Totalitarian russia
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Totalitarian russia






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Totalitarian russia Totalitarian russia Presentation Transcript

  • Totalitarian Russia Communism in Action
  • Introduction  Socialism and communism were the main ideologies of the Soviet Union, which was what the new government of Russia named itself after the Bolshevik Revolution.  The goal of communism: ◦ Empower the Proletariat (working man) ◦ Weaken the capitalist businessman (guy who builds businesses and makes money) ◦ Industry and businesses are controlled by the people (ends up being the government “for
  • Money and Drive  Wealth was to be evenly distributed to the people.  Competition would be eliminated and everyone would work together.  Instead of owning private property, collectivization (owning property as a group) became the goal of society.
  • Changing Society  Communism’s goal is to change society. To do this, democracy (voting) and capitalism (earning your own money) are done away with.  It did away with religious beliefs and persecuted believers.
  • Socialism is…..  The economics of communism.  The goal is to create an economic system where everyone shares in the wealth created by business and government owns the businesses for the people’s benefits. Socialism’s Goal
  • How Children See It! How Americans Push For It! Reality of It!
  • Joseph Stalin  When Lenin died, Joseph Stalin began working to take over the Soviet Union.  In 1928, he became the leader of the Soviet Union.  He began by exiling his rival Leon Trotsky (who mysteriously was murdered soon thereafter).
  • Pros and Cons  Pros  Made the Soviet Union an industrial power.  5 Year Plans – heavy industry increased mainly (military items and government stuff)  Cons  Created a secret police to monitor everyone  Censored the news  Heavily relied on propaganda  Consumer goods (regular people stuff) was not built as much.
  • The Great Purge  Even communists were not safe! He put to death thousands of communists he didn’t trust.  Slaughtered the Russian Orthodox Church leaders and killed many believers.
  • Agriculture  Everyone had to give up their farms. Remember no private ownership was allowed. The government then created huge farms and made people farm them.  People with nice farms who tried to keep their farms were killed.  The economy and educational level in the Soviet Union increased, but people lost their rights.