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  • 1. with your Favorite Movies New York Chicago San Francisco Lisbon London Madrid Mexico City Milan New Delhi San Juan Seoul Singapore Sydney Toronto
  • 2. In memory of Dr. Bill Stivers Pepperdine University Professor of Spanish teacher, travel companion, and friendCopyright © 2010 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the United States CopyrightAct of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database orretrieval system, without the prior written permission of the publisher.ISBN: 978-0-07-163418-2MHID: 0-07-163418-5The material in this eBook also appears in the print version of this title: ISBN: 978-0-07-147565-5, MHID: 0-07-147565-6.All trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners. Rather than put a trademark symbol after every occurrence of a trademarkedname, we use names in an editorial fashion only, and to the benefit of the trademark owner, with no intention of infringement of thetrademark. Where such designations appear in this book, they have been printed with initial caps.McGraw-Hill eBooks are available at special quantity discounts to use as premiums and sales promotions, or for use in corporate train-ing programs. To contact a representative please e-mail us at bulksales@mcgraw-hill.com.Photo credits are listed on page iv.TERMS OF USEThis is a copyrighted work and The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. (“McGraw-Hill”) and its licensors reserve all rights in and to thework. Use of this work is subject to these terms. Except as permitted under the Copyright Act of 1976 and the right to store and retrieveone copy of the work, you may not decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, reproduce, modify, create derivative works based upon,transmit, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish or sublicense the work or any part of it without McGraw-Hill’s prior consent. You mayuse the work for your own noncommercial and personal use; any other use of the work is strictly prohibited. Your right to use the workmay be terminated if you fail to comply with these terms.THE WORK IS PROVIDED “AS IS.” McGRAW-HILL AND ITS LICENSORS MAKE NO GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES ASTO THE ACCURACY, ADEQUACY OR COMPLETENESS OF OR RESULTS TO BE OBTAINED FROM USING THE WORK,INCLUDING ANY INFORMATION THAT CAN BE ACCESSED THROUGH THE WORK VIA HYPERLINK OR OTHERWISE,AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO IMPLIEDWARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. McGraw-Hill and its licensors do notwarrant or guarantee that the functions contained in the work will meet your requirements or that its operation will be uninterruptedor error free. Neither McGraw-Hill nor its licensors shall be liable to you or anyone else for any inaccuracy, error or omission,regardless of cause, in the work or for any damages resulting therefrom. McGraw-Hill has no responsibility for the content of anyinformation accessed through the work. Under no circumstances shall McGraw-Hill and/or its licensors be liable for any indirect,incidental, special, punitive, consequential or similar damages that result from the use of or inability to use the work, even if any ofthem has been advised of the possibility of such damages. This limitation of liability shall apply to any claim or cause whatsoeverwhether such claim or cause arises in contract, tort or otherwise. Disclaimer: This eBook does not include the ancillary media that was packaged with the original printed version of the book.
  • 3. ContentsPhoto Credits ivAcknowledgments vHow to Use This Book viCore Vocabulary xiBEGINNER Eight Below (2006) 1 The Fox and the Hound (1981) 13 March of the Penguins (2005) 21 The Princess Bride (1987) 32ADVANCED BEGINNER The Absent-Minded Professor (1961) 50 Eragon (2006) 67 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005) 79 Tarzan (1999) 92INTERMEDIATE Holes (2003) 103 Home Alone (1990) 123 Hoosiers (1986) 138 Rocky III (1982) 154ADVANCED Anne of Green Gables (1985) 171 Finding Nemo (2003) 212 The Incredibles (2004) 229 Mary Poppins (1964) 251 iii
  • 4. Photo CreditsFront Cover The Princess Bride, Robin Wright, Cary Elwes, , TM and Copyright © th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved / Courtesy Everett Collection Finding Nemo, Marlin, Dory, , © Walt Disney / Courtesy Everett Collection The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, James McAvoy, Georgie Henley, , © Walt Disney / Courtesy Everett Collection Rocky III, Mr. T., Sylvester Stallone, , © United Artists / Courtesy Everett CollectionPage  · Eight Below, Paul Walker, Moon Bloodgood, , © Walt Disney / Courtesy Everett CollectionPage  · The Fox and the Hound, Walt Disney Animation,  / Courtesy Everett CollectionPage  · March of the Penguins, , © Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett CollectionPage  · The Princess Bride, Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, , TM and Copyright © th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved / Courtesy Everett CollectionPage  · The Absent-Minded Professor, from left: Nancy Olson, Fred MacMurray, , © Walt Disney / Courtesy Everett CollectionPage  · Eragon, Edward Speleers, , TM and Copyright © th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved / Courtesy Everett CollectionPage  · The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Anna Popplewell, William Moseley, Georgie Henley, , © Walt Disney / Courtesy Everett CollectionPage  · Tarzan, Tarzan, Jane, , © Buena Vista Pictures / Courtesy Everett CollectionPage  · Holes, Shia LaBeouf, Khleo Thomas, , © Walt Disney / Courtesy Everett CollectionPage  · Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin, , TM and Copyright © th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved / Courtesy Everett CollectionPage  · Hoosiers, Scott Summers, Kent Poole, Gene Hackman, Steve Hollar, , © Orion Pictures / Courtesy Everett CollectionPage  · Rocky III, Tony Burton, Burt Young, Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, , © United Artists / Courtesy Everett CollectionPage  · Anne of Green Gables, Megan Follows, Colleen Dewhurst, Richard Farnsworth,  TV Movie, © Anne of Green Gables Productions / Courtesy Everett CollectionPage  · Finding Nemo, Marlin, Dory, , © Walt Disney / Courtesy Everett CollectionPage  · The Incredibles, Dash, Violet, Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, , © Walt Disney / Courtesy Everett CollectionPage  · Mary Poppins, Dick Van Dyke, Karin Dotrice, Matthew Garber, Julie Andrews, , © Walt Disney / Courtesy Everett Collectioniv
  • 5. AcknowledgmentsWe wish to express our appreciation to the following people for their assistance in the preparation ofthis book: Chris Haddan, for working through the night and well into the early morning hours to help us come up with meaningful vocabulary lists Christopher Brown of McGraw-Hill Professional, for his patience and always valuable sugges- tions from the earliest stages of the project Greg Johnson, for his insight into language acquisition and valuable suggestions in organizing the vocabulary lists for practical use Tim and Shelley Znamenacek, for giving us many of the tools needed to complete this project and for proofreading our drafts Alison Rigney and Glenn Bradie of the Everett Collection, for helping us select and obtain the movie photographs Daniel Delgado and Isabel Baltazar, for helping us clarify several Spanish words and phrases Isabel Delgado, for her diligent and excellent work transcribing many of the movies Terry Yokota and Daniel Franklin of Village Bookworks, for their top-notch editorial and design work v
  • 6. How to Use This BookWatching foreign language movies has long been a way for students to learn a new language, andmany language instructors show movies in the target language as a means of helping their studentslearn. Foreign language experts recommend watching movies or television in the target language asa way to improve language skills, with the following benefits in mind: • Native speakers can be heard and imitated. • The rhythm and sound of the language becomes familiar. • Grammar and vocabulary are used in a natural context. • The student is immersed in the language for extended periods of time. • It’s an entertaining and fun way to learn. Now that familiar English language movies are readily available with foreign language audiotracks through DVD and other digital formats, foreign language enthusiasts can take advantage ofthis technology to improve their language acquisition and to learn Spanish and other languages morequickly and easily than ever before. But before you turn on the television to a Spanish station or sit down to watch your favoritemovie using the Spanish audio track, you may want to consider a couple of things. While there issome benefit to watching movies and trying to pick out familiar words, it is easy to become over-whelmed as the wave of unintelligible, indistinct, and meaningless syllables crashes over you. It’s alsonot very efficient: You can spend many hours listening to a lot of dialogue and come away with onlysmall gains in understanding. That could be boring and frustrating, but it wouldn’t be if you couldprogress more rapidly—and mark the progress you’ve made. Our approach helps you solve these problems. For instance, let’s take a line from The Chroniclesof Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The untrained ear hears something like what the eye sees here: MevoyatenerquehacerunpeludosombrerodecastorBut if you already know this: me voy a I’m going to tener que to have to hacer to make un a, an, one peludo furry sombrero hat de of, from castor beaverYou will hear this: Me voy a tener que hacer un peludo sombrero de castor.And understand this:vi
  • 7. How to Use This Book · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · vii ····· I’m going to have to make a furry hat out of that beaver. (lit I’m going to have to make a furry hat of beaver.)It’s that simple! 1. Words and phrases. By knowing the words and phrases ahead of time, your ear will be pre-disposed to identify them. This allows you to avoid the frustration of being unable to distinguish,without tremendous effort, what you are hearing. 2. Definitions. By knowing the definitions for the words and phrases ahead of time, you canattach meaning to them without having to search a traditional dictionary. 3. Marking progress. Being able to refer to lists of common words and phrases that occur in aspecific movie allows you to monitor your progress and increases your motivation. 4. Familiar movies. When you watch movies you’re familiar with—like those that are a part ofthis collection—not only does your comprehension go up, but you have more fun learning! Following are the steps for putting this approach into practice.Step 1. Learn Core VocabularyEighty percent of the Spanish used in these  movies is made up of about  words and phrases,which are listed in the Core Vocabulary that begins on page xi. If you know these words and phrases,you’ll understand  percent of the Spanish words being spoken. This gives you a huge head start inbeing able to enjoy the movies as you watch them. The Core Vocabulary is comprised of  short lists, none longer than  items, organized in eightcategories. Each vocabulary entry consists of a main entry followed by its English translation, includ-ing a grammar tag where appropriate (see p. x). Usage is illustrated in a sentence or phrase from oneof the movies included in this collection, together with its English translation and the title and chap-ter of the movie in which it appears. We used the transcripts of  movies to develop the Core Vocabulary and found that it closelymatches the frequency list developed for The Big Red Book of Spanish Vocabulary (McGraw-Hill,). The time you invest in making sure that you know this Core Vocabulary is time well spent,because this list consists of the words you will encounter when you • watch movies in Spanish beyond those included in this collection • watch Spanish television programs • listen to Spanish music • read Spanish novels and nonfiction books • participate in everyday conversationIn short, these words are the foundation on which you will build your fluency in Spanish.Step 2. Select a Movie by Level of Difficulty, Genre, or ChronologyFor most people, starting with one of the four Beginner movies is the best choice, because the paceof the dialogue or narration is considerably slower than in the more challenging movies. Starting withone of the Advanced movies will likely present problems, because these movies include more andnoticeably faster dialogue and, generally, a more extensive vocabulary. However, you should be ableto start with one of the Advanced Beginner or Intermediate movies if you already own it with Spanishaudio, and especially if you are familiar with the story line.
  • 8. ····· viii ··· ············ How to Use This Book When purchasing DVDs or other movie formats, be aware that more than one edition may exist, and not all of them include the Spanish audio track. Check for confirmation that Spanish audio is included. Movies Listed by Genre Category Movie Adventure Eight Below () Eragon () The Fox and the Hound (Animated, ) The Incredibles (Animated, ) The Princess Bride () Drama Facing the Giants () Holes () Hoosiers () Rocky III () Biography/History/Documentary In Memoriam: New York City, // (Documentary, ) March of the Penguins (Documentary, ) Rudy () Classic Literature Adaptation Anne of Green Gables () The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe () Tarzan (Animated, ) Comedy/Musical The Absent-Minded Professor () The Bishop’s Wife () Finding Nemo (Animated, ) Home Alone () Mary Poppins () Movies Listed by Chronology Category Movie 1940–1959 The Bishop’s Wife () 1960–1979 The Absent-Minded Professor () Mary Poppins () 1980–1989 The Fox and the Hound () Rocky III () Anne of Green Gables () Hoosiers () The Princess Bride () 1990–1999 Home Alone () Rudy () Tarzan ()
  • 9. How to Use This Book · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ix ····· Category Movie 2000–2009 In Memoriam: New York City, // () Finding Nemo () Holes () The Incredibles () The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe () March of the Penguins () Eight Below () Eragon () Facing the Giants ()Step 3. Study the Vocabulary Guide and Watch the MovieAfter you have reviewed the Core Vocabulary and selected a movie appropriate to your interest andability level, you will be ready to work with the vocabulary guides in each movie profile. Each vocab-ulary entry provides the English translation. The infinitive is given for a spoken verb form, and averb that appears in either the subjunctive or imperative form is marked as such. The gender is pro-vided for a masculine noun with an ending other than -o or -dor, and for a feminine noun with anending other than -a, -dad, or -ión. When a spoken noun is in the plural form, its singular form isalso given. For an overview of what is available in each guide, see the explanatory chart on the follow-ing page. Each movie profile begins with basic vocabulary that occurs in that specific movie. Take the timeto memorize these words, because they will occur frequently. Although memorizing vocabulary maynot be the most exciting part of learning a language, it is motivating to know that these are words youwill definitely use. You are now ready to approach the movie as a whole, a chapter at a time, or even scene by sceneif you choose. Because you can bookmark and replay sections of a digitally recorded movie, you canapproach it in whatever way is most beneficial to you. You might choose to study the vocabulary for a movie chapter and memorize it, then watch thechapter to see how well you understand what is being said. You may also watch the movie chapter andfollow along with the text, which includes brief scene markers to help you locate the new vocabularyas it occurs. Mark the checkbox for each listed word or phrase that you have learned. Once you havemastered a chapter or scene, you can move on to the next one. The payoff for this incremental approach comes when you are able to watch the entire movie andunderstand what is being said almost as easily as if you were hearing it in English. That’s a good timeto celebrate! If you like this approach to learning Spanish vocabulary and are interested in using this methodfor learning from television shows, novels, nonfiction books, and music videos, visit www.languagesafari.com or www.languagesafari.com/mcgraw-hill for special products and promotions.
  • 10. ····· x ······ ········· How to Use This Book Explanatory Chart BASIC VOCABULARY Names of characters and Names places in the movie Lucy, Edmund, Ed, Narnia, Aslan, Susan, Tumnus, Adán, Pevensie Words that occur frequently Nouns throughout the movie, Ⅺ castillo castle ▪ Debe estar en el castillo de la arranged by part of speech bruja y ya saben lo que dicen. He must be in the witch’s castle, and you all know what they say. Grammar tag (where useful); Ⅺ castor nm beaver ▪ También el castor me English translation; sentence dijo que planeas hacerte un sombrero con él. from the movie that uses The beaver also told me that you plan to make the word or phrase him into a hat for yourself. Ⅺ fauno faun ▪ Soy un fauno, y tú, ¿qué eres? I’m a faun, and you, what are you? Singular form of plural Ⅺ tropas troops ▪ tropa troop ▪ ¿Nuestras tropas? noun used in the movie Our troops? Number, title, and length 1 Introduction 7:09 of DVD chapter Phrases to Listen For Notable phrases that tenemos que we have to occur in the chapter ¿por qué? why? Scene marker Edmund is watching the bombing through a window. Vocabulary listed Ⅺ refugio shelter in order of occurrence Ⅺ ¡agáchate! imp get down! ▪ agachar to crouch, within the scene to get down Ⅺ nos matas you kill us ▪ matar to kill Checkbox for Ⅺ egoísta selfish monitoring progress At a train station, Lucy, Susan, Edmund, and Peter say good-bye to their mother. Grammar tag for noun Ⅺ personal nm personnel Ⅺ evacuación evacuation Infinitive of conjugated verb Ⅺ ¿te abriga? are you dressed warmly? ▪ form used in the movie abrigarse to dress warmly Ⅺ obligaría he would force ▪ obligar to force, to obligate Grammar tag for verb Ⅺ pórtate imp behave yourself ▪ portarse to behave oneself Grammar Tags Used in This Book adj adjective int interjection nmf masculine or feminine noun adv adverb lit literally nmpl masculine plural noun dim diminutive m masculine obj object eng English nf feminine noun pej pejorative exp expression nfpl feminine plural noun pro pronoun imp imperative nm masculine noun subj subjunctive
  • 11. Core VocabularyThe  vocabulary items in this section represent  percent of the words spoken in most moviesin Spanish. Each word or phrase is followed by an illustrative example. Note that these examplescome from both the movies covered in this book and from those available as bonus downloads (seepage ii).COMMON PHRASES muy bien very well, quite fine ▪ No lo hice muyPolite Conversation bien la última vez. I didn’t do it very well lasta ver let’s see ▪ A ver, déjame pensar. Let’s see, let time. [Eight Below, ch. ] me think. [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ] por favor please ▪ ¿Quieres esperar un momento,así es that’s right, yes indeed, that’s how it is ▪ por favor, Sylvester? Do you want to wait a Así es, adiós. That’s right, good-bye. [Home Alone, moment, please, Sylvester? [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] ch. ]buenas noches good night ▪ Buenas noches, por supuesto of course ▪ Por supuesto, aunque Westley. Good night, Westley. [The Princess Bride, usualmente sé para quien voy a trabajar. ch. ] Of course, although I usually know who I’m goingbuenas tardes good afternoon, good evening ▪ to work for. [The Incredibles, ch. ] Buenas tardes, joven. Good afternoon, young man. [Mary Poppins, ch. ] Questionsbuenos días good morning, good day ▪ Señorita ¿cómo se llama? what is your name?, what is it Fleener, buenos días. Miss Fleener, good morning. called? ▪ ¿Cómo se llama este lugar? What is this [Hoosiers, ch. ] place called? [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ]de acuerdo agreed, all right ▪ estar de acuerdo ¿cómo te llamas? what is your name? ▪ ¿Cómo te to be in agreement, to agree ▪ Estoy de acuerdo llamas, tú? What is your name? [The Fox and the con Fezzik. I agree with Fezzik. [The Princess Bride, Hound, ch. ] ch. ] ¿no es así? isn’t that right? ▪ ¿No es así? Isn’t thatde nada you’re welcome ▪ De nada. You’re right? [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] welcome. [Rudy, ch. ] ¿por qué? why? ▪ ¿Por qué lo haces? Why do youfeliz navidad Merry Christmas ▪ Oye, Johnny, do it? [Home Alone, ch. ] ¿no quieres decirle feliz navidad a tu hermanito? ¿por qué no? why not? ▪ Y, ¿por qué no? And why Hey, Johnny, don’t you want to say Merry not? [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] Christmas to your little brother? [Rudy, ch. ] ¿qué pasa? what’s happening?, what’s going on? ▪hasta la vista see you later ▪ Hasta la vista, ¿Qué pasa contigo? What’s going on with you? Julia. See you later, Julia. [The Bishop’s Wife, [Rocky III, ch. ] ch. ] ¿qué pasó? what happened?, what’s been going on?,hasta luego see you later (lit until later) ▪ Hasta what’s up? ▪ ¿Qué pasó? What happened? luego, Mamá Búho. See you later, Mama Búho. [Rocky III, ch. ] [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ] ¿qué tal…? hello, what about …?, how’s it going?,hasta pronto see you soon (lit until soon) ▪ what’s up?, what do you think of that? [examples: Hasta pronto, muchachos. See you soon, guys. ¿qué tal el trabajo? how’s your work going?, [The Princess Bride, ch. ] ¿qué tal tu novia? what’s up with your girlfriend?,lo siento I’m sorry ▪ Como lo siento, querido. qué tal, ¿eh? what do you think of that?] ▪ I’m so sorry, dear. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, ¿Qué tal? Mi nombre es Inigo Montoya. Hello, my the Witch and the Wardrobe, ch. ] name is Inigo Montoya. [The Princess Bride, ch. ]muchas gracias thank you very much ▪ Gracias, ¿qué te pasa? what’s the matter?, what’s the matter muchas gracias. Thank you, thank you very with you? ▪ Oye, ¿qué te pasa? Hey, what’s the much. [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] matter with you? [Holes, ch. ] xi
  • 12. ····· xii · · · · ··········· Core Vocabulary Miscellaneous seis six ▪ Tiene seis dedos en la mano derecha. a pesar de in spite of ▪ A pesar de eso, todo ha He has six fingers on his right hand. [The Princess marchado bien. In spite of that, everything has Bride, ch. ] gone well. [Holes, ch. ] siete seven ▪ Setenta y dos, setenta y tres, setenta antes de que before ▪ Será mejor que lleguemos y cuatro, setenta y cinco, setenta y seis, setenta antes de que oscurezca. It will be better if we y siete... Seventy-two, seventy-three, seventy-four, arrive before it gets dark. [Holes, ch. ] seventy-five, seventy-six, seventy-seven ... así que so, therefore ▪ ¿Así que viajarán a París? [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the So you’ll be traveling to Paris? [Home Alone, ch. ] Wardrobe, ch. ] claro que… of course … ▪ ¡claro que sí! of course! ▪ ocho eight ▪ Boda a las ocho treinta en punto. claro que no of course not ▪ Pero claro que tengo Wedding at eight thirty sharp. [The Absent-Minded una identidad secreta. But of course I have a Professor, ch. ] secret identity. [The Incredibles, ch. ] nueve nine ▪ Aún espero nueve hoyos. I still expect hasta que until ▪ Nos prometió quedarse hasta que nine holes. [Holes, ch. ] el viento cambiara. ¿No es verdad, Mary Poppins? diez ten ▪ Diez pasos más, diez más, diez más, You promised us you would stay until the wind diez más. Ten more steps, ten more, ten more, changed. Isn’t that right, Mary Poppins? ten more. [Facing the Giants, ch. ] [Mary Poppins, ch. ] veinte twenty ▪ Han pasado veinte años. Twenty hay que it is necessary ▪ ¡Hay que salir! years have passed. [Hoosiers, ch. ] We have to leave! (lit It is necessary to leave!) treinta thirty ▪ South Bend Central va a la [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the cabeza, cuarenta – treinta y cuatro. South Bend Wardrobe, ch. ] Central is in the lead, forty – thirty-four. [Hoosiers, lo que what, that ▪ Nadie en Guilder sabe lo que ch. ] hicimos. Nobody in Guilder knows what we did. cuarenta forty ▪ En cuarenta años he visto a los [The Princess Bride, ch. ] mejores jugadores que ha tenido el estado. In forty para que so that, in order to ▪ Hay que pagar para years I have seen the best players that this state que no hablen en la compañía. It’s necessary to has had. [Hoosiers, ch. ] pay so that they don’t talk at the company. cincuenta fifty ▪ Debe haber sido cincuenta. [The Incredibles, ch. ] It must have been fifty. [Facing the Giants, ch. ] sin embargo however ▪ Sin embargo, el campeón ciento one hundred ▪ Si eso sucede se unirá a otros es un hombre muy fuerte. However, the champion cientos que han muerto esperándote a ti. If that is a very strong man. [Rocky III, ch. ] happens, she will join hundreds of others who have tal vez maybe, perhaps ▪ Tal vez sobrevivan. died waiting for you. [Eragon, ch. ] Maybe they’ll survive. [Eight Below, ch. ] mil thousand, one thousand ▪ Tres mil cuarenta tener que to have to ▪ Tengo que limpiar el tanque y siete personas murieron en los ataques terroristas antes de que Darla llegue. I have to clean the tank en Nueva York, Virginia y Pennsylvania. Three before Darla arrives. [Finding Nemo, ch. ] thousand forty-seven people died in the terrorist attacks in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. NUMBERS [In Memoriam, ch. ] Numerals primer first ▪ ¿Qué tal tu primer día, Yelnats? cero zero ▪ La temperatura ahora es de sesenta How was your first day, Yelnats? [Holes, ch. ] grados bajo cero. The temperature now is sixty degrees below zero. [March of the Penguins, ch. ] CONNECTORS uno one ▪ Uno para nosotros, uno para el buen Articles Zeroni. One for us, one for good old Zeroni. el m the ▪ Es el presidente del banco, el anciano [Holes, ch. ] señor Dawes. He’s the president of the bank, dos two ▪ Dos tiros. Two shots. [Hoosiers, ch. ] old Mr. Dawes. [Mary Poppins, ch. ] tres three ▪ Invertimos tres años en ellos. la the ▪ El agua es el más preciado lujo en la faz We invested three years in them. [Facing the Giants, de la tierra. Water is the most precious luxury ch. ] on the face of the earth. [Holes, ch. ] cuatro four ▪ Cinco niños, seis niñas, cuatro padres, las the ▪ Las sábanas están duras. The sheets are dos choferes y una montaña de valijas. Five boys, scratchy. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch six girls, four parents, two drivers, and a mountain and the Wardrobe, ch. ] of suitcases. [Home Alone, ch. ] los the ▪ Su fotografía aparecerá en todos los cinco five ▪ Cinco más. Five more. [Facing the Giants, diarios. Your photo will appear in all the daily ch. ] newspapers. [Mary Poppins, ch. ]
