomato people”• Any more and customers get confusedCONFUSION DOES NOT EQUAL EASY
  54. 54. What is in it for the customer?Features are the• Facts• Figures• Practices• Details “So What?”
  55. 55. Features BenefitsSlippery Peel “So What” Creates great laughsSoft & Mushy “So What” Easy for kids to eatPotassium “So What” Reduce cramping
  56. 56. Overt Benefit You TRIPLE the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by OVERTLY communicating your customer benefitWhat they willReceive, Enjoy, ExperienceIn exchange for theirTime, Trouble, Trust and Money
  57. 57. Be crystal clear:NEVER let a customer say NO because they don’t understand what you’re offering
  58. 58. Reasons to Believe?• Farmers Markets have a head start• Wavering confidence in the food system• Listeriosis, Melamine, E.Coli, Salmonella• Food Miles, Climate, Efficiency• Michael Pollan Factor• People dont know what to believe
  59. 59. What is a remarkable RTB for yourproduct, stall & business? 1. Common Sense Argument 2. Personal Experience 3. Verification/Pedigree 4. Customer Testimonials 5. Guarantee
  60. 60. Ideas• Empirical Data - 3 out of 4 think....• Contests – Winner of ______ Award• Stories – our baker trained in France at...• Wall of Testimonials• Cred by association – served at Bistro• Cred by association – studies and research• Demonstrations – cooked weight of meat vs. frozen burgers
  61. 61. Message• Why are you special?• Whats in it for the customer?• Why should they believe you?• Position yourself above the crowd, and be remarkable!
  62. 62. Tell aGreat Story
  63. 63. Stories• Who we are, Who others are• We crave stories / oral tradition and human connections• Plot, Characters & Emotions• Good stories are passed on• The material value will lessen, the story value will increase
  64. 64. Tell YOUR story• Help customers get to know you• Put a face on food• Pictures, family, visits, videos, website Make it Easy!
  65. 65. Storylines• Adventures for Sale• Togetherness, Friendship & Love• The Market for Care• The Who-Am-I Market• The Market for Peace of Mind• The Market for Convictions
  66. 66. Market for Convictions
  67. 67. • Great stories and REAL meaning are the small, sustainable operation’s UNFAIR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES! Can a locally grown, certified organic blueberry, home-baked pie…
  68. 68. be traded for 2 backstage passes to see the Rolling Stones?
  69. 69. Stories• Stories are the ultimate marketing and authenticity tool• Humans are hard wired for stories• When we hear a great story, we retell it• Stories connect your customers to you and your products to your customers lives
  70. 70. ExceptionalCustomerService
  71. 71. Top 5 FM customer annoyances:• Vendor can not make change• Vendor fails to acknowledge customers• Long, slow line forms at the stand• Vendor is chatting with friends, other vendors or other customers, long wait• Vendor talks on cell phone while serving customers!
  72. 72. Body Language is CRITICAL!•57% of Communication is visual• Smiling? Arms crossed? Sitting? Making Eye contact? Eating? Distracted?
  73. 73. Tips• Pay attention to your appearance• Engage customers ASAP• Give them 100% attention• Be reliable• Share your knowledge• Go the extra mile• EXPRESS GRATITUDE
  74. 74. Are you actively promoting?• What is coming in future weeks? (make sure they come back!)• Provide or ask for meal ideas using ingredients (participation)• Make suggestions and WANT the sale• Are you using your regulars to influence new customers?
  75. 75. Seek and Measure Satisfaction• A satisfied customer tells fewer than 5 people• An unsatisfied customer tells more than 10• Ask questions, do surveys, do taste tests, document results and make changes• Raise the bar• A sales drop shouldnt be the first sign of a problem!
  76. 76. Understand and Anticipate Customer Demands• How are they using your products?• When? Entertaining?• WANT or a NEED?• Are they eating right away?• Where are they shopping mid-week?• What are they doing after market?
  77. 77. Find Your Niche Mostly Satisfied Somewhat Unsatisfied
  78. 78. The New Rules• The old rule was this: Create safe products and combine them with great marketing.• Average products for average people. Commodities...• The new rule is: Create remarkable products that the right people seek out.
  79. 79. Affordable Indulgence ParticipationCalm Powerlessness Dignity PriceCelebration Environment QualityChildren Experience SafetyClimate Guilt Health SkillsCollaboration Hope Social JusticeCommunity Importance StatusComplication Income Time Local Farm Viability
  80. 80. Important Questions• What are their stresses?• What are their values?• What are they doing with your product?• How can you serve them better than their current options?
  81. 81. How?• Talk, Talk, Talk!!!!• Get contact info• Do a survey• Build a group of trusted advisors• Read magazines, go to restaurants
  82. 82. Make changes...
  83. 83. Selling Strategies for Local Producers :
  84. 84. Selling Strategies for Local Producers :
  85. 85. The Remarkable Market Stall• Effective Display Techniques• The Right Signs• Tells a Great Story• Exceptional Customer Service
  86. 86. It goes back to ONE question• How can I make things EASIER for my customers? So Make it Easy!
  87. 87. and ONE thing…• The right mix of strategy, product, quality, display, merchandising techniques, pricing and customer service will make your market sales sizzle, and increase your profits and pleasure.
  88. 88. Resources• NSDA Business Development & Economics•• Sales Strategies for Local Food Producers• 6222.htm• Growing for Market; F.M. Sample Issue•