Pro Tech Mobile Device Insurance Business Plan


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This project was done in effort to complete my Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Purdue University The assignment asked students to take a current problem of today's world, and provide solution that could scale. ​The solution created is called Pro - Tech. Pro-tech is a company that insures smart devices so our clients can use them, when they need them the most. Where most smart devices can be expensive and extremely difficult to fix when looking to major cell phone providers for help, Pro-tech will make insurance and trouble shooting for these devices easy and accessible to all.

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Pro Tech Mobile Device Insurance Business Plan

  1. 1. James Turner - Brigid Rowe - Kara Ford - Nicolas AbuchaibePro-Tech, LLC2010Business Plan
  2. 2. Table of ContentsExecutive Summery 3-4Marketing Opportunity 5Market Solution 6Market Analysis 7Market Strategy 8-9Management Team 10-11Technical Analysis 12-14Critical Risks 14Financial Analysis 15-17Appendices 18-26
  3. 3. 3 | P a g eExecutive SummaryToday, we are living in a world that is technology dependent and having a “smart” device is what placessome people ahead of the game. Pro-tech is a company that insures smart devices so our clients can usethem, when they need them the most. Where most smart devices can be expensive and extremelydifficult to fix when looking to major cell phone providers for help, Pro-tech will make insurance andtrouble shooting for these devices easy and accessible to all.Pro-Tech’s Solution to a Smart Device ProblemAccording to an article on, 28% of cell phone users own smart phones or smartdevices like iPads and iPods, and this number is continuing to grow. These type of devices are notnormally covered under insurance policies provided by cell phone providers. Pro-tech will offer policiesthat feature low deductibles that allows smart device owners to save money when acquiring coveragefor their valuable items. Currently carrier insurance plans for smart phones have a payment systemwhich ranges from $4.99 to $6.99 a month and a deductible ranging from $100.00 to $125.00. Webelieve by giving the customer options to pay monthly, quarterly, annual or two or more years will allowus to integrate our plan into their preferred budgets. Additional, we found the cost of their insurancepremiums and deductibles are equal to the purchasing price of most equipment after only two years.We believe maintaining a cost structure below full replacement value will allow us to have a majoradvantage over the competition in the market.Pro-Tech as a ProductPro-tech will offer insurance policies on tablet computers, smart phones, and MP3 players. Marketresearch suggests that 40% of all smart devices purchased are in need of our services within a year timeframe. With that in mind, we have developed a pricing strategy that allows us to remain competitive inthe industry. Tablet computer insurance policies will have a premium of $149.99 per year with a $50.00deductible. Smart phone plans will have a premium of $99.99 per year with a $50.00 deductible. Finally,MP3 player plans will have a premium of $49.99 per year with a $50.00 deductible.Pro-tech’s Market and Marketing StrategyTo market Pro-Tech, we have conducted research to find niche populations that will mostly likelypurchase our product and services. According to the Nielsen Company and their article on smart phoneusage in the United States, 50% of people who own Android phones and 43% of people who owniPhones are under the age of 35. We can use youthful marketing strategies like social media. Whilethese devices can be marketed toward the youth, the Blackberry is shown to be owned by a majority ofpeople who are 45 years and older. Marketing strategies that are business focused and advertisementson television in addition to online media would be a great way to reach this market. Additionally, wewould like to get in contact with retailers who sell smart devices such as Wal‐Mart, BestBuy, andRadioShack. Establishing a strategic partnership with retailers will not only increase their productivityand help provide their customers with essential accessories for mobile computing devices, but Pro-Techwould be positioned to customers while making their purchasing decisions. Furthermore we will like tomake promotions for customers who bundle their devices together into a complete insurance solution.