  • 13. Core Vocabulary · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · xiii · · · · ·INTERJECTIONS pues well ▪ Pues te diré una cosa, Mary Poppins.adelante come in, proceed, go ahead ▪ Aquí Well, I’ll tell you one thing, Mary Poppins. Victoria, adelante McMurdo. Victoria here, [Mary Poppins, ch. ] go ahead McMurdo. [Eight Below, ch. ] que that, than ▪ ¿Crees que es divertido? Do youadiós good-bye ▪ Adiós. Good-bye. [Rudy, ch. ] think that it’s fun? [Holes, ch. ]ay ay ▪ Ay, mira lo que hiciste—lo molestaste, si if ▪ No sé si me gustará eso. I don’t know if I will hermano. Ay, look what you did—you annoyed like that. [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ] him, brother. [Facing the Giants, ch. ] u or [used instead of o when the following wordbravo bravo ▪ Bravo. Bravo. [The Absent-Minded begins with o or ho] ▪ En pocas semanas, de Professor, ch. ] una forma u otra, la mayoría de los animalescuidado be careful ▪ Cuidado, los tiburones comen encuentran a quien estaban buscando. Within peces. Be careful, sharks eat fish. [Finding Nemo, a few weeks, one way or another, the majority ch. ] of the animals find whom they were looking for.entonces then ▪ Entonces nos vemos temprano. [March of the Penguins, ch. ] Then we’ll see you bright and early. [Eight Below, y and ▪ Cuando lleguen a la fosa, naden a través ch. ] y no sobre ella. When you arrive at the trench,felicidades congratulations ▪ Felicidades, Rudy. swim through and not over it. [Finding Nemo, ch. ] Congratulations, Rudy. [Rudy, ch. ]gracias thank you, thanks ▪ Gracias, señor. Prepositions Thank you, sir. [Mary Poppins, ch. ] a at, to ▪ Estoy seguro de que llegar a las finales estáhola hi, hello ▪ Hola, Mamá Búho. Hi, Mama más allá de sus sueños, así que no hablemos de eso. Búho. [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ] I’m sure that making it to the finals is the furthest thing from your dreams, so let’s not even talkConjunctions about that. [Hoosiers, ch. ]aunque although ▪ Aunque creo que un periodo al [a ϩ el] to the, at the ▪ Mejor leer en donde van de prueba sería muy prudente. Although I think al pantano. Better to read where they go to the a trial period would be very prudent. [Mary Poppins, swamp. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] ch. ] bajo under ▪ Quiero los extremos ahí en cada lugar,cuando when ▪ Vendrá cuando esté listo, no antes. en cada juego, pero bajo control. I want the ends He’ll come when he’s ready, not before. [Hoosiers, there in each place, in each play, but under control. ch. ] [Rudy, ch. ]e and [used instead of y when the following word como like, how ▪ Peleas como cabra loca. You fight begins with i or hi] ▪ Fezzik e Inigo se reunieron. like a crazy goat. [Eragon, ch. ] Fezzik and Inigo met up. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] con with, to ▪ Negocia con tu cuerpo—que te démientras while ▪ ¿Y es por eso que trataron de más fuerza. Negotiate with your body—to give matarme mientras dormía? And that’s why you you more strength. [Facing the Giants, ch. ] tried to kill me while I was sleeping? [Anne of contra against ▪ Hoy jugaremos contra Verdi. Green Gables, ch. ] Today we’ll play against Verdi. [Hoosiers, ch. ]ni neither, nor ▪ Pero, sabes muy bien que ni a la de of, from ▪ Por favor, quiero comprar un lindo señora Brougham ni a mí nos gustan los postres ramo de flores para mi esposa. Please, I’d like elaborados. But you know very well that neither to buy a pretty bouquet of flowers for my wife. Mrs. Brougham nor I like fancy desserts. [Facing the Giants, ch. ] [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] del [de ϩ el] of the, from the ▪ Bueno, algo que heo or ▪ No podemos dejar que correteen solos en los entendido es que no importa cuanto trate, nunca tejados, ¿o sí? We can’t allow them to run alone pasaré del equipo de entrenamiento. Well, over the rooftops, or can we? [Mary Poppins, ch. ] something that I have understood is that it doesn’tpero but ▪ Lo que muchos hombres están buscando matter how much I try, I will never get off of the está frente a su nariz, pero para algunos lo training squad. [Rudy, ch. ] desconocido es difícil de resistir. What many men desde from, since ▪ ¿Y qué ha hecho desde are searching for is right in front of their nose, entonces? And what have you done since then? but for some the unknown is hard to resist. [Hoosiers, ch. ] [Eragon, ch. ] durante during, for ▪ Fue a su habitación y cerróporque because ▪ Dan, tenemos un programa débil la puerta, y durante días no durmió ni comió. porque hay un entrenador débil. Dan, we have She went to her room and closed the door, and a weak program because there is a weak coach. for days she neither slept nor ate. [The Princess Bride, [Facing the Giants, ch. ] ch. ]
  • 14. ····· xiv · · · · ··········· Core Vocabulary en in, at, on ▪ Ha nadado cientos de metros en la jobs and roles oscuridad. He’s swum hundreds of meters in the almirante nm admiral ▪ Este imponente edificio dark. [Finding Nemo, ch. ] que ven ustedes ahora es el hogar del almirante entre between ▪ Hay una gran diferencia Boom, retirado de la marina real. This imposing entre estar casi muerto y totalmente muerto. building that you all see now is the home of There is a big difference between being almost Admiral Boom, retired from the Royal Navy. dead and totally dead. [The Princess Bride, [Mary Poppins, ch. ] ch. ] ángel nm angel ▪ ¿Cómo supo David que era un hacia toward ▪ Ese es un sendero propio para ángel? How did David know that it was an angel? viajar hacia grandes aventuras. That is a path [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] just right for traveling toward great adventures. campeón nm champion ▪ Eres el campeón. [Mary Poppins, ch. ] You are the champion. [Rocky III, ch. ] hasta until, up to ▪ Algún día llegaré hasta cinco, capitán nm captain ▪ El capitán hace todo lo que pero no sé qué tanto daño te causaría. Someday puede, pero su teléfono sigue averiado. The captain I will get up to five, but I don’t know how much is doing everything that he can, but your telephone damage that would cause you. [The Princess Bride, is still out of order. [Home Alone, ch. ] ch. ] comandante nmf commander ▪ Disculpe, para for ▪ Entrenador, esto es para Rudy. Coach, Comandante. Excuse me, Commander. [Eight this is for Rudy. [Rudy, ch. ] Below, ch. ] por for, by ▪ Ve por agua. Go for water. [Holes, defensa defense, defensive player [sports] ▪ ch. ] Logra evadir la defensa y continúa. He manages sin without ▪ No sabría qué hacer sin usted. to avoid the defense and he keeps going. I wouldn’t know what to do without you. [Facing the Giants, ch. ] [The Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] doctor/doctora doctor ▪ Doctora Rosemary Paris, sobre over, about ▪ Llama por radio a Katie y que coordinadora. Doctor Rosemary Paris, te informe sobre la tormenta, Doc. Call Katie on coordinator. [Eight Below, ch. ] the radio to get a report about the storm, Doc. enemigo/enemiga enemy ▪ ¿Eres el tipo de hombre [Eight Below, ch. ] que pondría veneno en su propia copa o en la de su enemigo? Are you the kind of man who would put poison in his own cup or in that of his enemy? COGNATES [The Princess Bride, ch. ] Nouns general nmf general [armed forces] ▪ General, Family and Friends prepare sus tropas para la batalla. General, bebé nm baby ▪ ¿Todavía quieres tener un bebé? prepare your troops for the battle. [The Chronicles Do you still want to have a baby? [Facing the Giants, of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, ch. ] ch. ] jefe nmf boss, chief, manager ▪ Al jefe de bomberos. esposo/esposa husband/wife, spouse ▪ Eres peor To the fire chief. [In Memoriam, ch. ] que mi esposo cuando se baña. You are worse than líder nmf leader ▪ Se elije a un líder por su corazón. my husband when he takes a bath. [The Chronicles A leader is chosen for his heart. [Eragon, ch. ] of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, oficial nmf official, officer ▪ Bueno, hasta pronto, ch. ] oficial. Well, see you later, officer. [The Absent- familia family ▪ Mi familia fue asesinada por los Minded Professor, ch. ] hombres del rey cuando era pequeño. My family policía nmf policeman, policewoman ▪ policía was killed by the king’s men when I was a little boy. police force ▪ Enviarán a un policía a la casa a [Eragon, ch. ] ver a Kevin. They will send a policeman to the mamá mom, mama, mother ▪ Sí, mi mamá dejará house to see Kevin. [Home Alone, ch. ] el trago y mi padre regresará pronto. Yeah, my presidente nmf president ▪ Puedo asegurarle, mom will stop drinking and my dad will come back señor, que el presidente está muy interesado en any time now. [Holes, ch. ] cualquier desarrollo que tenga que ver con nuestra papá nm dad, papa, father ▪ Papá, tal vez en prosperidad nacional. I can assure you, sir, that la escuela vea un tiburón. Dad, maybe at school the president is very interested in any development I’ll see a shark. [Finding Nemo, ch. ] that has to do with our national prosperity. persona person ▪ Parece que esa persona no te ha [The Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] pedido que bailes con él. It looks like that person profesor/profesora professor, teacher ▪ Ah, has not asked you to dance with him. [Anne of Green profesor, usted está aquí para buscar gorilas, Gables, ch. ] no para seguir una fantasía infantil. Ah, professor,
  • 15. Core Vocabulary · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · xv · · · · · you are here to look for gorillas, not to chase a that we lost many police officers and firefighters. childhood fantasy. [Tarzan, ch. ] [In Memoriam, ch. ] felicidad happiness, joy ▪ Tiene usted pasaje paraPlaces and Things viajar, qué felicidad. You have a ticket for travel,auto auto, car ▪ ¿Auto? ¿Qué le pasó al auto? Car? what joy. [Home Alone, ch. ] What happened to the car? [The Incredibles, ch. ] historia history, story ▪ Esta noche quiero contarlesbalón nm ball ▪ Ahora envía el balón entre esos la historia de la calceta vacía. Tonight I want postes. Now send the ball between those posts. to tell you the story of the empty stocking. [Facing the Giants, ch. ] [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ]chocolate nm chocolate ▪ Descuide, señora idea idea ▪ Oigan, tengo una gran idea. Listen, Macready, habrá alguna explicación, pero primero I have a great idea. [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ] creo que ella necesita una taza de chocolate. opinión opinion ▪ cambiar de opinión to change Don’t worry, Mrs. Macready, there must be some one’s mind ▪ ¿Alguien ha cambiado de opinión? explanation, but first I believe that she needs a cup Has anyone changed his mind? [Rudy, ch. ] of hot chocolate. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, oportunidad opportunity ▪ Primero, quiero darle the Witch and the Wardrobe, ch. ] las gracias por la oportunidad de estar en eldólar nm dollar ▪ ¿Un dólar ochenta y cinco por equipo. First, I want to thank you for the un triste arbusto anémico? A dollar eighty-five opportunity to be on the team. [Rudy, ch. ] for a sad, anemic shrub? [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] perdón nm pardon, forgiveness ▪ Siempre he dicho,escuela school ▪ Canté en el coro de mi escuela. es mejor pedir perdón que permiso. I’ve always I sang in my school choir. [Rudy, ch. ] said, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than forforma form ▪ ¿De cuál forma? In what way? permission. [Eragon, ch. ] [Rudy, ch. ] problema nm problem ▪ ¿Cuál es el problema?frente nm front ▪ Si le va a acercar a los perros, What is the problem? [Eragon, ch. ] debe ser por el frente siempre. If you’re going razón nf reason ▪ tener razón to be right ▪ Jerry, to approach the dogs, it must always be from the tiene razón. Jerry, he’s right. [Eight Below, ch. ] front. [Eight Below, ch. ] realidad reality ▪ en realidad really, in reality ▪grupo group ▪ ¿Hablas del grupo de música En realidad no quieres contarme, ¿eh? You really country? Are you talking about the country music don’t want to tell me, eh? [Holes, ch. ] group? [Facing the Giants, ch. ]habitación bedroom, room ▪ Revisa la habitación. Time and Numbers Check the bedroom. [Holes, ch. ] día nm day ▪ Llegó el día de la boda. The day oflínea line ▪ Los llevé hasta la línea. I took them the wedding arrived. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] to the line. [Hoosiers, ch. ] hora hour, time ▪ Ya es hora. It’s time. [Rocky III,proyecto project ▪ Este proyecto ha confiscado ch. ] completamente mi vida, cariño. This project has minuto minute ▪ No tenemos un minuto. We don’t completely taken over my life, darling. have a minute. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, [The Incredibles, ch. ] the Witch and the Wardrobe, ch. ]punto period, dot, point, spot [place] ▪ Nadie huye momento moment ▪ En este momento parece que de este punto. Nobody escapes from this spot. la casa está vacía. At this moment, it appears that [Eragon, ch. ] the house is empty. [Home Alone, ch. ]tren train ▪ ¿Viene a tiempo el tren de la tarde? número number ▪ Bloquea el número cuarenta Is the afternoon train on time? [Anne of Green Gables, y uno en la línea. Block number forty-one at the ch. ] baseline. [Hoosiers, ch. ]universidad university ▪ El profesor y yo nos par nm pair, couple ▪ En un par de días seremos conocemos de la universidad de Viena. padres! In a couple of days, we’ll be parents! The professor and I know each other from the [Finding Nemo, ch. ] University of Vienna. [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] MiscellaneousThoughts and Feelings ataque nm attack ▪ Y en ese momento concluimosdeseo desire ▪ Es mi deseo que limpies el bosque que obviamente era un ataque terrorista. And at antes de mi matrimonio. It is my desire that you that moment we concluded that obviously it was clear the forest before my wedding. [The Princess a terrorist attack. [In Memoriam, ch. ] Bride, ch. ] atención attention ▪ poner atención to payduda doubt ▪ No hay duda de que perdimos a attention ▪ Pongan atención. Pay attention. muchos policías y bomberos. There is no doubt [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ]
  • 16. ····· xvi · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Core Vocabulary caso case, attention ▪ No me hagas mucho caso. explicar to explain ▪ No puedo explicar eso. I can’t Don’t pay much attention to me. [The Chronicles explain that. [Hoosiers, ch. ] of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, ch. ] funcionar to function, to work, to run ▪ Ah, usted clase nf class, type, kind ▪ Jimmy, no te vi en la sabe como suenan los Modelos T. Algunas veces clase hoy. Jimmy, I didn’t see you in class today. podría jurar que funcionan sin válvulas. [Hoosiers, ch. ] Ah, you know how these Model Ts sound. color nm color ▪ ¿De qué color tenía la panza? Sometimes you’d swear that they run without What color was the belly? [Holes, ch. ] valves. [The Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] compañía company ▪ La compañía quiere que presentar to present, to introduce ▪ ¿La vaya a una conferencia. The company wants me presentaron con el primer ministro? Did they to go to a conference. [The Incredibles, ch. ] introduce you to the prime minister? [Anne of Green estado state ▪ En cuarenta años he visto a los Gables, ch. ] mejores jugadores que ha tenido el estado. In forty retirarse to retire ▪ No puedo retirarme ahora, years I have seen the best players that the state has Mick. I can’t retire now, Mick. [Rocky III, ch. ] had. [Hoosiers, ch. ] robar to rob, to steal ▪ ¡Tu zorro ladrón fue a robar favor nm favor ▪ Que me haga el favor de explicar mis gallinas! Your thieving fox went to steal my todo esto. Do me the favor of explaining all this. hens! [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ] [Mary Poppins, ch. ] salvar to save ▪ Kerchak, lo he salvado de Sabor. fiesta party ▪ Oye, las fiestas son buenas y Kerchak, I have saved him from Sabor. [Tarzan, divertidas, pero no podemos. Listen, parties are ch. ] good and fun, but we can’t. [Finding Nemo, ch. ] terminar to finish ▪ Las terminé tan pronto que fue orden nm order ▪ en orden all right ▪ ¿Todo en como un milagro. I finished them so fast that it orden? Is everything all right? [Facing the Giants, was like a miracle. [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] ch. ] usar to use ▪ Y hay otros más que de usarlos antes parte nf part ▪ Forman parte del comité de la de estar listo te aniquilarán. And there are others catedral. They make up part of the cathedral that if you use them before you are ready, they will committee. [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] kill you. [Eragon, ch. ] silencio silence ▪ Cuando te retiras hay silencio. When you retire, there is silence. [Rocky III, ch. ] -ar Conjugation · Thoughts and Feelings aceptar to accept ▪ Ahora que si eso me da a ganar Verbs unos dólares extra es algo que tienes que aprender -ar Conjugation · General Activities a aceptar. Now if that lets me win a few extra atacar to attack ▪ Primero oriéntense antes de dollars, that’s something that you have to learn atacar. First, get yourselves set before attacking. to accept. [The Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] [Hoosiers, ch. ] desear to desire ▪ Su aspecto deja mucho que atrapar to trap ▪ La bruja quiere atrapar a los desear. Her appearance leaves much to be desired. cuatro. The witch wants to trap all four. [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the dudar to doubt ▪ Dudo que las anguilas asesinas Wardrobe, ch. ] le hagan una oferta como ésta. I doubt that the avanzar to advance, to move forward ▪ Sigue killer eels will make you an offer like this. avanzando. Keep moving forward. [Facing the [The Princess Bride, ch. ] Giants, ch. ] estudiar to study ▪ ¿No ha hecho nada más que comenzar to commence, to begin, to start ▪ Sólo estudiar esgrima? You haven’t done anything but quiero saber cuando comenzaremos. I just want study sword fighting? [The Princess Bride, ch. ] to know when we are going to start. [Hoosiers, ch. ] imaginar to imagine ▪ No quiero imaginar el daño contar to count, to tell ▪ Ustedes me contaron que que ya sufrió el tejido. I don’t want to imagine the amasó una fortuna en la bolsa. You told me that damage that’s been done to the tissue. [Eight Below, he amassed a fortune in the stock market. [Holes, ch. ] ch. ] importar to be important to, to matter to, encontrar to find ▪ Pero angosta es la entrada to concern ▪ No te metas en lo que no te importa. y estrecho el camino que guía a la vida, y tú lo Don’t get involved in matters that don’t concern puedes encontrar. But narrow is the gate and you. [Rudy, ch. ] straight is the way that leads to life, and you can molestar to bother ▪ Cletus, lamento tener que find it. [Facing the Giants, ch. ] molestarte, pero ¿podrías hacerme un favor? entrar to enter, to get in, to go in ▪ Harry, voy Cletus, I’m sorry to have to bother you, but would a entrar. Harry, I’m going in. [Home Alone, ch. ] you do me a favor? [Hoosiers, ch. ]
  • 17. Core Vocabulary · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · xvii · · · · ·ocupar to occupy, to take care of ▪ Nos ocupamos dirigir to direct, to guide ▪ Va a dirigir el trineo. de todo, créeme. We took care of everything, You are going to guide the sled. [Eight Below, ch. ] believe me. [Home Alone, ch. ] existir to exist ▪ Peter, existe una gran magia másordenar to order, to command ▪ Como ordene. poderosa que cualquiera de nosotros y que rige As you wish. (lit As you command.) [The Princess sobre toda Narnia. Peter, there exists a great magic Bride, ch. ] more powerful than any of us, and it reigns overperdonar to pardon, to forgive ▪ Considero que all Narnia. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch debo perdonar a Diana y permitir que tome sus and the Wardrobe, ch. ] lecciones de piano. I think I ought to forgive Diana ocurrir to occur, to happen, to be going on ▪ and let her take her piano lessons. [Anne of Green No sé donde estoy, no sé qué ocurre. I don’t know Gables, ch. ] where I am, I don’t know what’s going on.preparar to prepare ▪ Pues más vale que lo sean [Finding Nemo, ch. ] porque Aslan está preparando sus tropas. permitir to permit, to allow ▪ Michael, no Well you’d better be, because Aslan is preparing permitiré que derroches tu dinero. Michael, his troops. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch I will not allow you to squander your money. and the Wardrobe, ch. ] [Mary Poppins, ch. ]significar to mean, to signify ▪ Olvidaste lo que preferir to prefer ▪ Prefiero morir en la brega. significa ser jinete. You’ve forgotten what it means I prefer to die working. [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] to be a rider. [Eragon, ch. ] recibir to receive ▪ El profesor Kirke no está acostumbrado a recibir niños en su casa.-er Conjugation Professor Kirke is not accustomed to receivingaparecer to appear ▪ En la excavación de children in his house. [The Chronicles of Narnia: Cavernícola apareció algo. Something appeared The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, ch. ] in Caveman’s excavation. [Holes, ch. ] referirse to refer, to mean ▪ Nadie y me refierocomprender to comprehend, to understand ▪ a nadie viene a nuestra casa y nos pone en Tú me comprendes, Henry. You understand me, ridículo. Nobody, and I mean nobody, comes Henry. [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] to our house and makes fools of us. [Rudy, ch. ]detener to detain, to arrest, to stop ▪ Algunas veces servir to serve, to work, to help, to be useful to ▪ pienso que pude detener mi puño para no lastimar ¿Cómo puede servirle esto a un granjero? How a ese muchacho. Sometimes I think that I could can this be useful to a farmer? [The Absent-Minded stop my fist so as not to hurt that kid. [Hoosiers, Professor, ch. ] ch. ] unir to unite, to join, to come together ▪ Únansemantener to maintain, to stay ▪ ¿Cómo se han todos. Come together, everyone. [Rudy, ch. ] mantenido de pié? How have they stayed on their feet? [Rocky III, ch. ] Adjectives and Adverbsmover to move ▪ moverse to move oneself ▪ thoughts and feelings No te muevas, voy a curarte. Don’t move, I’m amable kind ▪ Es usted muy amable. You are very going to fix you up. [Eight Below, ch. ] kind. [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ]ofrecer to offer ▪ Anne Shirley, ¿qué le ofreciste cierto certain, true ▪ ¿Es cierto que ya no estás de tomar a mi Diana? Anne Shirley, what did you cavando? Is it true that you aren’t digging any offer my Diana to drink? [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] more? [Holes, ch. ]prometer to promise ▪ Le prometí a la señorita especial special ▪ ¿Acaso es muy especial? Stacy que no lo haría para que los nervios no Are you saying he’s something special? me traicionaran. I promised Miss Stacy that [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] I wouldn’t do it so that my nerves don’t betray me. extraño strange ▪ Hay algo extraño. There’s [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] something strange. [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ]suponer to suppose ▪ Si Lucy no miente y no está feliz happy ▪ Y, Profesor, le deseo una feliz luna loca, entonces debemos suponer que dice la verdad. de miel. Professor, I wish you a happy honeymoon. If Lucy doesn’t lie and isn’t crazy, then we must [The Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] suppose that she’s telling the truth. [The Chronicles horrible horrible ▪ Es una experiencia horrible. of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, ch. ] It’s a horrible experience. [In Memoriam, ch. ] importante important ▪ ¿A un hombre tan-ir Conjugation importante y ocupado? To a man so importantcumplir to complete, to accomplish ▪ Amigos, and busy? [Mary Poppins, ch. ] él tiene un trabajo que cumplir. Friends, he has imposible impossible ▪ Es imposible. a job to complete. [Hoosiers, ch. ] It’s impossible. [Tarzan, ch. ]
  • 18. ····· xviii · · ············· Core Vocabulary increíble incredible ▪ Mister Increíble. es lo mismo, abuelo. Well, maybe I was a little bit Mr. Incredible. [The Incredibles, ch. ] concerned, but that’s not the same thing, Grandpa. justo fair, just ▪ No será justo para ti, anciano. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] This won’t be fair to you, old man. [Eragon, ch. ] hermano/hermana brother/sister ▪ Matthew maravilloso marvelous, wonderful ▪ Ah, esto es siempre fue el mejor de los hermanos. Matthew maravilloso, señor Clayton. Ah, this is wonderful, was always the best of brothers. [Anne of Green Mr. Clayton. [Tarzan, ch. ] Gables, ch. ] perfecto perfect ▪ Zach Avery engañó a la defensa hijo/hija son, daughter ▪ ¿Están buscando a mi y logró un pase perfecto. Zach Avery tricked the hijo? ¿Sabe dónde está? Are they looking for my defense and made a perfect pass. [Facing the Giants, son? Do you know where he is? [Home Alone, ch. ] ch. ] madre nf mother ▪ Y la madre de todas las posible possible ▪ Ahora debemos concentrarnos ventiscas está a punto de llegar. And the mother en salvar la mayor cantidad de vidas posible. of all snowstorms is about to arrive. [March of the Now we must concentrate on saving the greatest Penguins, ch. ] number of lives possible. [In Memoriam, ch. ] mujer nf woman, wife ▪ Y, ¿qué valor tiene— santo holy, good, saintly ▪ Oh, santo cielo. la promesa de una mujer? And of what value is Oh, good heavens. [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] that—the promise of a woman? [The Princess Bride, suficiente sufficient, enough ▪ No tienes la fuerza ch. ] suficiente. You don’t have enough strength. padre nm father ▪ Lo siento, padre. Lo intenté. [Eragon, ch. ] Lo intenté. I’m sorry, father. I tried. I tried. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] miscellaneous tío/tía uncle/aunt ▪ Kevin, si el tío Frank dice que final final ▪ Cada uno trata de levantarse antes de no la veas, es que debe ser muy mala. Kevin, if la cuenta final. Each one is trying to get up before Uncle Frank says not to see it, it must be very bad. the final count. [Rocky III, ch. ] [Home Alone, ch. ] gran great ▪ Ganamos un gran juego. We won a great game. [Hoosiers, ch. ] Roles and Titles grande large, big, great ▪ No es mi culpa ser el más amo/ama master/mistress, owner ▪ El amo está grande y fuerte. It’s not my fault for being the loco de remate. The master is completely crazy. biggest and the strongest. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] [Mary Poppins, ch. ] igual equal, the same, just the same ▪ Pide tiempo caballero gentleman, knight ▪ Bueno, seguramente, fuera, igual están perdidos. Ask for time out, they caballeros, entienden este tipo de cosas. Well, are out of it just the same. [Facing the Giants, ch. ] surely, gentlemen, you understand this kind of medio half ▪ Cuatro metros y medio. Four and thing. [The Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] a half meters. [Hoosiers, ch. ] dama lady ▪ Por una dama hermosa. To a beautiful mucho a lot, many ▪ Ya sé mucho de mi mismo. lady. [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] I already know a lot about myself. [The Bishop’s Wife, Dios God ▪ Para nosotros inspiración divina no ch. ] significa que Dios se posesiona de alguien y le dicta nuevo new ▪ Es un nuevo baile que se llama las escrituras. To us divine inspiration does not “retar. It’s a new dance called “The Challenge.” ” mean that God takes possession of someone and [Rocky III, ch. ] dictates the scriptures. [Rudy, ch. ] rápido fast, quick, rapid ▪ Corre, Rocky. Rápido, entrenador/entrenadora coach ▪ Seguro, rápido, rápido. Muévete, rápido. Corre. Run, entrenador. Sure, Coach. [Facing the Giants, Rocky. Fast, fast, fast. Move it, fast. Run. [Rocky III, ch. ] ch. ] jugador/jugadora player ▪ Tenemos noventa y cinco segundo second ▪ En el segundo. In the second. jugadores aquí. We have ninety-five players here. [Rocky III, ch. ] [Rudy, ch. ] último last, latest, ultimate ▪ Es la última vez que maestro/maestra master, teacher ▪ Gilbert será elegimos gol de campo. That’s the last time we maestro de escuela de Avonlea. Gilbert will be choose a field goal. [Facing the Giants, ch. ] the teacher at Avonlea school. [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] NOUNS reina queen ▪ Si puedo enseñarle a un perico a People cantar “Dios Salve a la Reina, sin duda enseñaré ” Family a este salvaje una cosa o dos. If I can teach a parrot abuelo/abuela grandfather/grandmother ▪ to sing “God Save the Queen,” I can no doubt teach Bueno, tal vez me preocupé un poco, pero eso no this savage a thing or two. [Tarzan, ch. ]
  • 19. Core Vocabulary · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · xix · · · · ·rey nm king ▪ Mi rey, Galbatorix, como temía, certainty how they find their path. [March of the el dragón ha nacido. My king, Galbatorix, as you Penguins, ch. ] feared, the dragon has hatched. [Eragon, ch. ] campo country, field ▪ Tenemos que buscar el golseñor/señora sir, Mr. / ma’am, Mrs. ▪ Oh, será de campo. We have to go for a field goal. [Facing mejor que lo haga, señor Hawk. Oh, it will be the Giants, ch. ] better if you do it, Mr. Hawk. [The Absent-Minded cielo sky, heaven ▪ ¡Cielos! Heavens! [The Fox and Professor, ch. ] the Hound, ch. ]señorita unmarried woman, Miss ▪ Si me quiere fuego fire ▪ Detengan el fuego. Hold your fire. hacer el favor, señorita Cassaway, aquí tiene [The Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] el manuscrito de mi sermón de navidad. If you lugar nm place ▪ Porque en este lugar ya no es el would do me the favor, Miss Cassaway, here is the mismo ídolo que era en la preparatoria. Because manuscript of my Christmas sermon. [The Bishop’s in this place he’s no longer the same idol he was Wife, ch. ] in high school. [Rudy, ch. ] luz nf light ▪ En pocas semanas, los días comienzanMiscellaneous a transcurrir prácticamente sin luz alguna. In aamigo/amiga friend ▪ ¿Mi amigo Toby va a ser few weeks, the days start to go by with practically mi enemigo? My friend Toby is going to be my no light at all. [March of the Penguins, ch. ] enemy? [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ] mar nm sea ▪ El pingüino emperador eschico/chica boy/girl ▪ Buena chica. Good girl. técnicamente un ave, aunque viva en el mar. The [Eight Below, ch. ] emperor penguin is technically a bird, althoughgente nf people ▪ Y había gente joven en ellos. he lives in the sea. [March of the Penguins, ch. ] And there were young people in them. [In mundo world ▪ El mundo perdió un joven y Memoriam, ch. ] brillante compositor cuando murió. The worldhombre nm man ▪ Sólo porque un hombre de traje lost a young and brilliant composer when he died. rojo te dio una espada no significa que seas un [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] héroe. Just because a man in a red suit gave you sol nm sun ▪ Al igual que sucede con el sol, los a sword doesn’t mean that you are a hero. polluelos son mas fuertes cada día. Just like what [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the happens with the sun, the chicks are stronger each Wardrobe, ch. ] day. [The March of the Penguins, ch. ]joven nmf young man, young woman ▪ No sé lo que tierra earth, land, soil, dirt ▪ Bienvenido al fondo siente una joven desde hace cuarenta y siete años y de la tierra, Doc. Welcome to the bottom of the prefiero olvidarlo. I haven’t known what a young earth, Doc. [Eight Below, ch. ] woman feels for forty-seven years and I prefer to forget it. [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] House and Homemuchacho/muchacha boy/girl, child, kid ▪ cabeza head ▪ Tengo que contar cabezas. I have Disculpe, estos buenos muchachos han trabajado to count heads. [Home Alone, ch. ] duro. Excuse me, these good boys have worked cama bed ▪ Vamos afuera a preparar sus camas. hard. [Holes, ch. ] We’re going outside to make your beds. [Eight Below,niño/niña boy/girl, child ▪ Amo a mi niña, muy ch. ] orgulloso de ti. I love my girl, very proud of you. casa house ▪ No quiero que recorras la casa [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] vanagloriándote como un pavo real. I don’t want you running through the house strutting like aPlaces and Things peacock. [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ]Nature and the Outdoors corazón nm heart ▪ Su corazón no responde comoagua water ▪ Naturalmente, después de su larga antes. His heart is not responding like before. marcha, están ansiosas por volver al agua, algunas [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] veces demasiado ansiosas. Naturally, after their cuarto room ▪ Hay goteras en el cuarto de servicio. long march, they are anxious to return to the water, There are leaks in the back room. [Facing the Giants, sometimes too anxious. [March of the Penguins, ch. ] ch. ]árbol nm tree ▪ Todos juntos en un gran árbol. gato cat ▪ ¡Ven gatito, gatito! ¿Quieres tu comida? All together in a big tree. [Tarzan, ch. ] Here kitty, kitty! Do you want your food?calle nf street ▪ En sólo una calle, cinco familias no [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and están. On just one street, five families are gone. the Wardrobe, ch. ] [Home Alone, ch. ] juego game [sports] ▪ Ustedes regalaron elcamino road, path ▪ No sabemos con certeza como juego. You gave the game away. [Facing the Giants, encuentran su camino. We don’t know with any ch. ]
