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  • But first, we are going to have a look at where we stand currently. I cannot promise to single handedly turn things around, but what I can promise is to challenge these views and to start to put together a really effective marketing, PR and business development strategy.
  • Birmingham Conferences and Events need to market ourselves online much more effectively than we have to date. We have come to the conclusion that we need a standalone dedicated site, because the main University website is currently aimed at:Prospective studentsAlumniBusinessesProspective staff / job seekersPartnersResearchers… and conference and event buyers as a distant 7th Because of this our prospects will never be the main target audience of the site – and whilst this is exactly as it should be for a University website, it does mean that we will never be as prominent on the homepage of the site as we want to be, and we will always be of lower priority in terms of website requirements from IT and central marketing.  If we create our own site we can ensure it meets our requirements – and most importantly those of our target audience without being relegated to a sub-section of a huge and complicated site. 
  • The business requirements for such a standalone site in order of priority are: A professional level content management system that:Is very easy to use for non-techiesIs able to manage all content on the site: all text, all images, all documents (such as PDF’s) all meta- and alt-tags; all multimedia including Flash and QuickTime movies, all 360 tours and panoramas with embedded hotspots and any other content needing to be put onto the siteHas professional / commercial level support and help available(this CMS could be the new Contensis system powering the University site or any other system that delivers our requirements: what is vital is that it delivers our needs)Online booking, availability checking and display, and ecommerce style payment processing for:Accommodation (B&B)Meeting roomsTickets (auditorium) (including non-chargeables) Menus / table bookingFull integration with Kinetics, the current system handling bookingsFull ecommerce and integration with the internal payment processing system Enquiry forms to feed directly into the Kinetix booking system without the need to re-key data and with the ability to identify these as website sourced enquiries to the CRM. Social media integration, especially:RSS feeds; at least one for the whole site if not a configurable feed for specific subsections.“Tweet this” buttons; “like” this on Facebook; Foursquare integration; Flickr photo and YouTube video integrationAn internal blog with all typical blog functionalitySupport for microformatsThe ability to add other feeds easily from the admin back office as new social media sites develop. Conference room selector tool, allowing quick search and comparison of all features of all rooms available, showing info such as:Available layoutsRoom capacityLocation of the room in the building; location of the building on campusExtra equipment availablePhotos and panoramas of the roomPrice to hire the room and room availabilityPhotos and panoramas of the room Good integration with Google maps; ability to embed a Google map on the site; GPS location finding and sat nav files Client log-in:View event bookings statusEvent managers should be able to manually add text and photos and generally update content on users homepagesRequires good integration with KineticsEnabling delegate managementContent to be automatically formatted for mobile devices when the site is viewed on a mobile device. (it is acknowledged that any content rewriting for the mobile site is an un-automatable task) integrated with an outbound email marketing system, so that: Email addresses can be quickly and easily collected from the site and directly added to the email address database Emails can be sent in the same format / style as the siteLanding pages can be quickly created for outbound email marketing campaignsThe campaigns performance can be measured all in one placeStaff only have to learn one systemIntegrated with analytics software - Google analytics by preference – and the analytics code needs to be embedded on every page automatically Export content feeds to other media such as the various video screen systems. Ability for administrators to quickly and easily add new templates to the CMS, for new page designs and edit existing templates to – for example – add a call to action at the foot of every page.  
  • Our target audience increasingly use mobile phones to browse the web; therefore to ensure that they see a site optimised for their device we should take this opportunity to create a version of our site for mobile phones.This should serve the same content that is visible on the desktop version of the site, but styled for a mobile device with a stripped down interface and reduced navigation. The site should automatically detect what kind of device you are viewing on and serve up the relevant version of the site; there should also be an option to view the full, desktop version of the site readily available.
  • After we ran the PPC campaign (1st July – 31st August) the visits increased by 15% with unique visitors going up by 16%. Although we only trialled with a very small budget, the results clearly outlines the potential a PPC campaign has to offer by capturing target audiences via various campaign and keyword strategies.
