Data Analysis Tool from Test Spectrum - DataView


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This is a quick look at our Data Analysis tool "DataView".

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Data Analysis Tool from Test Spectrum - DataView

  1. 1. DataView Excellence throughExperience, Execution and Integrity
  2. 2. DataViewDataView
  3. 3. DataViewDataView is a fast, easy-to-use dataanalysis tool for evaluatingsemiconductor test data. In addition to generating reports, DataView allows you to easily navigate your data and understand process performance. DataView is ideal for test or product engineers who need a quick, powerful, and intuitive tool for analyzing production and characterization data.
  4. 4. DataViewWhether you are developing anew test program, optimizing anexisting program, or evaluatingcharacterization data, DataViewallows you to visualize what’shappening with your data.
  5. 5. DataViewDataView is a powerful, easy-to-usedata processor geared for the busyTest Engineer.DataView helps to quickly identify testissues such as site-to-site variation,current/voltage range problems,repeatability/reproducibility issues,problematic tests, data integrity issuesand more.
  6. 6. DataView DataView: Process View View all Data File Information such as total device records, passing & failing record count, unique device ids, active test sites, lot id, part type, and more. Test Data Info and Warnings - identify possible duplicate test numbers, inconsistencies with test limits, names and units, tests with no limits, alarms, zero standard deviations and low Cpks. View average test time information as well as lot processing statistics.
  7. 7. DataView
  8. 8. DataView DataView: Record View Group devices from any file, by site, wafer, etc. into analysis DataSets. View the high-level test information for all device test records, such as Device ID, Pass/Fail status, Site, Soft and Hard Bin, and DataSet. Easily exclude or include test records for analysis. Select test records by file, bin, pass/fail status, site or pick and choose test records individually. One click removal of all failing devices or retested devices. Identify soft and hard bin types, counts, and percentages. Double-click on any record to see the detailed test results in the Table View.
  9. 9. DataView
  10. 10. DataView DataView: Table View Provides a spreadsheet view of all test data. View the statistics and/or test values for each test. View the individual test record for any device. View the stats and/or values for all test data, by site, by wafer, or by defined DataSet. Sort the table by any column, hide tests and columns. Quickly produce an Excel spreadsheet of any Table View or select multiple spreadsheets for saving into a report. Compare individual device test records and compare any DataSet to another set (Site to Site, Site to All, Wafer to DataSet, etc…). Select and copy/paste any subset of values to/from the Table View to Excel, text file, email, etc. Select tests from Table View for quick generation of Histograms into a report. Double-click on any test to jump to the histogram in the Histo View.
  11. 11. DataView
  12. 12. DataView Data View: Bin View View soft or hard bin paretos for all test data, by site, wafer or any defined DataSet. Compare different paretos by site, wafer, or defined DataSet. Save the bin paretos to file for easy insertion into an email or select multiple paretos for saving into a report. View and sort all bins by count, percentage, and bin number.
  13. 13. DataView
  14. 14. DataView DataView: Bin View High quality wafermaps for each wafer. View wafermaps by soft or hard test bins. View soft/hard binning information for each wafer directly within each wafermap. Easily identify any retested die. Hover the mouse over any die to see the X-Y coordinates, binning and site information. Double-click on any die and jump to the device test record in the Table View.
  15. 15. DataView
  16. 16. DataView DataView: Histo View Produce high-quality Histograms for all parametric data. Adjustable X-axis scale and histogram bins for optimum viewing. Detailed test data and statistics are provided in the Histo View. View histograms for multiple sites, wafers, or DataSets in the same image. Quickly produce an image file for insertion into an email or select multiple images for saving into a report. Hover over any histogram bin to see the value, bin number, bin count, and site/wafer/DataSet info.
  17. 17. DataView
  18. 18. DataView DataView: Trend View Produce high-quality Trend Charts for all parametric data. Adjustable Y-axis scale and X-axis zoom capabilities allow for optimum viewing. View multiple sites, wafers, and DataSets in the same chart. Double-click on any data point to view the test record for that device in Table View.
  19. 19. DataView
  20. 20. DataViewDataView: Reports and ImagesGenerate histograms, box plots, cumulative densityplots, trend charts, bin paretos, wafer maps,parametric wafer maps and more.Generate statistical tables for each site, wafer, processand custom DataSets or include tables of the rawvalues for any DataSet.Customize reports to include what you considerimportant – select tables, graphs, and images asyou analyze your data.Select desired parameters for each table and graph –arrange and align items to present data the wayyou want it to be seen.
  21. 21. DataView Da t a V ie w: R e p o r t s a n d I ma g e sHisto View Process View Wafer View Table Trend View Bin View
  22. 22. DataViewFor a complete demo on DataViewplease let us know and we will behappy to schedule a full demo withyou.You can also download a workingdemo of DataView from our website at
  23. 23. DataViewFor more information on all of our Test Tools please visit ourweb site at