  • 20. ····· xx · · · ·· ·········· Core Vocabulary juguete nm toy ▪ Son herramientas, no juguetes. cuenta bill, count ▪ Pero cuando Cleopatra visitó They are tools, not toys. [The Chronicles of Narnia: Roma, se supone que las cien monedas se usaron The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, ch. ] para pagar la cuenta de hotel. But when libro book ▪ Es el libro que mi padre solía leerme Cleopatra visited Rome, it is supposed that the cuando estaba enfermo. It’s the book that my one hundred coins were used to pay the hotel bill. father used to read me when I was sick. [The [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] Princess Bride, ch. ] dinero money ▪ A ver, joven, déme hasta el último mano nf hand ▪ Creed con su mano izquierda. centavo de mi dinero. Let’s see, young man, give Creed with his left hand. [Rocky III, ch. ] me up to the last penny of my money. [Mary Poppins, ojo eye ▪ Cierra los ojos y cuenta. Close your eyes ch. ] and count. [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ] equipo team ▪ Me propuse ayudar al equipo de perro dog ▪ Son perros fuertes. They are strong cualquier forma que me fuera posible, pero no me dogs. [Eight Below, ch. ] aceptarán porque no estudio aquí. I set out to help pié nm foot ▪ Para mis fanáticos soy dulces pies, the team in any way possible, but they won’t accept pero mi esposa me decía el… pie oloroso. To my me because I don’t study here. [Rudy, ch. ] fans I’m Sweetfeet, but my wife called me … país nm country, nation ▪ Es un país libre. It’s a Stinky Foot. [Holes, ch. ] free country. [Rocky III, ch. ] puerta door, gate ▪ Las derrotas de Increíble en pueblo town, townspeople, people ▪ Amado pueblo la corte cuesta millones al gobierno y abren las … la Princesa Buttercup. Beloved people … the puertas a docenas de demandas a superhéroes Princess Buttercup. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] en todo el mundo. Incredible’s defeats in court cost the government millions and open the gates for Abstract Nouns dozens of lawsuits against superheroes everywhere. Time [The Incredibles, ch. ] año year ▪ Quiere por favor decirle que en vez de regalo gift, present ▪ Bueno, con Princeton Heights obsequios este año, sólo quiero recuperar a mi descalificado, esto es un regalo navideño familia. Will you please tell him that instead of adelantado para Shiloh. Well, with Princeton gifts this year, I just want to have my family back. Heights disqualified, this is an early Christmas [Home Alone, ch. ] present for Shiloh. [Facing the Giants, ch. ] fin nm end ▪ Hasta el fin. Until the end. traje nm suit ▪ Necesitas otro traje. You need [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and another suit. [The Incredibles, ch. ] the Wardrobe, ch. ] vino wine ▪ El vino debe beberse lentamente y mañana morning ▪ Saldremos de la casa a las ocho no vaso tras vaso. Wine should be drunk slowly, de la mañana en punto. We will leave the house and not glass after glass. [Anne of Green Gables, at eight o’clock in the morning on the dot. [Home ch. ] Alone, ch. ] mes nm month ▪ Oye, si me hubieras dicho hace Miscellaneous dos meses que jugaríamos contra Princeton Heights avión nm airplane ▪ La situación es que dos en los play-offs no te lo hubiera creído. Listen, aviones atacaron al parecer. The situation is that if you had told me two months ago that we would apparently two planes attacked. [In Memoriam, be playing against Princeton Heights in the ch. ] play-offs, I wouldn’t have believed you. [Facing the barco boat, ship ▪ Pronto será sólo un recuerdo Giants, ch. ] porque el barco de Roberts, Venganza, está anclado navidad Christmas ▪ ¡Feliz navidad! Merry al otro lado. Soon it will be only a memory, Christmas! [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch because Roberts’ ship, the Vengeance, is anchored and the Wardrobe, ch. ] on the other side. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] noche nf night ▪ Las lunas vienen y se van en la cambio change, variation, change [money] ▪ noche que pronto será interminable. The moons Tal vez podría hacer un cambio gradual. Maybe come and go in the night that soon will be endless. we could make a gradual change. [Hoosiers, ch. ] [The March of the Penguins, ch. ] ciudad city ▪ Un objeto volador no identificado pasado past ▪ No volteo al pasado, nene, me está sobre la ciudad. An unidentified flying distrae del ahora. I don’t look to the past, darling, object is over the city. [The Absent-Minded Professor, it distracts from the now. [The Incredibles, ch. ] ch. ] prisa hurry ▪ Date prisa, Anne, ¿acaso piensas cosa thing ▪ Mucha gente donaba cosas viejas para que el tren va a esperarte? Hurry up, Anne, el refugio de los indigentes. Many people donated do you think the train is going to wait for you? old things to the homeless shelter. [Holes, ch. ] [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ]
  • 21. Core Vocabulary · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · xxi · · · · ·semana week ▪ En pocas semanas, los días guerra war ▪ Mamá nos alejó de una guerra y comienzan a transcurrir prácticamente sin luz ahora estamos en otra. Mom moved us away from alguna. In a few weeks, the days will begin to pass one war, and now we’re in another. [The Chronicles with practically no light at all. [March of the Penguins, of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, ch. ] ch. ] izquierda left ▪ En la siguiente calle, dé vueltatarde nf afternoon ▪ Ha estado trabajando toda a la izquierda hacia la carretera nueve. At the la tarde. You have been working all afternoon. next street, turn left toward Highway . [The [The Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ]tiempo time, season, weather ▪ Banks, no me lado side, place ▪ Las ventanas del lado oeste sorprendería que usted navegara hacia un mal del edificio habían estallado. The windows on tiempo ahora. Banks, it wouldn’t surprise me the west side of the building had shattered. if you were heading for some foul weather today. [In Memoriam, ch. ] [Mary Poppins, ch. ] ley nf law ▪ Entonces sabes ya que todo traidorvez nf time ▪ Esta vez no escapará. This time he por ley es mío. Then you know already that every won’t escape. [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ] traitor by law is mine. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, ch. ]Thoughts and Feelings modo manner, way, custom ▪ No hay modo deamor nm love ▪ Su verdadero amor se casa con otro bajar. There’s no way to get down. [Mary Poppins, esta noche así que por eso sufre tanto. His true love ch. ] is marrying another tonight, so that’s why he is muerte nf death ▪ Bueno, supongo que fue una suffering so much. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] muerte romántica para un ratón. Well, I supposeayuda help ▪ Necesito su ayuda. I need your help. it was a romantic death for a mouse. [Anne of Green [Hoosiers, ch. ] Gables, ch. ]culpa blame, fault ▪ Claro que fue tu culpa. Of nombre nm name ▪ Mi nombre es… es Tod. My course it was your fault. [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ] name is … is Tod. [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ]deber nm duty ▪ Tu deber es llegar a los varden palabra word ▪ Lo más curioso es que en todo ese con vida. Your duty is to get to the Varden alive. tiempo no he escrito una palabra, ni una palabra. [Eragon, ch. ] The strangest thing is that in all that time I haven’tfuerza strength ▪ Es el Señor. Siento su fuerza. written one word, not one word. [The Bishop’s Wife, It’s the Lord. I feel His strength. [Hoosiers, ch. ] ch. ]gusto pleasure ▪ Si tiene que ir a Chicago, con gusto paso step ▪ Con el tiempo, después de ser la llevaremos. If you have to go to Chicago, we’ll transportados sobre las patas de sus madres take you there, with pleasure. [Home Alone, ch. ] durante mil pasos como un niño que aprende amiedo fear ▪ ¿Estás diciendo que no te interesa? O, bailar sobre los zapatos de su madre, el polluelo da ¿te gustaría intentarlo pero tienes miedo? Are you sus primeros pasos sin ayuda. In time, after being saying you are not interested, or you would like to transported atop their mothers’ feet for a thousand try it, but you are afraid? [Facing the Giants, ch. ] paces like a child who learns to dance atop hisplacer nm pleasure ▪ Con placer y gran sentido mother’s shoes, the chick takes its first steps del deber cumplido, los declaro marido y without assistance. [March of the Penguins, ch. ] mujer. With pleasure and a great sense of pelea fight ▪ Si inicias una pelea la directora accomplishment, I pronounce you husband vendrá y será dura con nosotros. If you start a and wife. [The Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] fight, the director will come and will be hard on us.suerte nf luck ▪ Le deseo suerte. I wish you luck. [Holes, ch. ] [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] pregunta question ▪ Le pregunté a la señora Spencer que por qué era rojo, y dijo que no lo sabía,Miscellaneous que sería mejor que no hiciera más preguntas.acuerdo agreement ▪ Es un acuerdo. It’s an I asked Mrs. Spencer why it was red, and she said agreement. [Holes, ch. ] that she didn’t know, that it would be better not toderecho right ▪ Nuestros derechos hay que ask more questions. [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] defender. It’s necessary to defend our rights. sueño dream ▪ Dieron su vida en busca del sueño [Mary Poppins, ch. ] americano. They gave their lives in search of thefalta miss, lack ▪ La falta de disciplina es American dream. [In Memoriam, ch. ] escandalosa. The lack of discipline is scandalous. trabajo work ▪ Buen trabajo, Rade. Good work, [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] Rade. [Hoosiers, ch. ]frío cold ▪ Oh, el frío no me afecta mucho. Oh, the verdad truth ▪ ¿Quieres la verdad? Do you want cold doesn’t affect me much. [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] the truth? [Rocky III, ch. ]
  • 22. ····· xxii · · · ············ Core Vocabulary viaje nm trip ▪ Gracias por el viaje. Thanks for los them, you ▪ Nadie los conoce mejor que yo. the ride. (lit Thanks for the trip.) [Holes, ch. ] Nobody knows them better than I. [Hoosiers, ch. ] vida life ▪ Lo que aún tenga de vida en mi, te la me me; to me, of me ▪ Le ¿O me tienes miedo, eh? daré. Whatever life I still have within me, I give Oh, you’re afraid of me, are you? [Rocky III, ch. ] it to you. [Eragon, ch. ] nos us; to us ▪ Y nos rodearon. And they surrounded us. [Tarzan, ch. ] PRONOUNS AND ADJECTIVES se to him, to her, to you, to them ▪ Tampoco se lo Pronouns dije a ella. I didn’t tell her either. [The Bishop’s Wife, Subjects and Objects of Prepositions ch. ] conmigo with me ▪ ¿Quién está conmigo? Who is te you; to you ▪ ¿Qué te hice? What did I do to you? with me? [Facing the Giants, ch. ] [Rocky III, ch. ] contigo with you ▪ Apuesto que no podrías conseguir que baile contigo. I bet you can’t get Miscellaneous him to dance with you. [Anne of Green Gables, algo something ▪ Una chimenea es algo ch. ] maravilloso. A chimney is something wonderful. él m he ▪ él obj him ▪ Él no llegó. He didn’t arrive. [Mary Poppins, ch. ] [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] alguien somebody, someone ▪ ¿Esperaba a alguien ella she ▪ ella obj her ▪ Ella le llamará después. más? Were you expecting someone else? [Hoosiers, She’ll call you later. [Home Alone, ch ] ch. ] nosotros/nosotras we ▪ nosotros/nosotras obj us ▪ nada nothing ▪ Nada. Nothing. [Holes, ch. ] Nosotros atacamos el fuerte y ellos lo defienden. nadie nobody, no one ▪ Nadie dormirá esta We attack the fort and they defend it. [The Bishop’s mañana. Nobody will sleep this morning. [Mary Wife, ch. ] Poppins, ch. ] ti obj you ▪ Estoy orgulloso de ti. I’m proud of you. qué what? ▪ ¿Qué le pasó en la aleta? What [Rocky III, ch. ] happened to the fin? [Finding Nemo, ch. ] tú you ▪ Oh, ¡qué glorioso el día haces tú, Bert! quién who? ▪ ¿Quién te ha metido esas ideas en Oh, how glorious you make the day, Bert! la cabeza? Who put those ideas in your head? [Mary Poppins, ch. ] [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] usted you ▪ Usted lo mencionó y yo sólo estaba todo all ▪ Sí, es todo lo que tengo. Yes, that’s all that tratando de animarla. You mentioned it and I have. [Eight Below, ch. ] I was just trying to encourage you. [Home Alone, ch. ] Adjectives ustedes you ▪ Ha sido un placer hablar con Possessives ustedes. Adiós. It’s been a pleasure talking with mi my ▪ Fue mi culpa, Kerchak. It was my fault, you. Good-bye. [Hoosiers, ch. ] Kerchak. [Tarzan, ch. ] yo I ▪ Tal vez tú quieras ponernos en peligro pero mío mine, my, of mine ▪ ¿Es tu papá, o el mío? yo no. Maybe you want to put us in danger, but Is that your father, or mine? [Finding Nemo, ch. ] I don’t. [Tarzan, ch. ] nuestro our ▪ Hacen proezas de destreza y habilidad ante nuestros ojos. They perform Direct and Indirect Objects feats of dexterity and skill right before our eyes. la her, you, it ▪ La reja tiene una llave y yo la [Mary Poppins, ch. ] tengo. The castle gate has a key, and I have it. su his, her, your, their ▪ Su padre los llama. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] Your father is calling you. [Mary Poppins, ch. ] las them, you ▪ La experiencia y la cabeza más sus his, her, your, their ▪ Sus hermanas me envían dura, las tiene Rocky Balboa. Concerning con una triste noticia. Your sisters send me with experience and the hardest head, Rocky Balboa sad news. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch has them. [Rocky III, ch. ] and the Wardrobe, ch. ] le you, him, her; to you, to him, to her ▪ Nada le suyo his, her, its, your, their; his, hers, yours, theirs ▪ daba tanto placer como ordenar al joven. Nothing El Señor puso una necesidad en nuestras vidas, gave her as much pleasure as ordering the young y ahora pondremos una en la suya. The Lord filled man around. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] a need in our lives, and now we fill one in yours. les you, them; to you, to them ▪ ¿Qué les sucede? [Facing the Giants, ch. ] What’s the matter with you?, What’s happening tu your ▪ No sabes como desearía que algunos to you? [Facing the Giants, ch. ] jugadores tuvieran tu corazón. You don’t know lo him, you, it ▪ Yo lo arreglaré. I’ll fix it. [Tarzan, how much I would love for some players to have ch. ] your heart. [Rudy, ch. ]
  • 23. Core Vocabulary · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · xxiii · · · · ·tus your ▪ Hay un traidor en tus tropas, Aslan. lleno full ▪ Y pronto el estómago del polluelo There is a traitor among your troops, Aslan. estará nuevamente lleno de alimento. And soon [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the the chick’s stomach will again be full of food. Wardrobe, ch. ] [March of the Penguins, ch. ]tuyo yours ▪ La idea ha sido tuya. The idea has negro black ▪ El caballero negro lo siente ahora. been yours. [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] The Black Knight (“the Man in Black”) feels it now. [The Princess Bride, ch. ]Physical Characteristics pequeño small, little ▪ Oh, éste es muy pequeño.alto tall, high ▪ Has pagado un alto precio por tu Oh, this one is very small. [Mary Poppins, ch. ] valor. You have paid a high price for your courage. solo alone, single, lonely ▪ A partir de aquí debo [Eragon, ch. ] continuar solo. Starting here I must continuebajo low, short ▪ ¿Entonces por qué me hizo tan alone. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch bajo y débil? Then why did he make me so short and the Wardrobe, ch. ] and weak? [Facing the Giants, ch. ] viejo old ▪ Viena, la vieja y bella Viena.bello beautiful ▪ Oh, señora Semental, se ve usted Vienna, old and beautiful Vienna. [The Bishop’s muy bella. Oh, Mrs. Stallion, you look very Wife, ch. ] beautiful. [Rocky III, ch. ]blanco white ▪ El ciervo blanco se está alejando. Attitude and Social Characteristics The white stag is moving away. [The Chronicles of bueno good ▪ Una buena cometa necesita una Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, ch. ] buena cola, ¿no es cierto? A good kite needsbonito beautiful, pretty ▪ El de Robert es un traje a good tail, isn’t that right? [Mary Poppins, ch. ] tan bonito que tenía que continuar. Robert’s difícil difficult, hard ▪ Es difícil decir, el yeso is such a beautiful suit that I had to continue. es una obra de arte gracias a Eric. It’s hard to say, [The Incredibles, ch. ] the cast is a work of art, thanks to Eric. [Eight Below,claro clear, bright, light ▪ ¿Está claro? Is that clear? ch. ] [Holes, ch. ] fácil easy ▪ No será fácil, Alteza. It won’t be easy,dulce sweet ▪ Debes reservar un espacio en tus Your Highness. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] planes para el romance, dulce Anne. You must listo ready ▪ Tu armadura está lista, Eragon. leave room in your plans for romance, sweet Anne. Your armor is ready, Eragon. [Eragon, ch. ] [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] loco crazy ▪ ¿Estás loco? Are you crazy?duro hard ▪ No sea duro con ellos. Don’t be hard [Tarzan, ch. ] on them. [Mary Poppins, ch. ] mal bad ▪ Sólo quería que supieras que tal vezfrío cold ▪ Ahí está en ese frío y triste banco día hiciste cosas malas antes, pero eso no te convierte tras día, siempre rodeado de grandes montones de en un mal chico. I just want you to know that frío y cruel dinero. There he is in that cold and sad perhaps you did bad things before, but that does bank, day after day, always surrounded by huge not make you a bad young man. [Holes, ch. ] mountains of cold and cruel money. [Mary Poppins, maldito cursed, damned, condemned ▪ Si olvidas ch. ] volver por Madame Zeroni, tú y tu familia estaránfuerte strong ▪ A pesar de haberse conocido hace malditos toda la eternidad. If you forget to return pocos días, el vínculo entre madre e hijo es for Madame Zeroni, you and your family will be sorprendentemente fuerte. In spite of having met cursed for all eternity. [Holes, ch. ] each other only a few days before, the bond mayor best, top ▪ Creo que tengo el premio mayor. between mother and child is surprisingly strong. I think I’ve got the top prize. [The Incredibles, [March of the Penguins, ch. ] ch. ]hermoso beautiful ▪ ¿Si fuera muy hermosa mejor better, best ▪ Porque soy el mejor y necesitas y tuviera el cabella castaño, podría aceptarme? que alguien te enseñe algo diferente. Because I If I was very beautiful and had nut-brown hair, am the best, and you need someone to teach you would you accept me? [Anne of Green Gables, something different. [Rocky III, ch. ] ch. ] peor worse ▪ Oye, Bert, tú eres peor que los niños.largo long ▪ Y por lo que veo, será un viaje largo. Listen, Bert, you are worse than the children. And from what I can see, it will be a long trip. [Mary Poppins, ch. ] [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ] pobre poor ▪ Un granjero, pobre, pobre y perfecto.lindo pretty, handsome, wonderful ▪ ¿Dejará que A farm boy, poor, poor and perfect. [The Princess esa linda niña vaya con alguien más? You’ll allow Bride, ch. ] that pretty girl to go with someone else? [The querido beloved, dear ▪ Pase, mi querido amigo. Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] Come in, my dear friend. [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ]
  • 24. ····· xxiv · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Core Vocabulary quieto still ▪ Quieto, Trabalenguas, creo que estoy Other Pronouns and Adjectives oyendo algo. Keep still, Trabalenguas, I think I am Demonstratives hearing something. [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ] aquel/aquella adj that ▪ aquél/aquélla/aquello ridículo ridiculous ▪ No seas ridículo. Don’t be pro that one ▪ ¿Recuerdas aquel tubo? Do you ridiculous. [Rudy, ch. ] remember that tube? [Holes, ch. ] seguro sure, safe ▪ ¿Está seguro de que no nos esa adj that ▪ ésa pro that one ▪ ¿Ves esa siguen? Are you sure they are not following us? montaña? Do you see that mountain? [Holes, [The Princess Bride, ch. ] ch. ] serio serious ▪ en serio seriously ▪ ¿En serio ese m adj that ▪ ése m pro that one ▪ Ese sujeto no lo conocen? Seriously, you don’t know him? es una máquina trituradora, y tiene hambre. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and That guy is a crushing machine, and he’s hungry. the Wardrobe, ch. ] [Rocky III, ch. ] tonto foolish, silly ▪ Superca… Super… o como sea eso pro that ▪ ¿Qué controlas con eso? What do esa expresión tonta. Superca… super… or however you control with that? [The Incredibles, ch. ] that silly expression goes. [Mary Poppins, ch. ] esta adj this ▪ ésta pro this one ▪ Ésta es la tranquilo tranquil, quiet, easy ▪ Es tan bello y primera tormenta para los polluelos y muchos de tranquilo aquí, como si fuéramos los únicos en ellos no sobrevivirán. This is the first storm for the el mundo. It’s so beautiful and calm here, as if we young penguins and many of them will not survive. were the only ones in the world. [The Absent-Minded [March of the Penguins, ch. ] Professor, ch. ] este m adj this ▪ éste m pro this one ▪ En este triste sad ▪ Oh, se ve tan, no sé, tan triste, Mamá mundo de amor. In this world of love. [Tarzan, Búho. Oh, he looks, I don’t know, so sad, Mama ch. ] Búho. [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ] esto pro this ▪ Para ser honesto, ver esto me tiene angustiado. To be honest, seeing this has me very Miscellaneous upset. [In Memoriam, ch. ] cada each, every ▪ Mañana tus hombres nos escoltarán al canal de Florín donde cada barco Miscellaneous de mi armada nos esperará para acompañarnos algún/alguno/alguna adj ▪ alguno/alguna pro en nuestra luna de miel. Tomorrow your men will some ▪ Algunas parejas, tal vez muy jóvenes, son escort us to the Channel of Florin where each ship demasiado impulsivas o apresuradas y en tan solo of my fleet will await us in order to accompany us un momento su relación llega a su fin. Some on our honeymoon. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] couples, perhaps very young, are too impulsive diferente different ▪ Me siento diferente. I feel or hurried, and in only a moment their different. [The Incredibles, ch. ] relationship comes to its end. [March of the Penguins, menos except, less ▪ ¿Crees que podrías hacer ch. ] menos ruido, eh? Do you think that you could cual pro which ▪ cuál adj, pro which, what make less noise, eh? [Home Alone, ch. ] (among several options) ▪ Alcalde, ¿cuál es la mismo same ▪ Hay dos clases de tontos—el hombre situación? Mayor, what is the situation? que se desnuda y corre por la nieve, aullando bajo [In Memoriam, ch. ] la luna, y él que hace lo mismo en mi habitación. cualquier/cualquiera adj, pro whatever, There are two classes of dumb—the man who gets whichever, any ▪ Ah, Jefe, puedo burlar a ese perro naked and runs through the snow howling at the tonto en cualquier momento. Ah, Chief, I can fool moon, and the one who does the same thing in my that silly dog at any moment. [The Fox and the Hound, bedroom. [Hoosiers, ch. ] ch. ] otro other, another ▪ No caigas otra vez. Don’t fall demás adj, pro the other, the others ▪ ¿Dónde again. [Finding Nemo, ch. ] están todos los demás? Where are all the others? propio own ▪ Está generando su propia energía. [Home Alone, ch. ] It’s generating its own energy. [The Absent-Minded ningún/ninguno/ninguna adj ▪ ninguno/ninguna Professor, ch. ] pro no, any ▪ Hablar o no hablar no hace próximo next ▪ Oiga, ¿va a jugar sólo con tres la ninguna diferencia. Speaking or not speaking próxima vez? Hey, are you going to play with just doesn’t make any difference. [Eragon, ch. ] three next time? [Hoosiers, ch. ] tal adj, pro someone called, such, as such ▪ qué what ▪ ¿Qué clase de lugar es este? What kind Ella se hizo amiga de un fauno, un tal Tumnus. of place is this? [Holes, ch. ] She has made friends with a faun, someone called único only, unique ▪ Soy hijo único. I am an only Tumnus. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch child. [Home Alone, ch. ] and the Wardrobe, ch. ]
  • 25. Core Vocabulary · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · xxv · · · · ·VERBS llamar to call ▪ ¿Puedo llamarte por tu nombre?-ar Conjugation May I call you by your name? [The Fox and the Hound,General Activities ch. ]arreglar to fix ▪ arreglarse to get ready, to get mirar to look at ▪ Kala, mira, no es como nosotros. dressed ▪ Creí que no lo mencionarías. Arréglate. Kala, look, he isn’t like us. [Tarzan, ch. ] I didn’t think you would mention it. Get dressed. pagar to pay ▪ Trabajo para Vizzini para pagar [Eragon, ch. ] las deudas y gano muy poco. I work for Vizziniayudar to help ▪ ¡Ayúdame! Help me! [Tarzan, in order to pay my debts and I make very little. ch. ] [The Princess Bride, ch. ]buscar to look for, to seek ▪ Oigan, ¿saben que probar to try, to test, to taste ▪ Entonces voy a los hemos buscado desde hace mucho? Hey, did probarlo enseguida. Then I’m going to try it right you know we’ve looked for them for a long time? away. [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] [Home Alone, ch. ] quitar to remove ▪ quitarse to take off ▪ Serácallar to quiet, to silence ▪ callarse to be quiet ▪ mejor que me quite el zapato. It will be better Cállate, esta vez lo atraparemos. Be quiet, if I take off my shoe. [The Absent-Minded Professor, this time we’ll trap him. [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ] ch. ] sentarse to sit down ▪ Siéntate, Marion, otra vezcerrar to close ▪ Fue a su habitación y cerró la estás bajo arresto. Sit down, Marion, you are puerta, y durante días no durmió ni comió. She under arrest again. [Holes, ch. ] went to her room and closed the door, and for days she neither slept nor ate. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] Movement and Motioncomprar to buy ▪ Compre sus golosinas, goma acercarse to move close, to draw nearer ▪ Se acerca de mascar… Buy your candy, chewing gum … una fuerte tormenta. A powerful storm is moving [The Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] closer. [Eight Below, ch. ]cuidar to care for, to take care of ▪ Prométeme que alcanzar to reach, to catch up to ▪ ¡Si me alcanzas! los vas a cuidar. Promise me that you will take If you catch up to me! [Tarzan, ch. ] care of them. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, alejarse to move farther away, to distance, to get the Witch and the Wardrobe, ch. ] away from ▪ ¡Aléjate de eso! Get away from that!dar to give ▪ Ven acá, tenemos que darte la [Tarzan, ch. ] medalla. Come here, we have to give you the andar to walk, to move forward, to associate medal. [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] (with friends) ▪ Ya oyeron. ¡A cavar, muchachos!despertar to wake up ▪ Ay, va a despertar a las ¡Andando! ¡Andando! ¡Andando! ¡Andando! cinco. Ay, he’s going to wake up at five. [Eight Below, You heard it. Dig, boys! Move it! Move it! Move it! ch. ] Move it! [Holes, ch. ]empezar to begin, to start ▪ Quisiera poder bajar to go down, to come down, to lower ▪ Y luego empezar el ensayo pero no sé cómo. I would like me obligué a bajar para lavar mi ropa, y descubrí to be able to begin the rehearsal, but I don’t see que no es tan malo. And then I forced myself to go how. [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] down to wash my clothes, and I discovered thatenviar to send ▪ Mi querido Stanley, tus cartas me it’s not so bad. [Home Alone, ch. ] hacen sentir como una de esas madres que pueden caminar to walk, to step ▪ Qué bueno que enviar a sus hijos de campamento. My dear encontraste tu roca, pero tienes que regresar, Stanley, your letters make me feel like one of those camina por donde ya pasaste, sobre tus pisadas. mothers who is able to send her children off to That’s great that you found your rock, but you have camp. [Holes, ch. ] to come back, walk back the way you came, rightescuchar to hear, to listen ▪ Ah, escucha, Bob, on your footprints. [Eight Below, ch. ] te reubico si quieres. Ah, listen, Bob, I’ll relocate llegar to arrive ▪ Llega tarde, como siempre. you if you want. [The Incredibles, ch. ] He arrives late, like always. [The Absent-Mindedhablar to speak, to talk ▪ Cuando termine de Professor, ch. ] hablar con ellos, vendrán de rodillas a implorarnos llevar to carry, to take, to lead ▪ Eso nos llevaría con bolsas de dinero, barriles de dinero. When I a descubrimientos inimaginables. That could finish talking to them, they’ll come on their knees lead us to unimaginable discoveries. [Eight Below, begging with bags of money, barrels of money. ch. ] [The Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] marchar to march, to walk ▪ marcharse to leave ▪levantar to lift, to raise up ▪ levantarse to get up ▪ Si alguno de ustedes no quiere estar en el equipo, Si ninguno se levanta sería empate. If neither gets puede marcharse. If any of you doesn’t want up, it will be a tie. [Rocky III, ch. ] to be on the team, you can leave. [Hoosiers, ch. ]
