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  • Hello Everyone and welcome to my Presentation on The Online Presence, so lets get started\n
  • My name is James Wilkinson, I am currently a web devloper at Info Tech Research group here in London, I am also the Founder and the Technical Lead of James Wilkinson Photograpy and Design. I am a recent Fanshawe grad, I jsut finished well 2 days ago, and I have been using and playing around on the internet for about 10 years now, so now you know me lets get to know blogs our first type of online presence\n
  • So Blogs, to Blog or not to Blog, well is this even a question, OF COURSE you want to blog and this is why\n
  • There are many types of blogs out there and you can do virtually anything you want with them with create ease. Here is a sampling of the most popular blogs out there, Video, Audio, Type, Photography, I personally have a photoblog, and use the Wordpress technology, so lets take a look at the technologies that are most popular both free and paid\n
  • WordPress is one of the best blogging softwares out there and it is free, there is also googles Blogger, with the dot blogspot addresses, and finaly the top paid blog is TypePad I have not really found any advantage to the user visitng a blog of using typepad, on your side of things, there are plently of pre built widgest you can intergreat easliy by just turning them on, like suggested reading lists. I Will be showing you Wordpress in the examples I use today. So what are the pros and cons of blogs\n
  • Blogs are great and these are the best reason that you would want a blog, they are easy to use and add content to, they are search engine friendly so you can get found a lot faster, if you have an issue there is plenty of tissue witht he blogs support sections and blog allow for great view relationships to be built, making your veiwers feel much closer to your or your business.\n\nNow the Cons, Sometimes blog software can be very overwhelming with all of the widgets, gidgets, and gadgets flying at you from everwhich way. If you dont use a domain for you blog your credibility goes down and we will talk about that next, and another reason you mihgt not want to consider a blog is, the fact that everyon and there grandmas cat has one, not kidding ive seen it! BUT the pros out weigh the cons by a land side, so lets improve your blog before talking about the alternative\n
  • The best way to instantly improve your blog is to give it a domain, a domain is a url like, a domain allows your viewer to remember your website much better and how to get to it to show all their friends, thats what you want right? Also a domain helps with your credibility espcially if your blog is for a business if its people will start to think how serious is this guy if he doesnt even have is on .com all 3 bloging software I showed you allow you to use your own domain on there servers turing into, here are some really good places to get a domain - I use namecheap, but if you are going to host your own blog and ill explain advanteages next hold of on the domain for now\n
  • If you want to have complete and udder control over your blog you can host it on your own web space. But why? Whell Contorl for 1 you have acess to all the files makign it easer to add 3rd party content like skins, widgets, and players. Plus with hosting you can also have a web site which so you can the best of both worlds, really showing your viewers you care. So were can you get hosting and what do I need?\n
  • First thing you need to consider is what type of bloger you are and who your target demographic is. If you are going to do any type of media blog you want HIGH bandwidth or transfer if not a media bloger no need to worry about the bandwidth text does not take up that much space. Space is the second thing you need to look for, once again if you are going to put the media on your hosting instead of using things like you tube, you want HIGH storage space, now no matter what type of blog with hopsting you MUST have a domain, and most hosting providers will include this in the price. So where to go and how much\n
  • Not to take business away from the London and area but I highly suggest that you DO NOT get hosting from a company in london or area with out doing some intensive resarch first. We do live in canada weather conditions can strongly effect the displaying of your website. Costs depending on how much space you want and how much transfer you want can range between 45-250/year. Go with a host that has testimonials that link to website, and look how fast these sites load, you dont want to go with slow servers. Most hosting providers offer Linux hosting and some Mac, which are both great and fast, but stay away from Windows machine hosting. Finally make sure your hosting provider provides you with MySQL databases, these are required to run any Blog. Now here are some of my favourite hosting providers know to be good. So lets take a look at the alternatives to a blog.\n
  • There are a couple of alternaitves to blog but the biggest one would be a web site\n
  • Websites are places that are more geared towards provinding information to your view that is important to them but not nessicalrily updates frequently like a blog, or as easy as a blog. A website allows you to let your creativitly flow or at least your ideas, with being able to make it the way you want it to be made, unlike a blogs preset out layouts. But the best thing is when you intergrate a blog into your website. So for example my website provides my viewers with sample work and services, then the photoblog section is were they can go to see a differnt side of the website and get a very nice view of a photo, yours could be were they go to read about upcoming projects etc, somethign that wouldnt really make the news of your web site. There are many designers and devlopers out there if you do not know how to make a website, and I am sure there are plenty here today. But if you dont know some one here are a couple of other alternatives to create an online presences.\n
  • Along with websites, you could host your own Discussion Board or Forum like phpBB IPB and vBulleting creating your own small little community, or you could go with a prebuilt content managment system like Drupal, or Joomla, or you can use gallery software or other such software on your computer to post to the internet. So now you know about the alrenatives lets return back to self hosted blogs.\n
  • The biggest tip that I can offer to all of you is use the magic of social networking and the snowball effect. By Using YouTube for your videos described audio podcast you can signicatly cut the space need ed on your site and increase traffic because of the mass majority of ppl using youtube. Along with YouTube use social networs like facebook and twitter to tell everyone about a new post on your blog, to tease them and say to read more go to my blog, these social networks are seen by millions off ppl an HOUR and there is someone out there who wants to know about your grandmas cat! Use any social sites you can think of that might help raise awarness of your site, social bookmarking with DIGG, Delsicous, and Stumbled Upon, everything can help you, but it can also hurt you, always user percaution when quoate spamming your viewers with constant attempts to get them to your site.\n
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  • The Online Precense

    1. 1. The Online PresenceJames Wilkinson
    2. 2. James Wilkinson?Web Developer - InfoTechFounder & Technical Lead - JWPDFanshawe MMDP GradInternet user since 1999 (10 Years)
    3. 3. To Blog or Not to Blog?Is this really a question?
    4. 4. Types of BlogsVideo (Vlogging)Audio (Podcasting)Type (Blogging)Photography(photoblog[ing])
    5. 5. Blogging SoftwareWordPress (Free)Blogger (Free)LiveJournal (Free)TypePad (Paid)
    6. 6. Pros & ConsEasy to Use Sometimes have too many widgetsEasy to be Found If no domain no creditLots of Support Everybody and thereAllows for great viewer grandmas cat has onerelations (NO REALLY!)
    7. 7. Domains Namecheap.comURL: (incl .ca)Easy to Remember (incl .ca)Helps Spread the Word (incl .ca)Helps Credibility (incl .ca) (no .ca)
    8. 8. Blog HostingBetter ControlAll Access Pass3rd Party Add-OnsWebSite Support
    9. 9. Hosting TipsMedia - HighBandwidth/TransferSelf Hosted Media -High Storage SpaceDomain
    10. 10. Hosting ProvidersAvoid your Locals!!!!$45-$250 Annually$$$)Linked Testimonials ($$)Linux or Mac$)MySQL Support
    11. 11. Blogging Alternativesoooh shiny!
    12. 12. WebsitesInformation PortalCustomizableBLOG INTEGRATIONFTW!
    13. 13. Other Alternatives Forums Pre-Built CMS’ Galleries
    14. 14. Self Blog Tips Use YouTube Use Facebook Use Twitter Use Everything
    15. 15. If You Build It They WillComeEventually.....
    16. 16. Thank You!