Physical Therapy Can Help Relieve Back Pain


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Individuals who suffer from chronic back pain can get back to their normal active life with effective physical therapy treatment. Physical therapy can help individuals achieve optimal functional ability by improving strength and mobility.

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Physical Therapy Can Help Relieve Back Pain

  1. 1. e-mail:info@hqbk.comPhysical Therapy Can Help Relieve Back PainBack pain is a common condition, affecting both men and women. It canaffect people of any age, and the pain can be acute or chronic. If you do nottake sufficient precautionary measures to get relief, it can affect the qualityof your life and functionality in many ways. Physical therapy is an effectivetreatment option that can help relieve back pain.Physical Therapy to Promote Health and MobilityPhysical therapy can help back pain sufferers toachieve optimal functional ability by improvingstrength and mobility. It is effective for treating backpain resulting from conditions such as: • Degenerated disc • Herniated bulging disc • Neurological disorder • Spinal disorders or neuromuscular conditions • Sports injuries • Soft tissue injuries • Work injuries • Muscle and joint disordersWhat Does a Physical Therapist Do?For providing immediate relief from pain, physical therapists employtherapeutic techniques most effective for the patients. The patients may beprovided physical therapy exercise programs. To obtain the real benefits ofphysical therapy, the therapists focus on different stretching andstrengthening exercises, to help control pain, increase flexibility, improvefunction, and maximize healing.Apart from this, there are other techniques physical therapists utilize to helppatients return to their normal lifestyle soon. These include: • Heat application, ice packs and electrical stimulation to eliminate muscle spasm and inflammation • Manual therapy • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) • Ultrasound to treat soft tissue injuries • TractionUsing these advanced measures and modalities in the treatment procedures,physical therapists prevent the condition from worsening. Therapists will alsoadvise you on how to avoid further injuries and improve overall health.
  2. 2. e-mail:info@hqbk.comWhatever the cause of your back pain, physical therapists works with you todetermine what physical therapy treatment plan would work ideally for you.Before starting treatment, your physical therapist may request for specializedtests to study your specific health problem. To suggest the best treatmentplan for the patient, the therapist may test for factors such as strength,posture, range of motion, balance and coordination, and muscle performance.Physical therapy can help relieve back pain, but to get effective results it isimportant to follow all the instructions given by your physician. Your physicaltherapist may teach you an exercise program to do at home. So, take extracare to follow the treatment regimen to obtain maximum benefits.