  • 26. ····· xxvi · · ············· Core Vocabulary parar to stop ▪ Y cuando empiezo a reír no puedo vengar to avenge ▪ Galbatorix tratará de vengar pararme. And when I start to laugh, I can’t stop su derrota. Galbatorix will try to avenge his defeat. myself. [Mary Poppins, ch. ] [Eragon, ch. ] regresar to return ▪ Al regresar las madres rodean la multitud y gritan con fuerza y esperan a que su Work and Play pareja les responda. On returning, the mothers cantar to sing ▪ Vine a oír cantar a mi nieta. surround the multitude and cry loudly and hope I came to hear my granddaughter sing. [Home Alone, that their mate responds to them. [March of the ch. ] Penguins, ch. ] descansar to rest ▪ Debes descansar. You must viajar to travel ▪ Si te interesa saberlo, viajaba en el rest. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] bote de Diana pero se empezó a hundir. If you are enseñar to teach ▪ ¿No oíste la razón de que hagas interested in knowing, I was traveling in Diana’s hoyos? Eso te sirve. Te enseña una lección. Didn’t boat but it began to sink. [Anne of Green Gables, you hear the reason for making holes? It helps you. ch. ] It teaches you a lesson. [Holes, ch. ] volar to fly ▪ Sí, volaremos mañana temprano. ganar to win ▪ Así que era mi trabajo mantenerte Yes, we fly early tomorrow. [Home Alone, ch. ] ganando, y mantener tu salud. So it was my job to keep you winning, and to keep you healthy. Emotions and Feelings [Rocky III, ch. ] amar to love ▪ Las últimas palabras de mi padre golpear to hit ▪ ¡No te golpees! ¡No te golpees! ¡No fueron “ámala como amé a tu madre, y entonces te golpees! ¡No te golpees! Don’t hit yourself ! Don’t habrá felicidad. The final words of my father were ” hit yourself ! Don’t hit yourself ! Don’t hit yourself ! “Love her as I loved your mother, and then you will [Tarzan, ch. ] find happiness.” [The Princess Bride, ch. ] jugar to play (a game) ▪ ¿Por qué no jugamos a asustar to frighten ▪ No me asustas. You don’t las escondidas? Why don’t we play hide-and-seek? scare me. [Rocky III, ch. ] [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the calmar to calm ▪ Ya cálmense chicos. Calm down Wardrobe, ch. ] right now, boys. [The Absent-Minded Professor, lanzar to throw, to launch ▪ No sé lanzar. I don’t ch. ] know how to throw. [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] confiar to trust, to rely on, to depend on ▪ Nunca pelear to fight ▪ Aprendí esgrima, a pelear, todo más volveré a confiar en ti. I’ll never trust you lo que quiso enseñarme. I learned fencing, to fight, again. [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ] everything that he wanted to teach me. [The Princess disculpar to excuse ▪ Por supuesto, y ahora si me Bride, ch. ] disculpa, mañana será un importante día para sacar to take out, to pull out ▪ Esa es la forma de los niños y sólo deben pensar en dormir. Of course, sacar un diente. That’s the way to pull out a tooth. and now if you will excuse me, tomorrow is going [Finding Nemo, ch. ] to be an important day for the children and they soltar to let go, to let loose, to free ▪ soltarse to get must think only about sleeping. [Mary Poppins, loose, to get free ▪ ¡Todos se soltaron! They all got ch. ] free! [Eight Below, ch. ] encantar to enchant, to charm, to delight ▪ Simple, tocar to touch, to play (an instrument) ▪ Pero, elegante sí, intrépido, te encantará. Simple, yes George, no sabes tocar. But, George, you don’t elegant, daring, it will delight you. [The Incredibles, know how to play. [Mary Poppins, ch. ] ch. ] trabajar to work ▪ He tenido que trabajar en Paris. esperar to wait, to hope, to expect ▪ Doc, espera I have had to work in Paris. [The Bishop’s Wife, un minuto. Doc, wait a minute. [Eight Below, ch. ] ch. ] gustar to like (lit to please; commonly used with an indirect object [examples: Me gusta la Thoughts película. I like the movie., ¿Te gustan los tamales? asegurar to assure, to ensure, to make sure ▪ Do you like tamales?]) ▪ ¿Te gustaría averiguarlo? Te puedo asegurar que sin importar a qué nivel Would you like to find out? [The Incredibles, ch. ] entrenes, es irreal siempre que llegas al partido lamentar to be sorry ▪ Lo lamento. I’m sorry. final. I can assure you that no matter at what level [The Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] you coach, it seems unreal when you make it to preocupar to concern, to worry, to bother ▪ the championship game. [Facing the Giants, ch. ] preocuparse to be worried ▪ ¡No te preocupes, dejar to allow, to let, to permit ▪ Deja que queme. vamos a estar bien! Don’t worry, we’re going to be Let it burn. [Facing the Giants, ch. ] all right! [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch equivocarse to mistake, to be mistaken, to be and the Wardrobe, ch. ] wrong ▪ A menos que me equivoque, y nunca me
  • 27. Core Vocabulary · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · xxvii · · · · · equivoco, se dirigieron hacia al pantano. Unless debemos casarnos en diez días, por favor cree que I’m wrong, and I’m never wrong, they are heading moriré al amanecer. If you tell me that we must toward the swamp. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] marry in ten days, please believe that I will die atintentar to try ▪ Déjame intentar. Let me try. dawn. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] [Holes, ch. ] continuar to continue ▪ Sin importar el frío quejurar to swear ▪ ¿Y no es pecado jurar? haga, o lo hambrientos que estén, los padres And isn’t it a sin to swear? [Anne of Green Gables, deben continuar moviéndose. No matter how ch. ] cold it gets, or how hungry they are, the parentsolvidar to forget, to leave behind ▪ olvidarse must continue moving. [March of the Penguins, to forget, to forget about ▪ No te olvides de ch. ] nosotros. Don’t forget about us. [Mary Poppins, estar to be ▪ Yo sé donde está el veneno. ch. ] I know where the poison is. [The Princess Bride,pensar to think ▪ Pienso que cerca de las siete ch. ] estará en graves problemas. I think that about faltar to be lacking, to be missing ▪ Te falta la seven o’clock he will be in serious difficulty. barba para ser un enano. You’re missing the beard [The Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] to be a dwarf. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion,preguntar to ask (a question) ▪ preguntarse the Witch and the Wardrobe, ch. ] to wonder ▪ Así que si se preguntan qué está interesar to interest, to matter ▪ No le interesa haciendo aquí en el hielo, bueno, eso es parte de lo que nos pase. It doesn’t matter to you what nuestra historia. So if you wonder what it is doing happens to us. [Mary Poppins, ch. ] here in the ice, well, that is part of our story. llorar to cry, to weep ▪ Bueno, no es la Real [March of the Penguins, ch. ] Academia de pintura, pero tampoco hacen llorar.recordar to remember, to remind ▪ Recuerda Well, it’s not the Royal Academy of painting, but de dónde vienes, lo que te costó llegar aquí. they don’t cause one to cry either. [Mary Poppins, Remember where you come from, what it cost ch. ] you to get here. [Rocky III, ch. ] lograr to achieve, to reach a goal, to accomplish ▪soñar to dream ▪ ¿Que por soñar con su catedral En un segundo se terminó todo lo que había se ha apartado de la gente que amaba? That by logrado. In one second, everything that I had dreaming about his cathedral, he has moved away accomplished ended. [Hoosiers, ch. ] from the people that he loved? [The Bishop’s Wife, matar to kill ▪ Tu Westley está muerto. Yo lo ch. ] maté. Your Westley is dead. I killed him. [The Princess Bride, ch. ]Miscellaneous necesitar to need ▪ ¡Lo necesito! I need it!acabar to finish, to exhaust ▪ Así acabaríamos [The Incredibles, ch. ] al mismo tiempo. That way we would finish at pasar to pass, to spend (time), to enter ▪ the same time. [Holes, ch. ] Me invitaron a pasar la noche. They invitedapostar to bet ▪ Apuesto a que sí. Las batallas son me to spend the night. [Anne of Green Gables, algo repugnante. I bet you can. Battles are ugly ch. ] affairs. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch quedar to remain ▪ quedarse to remain, to and the Wardrobe, ch. ] stay ▪ Bien, supongo que puedo quedarme unbastar to be enough ▪ ¡Ya basta! ¡Ya basta! ratito, sólo si tienes sardinas. Well, I suppose that ¿Por qué están haciendo esto? ¡Ya basta! ¡Basta! I can stay a little while, only if you have sardines. ¡Ayúdenme! Enough already! Enough already! [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Why are you doing this? Enough already! Enough! Wardrobe, ch. ] Help me! [Holes, ch. ] sonar to sound, to ring ▪ No suena tan mal.cambiar to change ▪ En cuanto a los otros, la It doesn’t sound so bad. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] relación está a punto de cambiar. Concerning tomar to take, to drink ▪ Toma tiempo, pero lo the others, the relationship is about to change. harás. It takes time, but you will do it. [Rocky III, [March of the Penguins, ch. ] ch. ]cansar to tire ▪ cansarse to get tired ▪ Cuando tratar to try ▪ Mientras las madres llenan por fin se cansan de caminar, hacen descansar las patas, sus estómagos vacíos, los padres se aferran a la vida y usan el vientre en su lugar. When they get tired en la superficie, tratando de mantener los huevos of walking, they give their feet a rest and use their calientes y a salvo. While the mothers finally fill belly instead. [March of the Penguins, ch. ] their empty stomachs, the fathers cling to life oncasar to marry, to perform a marriage ceremony ▪ the surface, trying to keep their eggs warm and casarse to marry, to get married ▪ Si me dices que safe. [March of the Penguins, ch. ]
  • 28. ····· xxviii · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Core Vocabulary -er Conjugation Emotions and Feelings General Activities agradecer to thank, to give thanks ▪ Y también aprender to learn ▪ Creo que aprendimos le agradezco que no se haya acercado a Jimmy. una invaluable lección. I think we learned an I also thank you for not having approached Jimmy. invaluable lesson. [Holes, ch. ] [Hoosiers, ch. ] comer to eat ▪ Oh, ¿no se los habrá comido el león merecer to deserve ▪ Él no merece una del zoológico? Or, won’t the lion from the zoo have oportunidad. He doesn’t deserve a chance. eaten them? [Mary Poppins, ch. ] [Hoosiers, ch. ] conocer to know (a person or place), to be familiar querer to want, to love ▪ Así es, mi amigo, ¿ya with (something), to meet ▪ Es porque conoces quieres salir a sentir el calor? That’s it, my friend, a muy pocos como yo. That’s because you know do you want to go out and feel the heat? very few like me. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, [Eight Below, ch. ] the Witch and the Wardrobe, ch. ] temer to fear, to be afraid of ▪ David, no puedes creer to believe ▪ No puedo creerlo. I can’t believe temer al fracaso. David, you can’t be afraid it. [Eight Below, ch. ] of failure. [Facing the Giants, ch. ] deber to ought, must ▪ Debemos escapar. We must escape. [Finding Nemo, ch. ] Work and Play entender to understand ▪ Lo entiendo, pero tú caer to fall ▪ caerse to fall ▪ Me caí del techo de tienes que entender que te amaba y que ese era su la casa de los Spurgeon. I fell off the roof at the trabajo, protegerte. I understand, but you have Spurgeons’ house. [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] to understand that he loved you and that that was correr to run ▪ A Diana jamás se le habría ocurrido his job, to protect you. [Rocky III, ch. ] correr a la cama y saltar sobre ella. It never would hacer to do, to make ▪ Kevin, ¿qué hiciste en mi have occurred to Diana to run to the bed and leap habitación? Kevin, what did you do to my room? into it. [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] [Home Alone, ch. ] perder to lose ▪ Perdiste la pelea por las peores leer to read ▪ Puedes leer un poco más, si quieres. razones. You lost the fight for the worst reasons. You can read a little more, if you want. [The Princess [Rocky III, ch. ] Bride, ch. ] romper to break ▪ romperse to break, to be parecer to seem, to look like ▪ Parece que muchas broken ▪ Esa es una frágil promesa que se hace personas se han atrasado en sus pagos. It looks like y se rompe fácilmente. That is a fragile promise a lot of people have gotten behind on their that is made and is easily broken. [Mary Poppins, payments. [The Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] ch. ] poder to be able to [often “can” in English] ▪ vencer to conquer, to defeat, to beat ▪ No puedo No puedo hablar. I can’t speak. [In Memoriam, ch. ] vencerlo. I can’t beat him. [Rocky III, ch. ] poner to put, to set ▪ Elige a un mal muchacho, ponlo a hacer hoyos todo el día en el sol ardiente miscellaneous y se convierte en un chico bueno. Take a bad boy, deber to ought, must ▪ Esto debe ser una broma. put him to digging holes all day in the burning hot This must be a joke. [The Absent-Minded Professor, sun, and he turns into a good kid. [Holes, ch. ] ch. ] saber to know ▪ Cuando quiera saber de una mujer, haber to have [helping verb] ▪ Lamento haber pregunte a los viejos. When you want to know llegado tarde. I’m sorry to have arrived late. about a woman, ask the old men. [The Bishop’s Wife, [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] ch. ] ser to be ▪ Ah, hola, mi nombre es Marlin. suceder to happen ▪ ¿Qué sucede? What’s Ah, hi, my name is Marlin. [Finding Nemo, ch. ] happening? [The Princess Bride, ch. ] tener to have ▪ Parece que tenemos algo en común. -ir Conjugation It seems that we have something in common. General Activities [Rudy, ch. ] abrir to open ▪ Anda, sé buen niño y abre la puerta. traer to bring ▪ Has sido tan amable en traer a los Come on, be a good boy and open the door. niños a casa. You have been so kind in bringing [Home Alone, ch. ] the children home. [Mary Poppins, ch. ] conseguir to get, to acquire ▪ Creo que si se ver to see ▪ Ah, sí, algo vi respecto a él en el esfuerza lo suficiente, puede conseguir una beca periódico. Ah, yes, I saw something about him para ir a la universidad de Wabash y salir de aquí. in the newspaper. [The Incredibles, ch. ] I think that if he tries hard enough, he can get a volver to return, to go back ▪ Volveremos mañana. scholarship to go to Wabash College and get out We’ll go back tomorrow. [Home Alone, ch. ] of here. [Hoosiers, ch. ]
  • 29. Core Vocabulary · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · xxix · · · · ·decidir to decide ▪ Ustedes dos decidan si se queda. aún still, yet, even ▪ Aún no estás listo para atacar You two decide if he stays. [Rudy, ch. ] a nadie. You are still not ready to attack anybody.decir to say, to tell ▪ Te dije que volvería. I told you [Eragon, ch. ] I was coming back. [Eight Below, ch. ] cuando when ▪ cuándo when ▪ ¿Pero cuándodormir to sleep ▪ Creo que debes dormir ahora. atrapamos a Bomb Voyage? But when do we I think you ought to sleep now. [The Princess Bride, capture Bomb Voyage? [The Incredibles, ch. ] ch. ] después later ▪ después de after ▪ Vamos profesor,escribir to write ▪ Escribirás cuatro veces una después de tantos años. Come on, professor, carta. You will write a letter four times. [The after so many years. [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] Princess Bride, ch. ] hoy today ▪ Lo que hagas tú hoy, lo haréir to go ▪ Ahora voy a lanzarlo como un trapo también. What you do today, I will do, too. sucio. Now I’m going to toss him like a dirty rag. [Tarzan, ch. ] [Rocky III, ch. ] jamás never ▪ Jamás lo había visto. I never saw it.morir to die ▪ Mi nombre es Inigo Montoya, [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] tú mataste a mi padre, prepárate para morir. luego later, afterward, then ▪ Voy a llamar a Maya My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, y luego quiero que suelte el freno. I’m going to call prepare to die. [The Princess Bride, ch. ] Maya, and then I want you to let go of the brake.oír to hear ▪ ¡Oye, Adrian, lo logré! Listen, Adrian, [Eight Below, ch. ] I did it! [Rocky III, ch. ] nunca never ▪ Yo nunca podría amar a alguienpedir to ask for, to request ▪ No hay nada a como te amo a ti, Anne. I could never love anyone Chicago, Nueva York, Nashville. Lo que pidas, todo like I love you, Anne. [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] está vendido. There’s nothing to Chicago, New pronto soon ▪ Muy pronto vendrá Westley. York, Nashville. Whatever you ask for, everything Westley will come very soon. [The Princess Bride, is sold out. [Home Alone, ch. ] ch. ]salir to leave ▪ ¿Van a salir de la ciudad? siempre always ▪ Mary Poppins dice que ella está Are you going to leave town? [Home Alone, siempre. Mary Poppins says that she always is. ch. ] [Mary Poppins, ch. ]seguir to continue, to follow ▪ Tienen el fin tarde late ▪ Corre, cielo, o vas a llegar tarde al de semana para pensar si quieren seguir en este trabajo. Run along, sweetie, or you are going to equipo o no... You have the weekend to think about arrive late for work. [The Incredibles, ch. ] whether you want to continue on this team or todavía still ▪ Estás lento todavía. You’re still slow. not … [Hoosiers, ch. ] [Rocky III, ch. ]sentir to feel ▪ sentirse to feel, to be feeling ▪ ya already, now, right away ▪ Sí, ya lo tengo. Kari, en serio no me siento cómoda con esto. Yes, I have it already. [The Absent-Minded Professor, Kari, seriously, I don’t feel comfortable about this. ch. ] [The Incredibles, ch. ]subir to go up, to get on, to board ▪ Sube al Location caballo. Get on the horse. [Eragon, ch. ] abajo down, below, under ▪ Era , abajo porvenir to come ▪ ¿Quiere venir a Washington? un punto—cinco, cuatro, tres, dos, uno… lancé You want to come to Washington? el balón. It was , down by one point—five, [The Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] four, three, two, one … I took the shot. [Hoosiers,vestir to dress, to put on (clothes) ▪ vestirse ch. ] to get dressed ▪ El único uniforme que vestirás acá here, over here ▪ ¡Vengan acá! Come here! será el mismo que estás vistiendo ahora. The only [Eight Below, ch. ] uniform that you will put on will be the same one adonde where ▪ adónde where, to where ▪ that you are putting on now. [Rudy, ch. ] ¿Y adónde va el cohete? Where is the rocketvivir to live ▪ Yo les pregunto, “¿para qué están going? [Eight Below, ch. ] viviendo?” I ask you, “What are you living for?” ahí there ▪ Ahí estaré. I’ll be there. [Rudy, ch. ] [Facing the Giants, ch. ] allá there, over there ▪ más allá beyond ▪ Más allá de esas fronteras hay reminiscenciasADVERBS de resistencia. Beyond those borders there areTime remnants of resistance. [Eragon, ch. ]ahora now ▪ Ahora toma una siesta, muchacho. allí there ▪ Creo que está allí adentro. I think it’s Now, take a siesta, young man. [Holes, ch. ] inside there. [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ]antes before ▪ Y seré como antes. And I will be like aquí here ▪ ¿Qué fue lo que pasó aquí? What was before. [Rocky III, ch. ] it that happened here? [Mary Poppins, ch. ]
  • 30. ····· xxx · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Core Vocabulary arriba up, above ▪ Dice que descubrió un mundo muy very ▪ Pueden causarte daños muy severos. encantado, en el ropero de arriba. She says that They can cause you some very severe damage. she discovered an enchanted world in the upstairs [Rocky III, ch. ] wardrobe. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch poco little ▪ Escucha amigo, ven aquí, tenemos and the Wardrobe, ch. ] una situación un poco complicada, ¿entiendes? atrás back, behind ▪ Hágalos que lancen desde Listen, friend, come here, we have a situation muy atrás y cuidado con el purgatorio al que ellos that’s a little complicated, you understand? llaman gimnasio. Make them shoot it from far [Tarzan, ch. ] back and take care of that purgatory that they call qué how, what a ▪ Qué glorioso es un día con Mary. a gym. [Hoosiers, ch. ] How glorious is a day with Mary. [Mary Poppins, cerca near, close ▪ Eso estuvo cerca. That was close. ch. ] [The Incredibles, ch. ] tan so, such ▪ Le agradezco que cambiara dentro inside ▪ Control quiere a todos dentro para de opinión tan rápidamente. I thank you for estar seguros, cambio. Control wants everyone changing your mind so quickly. [Anne of Green inside in order to be safe, over. [Eight Below, ch. ] Gables, ch. ] donde where ▪ dónde where ▪ Anne, no tenías tanto so much ▪ Papá se rió tanto que murió. porqué haber tomado mi broche. ¿En dónde lo Dad laughed so much that he died. [Mary Poppins, dejaste? Anne, you had no reason to have touched ch. ] my brooch. Where did you leave it? [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] Miscellaneous junto together ▪ Descuide, irán todos juntos acaso perhaps, maybe ▪ ¿Acaso vino del en grupo. Don’t worry, they will all go together cielo? Perhaps it came from heaven? [Holes, in a group. [Finding Nemo, ch. ] ch. ] lejos far away, far ▪ Ahora quiero que te vayas, además in addition, furthermore, plus ▪ Además, lejos de mi hogar, lejos de mi vida, y lejos de Julia. si lo analizas con lógica, ni siquiera van a salir del Now I want you to go, far from my home, far from ropero. Plus, if you analyze it logically, they aren’t my life, and far from Julia. [The Bishop’s Wife, ch. ] even going to leave the wardrobe. [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, ch. ] How and How Much aun even ▪ Sí, aun sin motor. Yes, even without así like this, like that, in this way, in that way ▪ a motor. [The Absent-Minded Professor, ch. ] Y así, habiendo llegado, se disponen a cumplir no no, not ▪ Los goles de campo no son una opción. con el propósito de su viaje, encontrar una pareja. Field goals are not an option. [Facing the Giants, And in that way, having arrived, they get ready ch. ] to complete the purpose of their trip, to find quizá perhaps, maybe ▪ Peter, el tiempo de usar a mate. [March of the Penguins, ch. ] esto quizá llegue pronto. Peter, the time to use bien well, fine ▪ Ah, bien hecho, Jane. Ah, well this may perhaps arrive soon. [The Chronicles of done, Jane. [Tarzan, ch. ] Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, ch. ] casi almost ▪ Se puso así de cerca, casi sí yes ▪ Sí, fue … fue terrible. Yes, it was … it was acechándome. He put himself very close like this, terrible. [Home Alone, ch. ] almost threatening me. [Tarzan, ch. ] siquiera at least ▪ ni siquiera not even ▪ Ni ¿cómo? how? ▪ ¿Y cómo te atreves a venir sin siquiera movió los pies. He didn’t even move his ellos? And how dare you come without them? feet. [Hoosiers, ch. ] [The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the sólo only ▪ Me lo puse ayer, sólo para ver como Wardrobe, ch. ] lucía. I put it on yesterday, just to see how it cuánto how much ▪ No se imagina cuánto. looked. [Anne of Green Gables, ch. ] You have no idea how much. [Rudy, ch. ] también also ▪ Pues si tú das amistad a las damas, demasiado too much ▪ Es demasiado tarde para sí, ellas también te van a dar amistad. Well, if you eso. It’s too late for that. [Eragon, ch. ] give friendship to the ladies, yes, they will also give más more ▪ Cada día la temperatura desciende you friendship. [The Fox and the Hound, ch. ] un poco más, y el sol se pone más temprano. tampoco neither, either ▪ Tampoco hueles bien. Each day the temperature drops a little more, You don’t smell good either. [The Princess Bride, and the sun sets earlier. [March of the Penguins, ch. ] ch. ]
  • 31. · · · · · BEGINNER ······Eight Below ¿Qué tal tu chica? How’s your girl?genre Adventureyear 2006director Frank Marshallcast Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood, Moon Bloodgood, Jason Biggsstudio Walt Disney PicturesJerry Shepard is a wilderness guide who specializes in leading expeditions in Antarctica—expeditions that are often exciting, but sometimes dangerous. After being forced toleave his dogs behind in an evacuation of the base due to a heavy snowstorm, he isdetermined to rescue the dogs. Action scenes are divided between the dogs’ efforts tosurvive and his efforts to rescue them. Although the Spanish dialogue is spoken at a fasterclip than in the other Beginner movies, the dialogue is evenly paced, easy to follow, andspaced throughout the film to give the student frequent and visually impressive breaks. 1
  • 32. ····· 2 ····· ·········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies BASIC VOCABULARY The two men run to the outside thermometer. Nouns Opening credits. Ⅺ récord nm record Ⅺ Antártida Antarctica ▪ Es la mayor tormenta Ⅺ está helando it’s freezing ▪ helar to freeze en Antártida en veinticinco años. It’s the biggest storm in Antarctica in twenty-five years. Ⅺ base nf base ▪ Aquí base a Melbourne, Jerry Shepard holds a baseball bat in his hands. respondan. Base here to Melbourne, come in. Ⅺ odio I hate ▪ odiar to hate Ⅺ guía nmf guide [person] ▪ Mi deber siendo el Ⅺ salmón nm salmon guía es llevarte de regreso vivo. My duty as guide is Ⅺ congelado frozen ▪ congelar to freeze to bring you back alive. Ⅺ ejercitarte to train, to practice ▪ ejercitarse Ⅺ hielo ice ▪ Un témpano se rompió de un banco to train, to practice de hielo y bloqueó la ruta que los pingüinos de Ⅺ desayunar to eat breakfast Adelia siguen para ir a pescar. An ice floe broke Ⅺ jardín derecho right field ▪ jardín nm garden ▪ off from a bank of ice and blocked the route that derecho adj right the Adélie penguins follow in order to go Ⅺ batear to bat, to swing a bat fishing. Ⅺ cuidándolos caring for them ▪ cuidar to care for, Ⅺ invierno winter ▪ Sólo me queda una semana to take care of para volver antes de que llegue el invierno. I only Ⅺ tráela imp bring it ▪ traer to bring have one week left to get back before winter Ⅺ no griten imp don’t shout ▪ gritar to shout arrives. Ⅺ desayuno breakfast Ⅺ tormenta storm ▪ Una tormenta se aproxima. A storm is approaching. Ⅺ trineo sled ▪ ¿En trineo? By sled? 2 Bottom of the Planet 10:35 Verbs Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ empacar to pack ▪ Tengo que empacar. I have gusto de verla it’s a pleasure to see you, it’s nice to pack. to see you Ⅺ partir to leave ▪ Hora de partir. Time to leave. me siento con suerte I feel lucky mucha suerte good luck vas a caer you’re going down (lit you are going 1 Opening Credits 4:24 to fall) ¿no le falta algo…? isn’t something missing …? Phrases to Listen For ya sé I already know, I know already ya basta enough already tiene que ir he has to go el suspenso me mata the suspense is killing lo que pasa what’s happening me en trineo by sled hay que it’s necessary lo que tú digas subj whatever you say tal vez maybe, perhaps ¿eso te agrada? you like that? Names es que it’s that, it’s just that ¿qué pasó? what happened? Shorty, Dewey, Truman, Jack desde entonces since then Voices are heard over a darkened screen. eso creo I think so A penguin thermometer shows the temperature tienes que you have to inside. apuesto a que I bet Ⅺ grados degrees ▪ grado degree Names Ⅺ centígrados centigrade ▪ centígrado Davis McClaren, UCLA, Jerry Shepard, Charlie centigrade Cooper, Andy Harrison, Rosemary Paris, Katie, Ⅺ aguanto I can stand ▪ aguantar to be able to Melbourne, FNC, Coop, Buck, Max, Rosie stand, to tolerate, to put up with Ⅺ suspenso suspense An airplane lands. Katie, the pilot, gets out of the Ⅺ mata it kills ▪ matar to kill plane. Her passenger is Dr. Davis McClaren. Ⅺ tibios lukewarm ▪ tibio lukewarm Ⅺ piloto pilot Ⅺ calor nm heat Ⅺ licencia license Ⅺ sudor nm sweat Ⅺ soportó it withstood ▪ soportar to withstand, Ⅺ rostro face to tolerate