  4. 4. 4 | P a g eFinally, we believe that word of mouth will be our best form of reaching our customers. With this inmind, we must strive to ensure our brand image exceeds customer expectations. We can accomplishthis by ensuring that every customer gets a extraordinary experience from every aspect of our companyPro-Tech’s Financial AnalysisIn order to get our Pro-‐‐Tech started we will need $1,499,100.00. This price includes the rent,equipment, furniture and fixtures for our buildings. It also includes our inventory, insurance, supplies,advertising, and utility cost. Pro-Tech’s management team is investing $1,000,000 in order to launch thisbusiness venture, and is seeking the $449,100 from investors who will have a 20% equity stake in thecompany. In our one year sales forecast, we believe we will sell close to 12,000 plans and a 20% growthrate. We believe in our second year we will see a 40% growth rate, and in our third year a 30% growthrate. After conducting much research and a break even analysis, we are confident that we will breakeven in 24 months, with expenses costing $4,000,000 and revenues will be at $8,000.000.Pro-Tech’s Start-up PlanOur start up process will begin by getting a loan to cover our main startup costs. To cover the remaining$449,100 we are looking for investments from venture capitalists and also getting an approved bankloan. Next we will need to file Pro-Tech as an official business, register the Pro-Tech name, and becomean LCC. Along with this we need to get a tax identification number and license/permit which is done byfiling papers with the government which could take from three to five weeks. After that paperwork isdone, we next need to find and lease a building space, ideally one with a mortgage of around $60,000.We would like to be localized in New York City area because this area has a high concentration ofsmartphone users. Once we have a space, our next step is to acquire our equipment for our business,and design the interior of our building, which we would like to have accomplished in one month’s time.Once our building is finished and equipment is bought, we will then hire our potential employees, startour advertising campaign, and ultimately begin Pro-Tech.
  5. 5. 5 | P a g eMarket OpportunityPro-Tech has a great opportunity to reach people who own smart devices because currently mostcell phone carriers do not offer insurance policies that cover them. Specifically, Apple iPhones and iPadsare not readily covered by AT&T and other smart device carriers. Our CEO, James Travis Turner hasworked as a consultant for AT&T and Radio Shack. He has had first-hand experience witnessing iPhonecustomers coming into his AT&T store and having broken phones that could not be fixed or replaced.Over the course of the interaction with these customers, there has been a plea for AT&T, APPLE or anyother company to come up with an affordable solution in light of the increase in popularity and fragiledesign of these devices. Not only will Pro-Tech offer insurance on these devices, we will offer a varietyof policies with different payment options.Not only will Pro-Tech offer insurance on these devices, we will offer a variety of policies with differentpayment options that most phone carriers and insurance companies do not offer. We believe thatoffering payment options on a monthly, quarterly, annually, or two or more years will give Pro-Tech acompetitive advantage in our market and allow for higher customer satisfaction. Another aspect to Pro-Tech’s competitive advantage is that we will offer premiums to our customers on smart devices that arebelow the full replacement value. Cell phone companies, which are our main competition, offermonthly premiums between $4.99 to $6.99 a month with deductibles ranging from $100.00 to $125.00.Apple offers an their AppleCare extended warranty plan for their devices at the cost of $69.00 but itdoes not cover accidental incidents, just warranty defects in the product. Asurian, market-share leaderin our industry, just started offering Mobile Protect but it cost 11.99 a month and the deductible canrange from $99.00 to $149.00 per claim. In order to receive complete coverage for your device,consumers would need to purchase both the AppleCare plan and Mobile Protect. With Pro-Tech,consumers would only need to come to us, and have much more affordable and hassle free insurancepolicies for their valuables.
