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Predictive Analytics at the Speed of Business
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Predictive Analytics at the Speed of Business


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Predictive Analytics at the Speed of Business - …

Predictive Analytics at the Speed of Business -
How decision management and a real-time infrastructure get predictive analytics where and when you need them.
Organizations are looking to maximize the value of their analytics investment. They need to accelerate the deployment process, reduce costs and get the analytic insight where they need it, when they need it. Increasingly organizations must deploy and manage many models, use those models in real-time and integrate predictive analytics into a wide range of operational systems – in the cloud, on-premise, for Hadoop and in-database. In this webinar you will learn how Decision Management and ADAPA – a proven approach and real-time infrastructure – transform passive models into operational success. This webinar is jointly presented by James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions and Dr. Alex Guazzelli, Vice President of Analytics at Zementis.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Predictive Analytics at the Speed of BusinessHow decision management and a real-time infrastructure get predictive analytics where and when you need them
  • 2. Your presentersJames Taylor, CEO, Decision Dr. Alex Guazzelli,Vice President ofManagement Solutions Analytics at ZementisWorks with clients to improve their Works with clients to put theirbusiness by applying analytic predictive solutions to work: on site,technology to automate & improve in the cloud, in-database, or usingdecisions Hadoop.Expert in Decision Management and PMML Evangelistdeveloping Decision ManagementSystems Expert in Predictive Analytics ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 1
  • 3. What speed are your analytics running at? ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 2
  • 4. AGENDA 1 2 Challenges in Getting a Return on Predictive Why Faster Decisions 3 How to Speed up Predictive Analytics Analytics 4 5 6 Demo: Qualify Questions? Win a book! for a Mortgage Loan ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 3
  • 5. Most analytics are stuck in low gearData Model Batch Deploy (maybe) ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 4
  • 6. But today’s world is in high gear ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 5
  • 7. Time to change gears Accelerate the Deployment Process Reduce Costs Deploy analytics where and when needed ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 6
  • 8. Why Faster Decisions
  • 9. Faster decisions increase business value Business event Decision latency Action taken ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 8
  • 10. Decision Management Agile Analytic Adaptive ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 9
  • 11. How To Speed UpPredictive Analytics
  • 12. Decision Management Speeds up Analytics Decisions Discover the operational decisions with highest ROI Models Rapidly build models that can influence these decisions Rules Apply the rules of the business - regulations, policies, best practices Deploy Deploy to a real-time operational infrastructure Improve Continuously improve decision and analytic results over time ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 11
  • 13. Discover High ROI Decisions Eligibility Validation Calculation Risk Fraud Opportunity ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 12
  • 14. Analytics power these decisionsHow do I… prevent this customer from correctly estimate the risk of this churning? transaction? It’s not about “aha” moments It’s about making better make this offer compelling to operational decisions this person? ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 13
  • 15. The ROI of these decisions comes from scale Strategic Decision Tactical Decision Operational Decision ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 14
  • 16. Decisions provide context Processes Know which business Activities require decisions processes will be improved by your analytics Events Know when your analytics Trigger decisions might be calculated Systems Know how you will have to Implement decisions deploy your analytics Organizational Units Know who cares about Make decisions your analytics and who will Own decisions have to believe them Are impacted by decisions ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 15
  • 17. Understand decisions to improve them ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 16
  • 18. Embedding predictive analytics is key ? ? Decision ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 17
  • 19. From Model Building to Deployment: THEN ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 18
  • 20. From Model Building to Deployment: NOW ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 19
  • 21. A few words about PMML ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 20
  • 22. Apply rules to complete decisions Decision ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 21
  • 23. Ensure continuous improvement ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 22
  • 24. Qualifying for a Mortgage Loan - Demo
  • 25. Qualifying for a Mortgage Loan Interactive Decision Diagram ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 24
  • 26. Qualifying for a Mortgage Loan ADAPA Web Console Models, Rules, Reports & Resources Downloading sample files Uploading and verifying predictive models Uploading and testing business rules ADAPA Add-in for Excel Web-Services Scoring loan applications directly from Excel Scoring tax data from Excel ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 25
  • 27. A few words about ADAPA ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 26
  • 28. Close the loop in your systemsOperational Decision Systems Management and a real-time infrastructure link predictive Decision analytics to operational systems for Analytic maximum ROI Systems ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 27
  • 29. Questions?
  • 30. About Decision Management Solutions Global clients in insurance, banking, healthcare, retail, travel, telco and financial services Exclusively focused on helping companies Adopt Decision Management Approach Select Decision Management Technologies Build Decision Management Systems with predictive analytics and business rules Services, training and software solution to get started quickly and focus efforts cost effectively ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 29
  • 31. About Zementis ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 30
  • 32. Win a Book!
  • 33. Decision Management Systems What if you could make your systems active participants in optimizing your business? What if your systems could act intelligently on their own? Decision Management Systems can do all that and more. This book shows how to integrate operational and analytic technologies to create more agile, analytic, and adaptive systems. Discount Code: TAYLOR4389For more information about this new release, ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 32
  • 34. PMML In Action (2nd Edition) What if you could represent all your predictive solutions using a common language? What if these solutions could be deployed right-away? PMML, the Predictive Model Markup Language, is the de facto standard to represent predictive solutions. With PMML, model deployment is instantaneous. This book guides you through the implementation of an entire solution in PMML, from data transformations to model.(Paperback and Kindle) ©2012 Decision Management Solutions 33
  • 35. Thank You More information at: 34