  • 33. Eight Below · · · · · · · · · · · · ··· 3 ·····Ⅺ dieciséis sixteen Ⅺ distancia distanceⅪ kilómetros kilometers ▪ kilómetro kilometer Ⅺ recorrí I covered ▪ recorrer to cover [distance]Ⅺ metros meters ▪ metro meter Ⅺ ruta routeⅪ científico scientist Ⅺ tanteando carefully examining ▪ tantearⅪ bienvenido adj welcome to examine carefullyⅪ fondo bottom Ⅺ terreno terrainⅪ igualmente same to you, equally Ⅺ no me he parado I haven’t stopped ▪ pararseⅪ sur nm south to stopⅪ se resbala you’d slide off (lit you slide off ) ▪ Ⅺ complacerlo to accommodate him ▪ complacer resbalarse to slip, to slide to accommodate, to pleaseⅪ planeta nm planet Ⅺ enero JanuaryⅪ cartógrafo cartographer Ⅺ vehículos vehicles ▪ vehículo vehicleⅪ mecánico mechanic Ⅺ nieve nf snowⅪ limpio I clean ▪ limpiar to clean Ⅺ peligroso dangerousⅪ pistas runways ▪ pista runway Ⅺ delgado thin, slim Ⅺ afuera outside Andy Harrison and Rosemary Paris greet the new arrivals. Jerry puts the dogs to bed outside.Ⅺ director nm director Ⅺ te agrada it pleases you ▪ agradar to pleaseⅪ honor nm honor Ⅺ te esfuerces subj you make an effort ▪ esforzarseⅪ coordinadora coordinator ▪ coordinador to make an effort, to force coordinator Ⅺ estrella starⅪ resto the rest, the remainderⅪ adentro inside Jerry knocks on Katie’s open door. Ⅺ calenté I heated up ▪ calentar to heat Inside the base, several members of the team are Ⅺ helado ice cream playing poker. Ⅺ favorito favoriteⅪ póquer nm poker Ⅺ fresa strawberryⅪ veinticinco twenty-five Ⅺ horario scheduleⅪ centavos cents ▪ centavo cent Ⅺ no me quejo I can’t complain (lit I don’tⅪ de entrada entry complain) ▪ quejarse to complainⅪ traducción translation Ⅺ fantástica fantastic ▪ fantástico fantasticⅪ novia bride, girlfriend ▪ novio groom, boyfriend Ⅺ está envejeciendo he is getting old, he is growingⅪ preciosa precious ▪ precioso precious old ▪ envejecer to get old, to grow oldⅪ científica scientist ▪ científico scientistⅪ italiana Italian ▪ italiano Italian Rosie joins them.Ⅺ foto nf photograph ▪ fotografía photograph Ⅺ no interrumpo I’m not interrupting ▪Ⅺ paciencia patience interrumpir to interruptⅪ ¿cuántas? how many? ¿cuántos? how many? Ⅺ charla chat, light conversationⅪ emocionado excited ▪ emocionarse to be excited Ⅺ temprano earlyⅪ valles valleys ▪ valle nm valley Ⅺ detalle nm detailⅪ secos dry ▪ seco dryⅪ época season, time McClaren and Coop prepare their bunks.Ⅺ monte nm mount, mountain Ⅺ con permiso excuse me (lit with permission) ▪Ⅺ meteorito meteorite permiso permissionⅪ dedicamos we dedicate ▪ dedicar to dedicate Ⅺ golpe nm a hit, a blowⅪ secreto secret Ⅺ piso floor Ⅺ cómodo comfortable Jerry leaves the poker game to join McClaren and Ⅺ exactamente exactly Andy at the map table. Ⅺ cartografía cartographyⅪ mapa nm map Ⅺ exploré I explored ▪ explorar to exploreⅪ correcto correct Ⅺ tracé I mapped ▪ trazar to map, to draw upⅪ dirección direction (plans)Ⅺ opuesta opposite ▪ opuesto opposite Ⅺ milímetro millimeterⅪ doble double Ⅺ territorio territory
  • 34. ····· 4 ····· ·········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Jerry joins McClaren and Coop in their quarters. Ⅺ asqueroso gross, sickening Ⅺ ¿anotaste? did you score? ▪ anotar to score Ⅺ baba slobber Ⅺ no llegué al bat I didn’t get up to bat ▪ llegar to Ⅺ boca mouth get (somewhere), to arrive ▪ bat nm baseball bat Ⅺ nariz nf nose Ⅺ calefacción heating system Ⅺ gracioso funny Ⅺ congelar to freeze Ⅺ no sé qué les divierte I don’t know why that’s Ⅺ botella bottle so funny (lit I don’t know what is so entertaining Ⅺ sugiero I suggest ▪ sugerir to suggest to you) ▪ divertir to entertain Ⅺ torpedo torpedo Jerry and McClaren prepare to leave with the dogs. 3 The Expedition 7:56 Ⅺ regla rule Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ arnés nm harness Ⅺ tenso tense, taut al frente up ahead, in front Ⅺ se enreda it becomes tangled ▪ enredarse hay que it’s necessary to become tangled tenemos que we have to Ⅺ depende it depends ▪ depender to depend por poco that was close, close call Ⅺ vigilarlos to watch over them ▪ vigilar to watch no hay por qué you’re welcome, not at all over qué suerte tiene he’s lucky Ⅺ les fascina it fascinates them ▪ fascinar estilo de vida lifestyle to fascinate ya es tarde it’s already late Ⅺ desfallecer to faint Name Ⅺ presentaciones introductions ▪ presentación Eric introduction Ⅺ cachorro puppy Jerry and McClaren leave with the dogs. They stop. Ⅺ entrenamiento training Jerry surveys the ice field through binoculars. Ⅺ talento talent Ⅺ grueso thick Ⅺ gemelos twins ▪ gemelo twin Ⅺ vehículos vehicles ▪ vehículo vehicle Ⅺ mordió he bit ▪ morder to bite Ⅺ nieve nf snow Ⅺ cicatriz nf scar Ⅺ arnés nm harness Ⅺ finalmente finally Ⅺ formación formation Ⅺ malamutes malamutes ▪ malamute nm eng Ⅺ abanico fan malamute Ⅺ lento slow Ⅺ gris gray Ⅺ distribuye it distributes ▪ distribuir to distribute Ⅺ rojo red Ⅺ peso weight Ⅺ cerebro brain Ⅺ se hunde it sinks ▪ hundirse to sink Andy, Katie, and Cooper join Jerry and McClaren. Jerry and McClaren watch leopard seals through Ⅺ excelente excellent their binoculars. Ⅺ cuida imp take care of ▪ cuidar to take care of Ⅺ focas leopardo leopard seals ▪ foca seal ▪ Ⅺ descuida imp don’t worry ▪ descuidar to not leopardo leopard worry Ⅺ rodeamos we go around ▪ rodear to go around, Ⅺ alimentar to feed, to nourish to avoid Ⅺ graciosa funny ▪ gracioso funny Ⅺ espacio space Ⅺ intrépidos intrepid ▪ intrépido intrepid Ⅺ exploradores explorers ▪ explorador explorer Jerry stops the dogs and puts McClaren behind Ⅺ despedirte to say good-bye ▪ despedirse to say the sled to control the brakes. good-bye Ⅺ glaciar nm glacier Ⅺ causar to cause Ⅺ controle subj you control ▪ controlar to control Ⅺ complejo complex Ⅺ freno brake Ⅺ despídete imp say good-bye ▪ despedirse to say Ⅺ pisadas footsteps ▪ pisada footstep ▪ pisar good-bye to step on, to walk on Ⅺ despedirme to say good-bye ▪ despedirse to say Ⅺ guíe imp guide ▪ guiar to guide good-bye Ⅺ rastro track, trail Ⅺ qué asco exp yuck, gross, sick Ⅺ tantear to examine carefully
  • 35. Eight Below · · · · · · · · · · · · ··· 5 ·····Ⅺ terreno terrain qué bueno that’s greatⅪ ambos both mediodía noon, middayⅪ necesario necessary NamesⅪ estabilícelo imp stabilize it ▪ estabilizar Doc, Melbourne, Andy, Steve, Jerry, McMurdo to stabilize The next day, Jerry and McClaren climb a mountain Jerry finds a fissure in the glacier. and look into the distance at Melbourne.Ⅺ presione imp press ▪ presionar to press Ⅺ presione imp press ▪ presionar to pressⅪ fisura fissure Ⅺ freno brakeⅪ rodearla to avoid it ▪ rodear to avoid Ⅺ sorprendente surprisingⅪ guiarlos to guide them ▪ guiar to guide Ⅺ hogar nm homeⅪ lentamente slowly Ⅺ precioso preciousⅪ ligeramente lightlyⅪ ¡deténgalos! imp stop them! ▪ detener to stop A storm brews. Victoria station receives a radio message from McMurdo. The sled breaks through the ice. Ⅺ estación stationⅪ resista imp hang in there, hold on ▪ resistir Ⅺ enormes enormous ▪ enorme enormous to hang on, to resist Ⅺ sistemas de baja presión low pressure systems ▪Ⅺ sujételo imp hold on to it ▪ sujetar to hold on sistema nm system ▪ bajo low ▪ presiónⅪ planee subj you plan ▪ planear to plan pressureⅪ excursión excursion Ⅺ sur nm southⅪ no empaque imp don’t pack ▪ empacar Ⅺ control nm control to pack Ⅺ alerta imp alert ▪ alertar to alertⅪ accedió you agreed ▪ acceder to agree, Ⅺ radio radio to concede At camp, Jerry prepares a hot drink. Andy and McClaren camp in their tent. Ⅺ taza cupⅪ artista nmf artist Ⅺ evidencia evidenceⅪ novia girlfriend ▪ novio boyfriend Ⅺ apunta it points to ▪ apuntar to point toⅪ broma joke Ⅺ siguientes following, next ▪ siguiente following,Ⅺ guiando guiding ▪ guiar to guide nextⅪ científicos scientists ▪ científico scientist Ⅺ respondan imp respond ▪ responder to respondⅪ soportaría would tolerate, would put up with ▪ Ⅺ repetir to repeat soportar to tolerate, to put up with Ⅺ recepción receptionⅪ no resultó it didn’t work out ▪ resultar Ⅺ ¿me copias? do you copy me? ▪ copiar to copy to work out, to turn out, to result in Ⅺ se acerca it is getting close ▪ acercarse to getⅪ relaciones relationships ▪ relación relationship close, to draw nearⅪ estilo style Ⅺ vamos de vuelta we’re going back, we’reⅪ temprano early returning ▪ ir to go ▪ vuelta returnⅪ afuera outside Jerry and McClaren are inside the tent. 4 Melbourne 7:16 Ⅺ decisión decision Ⅺ se aproxima it is approaching ▪ aproximarsePhrases to Listen For to approach cambio y fuera over and out Ⅺ menor minor cambio over Ⅺ advierto I warn ▪ advertir to warn vamos de vuelta we’re going back Ⅺ diferencia difference lo siento I’m sorry Ⅺ llevarte de regreso to take you back ▪ llevar tenemos que we have to to carry ▪ regreso return a primera hora first thing Ⅺ roca rock lo que what Ⅺ planeta nm planet en busca de in search of Ⅺ lejano distant, far-away tienes que you have to Ⅺ témpano ice floe es un trato it’s a deal Ⅺ meteorito meteorite se nos acaba el tiempo time is running out Ⅺ Mercurio Mercury
  • 36. ····· 6 ····· ·········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ descubrimientos discoveries ▪ descubrimiento On the sled once more, Jerry notices blood discovery in the snow. Ⅺ inimaginables unimaginable ▪ inimaginable Ⅺ herido hurt, wounded ▪ herir to hurt, to wound unimaginable Ⅺ radio radio Ⅺ montaña mountain Ⅺ informe subj she reports, she informs ▪ Ⅺ navegas you navigate ▪ navegar to navigate informar to report, to inform Ⅺ emociona it excites ▪ emocionar to excite Ⅺ responda imp respond ▪ responder to respond, Ⅺ he cruzado I have crossed ▪ cruzar to cross to answer Ⅺ arriesgarte to take a risk ▪ arriesgarse to take Ⅺ pata paw, leg [of an animal] a risk Ⅺ curarte to treat you ▪ curar to treat, to heal, Ⅺ trato deal to cure Ⅺ posición position The next day, Jerry and McClaren climb through rocks and snow. The ice gives way beneath McClaren. Ⅺ zona zone Ⅺ pierna leg Ⅺ peligrosa dangerous ▪ peligroso dangerous Ⅺ no tragues imp don’t swallow ▪ tragar to swallow Ⅺ enorme enormous Ⅺ orilla edge Ⅺ once eleven Ⅺ sostente imp hold on ▪ sostenerse to hold on Ⅺ centímetros centimeters ▪ centímetro centimeter Ⅺ pegado stuck, attached ▪ pegar to stick Ⅺ ancho width Ⅺ congelado frozen ▪ congelar to freeze Ⅺ intacto intact Ⅺ duras you last ▪ durar to last Ⅺ basalto basalt Ⅺ ahogado drowned ▪ ahogarse to drown Ⅺ área area Ⅺ resiste imp hang in there, don’t give up, hold on ▪ Ⅺ revisada checked, reviewed ▪ revisar to check, resistir to hang in, to not give up, to hold on, to review to resist Ⅺ pisadas footsteps ▪ pisada footstep ▪ pisar Ⅺ respirar to breathe to step on, to walk on Ⅺ profundo deep At Victoria, the team receives another radio Jerry places a rope in Maya’s mouth. message. Ⅺ muerde imp bite ▪ morder to bite Ⅺ aumentó it gained, it grew, it became bigger ▪ Ⅺ soga rope aumentar to gain, to grow, to become bigger Ⅺ lento slow Ⅺ velocidad velocity, speed Ⅺ tranquila exp easy, take it easy, be calm Ⅺ intensidad intensity Ⅺ alerta alert Ⅺ coordenadas coordinates ▪ coordenada Ⅺ suave soft, smooth coordinate Ⅺ encima on top Ⅺ brazo arm Ⅺ trata imp try ▪ tratar to try 5 Impending Storm 9:42 Ⅺ derecho right Ⅺ codo elbow Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ lazo lasso, rope tal vez maybe, perhaps Ⅺ ténsenla imp tighten it up ▪ tensar to tighten, bien hecho well done to tighten up justo así just like that Ⅺ alinéalos imp line them up ▪ alinear to line up tienes que you have to no te preocupes imp don’t worry Jerry secures McClaren in the sled. ¿estás bien? are you all right? Ⅺ resistir to hold on, to hang on no me gusta I don’t like (lit it doesn’t please Ⅺ regrésanos imp take us back ▪ regresar to take me) back, to return hay que it’s necessary Ⅺ ayúdala imp help her ▪ ayudar to help lo siento I’m sorry está por partir it’s about to leave Back at the base, the team discusses the storm. Names Jerry and McClaren continue. Doc, Maya, Buck, Shadow, Rosemary, Jerry, Katie, Ⅺ capacidad ability McClaren Ⅺ tormentas storms ▪ tormenta storm
  • 37. Eight Below · · · · · · · · · · · · ··· 7 ····· Katie calls Jerry on the radio. Jerry and McClaren todo el mundo everyone continue. The team waits. de vuelta returnⅪ respondan imp answer, respond, come in ¿cómo que no? what do you mean? [radio] ▪ responder to answer, to respond qué cosa that’s something, I’ve got biggerⅪ contesten imp answer ▪ contestar to answer problemsⅪ contéstame imp answer me ▪ contestar tenemos que we have to to answer lo siento I’m sorryⅪ dieciséis sixteen de verdad lo siento I’m really sorryⅪ kilómetros kilometers ▪ kilómetro kilometer lo que what tal vez maybe, perhaps Katie spots the sled. The team receives them lo lamento I’m sorry outside. tengo que I have toⅪ camilla stretcher antes de beforeⅪ tos nf cough piénselo bien think about it, think again, thinkⅪ revisar to check through itⅪ adentro inside ¿qué tal? what’s up?, how’s it going? tienes a todos en tu bolsillo you have them all Inside the base camp, Andy attends McClaren. in your pocketⅪ botiquín nm first-aid kit a lo mucho at mostⅪ hipotermia hypothermia tengo que I have toⅪ mete imp put in ▪ meter to put in, to insert tratar de olvidarte to try to forgetⅪ descongelarlas to thaw them out ▪ descongelar Names to thaw, to unfreeze Dodgers, Shepard, NFS, Andy Harrison, Rosie,Ⅺ alimenté I fed ▪ alimentar to feed CooperⅪ roca rockⅪ descubrieron they discovered ▪ descubrir Several members of the team lift McClaren up to discover into the airplane.Ⅺ meteoro meteor Ⅺ pierna legⅪ alístate imp get ready ▪ alistarse to get ready Ⅺ camilla stretcherⅪ despegar to take off [aircraft] Ⅺ sujetar to fastenⅪ enseguida right away, at once Ⅺ collares collars ▪ collar nm collarⅪ médica medical ▪ médico medicalⅪ encargarme to take charge ▪ encargarse to take charge Jerry and Coop secure the dogs.Ⅺ recoger to pick up Ⅺ no tardará it won’t be long ▪ tardar to be longⅪ ni siquiera lo discutiré I won’t even discuss it ▪ [time] ni siquiera adv not even ▪ discutir to discuss, Ⅺ resiste imp hang on ▪ resistir to hang on, to to argue resist, to opposeⅪ quemadura de tercer grado third-degree burn ▪ quemadura burn ▪ tercer third ▪ Jerry and Coop board the plane. grado degree Ⅺ cinturón nm seat beltⅪ daño damageⅪ sufrió it suffered ▪ sufrir to suffer At McMurdo Station, Coop sits at Jerry’s bedside.Ⅺ tejido tissue Ⅺ desmayaste you fainted ▪ desmayar to faintⅪ regreso I’ll return (lit I return) ▪ regresar Ⅺ brincando jumping ▪ brincar to jump to return Ⅺ pelota de playa beach ball ▪ pelota ball ▪ playa beach Ⅺ botando bouncing ▪ botar to bounce 6 Evacuation 14:35 Ⅺ estadio stadium Ⅺ horror nm horrorPhrases to Listen For Ⅺ gritar to shout, to scream tienes algo de miedo you are a little afraid Ⅺ intenso intense qué bien excellent, very good Ⅺ locura craziness qué suerte what luck Ⅺ se llenó it filled up ▪ llenarse to fill up, to become todo el tiempo all the time full
  • 38. ····· 8 ····· ·········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ se curó he recovered ▪ curarse to recover Ⅺ expectativas expectations ▪ expectativa Ⅺ grandioso terrific, magnificent expectation Ⅺ estupendo stupendous, wonderful Ⅺ no ha parado de nevar it hasn’t stopped A plane lands in Washington, D.C. Jerry visits snowing ▪ parar to stop ▪ nevar to snow several officials. Ⅺ llene imp fill ▪ llenar to fill Katie spots Jerry in the hallway. Ⅺ formulario blank form Ⅺ clima nm weather Ⅺ entréguelo imp turn it in ▪ entregar to turn in, Ⅺ cancelaron they canceled ▪ cancelar to deliver to cancel Ⅺ administración administration Ⅺ vuelos flights ▪ vuelo flight Ⅺ roja red ▪ rojo red Ⅺ mejore subj it improves ▪ mejorar to improve Ⅺ piso floor Ⅺ primavera spring [season] Ⅺ financiamiento financing, funding Ⅺ agosto August Jerry enters the McMurdo command center. Ⅺ sur nm south Ⅺ de vuelta back Ⅺ veinticinco twenty-five Ⅺ evacuados evacuated ▪ evacuado evacuated ▪ Ⅺ reporte nm report evacuar to evacuate Ⅺ doscientas two hundred ▪ doscientos two The dogs escape. Jerry visits McClaren in Pasadena, hundred California. Ⅺ Nueva Zelanda New Zealand Ⅺ cohete nm rocket Ⅺ motores motors ▪ motor nm motor Ⅺ sorpresa surprise Ⅺ congelarse to become frozen Ⅺ Marte Mars Ⅺ dura it lasts ▪ durar to last Ⅺ viajero traveler Ⅺ provisiones nfpl provisions ▪ provisión Ⅺ dedos fingers ▪ dedo finger provision, supply Ⅺ conservo I keep, I have ▪ conservar to keep, Ⅺ movamos subj we move ▪ mover to move to have, to conserve Ⅺ transportó it transported ▪ transportar Ⅺ excelente excellent to transport Ⅺ yeso cast Ⅺ lo regreso I’ll return it (lit I return it) ▪ regresar Ⅺ obra de arte work of art ▪ obra work ▪ arte nm to return art Ⅺ C ciento treinta C- [aircraft] Ⅺ café nm coffee Ⅺ aterrizarían they would land ▪ aterrizar Ⅺ cocina kitchen to land [aircraft] Ⅺ abandonarlos to abandon them ▪ abandonar Jerry and McClaren speak in the dining room. to abandon Ⅺ obsequio gift Ⅺ enseguida at once Ⅺ agencias agencies ▪ agencia agency Ⅺ gráficas graphics ▪ gráfica graphic Ⅺ visité I visited ▪ visitar to visit Ⅺ fundaciones foundations ▪ fundación Katie visits Jerry in his quarters. foundation Ⅺ beber to drink Ⅺ cadenas de televisión television networks ▪ Ⅺ abandonamos we abandoned ▪ abandonar cadena network ▪ televisión television to abandon Ⅺ convencerlos to convince them ▪ convencer Ⅺ no te dañes imp don’t hurt yourself ▪ dañarse to convince to hurt oneself Ⅺ cámara camera Ⅺ sobrevivan subj they survive ▪ sobrevivir Ⅺ juntar el dinero to raise the money ▪ juntar to survive to raise, to collect ▪ dinero money Ⅺ aseguré I secured ▪ asegurar to secure Ⅺ se cierra it is closed ▪ cerrar to close Ⅺ no se soltarán they won’t get free ▪ soltarse Ⅺ bolsillo pocket to get free Ⅺ fundación foundation Ⅺ hallara subj I find ▪ hallar to find Ⅺ fondos nmpl funds Ⅺ manera manner, way Ⅺ siguiente next Ⅺ decepcioné I disappointed ▪ decepcionar Ⅺ desperdiciar to waste to disappoint Ⅺ realista realistic Ⅺ elevar to elevate, to raise Ⅺ averiguarlo to find it out ▪ averiguar to find out
  • 39. Eight Below · · · · · · · · · · · · ··· 9 ····· 7 On Your Own 7:09 Katie arrives and talks to Jerry. Ⅺ pájaro bird The dogs chase a bird. Jerry lives in a trailer on the Ⅺ chapoteadero wading pool coast. Katie leaves several messages for him. Ⅺ burlarte to make fun of ▪ burlarse to make fun of Ⅺ conduje I drove ▪ conducir to drive 8 Deep Winter 5:23 Ⅺ ha crecido she has grown ▪ crecer to grow Ⅺ entrenaron they trained ▪ entrenar to train March 30: The dogs have spent 50 days on their own. Jerry and Katie walk along the shore. Ⅺ tráela imp bring it ▪ traer to bring Ⅺ obvio obvious 9 Can’t Let Go 12:21 Ⅺ contestaste you answered ▪ contestar to answer Ⅺ se nota it’s obvious, it’s clearPhrases to Listen For Ⅺ últimamente recently, lately a la vez at a time Ⅺ apenas barely tengo que I have to Ⅺ agradable pleasant, nice burlarte de mí to make fun of me Ⅺ opuesto opposite tal como just like Ⅺ intelectual intellectual que tal how well Ⅺ ingeniero engineer no hay nada que hablar there’s nothing to say Ⅺ ingenioso ingenious, clever ya basta enough already Ⅺ rechazaste you rejected ▪ rechazar to reject tal vez maybe, perhaps Ⅺ expedición expedition debes dejar de culparte you’ve got to stop Ⅺ tema nm subject blaming yourself Ⅺ escondiéndote hiding ▪ esconderse to hide no te disculpes imp don’t apologize (oneself ) lo que what Ⅺ mírate imp look at yourself ▪ mirarse to look at tenía que he had to oneself lo importante the important thing Ⅺ rentas you rent ▪ rentar to rent dar la bienvenida to welcome Ⅺ kayak nm kayak cacerías tontas wild goose chases, foolish Ⅺ culparte to blame yourself ▪ culparse to blame hunting expeditions oneself ya que since whiskey en las rocas whiskey on the rocks Jerry visits Mindo’s dog training compound. no tenía que I didn’t have to Ⅺ reconoce he recognizes ▪ reconocer tienes que you have to to recognize que tengas mucha suerte subj good luck, Ⅺ amante nmf lover that you may have good luck Ⅺ obsequio gift por favor please buena suerte good luck Sitting at a table by the fireplace, Jerry and MindoNames discuss the dogs.Al, Jerry Shepard, Brandy, McKinley, Mindo, Ⅺ disculparte to apologize ▪ disculparseDavis McClaren, Eve, Eric, Christchurch, to apologizeBailey’s Ⅺ criaste you raised ▪ criar to raise (a child or animal) Jerry teaches kayaking to a group of children. Ⅺ Yukón YukonⅪ océano ocean Ⅺ verano summerⅪ mente nf mind Ⅺ pasear to go for a walkⅪ respeten imp respect ▪ respetar to respect Ⅺ se toparon they came across ▪ toparse to comeⅪ estén alertas imp be on the alert ▪ estar alerta across to be on the alert Ⅺ oso pardo grizzly bear ▪ oso bear ▪Ⅺ remo oar, paddle pardo brown, dark grayⅪ exacto exactly, exact Ⅺ enorme enormousⅪ alternando alternating ▪ alternar to alternate Ⅺ mordió it bit ▪ morder to biteⅪ cubrirme to cover for me ▪ cubrir to cover Ⅺ mata it kills ▪ matar to kill
  • 40. ····· 10 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ notó he noticed ▪ notar to notice Ⅺ héroes heroes ▪ héroe nm hero Ⅺ resto the rest, the remainder Ⅺ cierre nm closing out, closing down Ⅺ recuperó recovered ▪ recuperar to recover [accounting] Ⅺ salud nf health Ⅺ te cuento I tell you ▪ contar to tell Ⅺ honrando honoring ▪ honrar to honor 10 Teamwork 9:11 Ⅺ paz nf peace Phrases to Listen For Jerry packs. Day 133: The dogs continue on their bote de pesca fishing boat own. A black tie dinner is being held in honor lo que what, that of McClaren’s discovery. lo más seguro the most probable, Ⅺ les invito I invite you all ▪ invitar to invite the most likely Ⅺ honrar to honor en su sano juicio in his right mind Ⅺ bienvenida welcome lo siento I’m sorry Ⅺ meteorito meteorite no lo creo I don’t believe it Ⅺ documentado documented ▪ documentar ¿todo bien? everything all right? to document ¿qué pasa? what’s happening? Ⅺ Mercurio Mercury ¿cómo estás? how are you? gusto verte good to see you McClaren speaks to the dinner attendees. es una locura it’s crazy Ⅺ apoyo support ¿cómo te sientes? how do you feel? Ⅺ paciencia patience Ⅺ alrededor de around July 10: The dogs find a whale and a leopard seal. Ⅺ expediciones expeditions ▪ expedición In Christchurch, New Zealand, Jerry speaks with expedition a boat captain. Ⅺ descritas described ▪ descrito described ▪ Ⅺ bote nm boat, ship describir to describe Ⅺ se alquila it is for rent ▪ alquilarse to be for Ⅺ cacerías tontas wild goose chases, foolish hunting rent expeditions ▪ cacería hunting ▪ tonto foolish Ⅺ bote de pesca fishing boat ▪ bote nm boat ▪ Ⅺ continuo continuous pesca fishing Ⅺ descubrimiento discovery Ⅺ bar nm bar Ⅺ realizó he made, he did ▪ realizar to make real, Ⅺ ni de broma don’t even joke about it ▪ broma to realize a goal, to achieve a goal or objective joke Ⅺ no habrían vuelto they wouldn’t have returned ▪ volver to return In a bar, Jerry talks with another boat captain. Ⅺ pagarte to pay you ▪ pagar to pay McClaren finds Jerry after his speech. Ⅺ poseo I possess ▪ poseer to possess Ⅺ whiskey en las rocas whiskey on the rocks ▪ Ⅺ no soporta it doesn’t tolerate ▪ soportar whiskey nm whiskey ▪ roca rock to tolerate Ⅺ te felicito I congratulate you ▪ felicitar Ⅺ temperaturas temperatures ▪ temperatura to congratulate temperature Ⅺ me alegra it makes me happy, I’m happy ▪ Ⅺ se parta subj it splits ▪ partirse to split, alegrar to make happy to break Ⅺ pasarte to hand you, to pass over to you ▪ Ⅺ por la mitad in half ▪ mitad nf half pasar to hand over, to pass over Ⅺ desesperado desperate Ⅺ Nueva Zelanda New Zealand Ⅺ opción option Ⅺ conseguiste did you get ▪ conseguir to get Ⅺ en su sano juicio in his right mind ▪ sano Ⅺ arriesgarte to take a risk ▪ arriesgarse to take healthy ▪ juicio judgment, considered opinion a risk Ⅺ rompehielos nm icebreaker Ⅺ saluda imp say hello ▪ saludar to say hello, to greet A waitress interrupts Jerry and places a drink in front of him. McClaren and his wife put their son to bed. Ⅺ manda she sends ▪ mandar to send Ⅺ niñera sitter, nanny Ⅺ disculpa excuse (me) ▪ disculpar to excuse, Ⅺ excelente excellent to forgive
  • 41. Eight Below · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 11 ····· Jerry talks to Katie at the bar. Ⅺ aterrizar to land [aircraft]Ⅺ piloto pilot Ⅺ nave nf shipⅪ expedición expedition Ⅺ afirmativo affirmativeⅪ libre free Ⅺ sosténganse bien imp hold on tight ▪ sostenerseⅪ temporada season to hold onⅪ te extrañé I missed you ▪ extrañar to miss Jerry joins Katie on deck. Cooper joins Jerry and Katie at the bar. McClaren Ⅺ acompaño I accompany ▪ acompañar joins them as well. to accompanyⅪ se acortó it was cut short ▪ acortarse to be cut Ⅺ cuántas how many ▪ cuántos how many short Ⅺ estrellas stars ▪ estrella starⅪ fondos nmpl funds Ⅺ estrellas fugaces shooting stars ▪ estrella star ▪ fugaz fleeting Jerry, Cooper, and McClaren join Katie aboard Ⅺ consciente conscious, aware a helicopter. Ⅺ me alegra I’m happy (lit it makes me happy) ▪Ⅺ locura craziness alegrar to make happyⅪ elevar to raise Ⅺ entendiste you understood ▪ entenderⅪ expectativas expectations ▪ expectativa to understand expectation Ⅺ calma exp easy, take it easy, calm downⅪ aterrizar to land [aircraft] Ⅺ adulto adult Ⅺ ingenioso ingenious, clever Ⅺ ingeniero engineer 11 Hope 9:24 Ⅺ qué lástima what a pity, too badPhrases to Listen For The dogs wait. The ship breaks through the ice estrellas fugaces shooting stars and comes to a halt. de buena suerte good luck Ⅺ echar un vistazo to take a quick glance ▪ echar tal vez maybe to throw ▪ vistazo quick glance pase lo que pase subj whatever happens me alegra I’m glad (lit it makes me happy) The team joins the captain on the ice; comments tenía que I had to are barely audible. Shortly, the team joins the ¿qué pasó…? what happened …? captain on the bridge. ya se acabó it finished Ⅺ grueso thick qué lástima what a pity, that’s too bad Ⅺ sorprendernos to surprise us ▪ sorprender echar un vistazo to take a look lo que what to surprise Ⅺ hemos cruzado we have crossed ▪ cruzar la recta final the final stretch lo lamento I’m sorry to cross Ⅺ recta final home stretch ▪ recta straight line ▪ de ida y vuelta round trip tiene mucha razón he’s quite right, he makes final final Ⅺ novia girlfriend ▪ novio boyfriend a lot of sense Ⅺ italiana Italian en serio seriously Ⅺ témpano ice floe hay que it’s necessary Ⅺ banco bank de ese modo that way Ⅺ bloqueó it blocked ▪ bloquear to block sin ofender no offense Ⅺ ruta routeNames Ⅺ pingüinos de Adelia Adélie penguins ▪Jerry, Hansen, Simonetta Pirelli, Lamborghini, pingüino penguin ▪ Adelia AdéliePolarsyssel Ⅺ pescar to fish Ⅺ relevancia relevance The helicopter approaches a ship. Ⅺ paciencia patienceⅪ helicóptero lima noviembre Oscar Mike bravo Ⅺ trazar to map, to trace helicopter Lima November Oscar Mike Bravo Ⅺ investigadores researchers ▪ investigador [aviation code identification] ▪ researcher helicóptero helicopter Ⅺ pista track, trailⅪ solicito I request ▪ solicitar to request, to solicit Ⅺ taza cup
  • 42. ····· 12 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ sabroso delicious Ⅺ todos a bordo all aboard Ⅺ oficina office Ⅺ extraordinario extraordinary Ⅺ grazie, Geraldo thank you, Jerry [italian] While the team views a map, Cooper continues Ⅺ vuelos flights ▪ vuelo flight to explain his idea. Ⅺ soporté I tolerated ▪ soportar to tolerate Ⅺ de ida y vuelta round trip Ⅺ revancha revenge Ⅺ mitad nf half Ⅺ venganza revenge Ⅺ distancia distance Ⅺ bases bases ▪ base nf base Ⅺ equipada equipped ▪ equipado equipped ▪ 13 One More 9:51 equipar to equip Ⅺ vehículos de tracción tractors, Caterpillar® ▪ Phrases to Listen For vehículo vehicle ▪ tracción traction por favor please Ⅺ cohete nm rocket lo siento I’m sorry Ⅺ resuelto resolved ▪ resolver to resolve no está tan mal it’s not that bad Ⅺ sin ofender exp no offense ▪ ofender to offend ¿qué tal…? what about …? hora de irnos time to go Names 12 Return to the Base 5:03 Buck, Truman, Shorty Phrases to Listen For The team arrives at Victoria. Jerry follows the todos a bordo all aboard chains. ¡qué lindo! beautiful!, how beautiful! Ⅺ liberarse to get free en cuanto a concerning Ⅺ cadena chain la revancha es dulce revenge is sweet Ⅺ precioso precious ¿verdad que sí? isn’t that right? Ⅺ cara face Name Ⅺ quítamelo imp get him off ▪ quitar to remove Ⅺ estrellas stars ▪ estrella star Geraldo The team arrives at the Italian base in the The dogs board. Max refuses. helicopter. Ⅺ obediente obedient Ⅺ calma exp easy, take it easy, be calm Ⅺ llaves keys ▪ llave nf key Ⅺ encendemos we start ▪ encender to start Ⅺ bodega warehouse Ⅺ palas shovels ▪ pala shovel [motor] Ⅺ espacio space Ⅺ cavar to dig Cooper drives the snow tractor out of the storage unit. Jerry, Katie, and McClaren join Cooper on 14 End Credits 7:30 board. Later, the dogs wait as the snow tractor crosses the ice. End credits.