  6. 6. 6 | P a g eMarket SolutionPro-Tect’s main product will be insurance for smart devices. These policies will cover tablets,smartphones, and mp3 players on a yearly basis. They will cover manufacturer defects, accidentaldamage, and lost and/or stolen claims. There are a few requirements that customer must meet in orderto qualify for our product which includes:1.) Device must get insurance within the first 30 days from purchase2.) If applicable, device must have ProTechTed Application installed.(iOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone 7, and Palm)Pro-Tech will offer our insurance policy online and by phone. Customer will have the ability select theirdevice and sign up for our product. Once a customer is signed up for our product a customer serviceassociate will approved their request within 1 business day with a confirmation email. This approvalprocess will verify the device is registered with the Pro-TechTed application. When an incident occursthe customer can go online and files a claim or calls our 24/7 customer service center. If the opportunitypresents itself, we do have plans for a retail store environment but not in the near future. The pricingstructures for our products are listed below:Product Premium DeductibleTablets 149.99 peryear$50Smartphones 99.99 peryear$50MP3 Players 49.99 peryear$50
  7. 7. 7 | P a g eMarket AnalysisOur target market includes non-technical users of mobile computing devices that are motivated by thefear of not being able to operate their devices due to neglect or misplacement. AT&T, the largesttelecommunication company in the United States, released their third quarter earnings report for 2010which shows their wired component is declining quarter over quarter. At the same time, their wirelesscomponent is expanding rapidly, and according to AT&T’s press release outlining their third quartersales of 2010, there have been “record wireless volumes, with more than 8 million postpaid integrateddevice sales.”Also according to a November 1, 2010 article on, 28% of cell phone users nationwideare using smart phones, and smart phone sales in the third quarter of 2010 have increased from 35% to41%. This shows that smart phones are increasing in popularity, and the more people that have them,the more problems and accidents involving these items are bound to occur.We see a unique opportunity for differentiation in the payment process, and bundling of differentinsurance plans for different devices. Currently insurance plans for smart phones provided by cell phonecarriers have a monthly fee payment system which ranges from $4.99 to $6.99 and a deductible rangingfrom $100.00 to $125.00. We believe by giving the customer options to pay monthly, quarterly, annualor two or more years will allow us to integrate our plan into their preferred budgets. Additional, wefound the cost of their insurance premiums and deductibles are equal to the purchasing price of mostequipment after only two years. We believe maintaining a cost structure below full replacement valuewill allow us to have a major advantage over the competition in the market. Finally, most of ourcompetition only offers iPhone insurance. We would like to create a complete insurance solution for allof our markets smart devices.
  8. 8. 8 | P a g eMarketing StrategyWe plan to launch our product aggressively on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, and other socialnetworking outlets as well as other traditional forms of advertising. Our initial marketing plan includes awide range of free social networking websites which is the fastest growing media outlet according toNielsen with 307 million unique visitors in December 2009 compared to 242 million in December 2008.Our traditional forms of advertising will be through television and newspaper to create more awarenessfor ProTech.Research on specific types of smart phones would allow us to target niche markets. According to theNielsen Company and their article on smart phone usage in the United States, 50% of people who ownAndroid phones and 43% of people who own iPhones are under the age of 35.We can use more youthful marketing strategies like online media, social media, etc. While these devicescan be marketed toward the youth, the Blackberry is shown to be owned by a majority of people whoare 45 years and older. Marketing strategies that are more business focused and advertisements ontelevision in addition to online media would be a great way to reach the public.Having advertisements that represent a more diverse audience would also be beneficial. According tothe Nielsen Company, 19% of smart phone users are Hispanic, and 10% are African American. Thisshows that there is a diverse market that ProTech can reach with our insurance plans.
  9. 9. 9 | P a g eAdditionally, we would like to get in contact with retailers who sell smart devices such as Wal-Mart,BestBuy, and RadioShack. Establishing a strategic partnership with retailers will not only increase theirproductivity and help provide their customers with essential accessories for mobile computing devices,but ProTech would be positioned to customers while making their purchasing decisions. Furthermore,we will like to make promotions for customers who bundle their devices together into a completeinsurance solution. Finally, we believe that word of mouth will be our best form of reaching ourcustomers. With this in mind, we must strive to ensure our brand image exceeds customerexpectations. We can accomplish this by ensuring that every customer gets an extraordinary experiencefrom every aspect of our company. From the sales staff to our claims centers, we want to make sure thecustomer is completely satisfied and willing to recommend our company. After an interaction withProTech staff, we want our quick response and excellence customer service to motivate customers toshare their experiences with their friends, and colleagues in order to grow our company
