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FishAddix Leaderboard explained
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FishAddix Leaderboard explained


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FishAddix Leaderboard Explained

FishAddix Leaderboard Explained

Published in: Sports, News & Politics

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  • 1.  
  • 2. There is more than one #1…
  • 3. Point Leaderboard What’s The Point? The point leaderboard shows how much you share and post on FishAddix. You earn points by sharing and adding value to the community. Click on the “how to I get points” link on the leaderboard page to learn more. We constantly review how to award points for posting high quality fishing information.
  • 4. Experience Leaderboard Are you a Fishing Machine? This leaderboard showcases the good old T.O.W (Time on water). Reports show how often you go fishing and how much experience you have. Its pretty simple. More Fishing = More Reports = More Experience Want to climb the rank of this leaderboard? Then be sure to share more of your fishing outings by posting each into a fishing report.
  • 5. Lunker Hunter Leaderboard Who’s got the biggest…fish? LOL This leaderboard shows who has caught the biggest fish by species and time. Post your All Time Greatest Catches, or just the catches you had this year. It is up to you. Just make sure you add your pictures too to silence the doubters (we are all familiar with fish stories here).
  • 6. Numbers Game Leaderboard It’s quantity not quality right? Well this leaderboard showcases the number of fish you have landed. Numbers Game shows off those anglers who are out there catching fish. Period!
  • 7. Multi-species Leaderboard Are you Masterful at catching Multiple Species of Fish? This leaderboard shows which members are the best at reporting catches of many different species Not sure how to catch different species? It’s OK. Visit the Tips by Species pages to learn how from other Addix!
  • 8. Angler Titles What’s your Title? Angler Titles are awarded for achieving feats on FishAddix. Some are easy to earn, others nearly impossible! Get rewarded for sharing with the community and then SHOW OFF your achievements! Catch 500 fish in 1 report? Post 10 reports with out any catches? Catch 50 fish using a Topwater Lure? Perform a Feat. Get a Title. Simple
  • 9. FishAddix is a community of Anglers who share with each other. The Exponential Benefit of Sharing Fishing Secrets Share Your Knowledge and Learn from Thousands of Other Sharing Anglers Too! Real Anglers. Real Information. Got questions or comments? Call, email, or message us. We’d love to hear from you. Joe & James Info @ 917-727-2424