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Executives In Transition



Basics for conducting a job search invlufing practical tips for preparing your campaign.

Basics for conducting a job search invlufing practical tips for preparing your campaign.



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    Executives In Transition Executives In Transition Presentation Transcript

    • Executives in Transition A workshop for Job Finders
    • Introduction -
      • What is this document?
        • Developed by executives involved in job search
        • Seeks a sensible way to approach the search process
        • Focused on low-cost or no-cost resources
      We learn as much from our mistakes as we do from our successes!
    • The Job Search Process Job hunting is, in itself a full time job. Self Assessment Materials Personal Marketing Channels Interviewing Negotiating After The Landing
      • Know what you want
      • Know your skills
      • Business Cards
      • One Page Flier
      • Resume
      • Elevator Speech
      • Newspaper ads
      • Internet
      • Mailings
      • Recruiters
      • Networking
      • Appearance
      • Tough questions
      • Thank you notes
      • Salary
      • Benefits
      • Vesting
      • Vacation
      • Training
      • Etc.
      • Continue to Network
      • Help others
    • Self Assessment
      • Resources
        • What Color is Your Parachute
        • Meyers Briggs
        • Jobhuntersbible.com
        • College/University Placement Offices
      Know what you are good at doing, what you contribute to an employer and what you WANT to do.
    • Materials You Will Need
      • Business Cards
      • Resume
      • Hand-bill
      • 90 Second “Elevator Speech”
      Make your materials clear and memorable.
    • Business Cards
      • Tips
        • Use a descriptive title
        • Always carry with you
        • Consider using the back of the card
        • Avoid making the card too “dense”
      • Resources
        • Kinkos, Office Max, other office suppliers
        • Free cards from Vistaprint.com
      Your card is a personal reminder of who you are.
    • Resume
      • Tips
        • Use action words
        • Be Specific – Quantify if possible
        • Maximum 2 pages
        • Get input from others (family, friends, etc.)
      • Resources
        • Library
        • Career Resource Center (monthly class)
      Focus on the specifics of your accomplishments – must be error free.
    • One Page Flier
      • Tips
        • Think of this as a marketing brochure
        • Keep it simple, focused and memorable
        • Can include target companies
      • Resources
        • Review by friends and acquaintances
        • Pick up examples at networking meetings
      A powerful way to communicate succinctly what you can contribute – and what you are seeking.
    • 90 Second Elevator Speech
      • Tips
        • Keep it VERY short
        • Focus on benefits and specific accomplishments
        • Practice
      • Resources
        • Family, friends, and acquaintances
        • Networking meetings
      Short, memorable, and clear.
    • Personal Marketing Channels
      • Channel Est. Time
      • Newspaper Ads 5%
      • Internet 15%
      • Mailings 5%
      • Recruiters 15%
      • Networking 60%
      Allocate your time to the areas that will yield the best results.
    • Ads, Internet and Mailings
      • Tips
        • Weekends and evenings
        • Minimize time, but use these channels
        • Respond to listing specifics with specifics of your qualifications
      • Resources
        • Job board listings, web crawlers
      These channels can be a “black hole,” but sometimes they DO produce results.
    • Recruiters
      • Tips
        • Know the difference between contingency and retained recruiters
        • Recruiters work for the EMPLOYER
        • Treat recruiters with respect and courtesy
      • Resources
        • Kennedy Guide
      Be ready and willing to refer others to recruiters who call you – they remember and will often return the favor.
    • Company Research
      • Tips
        • Know what is important (type of company, location, reputation, culture, etc.)
        • Focus on a FEW
      • Resources
        • Hoovers, Sorkins, Gales
        • Ask your librarian for help
      If you don’t know where you are going, how will you get there?
    • Networking
      • Family, friends and neighbors
      • Networking and job support groups
      • Interviewing for information
      • Trade associations and professional societies
      • Conferences, exhibits and trade shows
      • Volunteer work
      Networking is your single most important channel for your job search.
    • Networking Etiquette
      • Be prepared to give as much or more than you receive
      • Your new office is a coffee shop
      • Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up
      • Respect confidences
      • Thank you notes
      Building and maintaining your contact network will become a life-long endeavor.
    • Interviewing for Information
      • Tips
        • Target companies
        • Keep the appointment to 20 minutes
        • Prepare well
      • Resources
        • Company web sites
        • Network contacts
      Know about who you are meeting, the company and what you want to learn.
    • Interviewing
      • Research the industry
      • Research the company
      • Research the individuals you will see
      • Use your network contacts for more insight about culture, etc.
      Your first impression will be a lasting impression.
    • Negotiating
      • Tips
        • Know your value
        • Try to avoid “going first”
        • Thanks for the offer
        • Ask for time to consider
        • Consider the total compensation package
      • Resources
        • Negotiating Your Salary by Jack Chapman
      Money is important, but it is NOT the only thing
    • Pitfalls
      • Watch out for questionable distractions
        • Network marketing
        • Resume blasters
        • Career counselors
      • Use your judgment to determine if these are the right way to spend your time and resources.
      Stay focused on the things that will enhance your search.
    • Staying Organized
      • Tips
        • Keep good records from the start
        • Use your logs, files, etc. for follow-up
      • Resources
        • Network log
        • Web site log
        • Files
        • Job search activity log
      “ Suit up” and go to work each day.
    • Tracking Progress Focus on the “100 Point Day Budget your time to focus on the most productive activities. POINT VALUE DESCRIPTION 1 Point Sending out a blind resume, from want ads, or mass mailing 5 Points Sending a resume to a corporation with a name and title – whether from a want ad or mailing 10 Points Contacting an Executive Search firm, and sending them a resume. Participation in a networking activity. 15 Points / per hour Researching a company or field – on the web or in a library 15 Points/ per hour Participate in a networking opportunity -- particularly with trade associations or other gatherings of employed people -- job finder networking groups also count. 25 Points / per hour Researching a company which is on your handbill target list 25 Points / per hour Researching a company for an interview, and preparing a portfolio on that company 50 Points Interviewing with a company after doing 4-6 hours of research
    • After you have landed
      • Keep your contact network alive
      • Stay active in professional societies and trade associations
      • Continue to give to others
      Networking is a lifetime endeavor.
    • Wrap up
      • Thanks
      Give credit and thanks to those who help you!