  10. 10. 10 | P a g e.Management TeamJames Turner (Founder and CEO)James Turner is a student at Purdue University studying Retail Management with a minor inorganizational leadership skills and a certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation at PurdueUniversity. Furthermore he is certified by AT&T mobility as a small business consultant. After workingfor AT&T mobility as a Retail sales consultant, and for RadioShack as a sales associate, he started Pro-Tech. Pro-Tech is a business that insures electronic devices that are not covered under normal insuranceproducts. Pro-Tech specifically covers iPhones, iPod touches, iPads, and other expensive mobilecomputing devices.James Turner’s job is to align the company, internally and externally, with his strategic vision. The coreduty of a CEO is to facilitate business outside of the company while guiding employees and otherexecutive officers towards a central objective. CEO and COO are also in charge of public relations.Nicolas Abuchaibe (Founder and COO)Nicolas Abuchaibe was born in the northern region of Barranquilla, Colombia. Nicolas arrived in theUnited States almost 2 years ago when he started his undergraduate studies at Purdue University. He isgraduating in May 2012 with a bachelor degree in Industrial Management, minor in Operations and acertificate in entrepreneurship and innovation. Over the last two summers he has worked in a leadingproducer and exporter of manufacture textiles in Barranquilla, Colombia. In these jobs he learned howto manage a production line, research industries, review the direct material and direct labor variancesto improve company efficiency, and acquired management skills.Nicolas Abuchaibe’s focus is on operations management. He is responsible for the development, design,operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the Pro-Tech’s services. He isresponsible for ensuring that business operations are efficient and effective and that propermanagement of resources, distribution of services to customers, and analysis of queue systems is done.Brigid Rowe (Founder, CCO and, Web Development)Brigid Rowe is a senior majoring in Communication at Purdue University, with an emphasis in PublicRelations and Advertising. She is passionate about the practice of creating relationships between anentity and its stakeholders, and making sure these efforts ultimately drive the bottom line. Brigid hasheld several internships in the areas of political communication, community relations, and news service.Brigid Rowe’s focus is on communication, and the Pro-Tech website. She is responsible for managingthe communications risk and opportunities of Pro-Tech, both internally and externally. Also she will becreating and maintaining online networking technologies including websites, mobile phone applications,and web links. Her essential duties will be work as a key advisor for the CEO of Pro-Tech, research newtechnologies to be utilized by Pro-Tech in its pursuit of connectivity, networking with individuals andcompanies relating to collaboration technology, and maintaining a dynamic website that adapts to theneeds of Pro-Tech as it relates to world problems and new technologies. Also Brigid is expected to
  11. 11. 11 | P a g eattend all meetings as decided by CEO or COO, and exceptions must be made by contacting CEO andCOO directly through email at least one week in advance.Kara Ford (Founder, CHRO, and Project Leader)Kara Ford is a Purdue University Junior in Management. Adding to this she will be receiving minors inOrganizational Behavior and Human Resources, and Music with the Entrepreneurship Certificate. Shehas an intense desire to help improve the quality of living in today’s societies. These life alteringchanges can only come about if people like Kara, are willing to step up and do what is necessary toaccommodate people in need.Kara Ford’s focus is on human resources and project leadership. She is responsible for the workforcestrategies, organizational and performance conduct, and human resources delivery owner. Also she, asthe project leader, can take the role of a manager for Pro-Tech. Kara’s essential duties are to work as akey advisor for the CEO and COO of Pro-Tech, attend leadership learning seminars and/or onlineleadership training, and provide critical analysis of problems. She is also responsible for the introductionof a project, revision of a project, and any additional tasks as assigned by CEO and/or COO.In addition to higher level management, Pro-Tech requires the knowledge, skills, and time of a widerange of individuals. Pro-Tech can potentially utilize college students and higher ranked from differentbackground, experience level, and locations. In order to be part of Pro-Tech, individuals, must showinterest and desire for the company, as well as commitment.