  • 43. · · · · · BEGINNER ······The Fox and the Hound Apuesto que sabes jugar a las escondidas. I bet you’d be good playing hide-and-seek.genre Adventure/Animationyear 1981directors Ted Berman, Richard Rich, Art Stevenscast Arturo Mercado, Juan Antonio Edwards, Carmen Donadíostudio Walt Disney ProductionsCan the childhood friendship that develops between a fox named Tod and a houndnamed Toby last? After a time, these two friends go their separate ways. When theymeet up years later as hunter and hunted, it’s bound to be interesting. Though toldas a serious story, the comedic relief provided by Dinky and his pal Trabalenguasas they hunt the caterpillar is delightful and clever. This is an excellent Beginner filmfor the student who is just starting to use Spanish in context, because the dialoguehas a fairly slow pace, the accents are easy to understand, and the grammar is simple. 13
  • 44. ····· 14 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies BASIC VOCABULARY 2 Orphaned 3:13 Names Phrases to Listen For Abigail, Amos, Búho, Dinky, Slade, Toby, a ver let’s see Trabalenguas (Tongue Twister), Vixey no te preocupes imp don’t worry Nouns me encargaré de todo I’ll handle everything Ⅺ amistad friendship ▪ Cuando el tiempo haya Name pasado, ¿durará esa amistad o se olvidará? Mama Búho When time has passed, will that friendship last or will it be forgotten? Mama Búho approaches the young fox by the Ⅺ bosque nm forest ▪ ¿Te parece bien andar fence. por el bosque a medianoche despertando a los Ⅺ tranquilízate imp calm down ▪ tranquilizarse demás? Does it seem all right to you to travel through the forest in the middle of the night to calm down Ⅺ no tardaré I won’t take long ▪ tardarse to take waking up others? Ⅺ cazador hunter ▪ Te vimos volver con Jefe long, to be delayed y el cazador. We saw you return with Chief Trabalenguas pecks at a tree. Mama Búho soon and the hunter. joins them. Ⅺ demonios int demons [used as an exclamation, Ⅺ encuentro I find ▪ encontrar to find, along the lines of “rats,” “nuts,” or “holy cow”] ▪ demonio demon ▪ Demonios, mujer, me estás to encounter lastimando el pie. For gosh sakes, woman, The three birds hold council together. you’re hurting my foot. Ⅺ diantres int demons, devils, evil spirits Ⅺ me encargaré I’ll take charge ▪ encargarse [used as an exclamation, along the lines of “rats,” to take charge “nuts,” or “holy cow”] ▪ diantre demon, devil, evil spirit ▪ ¡O, diantres! Creo que se torció 3 Widow Tweed Adopts Tod 2:16 mi p-p-pico. Oh, shucks! I think I bent my b-b-beak! Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ gusano worm ▪ Que no escape ese gusano. hacerte daño to hurt you Don’t let that worm escape. me parece que it seems to me that Ⅺ propiedad property ▪ ¡Fuera de mi propiedad! tener miedo to be afraid Get off my property! Ⅺ zorrito little fox ▪ Eres un zorrito muy glotón. Widow Tweed sees the birds carrying her clothes. You are a very gluttonous little fox. Ⅺ ropa clothes Ⅺ zorro fox ▪ Libertó a ese zorro en alguna parte Ⅺ diablillos little devils ▪ diablillo dim little devil del bosque. She let that fox go in some part of [term of endearment] ▪ diablo devil the forest. Ⅺ traviesas mischievous ▪ travieso mischievous, Verbs pesky Ⅺ aves birds ▪ ave nf bird Ⅺ cazar to hunt ▪ Prohibido Cazar No Hunting Ⅺ ¡válgame Dios! int oh dear!, good heavens! (lit Hunting Prohibited) Ⅺ daño damage Ⅺ escapar to escape ▪ Jefe no lo dejará escapar. Ⅺ pequeño pillo little rascal ▪ pequeño little ▪ Chief won’t let him escape. pillo rascal Other Ⅺ adentro adv inside ▪ Sé que está adentro. Widow Tweed sits in the rocking chair with the I know that he is inside. young fox. Ⅺ glotón gluttonous, greedy 1 Opening Credits 4:33 4 A Surprise for Chief 1:30 Opening credits. A mother fox flees with her pup in an effort to escape barking dogs. Phrases to Listen For ¿qué te parece…? what do you think about …? más vale you’d better, you might as well a partir de hoy beginning today
  • 45. The Fox and the Hound · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 15 ····· Amos presents a small dog to old Chief. Ⅺ cierra imp close ▪ cerrar to closeⅪ sorpresa surprise Ⅺ pico beakⅪ cachorro puppyⅪ crecerá he will grow ▪ crecer to grow Tod joins Dinky and Trabalenguas at the tree.Ⅺ más vale you’d better Ⅺ no te metas imp don’t interfere ▪ meterseⅪ te acostumbres subj you get used to ▪ to interfere, to become involved in acostumbrarse to get used to Ⅺ asunto matterⅪ a partir de hoy starting today ▪ a partir de Ⅺ que no escape subj don’t let it escape ▪ starting, beginning ▪ hoy today escapar to escape Ⅺ tras after Ⅺ recto direct hit, straight hit 5 Mischief in the Barn 6:02 Ⅺ quijada jaw Ⅺ se torció it was bent ▪ torcerse to bendPhrases to Listen For Ⅺ desayuno breakfast tendrás que you will have to Ⅺ gusanos worms ▪ gusano worm por supuesto of course Ⅺ desayunar to eat breakfast ya entiendo now I understand Ⅺ guácala gross, sick ya basta enough already lo que what Tod chases a butterfly. Toby sniffs a scent. dale duro imp give it to him hard Ⅺ estás olfateando are you sniffing ▪ olfatear no es asunto tuyo it’s none of your business to sniff duro con él be tough with him Ⅺ había olfateado I had sniffed ▪ olfatear to sniff ¿por dónde se fue? where’d he go? Ⅺ olor smell, odor ¿qué te pasó? what happened to you? Ⅺ está cocinando he is cooking ▪ cocinar to cook tuviste la culpa it was your fault Ⅺ pollo chicken tienes la culpa it is your fault Ⅺ patatas potatoes ▪ patata potato confiar en ti to trust you Ⅺ hueles you smell ▪ oler to smell a ver let’s see Ⅺ huelo I smell ▪ oler to smell tienes mucho que aprender you have a lot to Ⅺ olores smells, odors ▪ olor nm smell, odor learn Ⅺ averiguar to investigate, to find outNames Ⅺ olfato sense of smell Ⅺ guiará it will guide ▪ guiar to guideAbigail, Tod, Toby The widow Tweed is milking a cow. Tod is with her. 6 Tod and Copper Meet 1:15Ⅺ paciente patient Phrases to Listen ForⅪ labores chores ▪ labor nm chore, labor, work ¿cómo te llamas? what is your name? claro que sí of course Tod frightens the hen.Ⅺ leche nf milk Tod speaks to Toby inside the fallen tree.Ⅺ tranquilízate imp calm down, easy ▪ Ⅺ estás oliendo are you smelling ▪ oler to smell tranquilizarse to calm down Ⅺ rastrear to look for signs or clues, to follow a trailⅪ tranquila exp easy, take it easy, be calm Ⅺ jugar a las escondidas to play hide-and-seekⅪ zalamerías flattery ▪ zalamería flattery Ⅺ olfato sense of smellⅪ enojarme to get angry, to become angry ▪ Ⅺ voltéate imp turn around ▪ voltearse to turn enojarse to get angry, to become angry aroundⅪ pillo rascal Ⅺ cierra imp close ▪ cerrar to closeⅪ travesuras pranks ▪ travesura prank, mischief Outside the barn, Tod speaks for the first time. Dinky and Trabalenguas fly toward a tree. 7 “The Best of Friends” 4:15Ⅺ olvido I forget ▪ olvidar to forget Phrases to Listen ForⅪ no escapará he will not escape ▪ escapar otra vez again to escape ni siquiera verás you will not even seeⅪ raro strange tengo que irme I have to go
  • 46. ····· 16 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies hay que it’s necessary The widow Tweed slams the brakes on her car mi mejor amigo my best friend and faces up to Amos. a ver let’s see Ⅺ escopetero shotgun shooter tiene que hacer he has to do Ⅺ lunático adj crazy claro que no of course not Ⅺ radiador radiator ¿por qué no? why not? Ⅺ endiablada devilish ▪ endiablado devilish Ⅺ está cargada it’s loaded ▪ cargar to load Toby and Tod play hide-and-seek while “Best of Ⅺ ladrón adj thieving Friends” is sung in Spanish in the background. Ⅺ gallinas hens ▪ gallina hen Ⅺ alegría happiness Ⅺ mentiroso liar Ⅺ tengo que irme I have to go ▪ irse to go away Ⅺ torpe clumsy Ⅺ rara strange ▪ raro strange Ⅺ testaruda stubborn ▪ testarudo stubborn Ⅺ ideal ideal Ⅺ carácter nm character Ⅺ durará it will last ▪ durar to last Ⅺ causar to cause Ⅺ dispararé I will shoot ▪ disparar to shoot Toby and Tod swim as Mama Búho looks on. Ⅺ no fallaré I will not fail ▪ fallar to fail Amos and Chief look for Toby. Ⅺ nadar to swim Ⅺ travieso mischievous Ⅺ cachorro puppy 9 Cooped Up 2:56 Ⅺ escaparse to escape Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ obedecer to obey otra vez again Ⅺ nos estamos divirtiendo we’re having fun ▪ lo que what divertirse to have fun a ver let’s see Ⅺ enojado angry ▪ enojarse to get angry tienes que you have to Toby is tied up. Tod and Toby play. Tod looks out the window as the widow Tweed Ⅺ amarrado tied up ▪ amarrar to tie cooks. Ⅺ divertido fun ▪ divertirse to have fun Ⅺ me apena it grieves me ▪ apenar to grieve Ⅺ ruido noise Ⅺ encerrado locked up, enclosed ▪ encerrar to lock up, to enclose Ⅺ causaste you caused ▪ causar to cause 8 Tod Gets into Trouble 4:37 Ⅺ ayer yesterday Ⅺ cacería hunting Phrase to Listen For ya basta enough already Amos starts his car and prepares to leave. Tod observes Chief as he sleeps. Ⅺ endemoniada fiendish, demon-possessed ▪ Ⅺ ¡caracoles! int jeepers!, yikes!, holy smokes!, endemoniado fiendish, demon-possessed good grief! ▪ caracol nm snail Ⅺ arruinar to ruin Ⅺ orejas ears ▪ oreja ear Ⅺ radiador radiator Ⅺ ¡caray! int good heavens! Ⅺ enseñaremos we will teach you ▪ enseñar Ⅺ dientotes big teeth ▪ diente nm tooth to teach Ⅺ no escapará he will not escape ▪ escapar Ⅺ perseguir to pursue to escape Ⅺ zorros foxes ▪ zorro fox Ⅺ está persiguiendo he is pursuing ▪ perseguir Ⅺ novato beginner, rookie to pursue Ⅺ derecho right Ⅺ acorralado pinned down, cornered ▪ acorralar Ⅺ primavera spring [season] to corral, to surround, to pin down, to corner Ⅺ malvado evil After Toby, Chief, and Amos drive away, Tod talks Ⅺ tejón nm badger to Mama Búho. Ⅺ despedirme to say good-bye ▪ despedirse to say Chief discovers Tod and the chase begins. good-bye Ⅺ que no te alcance subj don’t let him catch you Ⅺ burlar to outsmart, to outwit, to evade (lit may he not reach you) ▪ alcanzar to reach Ⅺ educación education
  • 47. The Fox and the Hound · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 17 ····· 10 “Lack of Education” 7:14 11 The Next Spring 5:23Phrases to Listen For Phrases to Listen For ¿por qué? why? a ver let’s see haces amistad you make friends (lit you make lo siento I’m sorry friendship) lo que what mejor amigo best friend claro que of course lo que what ya basta enough already para que so that hasta luego see you later (lit until later) lo siento I’m sorry qué grande está how big he is ¡al ataque! attack! no importa it doesn’t matter por aquí over here hace mucho tiempo it’s been a long time hasta luego see you later (lit until later) está bien it’s fine, okay hay que it’s necessary Mama Búho sings “Lack of Education.” de acuerdo agreed, all rightⅪ eliminación eliminationⅪ can nm canine, dog NameⅪ persigue he pursues ▪ perseguir to pursue Mama BúhoⅪ rencor nm rancor Mama Búho talks to Tod as Dinky and TrabalenguasⅪ educación education arrive.Ⅺ mas but Ⅺ bienvenidos welcome ▪ bienvenido adjⅪ alerta alertⅪ piel nf skin welcome Ⅺ solitario lonelyⅪ localizar to find Ⅺ pillos rascals ▪ pillo rascalⅪ torva stern ▪ torvo stern Ⅺ seguramente surelyⅪ mirada look ▪ mirar to look at Ⅺ flaco skinnyⅪ arma weapon Ⅺ feo uglyⅪ cargada loaded ▪ cargar to load Ⅺ fino fine The birds show Tod the animal hides. Ⅺ elegante elegantⅪ asesino killer Ⅺ collar nm collarⅪ cariño dear, sweetie Ⅺ cola tail Ⅺ están molestándome you are bothering me ▪ The “worm” breaks through the snow. Dinky and molestar to bother Trabalenguas chase him.Ⅺ se está congelando it is freezing ▪ congelarse The widow Tweed carries a plant outside. to freeze, to be freezing Dinky and Trabalenguas spot the “worm” andⅪ pico beak give chase.Ⅺ odioso hateful Ⅺ asunto matterⅪ cómodo comfortable Ⅺ pendiente pendingⅪ caliente hot Ⅺ tubo tube, pipeⅪ abrigado protected ▪ abrigar to protect, Ⅺ ¿lo atrapaste? did you trap him? ▪ atrapar to shelter to trapⅪ picos beaks ▪ pico beak Ⅺ se escondió he hid himself ▪ esconderseⅪ se congelan they become frozen ▪ congelarse to hide to become frozen, to freeze Ⅺ ¡recórcholis! int double wow! ▪ córcholis wowⅪ afuera outsideⅪ quejándonos complaining ▪ quejarse Amos, Toby, and Chief arrive home in the truck to complain filled with pelts.Ⅺ temblando trembling ▪ temblar to tremble Ⅺ cruel cruel Ⅺ artero crafty Dinky and Trabalenguas say good-bye to Mama Ⅺ enojado angry ▪ enojarse to get angry Búho. Toby and Chief hunt through the winter.Ⅺ invierno winter Mama Búho talks to Tod about the pelts.Ⅺ sur nm south Ⅺ cuántas how many ▪ cuántos how manyⅪ primavera spring [season] Ⅺ pieles skins ▪ piel nf skin
  • 48. ····· 18 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ se va a alegrar he is going to be happy ▪ “Good-bye May Seem alegrarse to be happy Ⅺ no te apures imp don’t hurry ▪ apurarse 14 Forever” 6:55 to hurry Phrases to Listen For para siempre forever Toby tries to play with Chief. lo que what Ⅺ divertirnos to have fun ▪ divertirse to have ¿te parece bien…? does it seem all right …? fun ni siquiera preguntaron they didn’t even ask Ⅺ falla failure por aquí over here Ⅺ cacería hunting Ⅺ novato rookie, beginner Widow Tweed places Tod in the car. Ⅺ olfatear to sniff Ⅺ por casualidad by coincidence Ⅺ rastrear to look for signs or clues, to follow Ⅺ soledad loneliness a trail Ⅺ mas but Ⅺ zorros foxes ▪ zorro fox Ⅺ tristeza sadness Ⅺ olfatearlos to sniff them ▪ olfatear to sniff Ⅺ alegría happiness Ⅺ rastrearlos to track them ▪ rastrear to track Ⅺ nació was born ▪ nacer to be born Ⅺ odiarlos to hate them ▪ odiar to hate Ⅺ descubrí I discovered ▪ descubrir to discover Ⅺ recuerdo I remember ▪ recordar to remember Ⅺ lluviosos rainy ▪ lluvioso rainy 12 A Difficult Reunion 4:56 Ⅺ nos calentábamos we warmed up ▪ calentarse to warm up Phrases to Listen For de acuerdo agreed, all right Tod seeks shelter from the storm. antes de que before Ⅺ ajena belonging to someone else ▪ ajeno hay que it’s necessary belonging to someone else otra vez again gracias a Dios thank God Amos spies the widow Tweed arriving in the storm. Ⅺ libertó she set free ▪ libertar to set free Tod visits Toby in the night. Ⅺ oí I heard ▪ oír to hear Chief recovers from his injury. Ⅺ has crecido you have grown ▪ crecer to grow Ⅺ pata leg [of an animal], paw Ⅺ me agrada I’m happy (lit it pleases me) ▪ Ⅺ comida food agradar to please Ⅺ suave soft Ⅺ dificultades difficulties ▪ dificultad nf Ⅺ almohada pillow difficulty Ⅺ comodidad comfort Ⅺ calor nm heat Chief discovers Tod. Amos chases. The widow Ⅺ barril nm barrel Tweed leaves her house. Ⅺ visitar to visit Ⅺ están persiguiendo they are pursuing ▪ Ⅺ inválido adj invalid perseguir to pursue Ⅺ qué ingratos how ungrateful ▪ ingrato ungrateful Ⅺ atrápenlo imp trap him ▪ atrapar to trap Ⅺ que no escape subj don’t let him escape ▪ Amos shows Toby the trap. escapar to escape Ⅺ sin sospechar without suspecting ▪ sospechar to suspect The train crosses the bridge. Ⅺ salta imp jump ▪ saltar to jump Big Mama Comes Looking 15 for Tod 3:47 13 The Aftermath 2:31 Phrases to Listen For Amos Slade threatens Tod at the widow Tweed’s me alegra I’m happy (lit it makes me happy) house. no tengo nada que hacer I have nothing to do Ⅺ encerrado locked up ▪ encerrar to lock up, ¿qué pasó? what happened? to enclose lo siento I’m sorry
  • 49. The Fox and the Hound · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 19 ····· ¿por qué…? why …? Ⅺ mira a tu alrededor imp look at your se ve he looks surroundings, look around you ▪ mirar tal vez maybe, perhaps to look at ▪ alrededor surroundings te ves bellísima you look beautiful Ⅺ bello beautiful, pretty buenos días good morning Ⅺ anoche last nightName Tod sees Vixey.Mama Búho Ⅺ zorrita dim little fox ▪ zorro fox Ⅺ sorpresa surprise Mama Búho searches for Tod and talks to Vixey.Ⅺ alas wings ▪ ala wing Tod hunts fish for Vixey.Ⅺ más vale you’d betterⅪ kilos kilograms ▪ kilo kilogram Ⅺ río river Ⅺ truchas trout ▪ trucha troutⅪ edad age Ⅺ pescar to fishⅪ guapo handsome, good-looking Ⅺ experto expertⅪ caray int yikes, good heavens Ⅺ pescador adj fish-catchingⅪ me alegra I’m happy (lit it makes me happy) ▪ Ⅺ alardear to boast, to brag alegrar to make happy Ⅺ trucos tricks ▪ truco trickⅪ seguramente surely Ⅺ nunca fallo I never fail ▪ fallar to fail Ⅺ que pesque una subj may he catch one ▪ Tod falls out of the tree. pescar to catch fish, to fishⅪ anoche last night Ⅺ enorme enormousⅪ intención intention Ⅺ observa imp observe ▪ observar to observeⅪ revolviste you mixed up ▪ revolver Ⅺ la atrapé I caught it! ▪ atrapar to catch, to mix up to trapⅪ hueca empty, hollow ▪ hueco empty, hollowⅪ accidente nm accident Tod catches a stick instead of a fish.Ⅺ excusas excuses ▪ excusa excuseⅪ no te metas imp don’t interfere, don’t meddle ▪ Ⅺ granja farm Ⅺ pesca fishing meterse to interfere, to meddle Ⅺ gracioso funnyⅪ alfiletero ambulante walking pincushion ▪ Ⅺ ríanse imp laugh ▪ reírse to laugh alfiletero pincushion ▪ ambulante walking Ⅺ evitarlo to avoid it ▪ evitar to avoidⅪ gruñón nm grump, grouch Ⅺ hueca empty ▪ hueco emptyⅪ vecindario neighborhood Ⅺ enojarte to get angry ▪ enojarse to get angryⅪ forastero outsider, stranger Ⅺ no me regañes imp don’t scold me ▪ regañar Mama Búho and Vixey find Tod. to scoldⅪ cariño dear, sweetieⅪ completamente completely 17 “Appreciate the Lady” 3:17Ⅺ mágicas magic ▪ mágico magic Phrases to Listen For no te enojes imp don’t get angry 16 Tod Meets Vixey 3:33 estoy segura de que I’m sure thatPhrases to Listen For Tod is dripping wet. Mama Búho sings. ¿por qué no? why not? Ⅺ no te enojes imp don’t be angry ▪ enojarse claro que sí of course to get angry por favor please Ⅺ simpatía sympathy claro que no of course not Ⅺ satisfacciones satisfaction ▪ satisfacción así es that’s how, that’s the way, that’s right satisfaction lo siento I’m sorry Ⅺ sincero sincere Ⅺ afecto affection Mama Búho approaches Tod. Ⅺ simular to fake, to feignⅪ terrible terrible Ⅺ alardear to brag, to boastⅪ anímate imp cheer up ▪ animarse Ⅺ halagar to compliment, to flatter to cheer up Ⅺ natural natural
  • 50. ····· 20 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Dinky and Trabalenguas laugh. 19 An Unexpected Turn of Events 3:10 Ⅺ interesante interesting Amos falls into his own trap. Tod saves Toby from Vixey shows Tod the forest. the bear. Ⅺ te mostraré I will show you ▪ mostrar to show Ⅺ ideal ideal 20 Copper Saves Tod 5:37 18 The Hunter Seeks Revenge 5:36 Phrases to Listen For ¿qué pasó? what happened? Phrase to Listen For buena suerte good luck tengo miedo I’m afraid ten cuidado be careful mi mejor amigo my best friend Amos reads the “No Hunting” sign. Name Ⅺ prohibido cazar no hunting ▪ prohibido Slade prohibited ▪ cazar to hunt ▪ prohibir to prohibit Ⅺ rastréalo imp track him down, track him ▪ Toby saves Tod from Amos. Dinky and rastrear to track Trabalenguas find a butterfly. The widow Tweed dresses Amos’ wounds. Amos places the trap. Ⅺ te estás portando you are behaving ▪ portarse Ⅺ beberla to drink it ▪ beber to drink to behave Ⅺ estás lastimando you are hurting ▪ lastimar Tod and Vixey play. Amos reviews his traps. to hurt Ⅺ astuto clever, astute Ⅺ pie nm foot Ⅺ diablo devil Ⅺ tonterías foolishness Ⅺ está mejorando it is improving ▪ mejorar Tod steps on the traps. to improve Ⅺ se está escapando he’s escaping ▪ escaparse to escape Chief speaks to Toby. Ⅺ alboroto racket, uproar, fuss Tod and Vixey run away. Ⅺ está armando he is kicking up ▪ armar Ⅺ refugio refuge, den to kick up Ⅺ pierna leg Tod and Vixey are inside the den. Ⅺ lastimada injured ▪ lastimado injured ▪ Ⅺ por detrás through the back lastimar to injure, to hurt Ⅺ salida exit Ⅺ no tardarán they won’t be long ▪ tardar to be Toby remembers when he and Tod first met. long [time] Tod and Vixey look over the farm.
  • 51. · · · · · BEGINNER ······March of the Penguins El rigor del invierno se debilita con lentitud y los polluelos comienzan a correr libremente. Winter’s grip slowly weakens and the chicks begin to run free.genre Documentary/Natureyear 2005director Luc Jacquetcast Emperor penguinsstudio Warner Independent PicturesWho would think you could turn a film about penguins into a tense drama of loveand survival? Luc Jacquet and his team combine tremendous cinematography with brilliantstorytelling to bring the story of the emperor penguins of Antarctica to life. This AcademyAward winner will hold your attention as you witness the perils these penguins face yearafter year. It’s a great film for those who are just beginning to use Spanish in context,because the Spanish is precisely and deliberately spoken, contains limited complexgrammar, and gives the student time to breathe in between narrations. 21
  • 52. ····· 22 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies BASIC VOCABULARY Ⅺ pingüinos penguins ▪ pingüino penguin ▪ Nouns Para encontrarse entre la enorme multitud, los pingüinos dependen del sonido, no de la vista. Ⅺ alimento food, nourishment ▪ No falta mucho In order to find each other among the enormous para que los padres regresen con sus estómagos crowd, the penguins depend on sound, not on llenos de alimento para los polluelos. It won’t be sight. ▪ El pingüino solitario no tiene esperanzas long before the fathers return with their stomachs contra el frío del invierno. The lone penguin has filled with nourishment for the chicks. no hope against the cold of winter. Ⅺ comida food ▪ Durante los siguientes meses los Ⅺ polluelos fledglings, chicks ▪ polluelo fledgling, padres se turnarán para viajar al mar en busca de chick ▪ Y con toda probabilidad sus polluelos comida. During the following months, the parents no volverán a verlos. And in all probability, their will take turns traveling to the sea in search of chicks will not return to see them. food. Ⅺ temperatura temperature ▪ Cada día la Ⅺ hambre nf hunger ▪ Ella está literalmente temperatura desciende un poco más, y el sol se muriéndose de hambre. She is literally dying pone más temprano. Every day the temperature of hunger. drops a little more, and the sun goes down earlier. Ⅺ hielo ice ▪ El hielo comienza a adelgazar y desquebrajarse. The ice begins to thin and to break Verb apart. Ⅺ alimentarse to feed oneself, to nourish oneself ▪ Ⅺ huevo egg ▪ Por ahora esperan al huevo y al Y las madres deben regresar para alimentarse una brutal invierno que hará todo lo posible para vez más. And the mothers must return to nourish destruir ese huevo y al polluelo que alberga. For themselves once more. now, they wait for the egg and for the brutal winter Other that will do everything possible to destroy that egg Ⅺ finalmente adv finally ▪ Y finalmente, un día and the chick it houses. a principios de junio recordamos por qué vinieron Ⅺ invierno winter ▪ El invierno podrá haber aquí. And finally, one day at the beginning of June, terminado, pero no así los peligros. Winter may we recalled why they came here. have ended, but not the dangers. Ⅺ recién adv recently (example: recién nacido Ⅺ machos males ▪ macho male ▪ Como hay menos newborn [lit recently born]) ▪ Y tal como lo machos que hembras, aquí las hostilidades entre hicieron con el huevo, los padres rápidamente las hembras son inevitables. As there are fewer entregan los recién nacidos a las madres. males than females, here the hostilities among the And just like they did with the egg, the fathers females are inevitable. quickly give the newborns to the mothers. Ⅺ marcha march ▪ Naturalmente, después de su larga marcha, están ansiosas por volver al agua, 1 Antarctica 4:06 algunas veces demasiado ansiosas. Naturally, after their long march, they are anxious to return to the Phrases to Listen For water, sometimes too anxious. tiempo atrás long ago Ⅺ millas miles ▪ milla mile ▪ Las madres tal vez maybe, perhaps exhaustas habrán caminado setenta millas. The exhausted mothers will have walked seventy miles. Opening credits. Ⅺ océano ocean ▪ Y para noviembre, el océano está Ⅺ promedio average a unos pocos centenares de yardas del criadero. Ⅺ fondo bottom And by November, the ocean is a few hundred Ⅺ moderada moderate ▪ moderado moderate yards from the breeding ground. Ⅺ grados degrees ▪ grado degree Ⅺ pareja mate ▪ Al regresar, las madres rodean Ⅺ Fahrenheit Fahrenheit la multitud y gritan con fuerza y esperan a que su Ⅺ Antártida Antarctica pareja les responda. On their return, the mothers Ⅺ tropical tropical surround the multitude and they shout loudly and Ⅺ densos dense ▪ denso dense wait for their mate to answer them. Ⅺ bosques forests ▪ bosque nm forest Ⅺ patas feet ▪ pata foot [of an animal] ▪ Cuando Ⅺ continente nm continent se cansan de caminar hacen descansar las patas, Ⅺ desplazarse to be displaced, to be moved y usan el vientre en su lugar. When they get tired Ⅺ sur nm south of walking, they rest their feet and use their bellies Ⅺ desplazamiento displacement, movement from instead. one place to another
  • 53. March of the Penguins · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 23 ·····Ⅺ reemplazados replaced ▪ reemplazado Several penguins leap out of the water. replaced ▪ reemplazar to replace Ⅺ marzo MarchⅪ superficie nf surface Ⅺ verano summer Ⅺ polar polar A half-moon is visible above the ice. Ⅺ aves birds ▪ ave nf birdⅪ antiguos ancient ▪ antiguo ancient Ⅺ alimentándose feeding themselves, nourishingⅪ moradores inhabitants ▪ morador inhabitant themselves ▪ alimentarse to feed oneself,Ⅺ leyenda legend to nourish oneselfⅪ tribu nf tribe Ⅺ estómago stomachⅪ clima nm climate, weather Ⅺ reproducción reproductionⅪ temporal temporary Ⅺ setenta seventyⅪ obstinados obstinate ▪ obstinado obstinate Ⅺ continuamente continuallyⅪ denodadas stalwart, bold ▪ denodado stalwart, Ⅺ peligroso dangerous bold Ⅺ aparentemente apparentlyⅪ almas souls ▪ alma soul Ⅺ no sobrevivirán they will not survive ▪Ⅺ rehusaron they refused ▪ rehusar to refuse sobrevivir to surviveⅪ partir to depart, to leave Ⅺ sin embargo howeverⅪ millones millions ▪ millón nm million Ⅺ clan nm clanⅪ hogar nm home Ⅺ haya saltado subj he has jumped ▪ saltarⅪ oscuro dark to jumpⅪ seco dryⅪ ventoso windy The camera pans over crowds of penguinsⅪ supervivencia survival marching toward the camera. Several penguinsⅪ triunfo triumph pause, one in the foreground. Ⅺ destino destination, destiny Ⅺ no obstante however 2 On Foot and Stomach 5:42 Ⅺ bloques blocks ▪ bloque nm block Ⅺ desconcierta it disconcerts ▪ desconcertarPhrases to Listen For to disconcert así que so Ⅺ certeza certainty habrá de comenzar it will have begun Ⅺ estrellas stars ▪ estrella star a veces sometimes Ⅺ habiendo realizado having carried out, sin embargo however having completed, having accomplished ▪ no obstante however realizar to carry out, to complete, suele ser it usually is to accomplish lleno de gracia graceful Ⅺ centenares hundreds ▪ centenar nm (about a) hundred An ice mountain is shown. Shortly, a penguin leaps Ⅺ generaciones generations ▪ generación out of the water. generationⅪ mayoría majority Ⅺ guiados guided ▪ guiado guided ▪ guiarⅪ acto act to guideⅪ disparatado absurd Ⅺ invisible invisibleⅪ emperador emperor Ⅺ brújula compassⅪ técnicamente technically Ⅺ interna internal ▪ interno internalⅪ ave nf bird Ⅺ permanecen they remain ▪ permanecerⅪ época season, time of year to remainⅪ abandona he abandons ▪ abandonar Ⅺ indecisos indecisive ▪ indeciso indecisive to abandon Ⅺ retoma he takes up again ▪ retomar to take upⅪ comodidad comfort againⅪ hogar nm homeⅪ oceánico oceanic A line of penguins crosses the ice in the distance;Ⅺ emprender to undertake mountains of ice are in the background. Shortly,Ⅺ formidable formidable the penguins are shown sliding on their bellies.Ⅺ distancia distance Ⅺ vientre nm bellyⅪ no nadará he will not swim ▪ nadar to swim Ⅺ suele it usually ▪ soler to usually (ϩ verb)
