Magazine Proposal


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Magazine Proposal

  1. 1. Genre of Music. The genre of music that my magazine will focus on is going to be rap and hip-hop. I chose this. I chose this genre of music because it is, arguably, one of the most popular types of music with my target audience of teens. I’m familiar with many artists of this genre and the content of my magazine will feature both my general knowledge of artists and information from the internet, television etc. As a magazine, I want to give my target audience the opportunity to not only just read about artists and their music, but to understand in depth the lifestyle of the artists. I want my magazine to offer something more than all the other similar magazines. The primary reason why I chose this genre of rap & hip-hop is because I enjoy listening to this music and to write about something one enjoys is always the best thing to do. Drake The Canadian recording artist, rapper, songwriter, and actor, would be a great example to feature within my magazine. Personally, I enjoy listening to his music and to convey my interests of this to my magazine would be ideal. Rihanna Rihanna is the biggest female artist currently producing music in the world right now. Although hip-hop music isn’t the only type of music sung/produced my Rihanna, she is definitely a big part of the industry. Kanye West & Kim Kardashian As said previously, I would like to not only write about artists and their music, but also their life other than music. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are regarded as one of the most famous and popular couples in the world today. Kanye is a rap artist, songwriter and music producer who is one of the biggest rap artists of his time. Due to this, the media attention surrounding him and his music is rife, and to speak about someone like him as well as his personal life with Kim could only benefit my magazine.
  2. 2. My Magazine Title. The title of my magazine is called ‘Idolise’. I chose this name because the artists that will be feature within my magazine are going to be idols and thus idolised by my target audience. By including artists who are “loved” and “admired” by my target audience in my magazine, I would be relating my magazine title to its content which could indicate professionalism and creativity, things that would encourage someone to buy my magazine possibly. I would also want my actual magazine to be idolised by my target audience and to be looked up to by other magazines. Drake in concert. “To idolise is to “admire, revere, or love greatly or excessively”. - idolise. Kendrick Lamar in concert.
  3. 3. Target Audience Name: Jayden Black Age: 16-18. I chose this age as my target audience because this age is the age most interested in my chosen genre of music. If they are interested in my genre of music it is likely that they will be interested in my magazine. Gender: Male. I want to target both a male and female audience as this would allow my magazine to appeal to a much wider audience rather than a specific audience. However, I would choose male because they are known to be more interested in rap and hip-hop than females. Socio-Economic Scale: E. E – “The unemployed or others on very low incomes from casual work”. Lifestyle Categories: Cowboy and/or Egoist. Cowboys: “People who want to make money quickly and easily”. Egoists: ”People who are mainly concerned to get the most pleasure for themselves of life”.
  4. 4. How often my magazine will be published. • As my target audience is 16-18 year olds, most of them either don’t work at all or have low pay part-time jobs. Due to this, I don’t want my magazine to cost too much; I want it to be within their price range. This means that I couldn’t sell a magazine every week at a high price of, for example, £5, as it wouldn’t sell because students don’t have that much money to spare in a week. Also, by selling a magazine at a really low price of, say, £1 every month, I would most likely get a lot of sales but not much profit. I decided I would sell my magazine at £2.50. • After taking it all into account, I decided to sell my magazine every month. This is because during this time period, teenagers can easily spare the amount of money that my magazine is priced at. • Additionally, during a month there is a lot of music and stories to cover and mention in my magazine so that people can understand what's going on in the rap/hip-hop industry as much as possible.
  5. 5. Why I decided to create this type of magazine. I chose to create a rap & hip-hop magazine because it is the genre of music I personally often listen to. I feel that out of all the different genre’s of music today, rap & hiphop is what I would have the most general knowledge on and feel comfortable writing about. Also, as I am around the age of my target audience, I am aware that this genre of music is popular with my age group. I felt it would be best to create a rap & hip-hop magazine as I want to target an audience that I’m familiar with like teenagers, rather than a target audience like middle-aged people as I’m not as aware of their general interests as well as their music interests. “genre of African-American music of the 1980s and 1990s in which rhyming lyrics are chanted to a musical accompaniment; several forms of rap have emerged”. - rap music.
  6. 6. Potential contents/articles for my magazine. As my magazine is called “Idolise”, this has made me aware that my content must be based on artists that are in fact idolised by my target audience. This means that my magazine will mainly include mainstream artists such as Drake, ASAP Rocky, Big Sean etc. My articles will be based on artists such as the ones I mentioned and their personal lives as well as their life in the music industry. More specifically, id like to speak about their album’s, singles, tours and upcoming goals & ideas of the future.
  7. 7. The ideologies that the magazine will promote. I want my magazine to promote the ideology of independence. As the artists featured in my magazine are going to be solo artists, I want to show young, potential artists that with hard work and dedication they could aspire to be like their idols.
  8. 8. The techniques I will use to attract the audience to the first edition of my magazine. To catch someone eye in the context of magazines, my title page will have to be very attractive and appealing. This means that my central image would have to be something that stands out and intrigues the audience towards my magazine. Also, I will include many buzz words such as “FREE”, “NEW” and “ONLY” to entice the audience.