  12. 12. 12 | P a g eTechnical AnalysisThe Pro-tech business will go through many steps to officially start up. To commercialize and launchPro-tech we will have to go through a fairly long process to incorporate every asset of our business ideato possibly become a successful business. The steps consist of getting a loan from investors, filling outofficial paperwork, leasing a building for business location, buying all the equipment needed for thebusiness, hiring the employees, and advertising the business. After Pro-tech goes through these steps,it will officially be able to earn profit, gain loyal customers, and really grow as an insurance company.Now, to get more in depth with the steps needed to advance and commercialize Pro-tech, we will beginby trying to get a loan from the bank to have the money needed to start up Pro-tech. Our total fundsrequired to start up this business effectively is $1,499,100. However the owner’s injection would be$1,000,000. Therefore we would be asking for a loan of $499,100. Getting this loan is very essential tothis business. We will not be able to start Pro-tech on the scale that we vision without this loan. Aftergetting a loan approved we can continue with the commercialization of Pro-Tech.Filing Pro-tech as an official business would be the next step. We would have to register Pro-tech’sname, and turn Pro-tech into an LLC. We will also need to get a tax identification number andlicense/permit to run this business. This would require specific paperwork with the government. Thispaperwork will be the approval processes that we will need to truly get working on Pro-tech. Wewould estimate that this will take a few weeks to finish.After finishing the paperwork requested, we can really get started on developing Pro-tech. We will haveto find and lease the building we would like to work out of. We assume that the building mortgage willcost us about $60,000. We do not think that finding the building will take a very long time afterfinishing the paperwork. Throughout the first 2 steps, we would have already been looking for theperfect building. However, after leasing the building we would need to move the equipment into thebuilding. We will need to design and create a space that is perfect for the Pro-Tech business. We willneed equipment such as desks, computers, telephones, paper, file cabinets, chairs, the equipment torepair the smart devices, etc. We would estimate that moving the equipment and design the Pro-techspace will take approximately a month to finish. Once we are finished with the Pro-tech space, we cancontinue on to hiring employees.We will assume that we would have started looking for the perfect employees while we are still movingthe equipment into the leased building for Pro-Tech. Therefore, the amount of time needed to find theright employees for Pro-Tech will be cut shorter than estimated. Because we will be looking at collegestudents to work for Pro-Tech, we feel that it will be easier for us to fill these positions. We wouldestimate it would take us about 1 month after finishing the design of the Pro-Tech building, to fill theemployee positions and be about ready to commercialize the company.After filling in all of the employee positions we will be ready to function as a company. However, wewill need to start advertising the company so that people know about the company and we can startgetting steady customers. We will then implement our advertising strategy. However, to reallyimplement our advertising strategy, we also need to fill the position of our key advertisement who is“Pro-Tech Ted”. We will need to find the “right” actor to fill this position and really have our desiredeffect on the public. We assume that finding “Ted” will be a tedious process and will cause our
  13. 13. 13 | P a g eadvertising to take longer to get started. Assuming that it will take 1-2 months to find the perfect“Ted”, we would project that the advertisement for Pro-Tech will really start having an effect on ourbusiness after a good 3 months of advertising using out Pro-Tech Ted advertising strategy. After amonth of advertisement we will consider Pro-tech commercialized and developed as a business.While commercializing Pro-tech we will have to rely on few outside factors that can affect the executionof Pro-tech and ultimately affect the success that Pro-tech can receive. These contingencies will be theinvestors giving our company the loan, the building, and our advertising results.The first factor, the investors, will be giving us the extra money needed to fully start Pro-tech in the waywe vision it. If they do not agree to give us the loan, we will not be able to even get started at all on thePro-tech business. They have a huge impact on the very beginning steps to creating Pro-Tech and wehave no control over the size of the loan they decide to give us.In addition to the investors, more outside contingencies that can affect Pro-tech would be the findingof the perfect building. We would not have control over finding the “right” building for $60,000, thatPro-tech can use effectively. The amount of college students that are willing to work for Pro-tech areanother outside factor that is not under our complete control. The area that we are placed might notbe a great area for college students. Therefore we must keep the location of the building specific toachieve our employee goal.Our final outside factor is the advertising strategy that we have come up with. We have come up withan excellent strategy, but we are unsure how it will truly impact the consumers. We are also unsurehow the advertising company that we will be working with will execute our strategy after our direction.In addition, we have put quite a bit of emphasis on finding a “Pro-Tech Ted” to help our advertisingstrategy and to really give our company a face. However, we might be able to find the “perfect” Tedthat we need to create the effect on the public that we desire. We know that through creating andstarting up Pro-tech, we have many factors that we have no control over. However we have greatconfidence in the estimations and projections we have calculated.To address the risk of failure for the Pro-tech company, we must first address the risk of losing a greatamount of productive time into this company. Commercializing this business will take a lot of hard workto stay on schedule and for Pro-tech to turn into our vision. We, as business owners, intend onspending much of our leisure time working and transforming Pro-Tech into the business we envision.Secondly, we must address a very important factor of this business which is the startup cost. Each of uswill be putting $250,000 of our own money into this company. Therefore, if this company does fail,each of us will be losing a quarter of a million dollars. With such a large money risk we have on ourshoulders, we will be willing to put even more work and thought into Pro-tech. This would lower thefailure rate that Pro-tech will have. Other risks that this company will have are much smaller effect onus. They consist of the investors losing their money and college students that were hired, losing theirjob. We however, understand all of the risks that consist in the creation of Pro-tech and we will beworking very hard to be sure that no one gets strongly affected.After addressing the risks that Pro-tech will face in order to commercialize, we want to recognize themand do everything that we can to make Pro-tech a successful company. We all believe that Pro-techwill become a successful insurance company.
