Email Lifecycle Marketing: Lead Generation and Relationship Building


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This quick presentation shows how email lifecycle marketing can be a powerful tool for driving leads and building relationships with your customers that drives improved retention and greater growth. Includes examples from well known brands.

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  • I love the stats on page 6 and we have mentioned these and linked to it from our blog at but can I ask you how you actually calculated these? What experiment did you run to get these and what is your definition of 'conversion' specifically here? Conversion from what to what! Thanks again and keep the good content on behavioral e-mail marketing coming!
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Email Lifecycle Marketing: Lead Generation and Relationship Building

  1. 1. Email/Lifecycle Marketing Lead Generation & Relationship BuildingPresentation Date: January 2010 James Windrow
  2. 2. E-mail outreach can play a significant role in developing new relationships and nurturing existing relationships. The secret is in the messaging….Presentation Date: January 2010 James Windrow
  3. 3. But wait. Doesn’t email marketing annoy people? Despite popular belief, there is no magic number for the maximum number of times someone will “put up with your emails” before they unsubscribe. Unsubscribe rates are tied directly to relevancy. Not frequency. Most companies simply don’t understand how to make their email communications consistently relevant to their readers.Presentation Date: January 2010 James Windrow
  4. 4. What types of email marketing are there? Mass/Broadcast Emails: message has little to no personalization or segmentation • E.g. Newsletters, promotions Lifecycle: message is based on recipients placement in the customer lifecycle • E.g. Welcome programs, loyalty programs, ambassador campaigns Behavioral: message is based on a recipients clickstream data, which is used to formulate the message and the offer. • E.g. Abandoned cart, reviewing a product page, transactional emails A great email marketing strategy leverages all three!Presentation Date: January 2010 James Windrow
  5. 5. Mass/Broadcast Behavioral Low High Lifecycle Response RatesPresentation Date: January 2010 James Windrow
  6. 6. Email Response Rates Broadcast Lifecycle Behavioral Minimal to no Primary targeting tactic Timed to customer Behavioral targeting (i.e. personalization or used lifecycle click-stream, transactions) segmentation Average unique open rate 20% 26% 33% Average click-through rate 9.5% 14% 14% Average conversion rate 1.1% 2.8% 3.9%Presentation Date: January 2010 James Windrow
  7. 7. Email Marketing – Broadcast Monthly Promotional Email What’s new? What’s hot? What’s on sale? What’s happening? What we’re doing to make a difference. Ingredients to successfully building relationships and driving revenue. 1. Continuously grow your list by clearly communicating benefits of staying connected 2. Keep your communications relevant 3. Respect the privacy of your readersPresentation Date: January 2010 James Windrow
  8. 8. Lifecycle Email Marketing Prospective Customers Brand Ambassado Customers rs Repeat Non- Customers Responde rsPresentation Date: January 2010 James Windrow
  9. 9. Lifecycle Email Marketing Examples of Lifecycle Email Marketing Programs • Welcome programs • Loyalty programs – Anniversary – Birthday – Earn Points/Rewards/Promotions • Ambassador programs – Tell a Friend • Win-Back programs – Limited time offers/promotionsPresentation Date: January 2010 James Windrow
  10. 10. Loyalty Program Challenge • Pet birthday celebrated by many parents Solution • Send reminder two weeks before pet birthday with offer • Personalize with pet’s name and artwork that reflects the type of pet (i.e. dog, cat, etc.) Result • Captured new customers - 50% of converters had not previously purchased online • 17% of new purchasers subsequently continued to shop onlinePresentation Date: January 2010 James Windrow
  11. 11. Ambassador Program Challenge • Grow business through word of mouth Solution • Online flower purchase, sent satisfaction email with customer survey • Positive raters receive an email encouraging them to recommend Serenata Negative Net Promoter Flowers to their friends High Net Promoter • Customers will receive thank you offer after referring friends Results • Net promoter score of 8.5 • Tens of thousands of referrals Discount for Referring Referred EmailPresentation Date: January 2010 James Windrow
  12. 12. Win-Back Program Challenge • Growing segment of customer base had not purchased within 90 days Solution • Implement automated program to reengage lapsed customers • Emails triggered after 90 days with special incentive offers, such as free shipping Result • Recouped cost of implementing program in one month • Open rates: 67% • Click-through rates: 55% • Conversion rates: 11.5%Presentation Date: January 2010 James Windrow
  13. 13. Behavioral Email Marketing Programs and messages triggered based on a recipients clickstream data, which is used to formulate the message/offer. • Clickstream Visit the camera section of and two days later you receive an email or direct mail piece with a promotion/discount on the camera you were looking at. • Transactional Emails that are triggered when a user takes a predefined action.Presentation Date: January 2010 James Windrow
  14. 14. Behavioral Email Marketing Examples of Transactional Emails • Account Creation/Sign-up • Order Confirmation • Order Shipping • Lost Password • Information Request • Article/Whitepaper Download • Abandoned Cart Email • Could also be a lifecycle marketing activityPresentation Date: January 2010 James Windrow
  15. 15. Cart Abandonment Program Challenge • High rate of shopping cart abandonment • Very short 3-day purchase cycle time Solution • Trigger email message 3 days after abandonment • Include some abandoned products, as well as additional cross-sell items Result • Increased conversions 171% • Increased margin 30% • Increased email click-through 852%Presentation Date: January 2010 James Windrow
  16. 16. Challenge Order Confirmation • Improve customer buying experience and drive incremental revenue Solution • Leverage transactional email to target recent purchasers with relevant product information • Include top-seller recommendations related to purchase category Result • Transactional messages now generate 15% of total email program revenuePresentation Date: January 2010 James Windrow