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Culture Cumbria Powerpoint Presentation
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Culture Cumbria Powerpoint Presentation


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Recent work with stakeholders in Cumbria on developing an effective cultural voice.

Recent work with stakeholders in Cumbria on developing an effective cultural voice.

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  • 1. Culture CumbriaEither kill it, or make it work.James Rebanks
  • 2. A few words on partnerships“Partnership is thesuppression ofmutual loathing inthe pursuit ofpublic funding”  
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  • 4. Everyone expects you to fail…The ‘Culture Cumbria’ brand is damaged goods.“This sector cannot co-ordinate itself inCumbria, its like trying to herd cats”
  • 5. Where is the cultural voice?
  • 6. E.g. Is culture and creativityin the LEP or RGF bids? Nuclear þ Agriculture þ   Tourism þ   Manufacturing þ   Food þ   Retail þ   Third sector (other) þ   …   Culture ý   NO Creative industries ý  
  • 7. If Culture Cumbria can’t becomeeffective it shouldn’t exist No appetite for the old modelThis has to change(a lot) or cease to existCurrent board being given benefit of doubt
  • 8. Everybody wants something better Everybody agrees on the theoretical ‘need’“We don’t need Culture Cumbria as it has existed. But we do need anorganization to effectively champion culture and creativity in Cumbria.”
  • 9. People want three functionsfrom Culture Cumbria…Leadership and AdvocacyThe intelligence functionDoing Stuff (that only a collective or partnership can do)WHAT?
  • 10. Leadership and advocacy…AdvocatePowerfulIntelligent Engaged ChampionAlternative vision Focus High quality Innovative Coordinated
  • 11. Intelligence function…Developing the ‘proposition’…Identifying efficiencies and potential…Making the case that isn’t being made at present.
  • 12. Doing stuff… Doing what?Coordination of assets + talentCurating of assets + talentShaping/steering arts developmentProfessional developmentCoordinating fundraisingFusion with other sectors/initiatives
  • 13. Two alternatives… (and one of them is not fit-for-purpose)
  • 14. The Cultural Dissident Model“No one will pay you to throw stones at them”
  • 15. The Pragmatic Model
  • 16. Transformation… How?Eight Actions…
  • 17. Cultural and Creative Manifesto
  • 18. Select and mandate leadership…
  • 19. Charge champions or cells with tasks…
  • 20. Create a new organization…
  • 21. Secure investment…This isn’tpossible beyondthe basicswithoutinvestment…But it should bevalued by…Arts Council…and others
  • 22. Develop intelligence…Developproposition for2013…The bits…And the greaterwhole that mightbe possible…
  • 23. Coalesce around ‘landscape’
  • 24. Develop ‘proposition’ for 2013Post-OlympicsRealistic lead-inWhat you can do – existing resourcesWhat you could do – additional £££Presented as outputs/evidence
  • 25. Structure and governanceChairpersonChief ExecutiveBoard members and structureWorking cells/champions
  • 26. Tasks: (Actions strategic + tasks short-term tactics)    Action 1 – Develop and agree the cultural and creative manifestoTask 1 – Write it. Agree it. Support it. Sell it.Action 2 – Select and mandate the leadershipAction 3 – Charge specific champions or cells with developing initiativesTask 2 – Mandate provisional leadership to engage with CT, CCC, LEP, ACE on your behalfTask 3 – Support champion to submit ACE developmental bid for Jan 2011Action 4 – Start to create a new organizationTask 4 – Start re-creating Culture Cumbria as an organization with new terms of referenceTask 5 – Recruiting members and champions from the creative industriesTask 7 – Identifying likely candidates for the role of ChairpersonAction 5 – Secure investment or it becomes impossibleTask 3 - Support champion to submit ACE developmental bid for Jan 2011Action 6 – Start to develop the intelligence functionTask 6a – Develop the basic proposition for 2013 around the theme of experiencing landscape –by establishing what 2013 could look like – with current resources, + additionalAction 7 – Coalesce around the subject or theme of ‘landscape’Action 8 - Start to coordinate the sector through a ‘proposition’ for 2013Task 6b – Develop the basic proposition for 2013 around the theme of experiencing landscape
  • 27. ImplicationsStrategy and tacticsTalk is cheapNew name, new brand New ways of working
  • 28. Tactical deliveryTactical opportunity 1Local Authority CE GroupTactical opportunity 2Regional Growth Fund bidOthers…
  • 29. ConclusionA simple calculation… Is this worth the effort it will take? If it isn’t lets go home.