  14. 14. 14 | P a g eCritical RisksThere are two main critical risks that may threaten ProTech at some point:1. Our funding and sales projections may prove wrong, leaving ProTech insufficiently funded.2. We may have problems with our supply chain, which includes shipping and time between claims.In order to curb critical risk number one, our CFO will watch ProTech’s’ financials closely in order toanticipate any shortage of funding. If at some point ProTech is in danger of raising sufficient funds, he orshe will conduct an emergency meeting with management and the board. He will explain the financialsituation, and the board will discuss potential solutions. If needed, he will take steps to secureadditional funding through loans.For number two, our COO will watch ProTech’s’ supply chain closely in order to anticipate any problemswith the flow of the process. We need to make sure that every step we do in our company and theproducts we buy are from reliable and serious companies. COO needs to make sure to choose seriousdelivery companies, as we will make a huge contract with them. If something goes wrong he will makesure to explain everything and stable the process as soon as possible to keep our customers satisfied.He will make sure that the process is flowing in the right direction. We need to keep our customerssatisfied, so this process needs to be perfect.
  15. 15. 15 | P a g eFinancial AnalysisThe current business model is structured to keep costs as low as possible. The funds required to start-upour business would be approximately $1,499,100.00. The owners will be contributing $1,000,000.00 incash, which reduces the need for outside financing to just $499,100.00. All of the start-up money will beused for rent, equipment, furniture and fixtures for our building, inventory, insurances, suppliesadvertising and utilities.Startup CostThe table below provides a detailed look at our startup cost. These costs are itemized below:In order to finance this additional sum, we are pursuing people interested in investing in our service,and/or commercial loan at 7% APR for this financing. If a commercial loan is necessary, the owners willpersonally guarantee the loan.Regular income will come from business consulting fees, repairing fees and other services we offer. Themajor initial source of cash will be our customers interested in our service. Monthly cash flow will benegative for the first 12 months. In the 13 month, cash flow will become positive and continue to growsteadily. The business is forecast to be profitable by year 2.The business has no current or long-term liabilities and no loans or leases. This amount of start-upcapital will adequately set this business in motion and allow it to become self-sustaining.Item Amount TotalsFixed Assets-Real Estate 60,000-Equipment 20,000-Furniture and Fixtures 3,00083,000Operating Capital-Salaries and Wages-Insurance Premiums 2,400-Beginning Inventory 1,400,000-Supplies/ Equipment 200-Advertising and Promotions 10,000-Licenses 2,500-Cell phones 1,0001,416,100Total Funds Required $1,499,100
  16. 16. 16 | P a g eSales ForecastOur insurance sales depend largely on the sale of insurable smart devices. In the United States there hasbeen over 28% of cell phone users using smart phones. We feel that will be able to capture 30% of thatmarket with our advertising strategy. Our sales will be approximately 12,000 plans with a 20% growthrate during the 40% growth rate during the second year, and a 30% growth rate during the third year.Due to James Turner’s experience in the field, we estimate a double peak seasonal sales trend duringthe year. The first peak which occurs in late June and July which is a launch month of Apple’s productswhich has a large market share among smart devices. Not only are consumer purchasing the productsnew, consumers are becoming sellers in the secondary market as well.Market research suggests that 40% of all smart devices purchased are in need of our services within ayear. With that in mind, we have developed a pricing strategy that allows us to remain competitive inthe industry. When a customer makes a claim it cost $411.00, $361.00, and $161.00 respectfully fortablets, smart phones, and MP3 players which is taken out of the revenue stream.Break - Even AnalysisOur break - even analysis take into account our start-up cost, as well as our monthly expenses. By ourestimation we will reach that point during our 12th month of operations.