  • How we have gone about it: Article Distribution Do Article Submissions, possibly even get article submitters to do the article submissions for you — There IS the Article Submitter software, but it is a pain, considering the tediousness of the program…Just build great articles and send them out to the article submission land list (The Article Sites Mster List is a great start)Blog ComentingThis is the best way to build links, regardless of the nofollow, you will be capable of making friends with the blogs you comment on most. Networking on the web is the way of viral link building.Comment and participate on blogs within your nicheEmail them, LINK to them, they’ll reciprocate through time.Use social bookmarking and trending sites to discover related topics and expand your groups, forums and blog search furtherSubmit Your Blog & RSS Feed Use the Best Blog/Site Directory And RSS Submission Sites. Another list of sites to submit your Blog feed.List Your Site in Directories Use Directory Submitter, there are also services out there that will submit to 3k+ directories for less than $1,200…Crazy. Or just submit to the main directories including Yahoo, and : More of these directories are listed in our Web Directories section.“Parasite” Host Sites/Blogs Don’t spam, for that is far too black-hat, just make many blogs on hosts such as Blogger and give respect to your fellow readers.Trending and Tracking to find the latest and Meme-ist stories — Catch and follow the memes in order to build links based upon popular stories (Finding stories off the front page of the Social Bookmarking sites for inspiration is a great idea).Get .Gov links by doing work for the government on a free basis/writing reports for them (i.e. be creative – .Gov SEO Ideas/Reports)Do the same for .edu’s- Drop ads on the student job boards and drop links on internship opportunities (Many other options here – Idea: Pay college students for links on their .edu’s and build links to their personal student sites in order to get GREAT .edu links)Do Reviews on sites such as ePinions, Alexa, Amazon, the WhoIs Wiki, etc.and answer questions on Yahoo Answers. Put in good words and create an authority for yourselfPR 3.0 — Do Squidoo lenses on your topic, Start a wiki on Wikia (/start your own wiki), write Wikipedia articles related to your firm, Googlepages, Blogspot, Myspace, WordPress, Typepad blogs and Links and Request Links — Use Text-Link-Ads, you shouldn’t get in trouble no matter how fearful Google tries to make you feel. Request text link ads and use these templates for writing the proper link requests — I HIGHLY recommend hiring a link builder from India, they are very good at following templates and getting the work done.Forum, Group Postings and Classified Ads — Write relevant and thoughtful posts on the largest forums and groups, do not spam and you will be forever rewarded with thousands+ of links. Post CraigsList, Kijiji and USFreeAds as well as ads on other classified ad sites and build links through them — Craigslist is using nofollow now and your ad will be deleted every 7 days or so, so keep on reposting if you want Craigslist link love.


  • 1. venuemasters e-marketing Frances Mann and James RobertsonCompany Confidential 2011 1
  • 2. About us..... • The Conference Park – Lucas House – Peter Scott • Hornton Grange • Garth House • Winterbourne House • Campus Facilities – The Great Hall – Senate Chamber – Muirhead Hospitality Suite – Bramall Music Building – Staff House • Fresh Thinking Catering • Event Management TeamCompany Confidential 2011 2
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  • 5. Where we were.....Company Confidential 2011 5
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  • 8. Objectives of the new site ..... • A professional level content management system • Online booking, availability checking and display, and ecommerce style payment processing • Enquiry forms to feed directly into the booking system without the need to re-key data and with the ability to identify these as website sourced enquiries to the CRM. • Social media integration • Conference room selector tool • Good integration with Google maps; ability to embed a Google map on the site • Client log-in • Content to be automatically formatted for mobile devices when the site is viewed on a mobile device. • Integrated with an outbound email marketing system • Integrated with analytics software • Export content feeds to other media such as the various video screen systems. • Ability for administrators to quickly and easily add new templates to the CMS, for new page designs and edit existing templates to – for example – add a call to action at the foot of every page. Company Confidential 2011 8
  • 9. Where we are now.....Company Confidential 2011 9
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  • 12. Going forward – Phase 2 and 3 Objectives: • Make the site even easier to use for our target audience • Improve the content • Continue the search engine optimisation (SEO) to get the site found for the keywords our target audience would actually type into Google. • Continue with conversion-rate marketing • Mobile version of the siteCompany Confidential 2011 12
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  • 20. Some suggestions on how to go about it.... • Article Distribution • Blog Commenting • Submit the Blog & RSS Feed • List Your Site in Directories • Trending and Tracking • Get .Gov links • Do Reviews on related sites • PR 3.0 • Buy Links and Request Links • Forum, Group Postings and Classified AdsCompany Confidential 2011 20
  • 21. EMAIL MARKETINGCompany Confidential 2011 21
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  • 23. Where we want to be in 5 yearsCompany Confidential 2011 23
  • 24. Thank you for listening. Any Questions?Company Confidential 2011 24