  • 54. ····· 24 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ desfile nm parade Ⅺ se disponen they set about, they prepare, Ⅺ gracia grace, humor they get ready ▪ disponerse to set about, to prepare, to get ready Ⅺ propósito purpose Ⅺ realmente really 3 Birthplace Gathering 4:35 Phrases to Listen For The camera continues to focus on one pair a menudo often of penguins. Then a close-up shows a penguin lo que what marching to the right. Ⅺ pingüinos emperadores emperor penguins ▪ The wind blows ice and snow into the air. pingüino penguin ▪ emperador emperor The penguins appear tiny in the distance. Ⅺ monógamos monogamous Ⅺ aparean they mate ▪ aparear to mate Ⅺ desciende it descends ▪ descender to descend Ⅺ temprano early Ⅺ estación season [of the year] Ⅺ búsqueda search Ⅺ clima nm climate, weather Ⅺ machos males ▪ macho male Ⅺ notablemente notably Ⅺ hembras females ▪ hembra female Ⅺ riguroso rigorous Ⅺ hostilidades hostilities ▪ hostilidad hostility Ⅺ caravanas caravans ▪ caravana caravan Ⅺ inevitables inevitable, unavoidable ▪ Ⅺ similares similar ▪ similar similar Ⅺ se aproximan they draw near ▪ aproximarse inevitable inevitable, unavoidable Ⅺ comprometido committed ▪ comprometerse to draw near Ⅺ direcciones directions ▪ dirección to commit oneself Ⅺ instantáneamente instantaneously direction Ⅺ disponible available Ⅺ a menudo often Ⅺ ocasionalmente occasionally Ⅺ nacieron they were born ▪ nacer Ⅺ hembra female to be born Ⅺ interrumpir to interrupt Ⅺ cortejo courtship The camera pans an immense line of marching Ⅺ objeción objection penguins. Several penguins on their bellies cross Ⅺ aprovechan they take advantage of ▪ aprovechar in front of another penguin. to take advantage of Ⅺ aparearán they will mate ▪ aparear Ⅺ ocasión occasion to mate Ⅺ acicalarse to preen Ⅺ relativa relative ▪ relativo relative Ⅺ muecas faces, facial gestures ▪ mueca face, Ⅺ seguridad security facial gesture Ⅺ orilla edge Ⅺ braman they bellow ▪ bramar to bellow Ⅺ merodea it lurks ▪ merodear to lurk, to prowl, Ⅺ se pavonean they strut ▪ pavonearse to strut to wander Ⅺ participan they participate ▪ participar Ⅺ mayoría majority to participate Ⅺ depredadores predators ▪ depredador Ⅺ deportes sports ▪ deporte nm sport predator Ⅺ contacto contact Ⅺ enormes enormous ▪ enorme enormous Ⅺ muros walls ▪ muro wall Ⅺ protección protection Ⅺ vientos winds ▪ viento wind 4 Partnership 5:03 Ⅺ verdadera true ▪ verdadero true Ⅺ eligieron they chose ▪ elegir to choose Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ yace it lies ▪ yacer to lie [position] tiene éxito it is successful Ⅺ grueso thick todo lo posible everything possible Ⅺ firme adj firm Ⅺ verano summer A pair of penguins is shown walking in an open Ⅺ impedirá it will impede, it will prevent ▪ area, a crowd of penguins in the background. impedir to impede, to prevent Ⅺ pocas a few ▪ pocos a few Ⅺ accidentalmente accidentally Ⅺ u or Ⅺ congelado freezing, frozen ▪ congelar Ⅺ mayoría majority to freeze Ⅺ animales animals ▪ animal nm animal
  • 55. March of the Penguins · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 25 ····· A penguin couple caresses one another. Ⅺ congelación freezingⅪ siguientes next ▪ siguiente next Ⅺ agruparse to come together as a group,Ⅺ participará it will participate ▪ participar to huddle together to participate Ⅺ crearan subj they create ▪ crear to createⅪ antigua ancient ▪ antiguo ancient Ⅺ organismo organismⅪ complicada complicated ▪ complicado Ⅺ animales animals ▪ animal nm animal complicated ▪ complicar to complicate Ⅺ se apiñan they crowd together ▪ apiñarseⅪ relación relationship to crowd togetherⅪ demostrarán they will demonstrate ▪ demostrar Ⅺ formar to form to demonstrate Ⅺ masa massⅪ exquisita exquisite ▪ exquisito exquisite Ⅺ movimiento movementⅪ ternura tenderness Ⅺ diseñada designed ▪ diseñado designed ▪Ⅺ separación separation diseñar to designⅪ reuniones meetings ▪ reunión meeting Ⅺ propósito purposeⅪ tiene éxito it is successful ▪ tener éxito to be Ⅺ conservar to conserve successful ▪ tener to have ▪ éxito success Ⅺ calor nm heat, warmthⅪ surgirá it will spring forth ▪ surgir to spring forth Ⅺ tormenta stormⅪ brutal brutal Ⅺ se precipita it rushes ▪ precipitarse to rushⅪ destruir to destroyⅪ alberga it houses ▪ albergar to house The moon shines in the night sky. Ⅺ pocas a few ▪ pocos a few The silhouette of a lone penguin is shown with Ⅺ transcurrir to pass [time] the orange sky in the background. Ⅺ prácticamente practicallyⅪ mayo May Ⅺ lunas moons ▪ luna moonⅪ ha desaparecido it has disappeared ▪ desaparecer Ⅺ interminable interminable to disappear Ⅺ principios de junio the first days of June ▪Ⅺ continúa it continues ▪ continuar to continue principio beginning ▪ junio JuneⅪ descendiendo descending, dropping, going Ⅺ escondido hidden ▪ esconder to hide down ▪ descender to descend, to drop, to go down Ⅺ rápidamente rapidly, quicklyⅪ rezagados stragglers ▪ rezagado straggler Ⅺ late it beats ▪ latir to beatⅪ debilidad weakness Ⅺ interior nm interiorⅪ esperanza hope Ⅺ sobrevivir to surviveⅪ sobrevivir to survive Ⅺ expuesto exposed ▪ exponer to exposeⅪ remota remote ▪ remoto remote Ⅺ congelante freezingⅪ solitario lone Ⅺ aire nm air, windⅪ esperanzas hopes ▪ esperanza hopeⅪ simplemente simply The face of one penguin is shown in close-up.Ⅺ desaparecerá he will disappear ▪ desaparecer Ⅺ a partir de ahora from now on ▪ a partir de to disappear beginning, starting ▪ ahora nowⅪ absorbido absorbed ▪ absorber to absorb Ⅺ hambrienta hungry ▪ hambriento hungryⅪ blancura whiteness Ⅺ enseguida at once, right awayⅪ rodea it surrounds him ▪ rodear to surround Ⅺ parejas couples ▪ pareja couple Ⅺ impulsivas impulsive ▪ impulsivo impulsive Ⅺ apresuradas in a hurry ▪ apresurado in a hurry ▪ 5 Life and Loss 3:30 apresurar to hurry Ⅺ relación relationshipPhrases to Listen For Ⅺ observar to observe en cuanto as soon as Ⅺ reclama it reclaims ▪ reclamar to reclaim a partir de beginning tal vez perhaps, maybe tan solo only 6 Role Reversal 3:48 A black screen fades into crowds of penguins Phrases to Listen For huddling in the distance. en cuanto a concerningⅪ descender to descend a punto de about, at the point ofⅪ tribu nf tribe a pesar de in spite of
  • 56. ····· 26 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies hasta que until Ⅺ duras tough, difficult ▪ duro tough, difficult a salvo safe Ⅺ pruebas tests ▪ prueba test desde luego of course Ⅺ materna maternal ▪ materno maternal a mucha distancia far away, a long way away Ⅺ viaje de regreso return trip ▪ viaje nm trip ▪ regreso return A pair of penguins is shown, one with a feather Ⅺ considerablemente considerably in its mouth. Ⅺ original adj original Ⅺ sitio site Ⅺ relación relationship Ⅺ reproducción reproduction Ⅺ en vano in vain Ⅺ producir to produce Ⅺ parejas couples ▪ pareja couple Ⅺ tercera one third ▪ tercero adj one third Ⅺ huevos eggs ▪ huevo egg Ⅺ peso weight Ⅺ infinita infinite ▪ infinito infinite Ⅺ corporal adj corporal, body Ⅺ paciencia patience Ⅺ literalmente literally Ⅺ ensaya it rehearses ▪ ensayar to rehearse Ⅺ distancia distance Ⅺ necesarios necessary ▪ necesario necessary Ⅺ vigilia vigil Ⅺ transferir to transfer Ⅺ ciento veinticinco one hundred twenty-five Ⅺ implacable relentless, implacable Ⅺ habrán soportado they will have tolerated, Ⅺ practican they practice ▪ practicar to practice Ⅺ torpe uncoordinated they will have withstood ▪ soportar to tolerate, Ⅺ ballet nm ballet to withstand Ⅺ inviernos winters ▪ invierno winter Ⅺ decenas tens ▪ decena (about) ten Ⅺ violentos violent ▪ violento violent Ⅺ memoria memory Ⅺ mortíferos deadly ▪ mortífero deadly Ⅺ bailan they dance ▪ bailar to dance Ⅺ cautivantes captivating ▪ cautivante captivating Ⅺ papel nm role Ⅺ naturaleza nature 7 Winter’s Grip 4:59 Ⅺ macho male Phrase to Listen For Ⅺ se alimenta she feeds herself, she is nourished ▪ tomar en cuenta taking into account alimentarse to feed oneself, to be nourished Ⅺ almacena she stores ▪ almacenar to store The moon disappears behind the clouds. Ⅺ recién nacido newborn ▪ recién recently ▪ Ⅺ se disponen they prepare themselves ▪ nacido born ▪ nacer to be born disponerse to prepare Ⅺ protegerá he will protect ▪ proteger to protect Ⅺ sobrellevar to put up with, to tolerate, to endure Ⅺ violencia violence Ⅺ criadero breeding ground Ⅺ viento wind Ⅺ se precipita it rushes ▪ precipitarse to rush Ⅺ nido nest Ⅺ tormenta storm Ⅺ encima de on top of Ⅺ invernal adj winter Ⅺ manteniéndolo maintaining it ▪ mantener Ⅺ sesenta sixty to maintain Ⅺ grados degrees ▪ grado degree Ⅺ caliente warm Ⅺ viento wind Ⅺ pliegue nm fold Ⅺ soplar to blow Ⅺ piel nf skin Ⅺ cien one hundred Ⅺ vientre nm belly Ⅺ agresivos aggressive ▪ agresivo aggressive Ⅺ resto the rest, the remainder An egg rests on the feet of a penguin. Ⅺ época season, time of year Ⅺ entregar to give, to deliver Ⅺ completamente completely Ⅺ hembra female Ⅺ dóciles docile ▪ dócil docile Ⅺ agotada exhausted ▪ agotado exhausted ▪ Ⅺ forman they form ▪ formar to form agotar to exhaust, to wear out Ⅺ colaborador adj collaborating, working together Ⅺ partir to depart Ⅺ se enfrentan they face ▪ enfrentarse to face Ⅺ rápidamente rapidly, quickly Ⅺ cuerpos bodies ▪ cuerpo body Ⅺ devoción devotion Ⅺ masa mass Ⅺ paterna paternal ▪ paterno paternal Ⅺ turno turn Ⅺ sometida submitted ▪ sometido submitted ▪ Ⅺ centro center someter to submit Ⅺ calor nm heat
  • 57. March of the Penguins · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 27 ····· The male penguins huddle close together, a few Ⅺ superficie nf surface raising their heads to sound off. One penguin is Ⅺ pez nm fish shown walking slowly to huddle with the rest. Ⅺ haberse alojado to have found lodging, to haveⅪ equilibrio equilibrium, balance stayed ▪ alojarse to find lodging, to stayⅪ huevos eggs ▪ huevo eggⅪ acróbatas acrobats ▪ acróbata nmf acrobatⅪ cuerda floja tightrope ▪ cuerda rope ▪ 9 Blizzards and Seals 4:41 flojo loose Phrases to Listen For a salvo safe 8 Underwater Feeding 4:00 todo el tiempo all the time, always a punto de about, at the point ofPhrases to Listen For por encima de on top of a lo largo de along sin cesar without ceasing lo que what antes de before The male penguins continue huddling together. tienen que they have to Ⅺ llenan they fill ▪ llenar to fill después de after Ⅺ estómagos stomachs ▪ estómago stomach por debajo de beneath Ⅺ vacíos empty ▪ vacío empty Ⅺ se aferran they cling ▪ aferrarse to cling The female penguins are shown marching in the Ⅺ superficie nf surface distance. Ⅺ huevos eggs ▪ huevo eggⅪ exhaustas exhausted ▪ exhausto exhausted Ⅺ calientes warm ▪ caliente warmⅪ setenta seventy Ⅺ a salvo safeⅪ orilla edge Ⅺ ocasionalmente occasionallyⅪ se formó it was formed ▪ formarse to form, Ⅺ viento wind to be formed Ⅺ arrastrará it will drag ▪ arrastrar to dragⅪ obligará it will force ▪ obligar to force, Ⅺ nieve nf snow to obligate Ⅺ saciar to satisfyⅪ varias several ▪ varios several Ⅺ sed nf thirstⅪ pocas a few ▪ pocos a few Ⅺ han sobrevivido they have survived ▪Ⅺ pulgadas inches ▪ pulgada inch sobrevivir to surviveⅪ debajo de underneath, below Ⅺ acerca it gets closer ▪ acercar to get closerⅪ sobrevivir to survive Ⅺ agotamiento exhaustionⅪ abertura openingⅪ búsqueda search One penguin is shown lying on the ice.Ⅺ dura it lasts ▪ durar to last Ⅺ generalmente generallyⅪ varios several Ⅺ simplemente simply Ⅺ desaparecen they disappear ▪ desaparecer Several female penguins slide into the water. to disappearⅪ naturalmente naturallyⅪ ansiosas anxious ▪ ansioso anxious The male penguins huddle in the dark.Ⅺ contener la respiración to hold one’s breath ▪ Ⅺ oscuro dark contener to hold, to contain ▪ respiración Ⅺ ventiscas blizzards, snowstorms ▪ ventisca breathing, respiration blizzard, snowstormⅪ quince fifteen Ⅺ verdadero trueⅪ sumergirse to submerge Ⅺ esfuerzo effortⅪ profundidad depth Ⅺ apiñar to group together, to huddle togetherⅪ mil setecientos one thousand seven hundred Ⅺ cuerpos bodies ▪ cuerpo bodyⅪ fondo depth Ⅺ resistir to resistⅪ peces fish ▪ pez nm fish Ⅺ rigor nm harshnessⅪ camarón antártico Antarctic shrimp ▪ camarón nm shrimp ▪ antártico Antarctic The aurora australis is shown in the night sky.Ⅺ calamares squid ▪ calamar nm squid Ⅺ encima de on top ofⅪ nadan they swim ▪ nadar to swim Ⅺ aurora austral aurora australis, southern lights
  • 58. ····· 28 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ danza it dances ▪ danzar to dance 11 Hatchlings 3:41 Ⅺ virtualmente virtually Ⅺ sin cesar without ceasing ▪ sin without ▪ Phrases to Listen For cesar to cease sin importar no matter Ⅺ oscuridad darkness a pesar de in spite of Ⅺ total total tal vez maybe, perhaps para que so that, in order for A leopard seal waits below the ice. Ⅺ hambrientas hungry ▪ hambriento hungry The huddling male penguins begin to move. Ⅺ se alegran they are happy ▪ alegrarse to be happy Ⅺ hambrientos hungry ▪ hambriento hungry Ⅺ regreso return Ⅺ depredadores predators ▪ depredador predator The hatchling has broken free. Ⅺ por desgracia unfortunately Ⅺ cascarón nm eggshell Ⅺ hayan vuelto subj they have returned ▪ Ⅺ estómago stomach volver to return Ⅺ obligado forced ▪ obligar to force, to obligate Ⅺ fauces nfpl jaws Ⅺ abandonar to abandon Ⅺ leopardo marino sea leopard, leopard seal ▪ Ⅺ cría young leopardo leopard ▪ marino adj sea Ⅺ alternativa alternative ▪ alternativo alternative Ⅺ cobra it takes, it claims ▪ cobrar to take, to claim Ⅺ arma secreta secret weapon ▪ arma weapon ▪ Ⅺ por nacer about to be born ▪ nacer to be born secreto secret Ⅺ alimentado fed, nourished ▪ alimentar to feed, Ⅺ recién nacido newborn ▪ recién recently ▪ to nourish nacido born ▪ nacer to be born Ⅺ julio July Ⅺ recurre he resorts to ▪ recurrir to resort to Ⅺ hembras female ▪ hembra female Ⅺ lo más profundo the deepest part ▪ profundo Ⅺ nido nest deep Ⅺ tercera third ▪ tercero third Ⅺ cuerpo body Ⅺ emprenden they undertake ▪ emprender Ⅺ regurgita it regurgitates ▪ regurgitar to undertake to regurgitate Ⅺ sustancia substance Ⅺ lechosa milky ▪ lechoso milky 10 Light of Day 3:47 Ⅺ íntima intimate ▪ íntimo intimate Ⅺ porción portion Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ relegada relegated ▪ relegado relegated ▪ al parecer seemingly relegar relegate hasta que until Ⅺ pliegue nm fold después de after Ⅺ garganta throat aun así even so Ⅺ exclusivamente exclusively lo que what Ⅺ banquete nm banquet para que so that, in order for Ⅺ ojalá hopefully está por venir is about to come The female penguins continue their march. The female penguins march once again. One slips. Ⅺ aceleran they accelerate, they speed up ▪ Ⅺ helada freezing ▪ helado freezing ▪ helar acelerar to accelerate, to speed up to freeze Ⅺ ritmo rhythm Ⅺ voraz ravenous Ⅺ presintieran subj they have a feeling ▪ presentir Ⅺ se prolonga it lingers ▪ prolongarse to linger to have a feeling about the future Ⅺ oscuridad darkness Ⅺ urgencia urgency, emergency Ⅺ lenta slow ▪ lento slow Dawn breaks over the South Pole. 12 Reunion 5:49 Ⅺ polo sur South Pole ▪ polo pole ▪ sur adj south Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ momentáneamente momentarily hasta que until Ⅺ esfuerzos efforts ▪ esfuerzo effort sin embargo however Ⅺ en vano in vain de algún modo somehow Ⅺ regreso return por primera vez for the first time
  • 59. March of the Penguins · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 29 ····· por fin finally Ⅺ etapa stage tal como just like, just as, in the same way Ⅺ hembras females ▪ hembra female uno al otro to each other aun así even so por la cual for which 13 Youngsters 3:31 The female penguins march away, backs to the Phrases to Listen For camera. al igual que just as, in the same way después de afterⅪ arrastran sus patas they shuffle ▪ arrastrar to drag ▪ pata leg [of an animal], paw The camera rises, showing the crowd of femaleⅪ velocidad velocity, speed penguins.Ⅺ acarreando hauling ▪ acarrear to haul, Ⅺ separarse to leave, to separate oneself to transportⅪ vientres bellies ▪ vientre nm belly Two hatchlings are shown atop their mothers’Ⅺ destino destiny feet. Ⅺ transportados transported ▪ transportado The female penguins approach the huddled mass of males. transported ▪ transportar to transport Ⅺ bailar to danceⅪ enorme enormous Ⅺ zapatos shoes ▪ zapato shoeⅪ multitud nf multitude, crowdⅪ dependen they depend ▪ depender to dependⅪ sonido sound 14 First Storm 4:08Ⅺ vista sightⅪ rodean they surround ▪ rodear to surround The wind blows across the ice.Ⅺ gritan they shout ▪ gritar to shout Ⅺ regreso returnⅪ responda subj he responds, he answers ▪ Ⅺ vientos winds ▪ viento wind responder to respond, to answer Ⅺ estrépito bang, loud noise, racketⅪ ruido noiseⅪ ensordecedor deafening The female penguins huddle.Ⅺ sin embargo however Ⅺ tormenta stormⅪ reunida reunited ▪ reunido reunited ▪ reunir Ⅺ no sobrevivirán they will not survive ▪ to reunite sobrevivir to surviveⅪ rápidamente rapidly, quicklyⅪ entregan they deliver, they give ▪ entregar Five young penguins face the camera. to deliver, to give Ⅺ amainan they die down ▪ amainar to die downⅪ recién nacidos newborns ▪ recién recently ▪ Ⅺ búsqueda search nacido born ▪ nacer to be born Ⅺ sobrevivieron they survived ▪ sobrevivirⅪ turno turn to surviveⅪ proteger to protect Ⅺ acurrucándose snuggling, huddling ▪Ⅺ inclemente inclement, harsh, severe, fierce acurrucarse to snuggle, to huddleⅪ se cantan they sing to each other ▪ cantar to sing Ⅺ afortunados fortunate ▪ afortunado fortunateⅪ ambos both Ⅺ pérdida lossⅪ reconozcan subj they recognize ▪ reconocer Ⅺ insoportable intolerable to recognizeⅪ voz nf voice 15 Tragic Response 1:56 The hatchling eats from inside the mother’s beak.Ⅺ disfruta he enjoys ▪ disfrutar to enjoy Phrases to Listen ForⅪ cortar to cut, to sever de vuelta returned, returningⅪ vínculo bond, link, connection de nuevo againⅪ han soportado they have tolerated ▪ soportar a pesar de in spite of to tolerateⅪ mitad nf half One female penguin stands next to another.Ⅺ peso weight Ⅺ reaccionará she will react ▪ reaccionar to reactⅪ setenta seventy Ⅺ intensa intense ▪ intenso intense
  • 60. ····· 30 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ agonía agony Several young penguins cast long shadows. Ⅺ inimaginable unimaginable Ⅺ se reunirán they will gather, they will meet ▪ Ⅺ de vuelta returned, returning ▪ volver reunirse to gather, to meet to return Ⅺ rodearán they will surround ▪ rodear Ⅺ ansioso anxious to surround Ⅺ vínculo bond Ⅺ ansiosos anxious ▪ ansioso anxious Ⅺ sorprendentemente surprisingly Ⅺ recién nacido newborn ▪ recién recently ▪ Ⅺ siguientes next, following ▪ siguiente next, nacido born ▪ nacer to be born following Ⅺ garras claws ▪ garra claw Ⅺ se fortalecerá it will become stronger ▪ Ⅺ depredador predator fortalecerse to become stronger Ⅺ reunión reunion Ⅺ alegría happiness Ⅺ estómago stomach 16 Bothersome Bird 4:22 Ⅺ nuevamente newly The penguins cast long shadows. A young penguin looks well fed. The male penguins Ⅺ rigor nm severity, harshness begin their march. Ⅺ siguientes next, following ▪ siguiente next, Several young penguins run. following Ⅺ se debilita it weakens ▪ debilitarse to weaken Ⅺ se turnarán they will take turns ▪ turnarse Ⅺ lentitud nf slowness to take turns Ⅺ libremente freely Ⅺ ocasionalmente occasionally Ⅺ alentados encouraged ▪ alentado encouraged ▪ Ⅺ reunida reunited ▪ reunido reunited ▪ alentar to encourage reunir to reunite A bird flies. Ⅺ peligros dangers ▪ peligro danger 18 Separate Ways 4:41 Phrases to Listen For 17 Family Time 4:42 en busca de in search of idas y venidas coming and going (lit goings and Phrases to Listen For comings) por primera vez for the first time por última vez for the last time no falta mucho it won’t be long con toda probabilidad in all probability para que in order for, in order to, so that en busca de in search of The ice melts. Ⅺ septiembre September One penguin begins walking amid a group Ⅺ adelgazar to become thin of young penguins. Ⅺ resquebrajarse to crack Ⅺ agosto August Ⅺ se acerca it draws near, it gets closer ▪ acercarse Ⅺ situación situation to draw near, to get closer Ⅺ inaceptable unacceptable Ⅺ frecuencia frequency Ⅺ alternativa alternative ▪ alternativo Ⅺ plumaje nm plumage, coat of feathers alternative Ⅺ denso dense, thick Ⅺ ya tienen edad suficiente they are old enough ▪ Ⅺ compacto compact, full edad age ▪ suficiente sufficient Ⅺ protegerlo to protect him ▪ proteger to protect Ⅺ primavera spring [season] Ⅺ noviembre November Ⅺ témpanos ice floes ▪ témpano ice floe Ⅺ centenares hundreds ▪ centenar nm (about a) Ⅺ cercanos near ▪ cercano near hundred Ⅺ orilla edge Ⅺ yardas yards ▪ yarda yard Ⅺ derretirse to melt Ⅺ criadero breeding ground Ⅺ reduciendo reducing ▪ reducir to reduce Ⅺ al derretirse el hielo as the ice melts, at the Ⅺ distancia distance melting of the ice ▪ derretirse to melt ▪ hielo ice Ⅺ criadero breeding grounds Ⅺ se dispone it gets ready, it prepares ▪ disponerse Ⅺ estómagos stomachs ▪ estómago stomach to get ready, to prepare
  • 61. March of the Penguins · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 31 ·····Ⅺ separarse to separate, to become separated, Ⅺ probabilidad probability to go their separate ways Ⅺ permanecerán they will remain ▪ permanecerⅪ parejas couples ▪ pareja couple to remainⅪ dedicadas dedicated ▪ dedicado dedicated ▪ Ⅺ supervisión supervision dedicar to dedicate Ⅺ creciendo growing ▪ crecer to growⅪ antiguo ancient Ⅺ fortaleciéndose becoming stronger ▪Ⅺ ritual ritual fortalecerse to become strongerⅪ idas y venidas coming and going (lit goings and Ⅺ derritiéndose melting ▪ derretirse to melt comings) Ⅺ devolviendo returning ▪ devolver to return,Ⅺ se separarán they will part, they will leave each to give back other, they will go their separate ways ▪ separarse Ⅺ pidió prestada it borrowed ▪ pedir prestado to part, to leave one another, to go their separate to borrow waysⅪ mirada look ▪ mirar to look at A group of young penguins stands near the sea.Ⅺ miembros members ▪ miembro member Ⅺ diciembre DecemberⅪ tribu nf tribe Ⅺ abandonar to abandonⅪ hogar nm home Ⅺ nacieron they were born ▪ nacer to be born Ⅺ se zambullirán they will dive into the water, The penguins dive into the water. they will take the plunge ▪ zambullirse to dive,Ⅺ siguientes next, following ▪ siguiente next, to plunge following Ⅺ siglos centuries ▪ siglo centuryⅪ disfrutarán they will enjoy ▪ disfrutar to enjoy Ⅺ pingüino emperador emperor penguin ▪Ⅺ ricas rich ▪ rico rich pingüino penguin ▪ emperador emperorⅪ tibias lukewarm ▪ tibio lukewarm Ⅺ inhóspito inhospitableⅪ corto shortⅪ verano summerⅪ se alimentarán they will feed themselves, 19 End Credits 3:07 they will nourish themselves ▪ alimentarse to feed oneself, to nourish oneself End credits.
  • 62. · · · · · · · BEGINNER · · · · · The Princess Bride Porque es verdadero amor. ¿Crees que pasa todos los días? Because it’s true love. Do you think that happens every day? genre Adventure/Fantasy/Literature Adaptation year 1987 director Rob Reiner cast Peter Falk, Fred Savage, Cary Elwes, Robin Wright studio MGM When Grandfather answers his grandson’s question about a bedtime story—“Has it got any sports in it?”—he sums up the story of The Princess Bride : “Are you kidding? Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Revenge. Giants. Monsters. Chases. Escapes. True love. Miracles.” That’s what you’ll find in this terrific story by William Goldman. This is a relatively easy film for Spanish learners, though the Spanish is the most challenging of the Beginner films because the dialogue includes many complex sentence structures. Vocabulary topics include fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, and much more. 32
  • 63. The Princess Bride · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 33 ·····BASIC VOCABULARY trataré de estar atento I’ll try to pay attentionNames muy amable de tu parte very kind of you muy bien very wellWestley, Buttercup, Fezzik, Florin, Guilder,Humperdinck, Inigo Montoya, Roberts The grandson’s mother enters his bedroom.Nouns Ⅺ adivina imp guess ▪ adivinar to guessⅪ alteza highness, your highness ▪ De todos los Ⅺ enfermo sick, ill que estamos, Alteza, lo que corre peligro es su Ⅺ me aprieta he squeezes, he pinches ▪ apretar cabeza. Of all those here, Your Highness, your to squeeze, to pinch head is the one that is in danger. Ⅺ mejilla cheekⅪ boda wedding ▪ Llegó el día de la boda. The day of the wedding arrived. Grandfather enters the bedroom.Ⅺ espada sword ▪ Mi cerebro, su espada y tu Ⅺ obsequio gift fuerza contra sesenta hombres, y crees que un Ⅺ ábrelo imp open it ▪ abrir to open ligero movimiento de cabeza me hace sentir feliz. Ⅺ edad age My brain, his sword, and your strength against Ⅺ televisor nm television sixty men, and you think that a slight movement Ⅺ solía he used to ▪ soler to used to (ϩ verb) of the head makes me feel happy. Ⅺ leerme to read to me ▪ leer to readⅪ odio hate, hatred ▪ Si no es así cuando le Ⅺ leértelo to read it to you ▪ leer to read encuentre, mi odio y mi furia no tendrán fin. Ⅺ contiene it contains ▪ contener to contain If it’s not that way when I find her, my hatred Ⅺ deportes sports ▪ deporte nm sport and fury will have no end. Ⅺ estás bromeando are you joking, are you teasing ▪Ⅺ pantano swamp ▪ Después de todo, fuiste tú quién bromear to joke, to tease se alejó en el pantano—sin mencionar que los Ⅺ esgrima nm fencing piratas no son personas de confiar. After all, it was Ⅺ tortura torture you who left him at the swamp—not to mention Ⅺ gigantes giants ▪ gigante nm giant that pirates are not to be trusted. Ⅺ monstruos monsters ▪ monstruo monsterⅪ pirata pirate ▪ Su barco fue atacado por el temible Ⅺ persecución pursuit pirata Roberts, que nunca dejaba a alguien con Ⅺ escapes escapes ▪ escape nm escape vida. His ship was attacked by the Dread Pirate Ⅺ milagros miracles ▪ milagro miracle Roberts, who has never left anyone alive. Ⅺ atento attentiveⅪ princesa princess ▪ Sólo la princesa importa. Ⅺ voto vote Only the princess matters. Ⅺ confianza confidence, trustⅪ príncipe prince ▪ Y sólo el príncipe, el conde y yo Ⅺ sorprendente surprising sabemos cómo entrar y salir. And only the prince, the count, and I know how to enter and leave.Ⅺ venganza revenge ▪ Tuve la idea de venganza 2 A Kissing Book 3:28 tanto tiempo que ahora que él ha muerto no sé qué hacer con el resto de mi vida. I had the idea of Phrases to Listen For revenge for so long that now that he has died, como ordene subj as you wish (lit as you order) I don’t know what to do with the rest of my life. por favor pleaseOther te amo I love youⅪ temible dreadful, dreaded, fearsome ▪ se dio cuenta she noticed Es el temible pirata Roberts. He’s the Dread Pirate así que therefore Roberts. claro que sí of courseⅪ verdadero adj true ▪ Verdadero amor. True verdadero amor true love love. todos los días every day con vida alive está bien it’s good, that’s good, it’s okay 1 Main Title/Grandpa’s Visit 2:14 Name S. MorgensternPhrases to Listen For tal vez maybe, perhaps Grandfather begins to read. así es that’s right, yes indeed Ⅺ capítulo chapter verdadero amor true love Ⅺ creció she grew ▪ crecer to grow
  • 64. ····· 34 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ granja farm Ⅺ quinientos five hundred Ⅺ pasatiempos pastimes ▪ pasatiempo pastime Ⅺ fecha date Ⅺ favoritos favorite ▪ favorito favorite Ⅺ me casaré I will marry ▪ casarse to marry, Ⅺ montar to ride to get married Ⅺ caballo horse Ⅺ humilde humble Ⅺ atormentar to torture, to torment Ⅺ mozo servant, boy Buttercup walks on red carpet into the courtyard. Ⅺ magnífico magnificent Ⅺ vacío emptiness Ⅺ comienzo beginning Ⅺ consumió it consumed ▪ consumir to consume Ⅺ otorgaba it permitted, it allowed otorgar Buttercup dismounts and speaks to the farm boy. to permit, to allow Ⅺ pule imp polish ▪ pulir to polish Ⅺ derecho right Ⅺ silla chair Ⅺ escoger to choose Ⅺ rostro face Ⅺ se refleje subj it is reflected ▪ reflejarse to be Buttercup rides a horse outside the city. reflected Ⅺ alegría happiness Ⅺ cubo pail, bucket Ⅺ montar to ride Ⅺ se sorprendió she was surprised ▪ sorprenderse to be surprised Ⅺ descubrir to discover 4 Three Circus Performers 2:36 Ⅺ sorprendente surprising Ⅺ jarro jug Phrases to Listen For lo que what Billy interrupts the story. Then, sitting up in bed, de gran prestigio very prestigious he addresses his grandfather. estoy de acuerdo I agree Ⅺ detente imp stop ▪ detener to stop, to cease no lo olvides imp don’t forget Ⅺ engañarme to trick me ▪ engañar to trick, ya lo sé I know to deceive me hartas you make me sick Ⅺ deportes sports ▪ deporte nm sport Name Ⅺ besos kisses ▪ beso kiss Vizzini Ⅺ interesante interesting Ⅺ empacó he packed ▪ empacar to pack Three men stop Buttercup as she rides through Ⅺ pertenencias belongings ▪ pertenencia a forest. belonging, possession Ⅺ lady nf eng lady, noblewoman Ⅺ actores actors ▪ actor nm actor On the farm, Buttercup and the farm boy face Ⅺ legua league each other. Soon they embrace. Ⅺ aldea small town Ⅺ emotivo emotional Ⅺ millas miles ▪ milla mile Ⅺ pasarte to happen to you ▪ pasar to happen Ⅺ gritar to scream Ⅺ destino destiny Ⅺ asesinado murdered, killed ▪ asesinar to murder, Two men are on board a small ship. A third man to kill stands in front of Buttercup’s horse. Ⅺ piratas pirates ▪ pirata nmf pirate Ⅺ rasgas you tear ▪ rasgar to tear, to rip Ⅺ tela cloth Ⅺ uniforme nm uniform 3 Humperdinck’s Bride 1:42 Ⅺ caballo horse Ⅺ castillo castle Phrase to Listen For Ⅺ sospeche subj he suspects ▪ sospechar to suspect a pesar de que in spite of the fact that Ⅺ guilderianos people from Guilder ▪ guilderiano person from Guilder Children run through the walkways. Ⅺ han capturado they have captured ▪ capturar Ⅺ plaza plaza, town square to capture Ⅺ proclama proclamation Ⅺ cuerpo body Ⅺ pueblo townspeople, people Ⅺ frontera border Ⅺ aniversario anniversary Ⅺ sospechas suspicions ▪ sospecha suspicion