  17. 17. 17 | P a g eAppendixResumes
  18. 18. 18 | P a g eNicolas AbuchaibeOBJECTIVETo acquire an internship position that will allow me to use my acquired skills in the field of Industrial ManagementEDUCATIONBachelor of Science in Industrial Management May 2012Purdue University, Krannert School of Management, West Lafayette, INMinor: Operation ManagementGPA: 3.55/4.00, Honors: Deans List & Semester HonorsCertificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation May 2011Purdue University, Burton D. Morgan Center of EntrepreneurshipLanguage Skills: Fluent in English and Spanish (native speaker)Computer Skills: Working Knowledge of Excel, Word, Power Point, AccessWORK EXPERIENCEBarranquilla Industrial de Confecciones, Barranquilla, ColombiaLeading producer and exporter of manufacture textiles Summer 2010 Introduced to the Manufacturing process of textiles Supervised for production line Gather and collected data to compare current capacity to ideal capacity Formulated a production performance report on workers to compare current production to ideal production Research and analyzed potential markets for manufacture textilesConsorcio Abuchaibe S.A., Barranquilla, ColombiaLeading producer of manufacture home products and clothing to the Colombian market Summer 2009 Managed the inventory and shipping department including 10 workers Reviewed shipping documents to improve shipping efficiency Researched different markets for home products and clothingACTIVITIES/ LEADERSHIPRetention, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers May 2010- Present Organize and prepare social and recreational activities for the members to socialize with the rest of themembers and meet people with common goals and objectives. Prepare any social gatherings planned for the members or small get-togethers with the companies Make sure that the room reservation is done to comply with university requirementsOrganization “Brazos Abiertos” Barranquilla, Colombia May 2009- Present Founded non profit organization to aid low-income people of Colombia to obtain a high school and college degree Directly contacted private and public companies to raise $50,000 dollars for the organization Directed, authorized and supervised all actions made by the foundation to ensure its rapid growthHOBBIES & OTHER INTEREST Golf, baseball, soccer Travel to learn different cultures Cooking abilities Leadership skills U.S. Resident, Born and Raised in South America (Colombia)Campus Address121 W. Wood Street apt. 12West Lafayette, IN Address500 Brickell Ave Apt. 401m Miami, FL 33131
  19. 19. 19 | P a g eJAMES TRAVIS TURNERCurrent Address Permanent Address3918 Campus Suites Blvd Apt 913a 765.237.1672 56085 Chapel LaneWest Lafayette, IN 47906 South Bend, IN 46619OBJECTIVETo obtain a challenging consultant internship that will allow me to further my analytical, communication andleadership skills.EDUCATIONPurdue University, West Lafayette, IN December 2011Bachelor of Science in Retail ManagementMinor: Organizational Leadership and SupervisionCertificate of Entrepreneurship & InnovationEXPERIENCERetail Sales Consultant September 2008 - PresentAT&T Mobility, West Lafayette, IN Promoted from a Level I to a Level III store based upon sales performance. Educate clients using interactive product demos based on knowledge gained on and off the job. Consulted Sony on the development and successful launch of their first Smartphone in the United States. Collaborated with top RSC’s to analyze the effectiveness of a multi – million dollar investment incustomer satisfaction.Sales Associate November 2006 – August 2008RadioShack Corporation, South Bend, IN Surpassed monthly sales goals provided by management on a consistent basis. Controlled stock and operated cash drawer. Developed skills of the AT&T POS I & II and Sprint FAST systems. Establish customer relationships in order to recommend a personalized electronic solution.Marketing and Sales Internship January 2008 – May, West Lafayette, IN Formulated a marketing plan for a successful launch at Purdue University. Constructed promotions plan to educate students on the benefits of the website. Active seek students, and student organization participation on the website.Chief Operating Officer July 2006 – December 2006Fashions and More, South Bend, IN Managed the accounting and online division of sales, marketing, and distribution. Generated marketing strategies to promote products on a local and national via ecommerce. Maintained b2b accounts to insure clients took advantage of everything the company has to offer. Effectively communicated with international suppliers to stock storage facilities and managed logistics.ACTIVITIESJcPenny Job Shadow Day 2010 Society of Minority Managers, MemberPurdue Retail Organization, Member Bethlehem M.B. Church Musician, OrganistAWARDS & CERTIFICATIONSE.T. Weiler Scholarship RecipientAT&T Small Business Consultant CertificationPurdue University’s Krannert School of Management Business Opportunity Program 2007 Alumni
