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Decision Modeling with OpenRules and DecisionsFirst Modeler
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Decision Modeling with OpenRules and DecisionsFirst Modeler



Decision requirements models allow business analysts, architects and decision designers to describe the decision-making they need. When these models are combined with business-friendly business rules ...

Decision requirements models allow business analysts, architects and decision designers to describe the decision-making they need. When these models are combined with business-friendly business rules representations and representations of decision logic such as decision tables, non-technical domain experts can represent critical “know-how” accurately and precisely resulting in faster time to value and fewer errors. Add in the ability to navigate an existing implementation graphically, and these same users can find out when a change is required and where to make it. The combination of decision requirements models and business rules or executable decision models is a powerful capability.



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Decision Modeling with OpenRules and DecisionsFirst Modeler Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Creating and Managing Executable Decision Models with DecisionsFirst Modeler and OpenRules JamesTaylor CEO Dr Jacob Feldman CTO
  • 2. ©2013 Decision Management Solutions 1 Your Presenters James Taylor CEO of Decision Management Solutions I work with clients to improve their business by applying technology to automate & improve decisions Dr Jacob Feldman Founder & CTO of OpenRules I am a hands-on developer helping OpenRules customers to create decision making systems using BR, ML, and optimization technologies
  • 3. 1 2 3 4 5 6 AGENDA Decision Requirements Models DecisionsFirst Modeler and OpenRules® From Requirements to Execution Demonstration Next Steps Questions
  • 4. Decision Requirements Models
  • 5. Existing Techniques Are Incomplete Use Cases • Key steps are decisions • Decisions not modeled Process Models • Decisions made by tasks • Peanut Butter Rules Requirements Lists • Decisions are required • How is not modeled Business Rules • Big Bucket of Rules • Details before overview 4©2013 Decision Management Solutions
  • 6. ©2013 Decision Management Solutions Process And Rules Disconnected If customer is GoldCustomer and Home_Equity_Loan_Value is more than $100,000 then college_loan_discount = 0.5% If member has greater than 3 prescriptions and prescription’s renewal_date is less than 30 days in the future then set reminder=“email” If patient’s age is less than 18 and member’s coverage is “standard” and member’s number_of_claims does not exceed 4 then set patient’s coverage to “standard” 5
  • 7. Good Decision Requirements Information • What is needed? • Where does it come from? Knowledge • How to make it • How to improve it Precision • Exactly how? • Specificity without technical details Context • Application • Organization • Business Goals ©2013 Decision Management Solutions 6
  • 8. ©2013 Decision Management Solutions 7 A Decision Requirements Model Information Knowledge Precision
  • 9. DecisionsFirst Modeler and OpenRules
  • 10. DecisionsFirst Modeler Social, collaborative, cloud-based Decision Management modeling software that puts decisions at the heart of your business architecture, building better requirements and driving successful business rules implementations 9©2013 Decision Management Solutions
  • 11. ©2013 Decision Management Solutions 10 DecisionsFirst Modeler Agile Decision Requirements • Build diagrams quickly, finding and reusing objects or importing existing information Connect Decisions and Business Systems • Put decisions into context, linking them to process, systems and organizations. Collaborate across silos • Accessible from anywhere, a social powered and collaborative environment supports multiple perspectives Integrate with your approach • Define your own completeness levels and link to your BRMS
  • 12. OpenRules® Business Decision Management System Executable Decision Models Focused on Subject Matter Experts Multiple DecisioningTechniques Open Source www.OpenRules.com
  • 13. OpenRules®
  • 14. From Requirements to Execution
  • 15. DecisionsFirst Modeler + OpenRules 14©2013 Decision Management Solutions OpenRules uses Excel/Google Docs to add implementation logic and test cases. Requirements become executable Decision logic is implemented using OpenRules DecisionTables
  • 16. ©2013 Decision Management Solutions Collaboration And Integration 15 RepositoryRepository API Version Control
  • 17. Demonstration
  • 18. Next Steps
  • 19. Recap DecisionsFirst Modeler Collaborative, social, cloud-based environment Provides a simple yet precise definition of your Decision Requirements Builds a map for your implementation OpenRules® Open Source general purpose Business Decision Management System Supports Executable Decision Models created by subject matter experts in Excel or Google Docs Validates, deploys, manages, and effectively executes decision models
  • 20. ©2013 Decision Management Solutions 19 Ways We Can Help – Starter Services Jump Start Service 2-3 days onsite Setting up an integration framework specific to your environment and business objectives Specifying and developing an initial executable decision requirements model that you can extend and manage Technology transfer using DecisionsFirst Modeler and OpenRules® Model Building Service Give us your document We build an initial decision model
  • 21. ©2013 Decision Management Solutions 20 Start For Free! DecisionsFirst Modeler www.decisionsfirst.com OpenRules® www.openrules.com
  • 22. Questions?
  • 23. Thank You 22 JamesTaylor james@decisionmanagementsolutions.com Dr Jacob Feldman jacobfeldman@openrules.com