  20. 20. 20 | P a g eKara Ford(317) 460-5239Ford0@purdue.eduCampus Address Permanent Address272 Littleton St. Apt 582 5446 Surrey Hill Ct.West Lafayette IN, 47906 Indianapolis IN, 46226ObjectiveTo obtain a summer internship in the field of Organizational Behavior and Human ResourcesEducationPurdue University (West Lafayette, IN) Krannert School of Management 2012 Major: Management Concentration: OBHR Minor: Music Certificate: Entrepreneurship GPA 3.2/4.0Leadership Experience June 2010-August 2010Residential Assistant (Purdue University) Regulated residential living space over the summer for incoming freshmen at PurdueUniversity to ensure that the students were secure to the standards of the school Created activities within the summer for the residents to improve their summer experience Mentored and advised new students to enhance their knowledge of the school and to bettertheir experience at Purdue Expanded interpersonal communication skills through leadership and directionActivitiesStudent Concert Committee (Purdue University) August 2010-present Collaborated with group mates to schedule headlining concerts tours at Purdue University Provided all of the needs of musicians and touring crews on concert days Creatively cooperated with group mates to advertise and market concerts to the Purduecommunity Eased the level of conflict on hectic concert days by helping and communicating withgroup mates effectivelyBoiler Music Group (Purdue University) January 2010-present Vice President Teamed up with singers/writers/producers to create compelling music Worked within the group to manage and schedule new performances and shows to gainexposureVolleyball Club (Purdue University) August 2008-December 2009 Strategized with team mates during matches to end up with a winning outcome Worked hard to obtain a strong team bond by reducing team conflict and enhancing teamactivitiesWork Experience May 2009-August 2009Sales Assistant (Sahm Aquatics Center, Indianapolis IN) Provided patron and consumer satisfaction through good direction and communicationamongst supervisors, co-workers, and users of the facility Developed a good environment by building strong relationships with co-workers andreducing conflict
  21. 21. 21 | P a g eBrigid Rowe4714 Fletcher Ave  Indianapolis, IN 46203  (317) 965-4259  browe@purdue.eduEDUCATIONPurdue University - West Lafayette, IN August 2007-Present Bachelor of Arts in Communication Concentration in Public Relations and Advertising GPA – 3.7 Expected Graduation Date: May 14, 2011EXPERIENCEPublic Relations Assistant May 2010-July2010Mercenary Publicity Wrote press releases, scanned in press cuttings, researched media buying strategies worked withonline music media and print music media in London, England as an intern. Was a personal assistantto the CEO of Mercenary Publicity Kas Mercer.Work Study August 2008-PresentPurdue University Office of Admissions Screens and systematizes all incoming documents the Admissions office receives in the mail intocomputer system; prepares, inspects, and compiles documents for scanning into the computer system;organizes and maintains mail room and hard copies of documents in the Admissions office.Sales Associate May 2008-September 2008New York & Co. Oversaw the cash/register area, fashioned window displays and promotions, negotiated and persuadedcustomers to become New York & Co. credit card holders.Receptionist May 2007-August 2007Ellenberger Park and Pool Operated register and screened incoming patrons so that they were in compliance with the admittancecriteria, balanced daily income and oversaw the lobby area.Leadership and AwardsPurdue University Academic Excellence/Dean’s List Recognition to Purdue University students who maintain academic integrity with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 orhigher for a semester. Recipient Fall 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2009John Heneger Award for Christian Service Father Thomas Scecina Memorial High School senior award given to the student, nominated by their fellowclassmates, who embodied service and the want to help others. Class of 2007 recipient.Skills and InterestsComputer Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Word, Outlook and PowerPoint. Familiar with Excel and Social ServicePayment SystemHobbies: Singing, reading, cooking, dancing, exercising, writing, music, theater, and photography.
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