  • 65. The Princess Bride · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 35 ·····Ⅺ confirmadas confirmed ▪ confirmado lo que what confirmed ▪ confirmar to confirm ya basta enough already te ves you look The giant addresses the short bald man. tal vez maybe, perhapsⅪ asesinaríamos we would murder ▪ asesinar Dios mío good heavens (lit my God) to murder lo siento I’m sorryⅪ contraté I hired ▪ contratar to hire, to contract muy bien very wellⅪ iniciar to initiate tenía miedo she was afraidⅪ prestigio prestige te crees you think you areⅪ gloriosa glorious ▪ glorioso gloriousⅪ tradición tradition At night, Vizzini addresses the Spaniard on boardⅪ correcto correct the ship.Ⅺ asesinar to murder, to kill Ⅺ arrecife nm reefⅪ inocente innocent Ⅺ al amanecer at dawn ▪ amanecer nm dawnⅪ labios lips ▪ labio lip Ⅺ inconcebible inconceivableⅪ no se te contrató you were not hired ▪ Ⅺ atraparán they will catch ▪ atrapar to catch contratar to hire, to contract Ⅺ colgará he will hang ▪ colgar to hangⅪ cerebro brain Ⅺ peligro dangerⅪ masa mass Ⅺ relajarnos to relax ▪ relajarse to relaxⅪ hipopótamo hippopotamus Ⅺ absolutamente absolutelyⅪ deforme adj deformed Ⅺ totalmente totally Ⅺ probablemente probably The man wearing a vest leaps onto the deck. Ⅺ pescador fishermanⅪ ebrio drunk Ⅺ infestadas infested ▪ infestado infested ▪Ⅺ no es de su incumbencia it doesn’t concern you, infestar to infest it’s none of your concern ▪ incumbencia concern Ⅺ animales animals ▪ animal nm animalⅪ brandy nm eng brandy Ⅺ hambrientos hungry ▪ hambriento hungryⅪ desvalido helpless, without resourcesⅪ esperanza hope Buttercup swims away from the ship.Ⅺ perteneces you belong ▪ pertenecer to belong Ⅺ tras afterⅪ desempleado unemployed Ⅺ nadar to swimⅪ Groenlandia Greenland Ⅺ babor nm port side of a ship Ⅺ sonido sound The giant and the man wearing a vest talk on board Ⅺ chillido screech the ship. Ⅺ anguila eelⅪ alardear to boast, to brag Ⅺ asesina murderous ▪ asesino adj murderousⅪ fascina it fascinates ▪ fascinar to fascinate Ⅺ alimentar to feed, to nourishⅪ probablemente probably Ⅺ carne nf meat, fleshⅪ lastimar to hurt Ⅺ humana human ▪ humano humanⅪ torturar to torture Ⅺ anguilas eels ▪ anguila eelⅪ poeta nmf poet Ⅺ asesinas murderous ▪ asesino adj murderousⅪ rocas rocks ▪ roca rock Ⅺ oferta offerⅪ ahogándote drowning yourself ▪ ahogarse to drown Inside the bedroom, Grandfather addressesⅪ rimas rhymes ▪ rima rhyme his grandson.Ⅺ me hartas you make me sick, you annoy me, Ⅺ nervioso nervous you irritate me ▪ hartar to make sick, to annoy, Ⅺ disculpa excuse (me) ▪ disculpar to excuse to irritateⅪ tartas cakes ▪ tarta cake The eel closes in on Buttercup. Ⅺ perseguirla to pursue her ▪ perseguir 5 The Shrieking Eels 3:23 to pursuePhrases to Listen For The giant pulls Buttercup from the water. ¿por qué? why? Ⅺ suéltala imp let go of her ▪ soltar to let go, a pesar de in spite of to release
  • 66. ····· 36 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ se acerca it’s getting close ▪ acercarse to get Fezzik climbs the Cliffs of Insanity. closer, to draw near Ⅺ tras after Ⅺ eso no nos concierne that doesn’t concern us ▪ Ⅺ inconcebible inconceivable concernir to concern Ⅺ date prisa imp hurry up ▪ dar prisa to hurry, Ⅺ valiente courageous, valiant to rush Ⅺ comparada compared ▪ comparado compared ▪ Ⅺ coloso colossus comparar to compare Ⅺ legendario legendary Ⅺ no admito I don’t accept ▪ admitir to accept Ⅺ excusas nfpl apologies 6 Up a Cliff 5:43 Ⅺ gigante nm giant Ⅺ está a prueba exp it is on a trial basis ▪ estar Phrases to Listen For a prueba to be on a trial basis ▪ prueba test, trial estamos a salvo we’re safe tendrá que he will have to Atop the Cliffs of Insanity, Vizzini cuts the rope. date prisa imp hurry Ⅺ brazos arms ▪ brazo arm por favor please Ⅺ frontera border lo que what Ⅺ alcánzanos imp catch up to us ▪ alcanzar Dios mío good heavens (lit my God) to catch up, to reach debe de he must Ⅺ retaré I will challenge ▪ retar to challenge tenemos mucha prisa we are in a great Ⅺ luchar to struggle, to fight hurry Ⅺ satisfecho satisfied ▪ satisfacer to satisfy ten cuidado imp be careful Ⅺ uso I use ▪ usar to use tan fácil so easy Ⅺ enmascarados masked ▪ enmascarado masked ▪ lo siento I’m sorry enmascararse to wear a mask tiene tanta prisa you are in such a hurry Ⅺ estoy aguardando I am waiting ▪ aguardar de utilidad useful to wait de hecho in fact ya que since The Spaniard addresses the Man in Black hasta que until as he climbs up the cliff. temo que I’m afraid Ⅺ lento slow tendrá que you will have to Ⅺ no pretendo I don’t want ▪ pretender to want no basta that’s not good enough Ⅺ descortés discourteous para que so that, in order to Ⅺ apreciaría I would appreciate ▪ apreciar Names to appreciate Ⅺ no me distrajera subj you don’t distract me ▪ Vizzini, Domingo Montoya distraer to distract Ⅺ apresurarse to hurry up, to speed up The ship sails through the mist at dawn. Ⅺ arrojar to throw forcefully Ⅺ se ha adelantado he’s made progress, Ⅺ soga rope he’s moved forward ▪ adelantarse to make Ⅺ rama branch progress, to move forward Ⅺ utilidad utility, usefulness Ⅺ viento wind Ⅺ impide it gets in the way of ▪ impedir to get in Ⅺ quienquiera whoever the way of, to impede Ⅺ Acantilado de la Locura Cliffs of Insanity ▪ Ⅺ relación relation acantilado cliff ▪ locura insanity, Ⅺ amistosa friendly ▪ amistoso friendly craziness Ⅺ cima top Ⅺ apresúrense imp hurry up, speed up ▪ Ⅺ alentador encouraging apresurarse to hurry up, to speed up Ⅺ españoles Spaniards ▪ español Spaniard Ⅺ arroje imp throw ▪ arrojar to throw The three men and Buttercup prepare to leave the ship at the Cliffs of Insanity. Ⅺ estamos a salvo we are safe ▪ estar a salvo 7 The Chatty Duelists 5:57 to be safe Ⅺ suficientemente sufficiently Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ navegar to sail, to navigate hasta que until Ⅺ puerto harbor otra vez again
  • 67. The Princess Bride · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 37 ····· de esa forma like that Ⅺ estrategia strategy tardó un año it took him a year Ⅺ admito I admit ▪ admitir to admit así que so Ⅺ sonríe you smile ▪ sonreír to smile tenía once años I was eleven years old Ⅺ zurdo left-handed ¿qué tal? what’s up?, greetings algún día someday Inigo moves his sword into his right hand. a no ser que it not being the case that Ⅺ sorprendente surprising ¿por qué? why? Ⅺ dígamelo imp tell it to me ▪ decir to say, to tell tengo que I have to Ⅺ importancia importance sin embargo however Ⅺ lástima pity por favor please Ⅺ pérdida loss Ⅺ sin embargo howeverNames Ⅺ respeto respectVizzini, Bonetti, Capo Ferro, Thibault The Spaniard speaks to the Man in Black atop 8 “Finish Him Your Way” 4:24 the Cliffs of Insanity.Ⅺ aguardaré I will wait ▪ aguardar to wait Phrases to Listen ForⅪ indiscreto indiscreet a tu estilo your way (lit to your style)Ⅺ dedos fingers ▪ dedo finger qué bien excellentⅪ conversación conversation en cuanto as soon asⅪ asesinado murdered ▪ asesinar to murder ¿quieres decir? you mean?Ⅺ fabricaba he made, he fabricated ▪ fabricar con franqueza frankly to make, to fabricate lo que whatⅪ estupendas stupendous ▪ estupendo stupendous ni siquiera not evenⅪ espadas swords ▪ espada sword a mi favor in my favorⅪ tardó it took ▪ tardar to take (time) ¿por qué? why?Ⅺ décima tenth hace mucho it’s been a long timeⅪ precio price tiene que you have toⅪ prometido promised ▪ prometer to promise mientras tanto meanwhileⅪ rehusó he refused ▪ rehusar to refuse sueña con ángeles imp dream about angelsⅪ cruzó crossed ▪ cruzar to cross no cuenta he doesn’t countⅪ reté I challenged ▪ retar to challenge lo que whatⅪ asesino murderer NameⅪ duelo duel VizziniⅪ fallé I failed ▪ fallar to failⅪ edad age Vizzini addresses Fezzik.Ⅺ once eleven Ⅺ inconcebible inconceivableⅪ dediqué I dedicated ▪ dedicar to dedicate Ⅺ deshazte de él imp get rid of him ▪Ⅺ entera entire ▪ entero entire deshacerse de to get rid ofⅪ estudio study Ⅺ estilo styleⅪ esgrima nm fencing, sword fighting Ⅺ rocas rocks ▪ roca rockⅪ no fallaré I will not fail ▪ fallar to fail Ⅺ escóndete imp hide ▪ esconder to hideⅪ persecución pursuit, chasing Ⅺ detrás de behindⅪ esperanza hope Ⅺ grandísimo great bigⅪ deudas debts ▪ deuda debtⅪ decente decent A rock shatters next to the Man in Black. Ⅺ a propósito on purpose Inigo and the Man in Black draw their swords. Ⅺ fallar to failⅪ adecuada appropriate ▪ adecuado appropriate Ⅺ deportivamente sportinglyⅪ considerando considering ▪ considerar Ⅺ trucos tricks ▪ truco trick to consider Ⅺ armas weapons ▪ arma weaponⅪ terreno terrain Ⅺ habilidad abilityⅪ naturalmente naturally Ⅺ piedras rocks ▪ piedra rockⅪ anula it annuls, it cancels, it cancels out ▪ Ⅺ nos mataremos we will kill each other ▪ anular to annul, to cancel, to cancel out matar to kill
  • 68. ····· 38 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ civilizada civilized ▪ civilizado civilized ▪ temo que I fear that civilizar to civilize así es that’s how it is Ⅺ con franqueza frankly tan hábil that good Ⅺ ventaja advantage ¿de veras? really? Ⅺ lucha wrestling muy bien very good Ⅺ ejercicio exercise tengo que I have to así como just like The Man in Black runs at Fezzik’s midsection and por lo tanto therefore bounces off. le estás dando largas al asunto you’re delaying Ⅺ apenadas ashamed ▪ apenado ashamed ▪ the matter apenarse to be ashamed, to be embarrassed para que so that, in order to Ⅺ ágil agile no importa it doesn’t matter Ⅺ antifaz nm mask Names Ⅺ ¿te quemaste? did you burn yourself? ▪ quemarse Platón, Aristóteles, Sócrates, Australia, Asia, to be burned Siciliano Ⅺ ácido acid Ⅺ cómodo comfortable The Man in Black encounters Vizzini holding a knife Ⅺ futuro future to Buttercup’s throat. Ⅺ arreglo arrangement, agreement The Man in Black jumps on Fezzik’s back. Ⅺ empate nm tie Ⅺ me he especializado I have specialized ▪ Ⅺ competir to compete especializarse to specialize Ⅺ físicamente physically Ⅺ lucho I wrestle, I fight ▪ luchar to wrestle, Ⅺ inferior nm inferior to fight Ⅺ cerebro brain Ⅺ bandas de maleantes criminal gangs ▪ Ⅺ hábil adj able banda gang ▪ maleante nm criminal Ⅺ deficientes mentally handicapped people ▪ Ⅺ movimientos movements ▪ movimiento deficiente nmf mentally handicapped person movement Ⅺ reto I challenge ▪ retar to challenge Ⅺ media docena half dozen Ⅺ batalla de astucia battle of wits ▪ batalla battle ▪ Ⅺ no envidio I don’t envy ▪ envidiar to envy astucia astuteness, shrewdness Ⅺ dolor nm pain Ⅺ enormes enormous, large ▪ enorme enormous, The Man in Black hands Vizzini a vial. large Ⅺ inhala imp inhale ▪ inhalar inhale Ⅺ no huelo I don’t smell ▪ oler to smell Prince Humperdinck simulates the duel atop Ⅺ no hueles you don’t smell ▪ oler to smell the Cliffs of Insanity. Ⅺ polvo dust, powder Ⅺ duelo duel Ⅺ iocaína iocane [fictional poison in The Princess Ⅺ cubrieron they covered ▪ cubrir to cover Bride] Ⅺ terreno terrain Ⅺ inodoro odorless Ⅺ grandes espadachines master swordsmen ▪ Ⅺ insípido tasteless espadachín nm sword fighter Ⅺ disuelve it dissolves ▪ disolver to dissolve Ⅺ perdedor loser Ⅺ instantáneamente instantaneously Ⅺ huyó he fled ▪ huir to flee Ⅺ líquido liquid Ⅺ vencedor winner Ⅺ venenos poisons ▪ veneno poison Ⅺ encaminó he directed ▪ encaminar to direct Ⅺ potentes potent, powerful ▪ potente potent, Ⅺ ambos both powerful Ⅺ planeado planned ▪ planear to plan Ⅺ ambos both Ⅺ guerreros warriors ▪ guerrero warrior Ⅺ bebamos subj we drink ▪ beber to drink Ⅺ trampa trap Ⅺ descubriremos we will discover ▪ descubrir to discover 9 A Battle of Wits 5:27 Ⅺ acertó he was right, he hit the mark ▪ acertar to be right, to hit the mark Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ falleció he died ▪ fallecer to die, to pass away así que so Ⅺ simple simple lo que what Ⅺ interpretar to interpret
  • 69. The Princess Bride · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 39 ·····Ⅺ proyectas you project ▪ proyectar to project 10 Taker of Love & Lives 5:35Ⅺ tipo typeⅪ copa cup, goblet Phrases to Listen ForⅪ sabio wise, clever lo que what no importa it doesn’t matter The Man in Black asks Vizzini if he has decided. querrá decir you mean, you will meanⅪ decisión decision algún día somedayⅪ completamente completely ¿por qué? why?Ⅺ proviene it comes from ▪ provenir to come from alta mar high seasⅪ habitada inhabited ▪ habitar to inhabit quiero decir I meanⅪ criminales criminals ▪ criminal nmf criminal por favor pleaseⅪ escogeré I will choose ▪ escoger to choose verdadero amor true loveⅪ inteligencia intelligence como ordene subj as you wishⅪ extraordinaria extraordinary ▪ extraordinario a menos que unless extraordinary ¿qué pasa? what’s happening?Ⅺ haber sospechado to have suspected ▪ otra vez again sospechar to suspect tengo que I have toⅪ origen nm originⅪ escoger to choose Buttercup sits on a rock and addresses the ManⅪ asunto the matter in Black.Ⅺ gigante nm giant Ⅺ me libera you set me free ▪ liberar to set free,Ⅺ excepcionalmente exceptionally to liberateⅪ español nm Spaniard Ⅺ recompensa rewardⅪ implica it implies ▪ implicar to imply Ⅺ valor nm valueⅪ mortal adj mortal Ⅺ promesa promiseⅪ engañarme to deceive me ▪ engañar to deceive Ⅺ gracioso funnyⅪ me confunda subj I become confused ▪ Ⅺ cazador hunter confundirse to become confused Ⅺ halcón nm falconⅪ escoge imp choose ▪ escoger to choose Ⅺ nublado cloudy Ⅺ admite you admit ▪ admitir to admit Vizzini switches the wine goblets. Ⅺ prometido fiancé ▪ prometida fiancéeⅪ gracioso funny Ⅺ capaz adj capableⅪ no acertaste you guessed wrong ▪ acertar Ⅺ asesino murderer to guess correctly Ⅺ advertencia warningⅪ cambié I changed, I switched ▪ cambiar Ⅺ se castiga one punishes ▪ castigar to punish to change Ⅺ mienten they lie ▪ mentir to lieⅪ te volteaste you turned around ▪ voltearse to turn around Prince Humperdinck smells the vial the ManⅪ fácilmente easily in Black had given to Vizzini.Ⅺ trampa trap Ⅺ iocaína iocane [fictional poison in The PrincessⅪ refrán nm saying, proverb Bride]Ⅺ famoso famous Ⅺ huellas footprints ▪ huella footprintⅪ te inmiscuyas subj you interfere ▪ inmiscuirse Ⅺ furia fury to interfereⅪ terrestre adj land A deep valley in the background, the Man in BlackⅪ ligeramente lightly, slightly and Buttercup rest. Ⅺ crueldad cruelty The Man in Black removes Buttercup’s blindfold. Ⅺ revela it reveals ▪ revelar to revealⅪ envenenada poisoned ▪ envenenado poisoned ▪ Ⅺ admítalo imp admit it ▪ admitir to admit envenenar to poison Ⅺ orgullo prideⅪ inmunizándome immunizing myself, building up Ⅺ despacio slowly an immunity ▪ inmunizar to immunize Ⅺ pedazos pieces ▪ pedazo piece Ⅺ apenas barely, hardly Prince Humperdinck kneels. Ⅺ cruel cruelⅪ sufrimiento suffering Ⅺ asesinó murdered ▪ asesinar to murder
  • 70. ····· 40 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ feo ugly Lying on the grass, Westley, the Man in Black, Ⅺ adinerado wealthy takes Buttercup into his arms. Ⅺ ruin mean, contemptible Ⅺ no me esperaste you didn’t wait for me ▪ Ⅺ granjero farmer esperar to wait Ⅺ tormenta storm Ⅺ no mata it doesn’t kill ▪ matar to kill Ⅺ alta mar high seas ▪ alto high ▪ mar nm sea Ⅺ necesidad necessity Ⅺ prisioneros prisoners ▪ prisionero prisoner Sandwich in hand, the grandson addresses his The Man in Black reclines against a fallen log. grandfather. Ⅺ excepciones exceptions ▪ excepción exception Ⅺ besan they kiss ▪ besar to kiss Ⅺ blando soft Ⅺ no objetarás you will not object ▪ objetar Ⅺ la gente lo desobedece people disobey him ▪ to object desobedecer to disobey Ⅺ enfermo sick, ill Ⅺ se mofa you make fun of ▪ mofarse to make Ⅺ te complaceré I will please you ▪ complacer fun of to please Ⅺ pena grief Ⅺ dolor nm pain Ⅺ lo contrario the contrary Ⅺ está mintiendo he is lying ▪ mentir to lie 11 In the Fire Swamp 4:59 The Man in Black walks toward the seated Phrases to Listen For Buttercup. estaremos a salvo we will be safe Ⅺ recuerdo I remember ▪ recordar se ven they look, they appear to remember ya que since Ⅺ ¿la incomodo? do I bother you? ▪ incomodar a veces sometimes to bother, to upset, to make uncomfortable lo que what Ⅺ incomodará it will upset ▪ incomodar por favor please to upset así como just like Ⅺ valientemente courageously, valiantly muy bien very well Ⅺ conforta it comforts ▪ confortar to comfort así que so Ⅺ humillaciones humiliations ▪ humillación Names humiliation Ryan, Roberts, Cummerbund, Patagonia Ⅺ súplicas pleas, entreaties ▪ súplica plea, entreaty Westley and Buttercup run up the valley. Ⅺ belleza beauty Ⅺ cañada gully Ⅺ fidelidad fidelity Ⅺ desagradable disagreeable, unpleasant, Ⅺ sobresalientes adj the utmost bothersome Ⅺ realmente really Ⅺ prometido fiancé ▪ prometida fiancée Ⅺ eterna eternal ▪ eterno eternal Ⅺ estaremos a salvo we will be safe ▪ estar a salvo Ⅺ ¿se comprometió? did you become engaged? ▪ to be safe comprometerse to become engaged Ⅺ no sobreviviremos we won’t survive ▪ Ⅺ por respeto a out of respect for ▪ respeto sobrevivir to survive respect Ⅺ tonterías nonsense, foolishness ▪ Ⅺ se burló you mocked ▪ burlarse to mock, tontería nonsensical act, foolish act to make fun of Westley and Buttercup enter the Fire Swamp. Buttercup shoves the Man in Black into the valley Ⅺ construir to construct below. On horseback, Prince Humperdinck speaks Ⅺ verano summer with his henchman. Ⅺ bellos beautiful, pretty ▪ bello beautiful, pretty Ⅺ desaparecieron they disappeared ▪ desaparecer to disappear Buttercup’s dress catches fire. Ⅺ huyeron they fled ▪ huir to flee Ⅺ aventura adventure Ⅺ presa de imprisoned by Ⅺ ¿te quemaste? did you burn yourself? ▪ Ⅺ pánico panic quemarse to burn oneself Ⅺ terror nm terror Ⅺ alerta alert
  • 71. The Princess Bride · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 41 ·····Ⅺ recuerdo memory Ⅺ descubriste you discovered ▪ descubrirⅪ anclado anchored ▪ anclar to anchor to discoverⅪ ha estado saqueando he has been plundering ▪ Ⅺ arenas movedizas quicksand ▪ arena sand ▪ saquear to plunder, to sack movedizo mobile, unstableⅪ me sorprendo I am surprised ▪ sorprenderse Ⅺ roedores rodents ▪ roedor rodent to be surprised Ⅺ gigantescos giant ▪ gigantesco giantⅪ excentricidades oddities, eccentricities ▪ excentricidad oddity, eccentricityⅪ intrigó it intrigued ▪ intrigar to intrigueⅪ descripción description 13 Conditional Surrender 2:16Ⅺ belleza beautyⅪ finalmente finally Phrases to Listen ForⅪ valet nm valet ¿quiere decir? does it mean?Ⅺ probablemente probably otra vez againⅪ época season, time ¿qué sucede? what happens?Ⅺ esgrima nm fencingⅪ rico rich After Westley and Buttercup exit the Fire Swamp,Ⅺ cabina cabin Prince Humperdinck and several men on horsebackⅪ reveló he revealed ▪ revelar to reveal intercept them.Ⅺ secreto secret Ⅺ rendición surrender Ⅺ se rinde you surrender ▪ rendirse to surrender Westley carries Buttercup. Ⅺ ante before Ⅺ reconozco I recognize ▪ reconocer to recognizeⅪ heredé I inherited ▪ heredar to inherit Ⅺ valiente courageous, valiantⅪ anterior previous Ⅺ capturará you will capture ▪ capturarⅪ heredarás you will inherit ▪ heredar to inheritⅪ quince fifteen to capture Ⅺ secretos secrets ▪ secreto secretⅪ causar to cause Ⅺ felizmente happilyⅪ temor nm fear Ⅺ repito I repeat ▪ repetir to repeatⅪ nadie se rendiría nobody would surrender ▪ Ⅺ ríndanse imp surrender ▪ rendirse to surrender rendirse to surrenderⅪ puerto port, harborⅪ tripulación crew After seeing that they are surrounded, ButtercupⅪ a bordo aboard addresses Prince Humperdinck.Ⅺ marino sailor Ⅺ no lo lastimarás you won’t hurt him ▪ lastimar to hurt Ⅺ nos rendimos we surrender ▪ rendirse to surrender 12 The R.O.U.S.s 2:38 Ⅺ regreso I return ▪ regresar to return Ⅺ lastimar to hurt, to injurePhrases to Listen For Ⅺ desgraciado disgraced, miserable así que so Ⅺ marino sailor no creo que I don’t believe that Ⅺ lo regresarás you will return him ▪ regresar to return After escaping from the quicksand, Buttercup Ⅺ mételo imp put him in ▪ meter to put in embraces Westley. Ⅺ calabozo dungeon Ⅺ no soportaré I won’t tolerate ▪ soportarⅪ no lo lograremos we won’t make it ▪ lograr to achieve, to accomplish, to succeed to tolerate, to stand for Ⅺ evitarlo to avoid it ▪ evitar to avoidⅪ analízalo imp analyze it, think it through ▪ analizar to analyze, to think throughⅪ terrores terrors ▪ terror nm terror Buttercup is taken away on horseback.Ⅺ flamas flames ▪ flama flame Ⅺ conducirlo to take him ▪ conducir to take,Ⅺ emiten they emit ▪ emitir to emit to driveⅪ sonido sound Ⅺ acción actionⅪ estallar to explode Ⅺ mentiras lies ▪ mentira lieⅪ evitar to avoid Ⅺ dedos fingers ▪ dedo finger
  • 72. ····· 42 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies 14 The Pit of Despair 1:44 The grandson questions his grandfather. Ⅺ injusto unjust, unfair Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ escrito written ▪ escribir to write ni siquiera not even Ⅺ estás revolviéndolo you are mixing it up, you are hasta que until messing it up ▪ revolver to mix up, to mess up ¿para qué? what for? Ⅺ léelo imp read it ▪ leer to read así que so Ⅺ interrupciones interruptions ▪ interrupción interruption Westley is lying on a table, being nursed to health by an albino. The crowned Prince Humperdinck makes an Ⅺ calabozo dungeon announcement to his subjects. Buttercup steps Ⅺ tormentos tortures, torments ▪ tormento torture, into the courtyard. An old woman shouts at torment Buttercup. Ⅺ escapar to escape Ⅺ basura trash Ⅺ cadenas chains ▪ cadena chain Ⅺ rechazo rejection Ⅺ gruesas thick ▪ grueso thick Ⅺ reverencia reverence Ⅺ tampoco sueñes en ser rescatado imp don’t Ⅺ putrefacción putrefaction dream about being rescued either ▪ tampoco Ⅺ fango mud, slime neither ▪ soñar to dream ▪ rescatar to rescue Ⅺ suciedad filth Ⅺ entrada entrance Ⅺ secreta secret ▪ secreto adj secret Buttercup gets out of bed. Ⅺ conde nm count Ⅺ faltaban diez días it was ten days until ▪ faltar Ⅺ curarme to cure me ▪ curar to cure to lack Ⅺ insisten they insist ▪ insistir to insist Ⅺ pesadillas nightmare ▪ pesadilla nightmare Ⅺ sana healthy ▪ sano healthy Ⅺ inteligente intelligent Ⅺ destruirla to destroy (the person) ▪ destruir to destroy Ⅺ tortura torture 16 Alternative to Suicide 2:40 Ⅺ sobreviviste you survived ▪ sobrevivir to survive Ⅺ valiente courageous, valiant Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ nadie resiste nobody resists, nobody withstands ▪ por favor please resistir to resist, to withstand así es that’s right Ⅺ máquina machine después de todo after all bandera blanca white flag Dios lo bendiga subj God bless him 15 Queen of Garbage 2:36 ¿de acuerdo? agreed? tal vez maybe, perhaps Phrases to Listen For noche de bodas wedding night desde luego of course debe de he must está bien that’s fine Names ¿por qué? why? Rugen, Westley, Vizzini, Tyrone verdadero amor true love así que so Prince Humperdinck is seated at a table with a dog by his side when Buttercup enters. Inside the castle, Prince Humperdinck speaks with Ⅺ al amanecer at dawn ▪ amanecer nm dawn Rugen, the six-fingered man. Ⅺ causarte to cause you ▪ causar to cause Ⅺ salud nf health Ⅺ pena grief Ⅺ está afectando it is affecting ▪ afectar to affect Ⅺ considera imp consider ▪ considerar Ⅺ amanecer nm dawn to consider Ⅺ cancelada canceled ▪ cancelado canceled ▪ The king’s subjects are gathered in the courtyard cancelar to cancel at the castle. Ⅺ le avisaremos we will inform him ▪ avisar Ⅺ mediodía nm noon to inform, to warn Ⅺ ante before Ⅺ sin mencionar not to mention ▪ mencionar Ⅺ súbditos subjects ▪ súbdito subject to mention
  • 73. The Princess Bride · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 43 ·····Ⅺ piratas pirates ▪ pirata nm pirate lo que whatⅪ sugiero I suggest ▪ sugerir to suggest ¿cómo te sientes? how do you feel?Ⅺ trato deal por supuesto of courseⅪ carta letter antes de beforeⅪ dirección direction NameⅪ izaremos bandera blanca we’ll raise the white Yellin flag ▪ izar to raise, to hoist ▪ bandera flag ▪ blanca white The Albino wheels Westley across the dungeonⅪ mensaje nm message floor as Rugen rises to address Westley.Ⅺ Dios lo bendiga subj God bless him ▪ bendecir Ⅺ inventarla to invent it ▪ inventar to invent to bless Ⅺ has descubierto you have discovered ▪Ⅺ considérame imp consider me ▪ considerar descubrir to discover to consider Ⅺ profundo profound, deepⅪ alternativa alternative ▪ alternativo alternative Ⅺ enorme enormousⅪ suicidio suicide Ⅺ interés nm interest Ⅺ dolor nm pain Rugen and Prince Humperdinck walk through Ⅺ actualmente currently, at present a forest. Ⅺ estudio I study ▪ estudiar to studyⅪ realmente really Ⅺ efectos effects ▪ efecto effectⅪ encantadora enchanting, charming ▪ Ⅺ máquina machine encantador enchanting, charming Ⅺ sujeto subject, personⅪ poco inteligente not too intelligent ▪ Ⅺ totalmente totally inteligente intelligent Ⅺ honesto honestⅪ atractiva attractive ▪ atractivo attractive Ⅺ prueba testⅪ contraté I hired ▪ contratar to hire, to contract Ⅺ nivel nm levelⅪ compromiso engagementⅪ interesante interesting Water begins turning a wheel. Westley writhesⅪ estrangularla to strangle her ▪ estrangular in pain. Rugen turns off the machine. to strangle Ⅺ concepto conceptⅪ noche de bodas wedding night ▪ noche nf Ⅺ succión suction night ▪ boda wedding Ⅺ bomba pumpⅪ se acuse subj one accuses, one blames ▪ acusar Ⅺ antiguo ancient, old to accuse, to blame Ⅺ ocasión occasionⅪ nación nation Ⅺ succiona it sucks out ▪ succionar to suck outⅪ furiosa furious ▪ furioso furious Ⅺ daño damageⅪ declaremos subj we declare ▪ declarar Ⅺ te causaría it would cause you ▪ causar to declare to causeⅪ botón secreto secret button ▪ botón nm button ▪ Ⅺ posteridad posterity secreto secret Ⅺ interesante interestingⅪ calabozo dungeonⅪ recuperado recovered ▪ recuperar to recover Yellin enters Prince Humperdinck’s office.Ⅺ máquina machineⅪ planear to plan Ⅺ guardián nm guardian Ⅺ secreto secretⅪ celebración celebration Ⅺ asesinos murderers ▪ asesino murdererⅪ quinto centenario five hundredth anniversary ▪ Ⅺ se están infiltrando they are infiltrating ▪ quinto fifth ▪ centenario hundredth anniversaryⅪ asesinar to murder infiltrar to infiltrate Ⅺ bosque nm forestⅪ condenar to condemn Ⅺ ladrones thieves ▪ ladrón nm thief Ⅺ planean they plan ▪ planear to plan 17 The Suction Machine 3:06 Ⅺ prometida fiancée ▪ prometido fiancé Ⅺ noche de bodas wedding night ▪ noche nfPhrases to Listen For night ▪ boda wedding en lugar de in place of Ⅺ espías spies ▪ espía nmf spy algún día someday Ⅺ semejantes similar ▪ semejante similar así que so Ⅺ noticias nfpl news
  • 74. ····· 44 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Buttercup joins Prince Humperdinck and Yellin. Fezzik lifts Inigo. Ⅺ paciencia patience Ⅺ hueles you smell ▪ oler to smell Ⅺ se reunieron they met ▪ reunirse to meet Buttercup departs. Prince Humperdinck and Yellin Ⅺ reanimaba he revived ▪ reanimar to revive continue their discussion. Ⅺ existencia existence Ⅺ asesinada murdered ▪ asesinado murdered ▪ Ⅺ conde nm count asesinar to murder Ⅺ dedos fingers ▪ dedo finger Ⅺ se vacíe subj it is emptied ▪ vaciarse to be empty, Ⅺ considerando considering ▪ considerar to be emptied to consider Ⅺ se arreste subj one arrests ▪ arrestar to arrest Ⅺ búsqueda search Ⅺ moradores inhabitants ▪ morador inhabitant Ⅺ noticia news Ⅺ resistirán they will resist ▪ resistir to resist Ⅺ satisfacción satisfaction Ⅺ ayudantes assistants ▪ ayudante nmf assistant Ⅺ escuadrón nm squadron Fezzik dunks Inigo’s head in barrels of hot and cold Ⅺ limpies subj you clean ▪ limpiar to clean water. Ⅺ matrimonio marriage Ⅺ al revivir in reviving ▪ revivir to revive Ⅺ gobernar to govern, to rule Ⅺ castillo castle Ⅺ portón nm castle gate Ⅺ custodiado guarded ▪ custodiar to guard, to watch over 18 A New Alliance 3:13 Ⅺ enfrentarías would you face ▪ enfrentar to face Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ planee subj he plans ▪ planear to plan Ⅺ estrategia strategy llevaba a cabo he carried out Ⅺ sino but instead hasta que until Ⅺ planear to plan ¿qué tal? what’s up? Ⅺ vámonos let’s go ▪ irse to go away te ves muy bien you look great Ⅺ tonterías nonsense, foolishness ▪ tontería tal vez maybe me siento I feel nonsensical act, foolish act Ⅺ alma soul basta enough Ⅺ paz nf peace basta ya enough already Ⅺ sangre nf blood a pesar de in spite of Names Vizzini, Fezzik, Inigo, Rugen 19 ... Like a King Scorned 3:15 A young man runs through a populated section Phrases to Listen For of forest, chased by a man on horseback. estar a salvo to be safe Ⅺ escuadrón nm squadron luna de miel honeymoon Ⅺ llevaba a cabo he carried out ▪ llevar a cabo no importa it doesn’t matter to carry out de cualquier modo in any way Ⅺ suélteme imp let go of me ▪ soltar to let go of por no haberme dado cuenta for not having Ⅺ español nm Spaniard noticed ¿por qué no? why not? Inigo leans against a hut. lo que what verdadero amor true love Ⅺ inicio beginning así que so Ⅺ no me moveré I will not move ▪ moverse con permiso excuse me (lit with permission) to move por favor please Ⅺ no me muevo I’m not moving ▪ moverse to move Name Ⅺ obtuvimos we obtained ▪ obtener to obtain Florin Ⅺ principio beginning Ⅺ me quedo I remain ▪ quedarse to remain Yellin reports to Prince Humperdinck. Ⅺ torpe clumsy, awkward Ⅺ informa imp inform, report ▪ informar Ⅺ estoy aguardando I am waiting ▪ aguardar to inform, to report to wait Ⅺ bosque nm forest
  • 75. The Princess Bride · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 45 ·····Ⅺ vacío empty NameⅪ custodian they guard ▪ custodiar to guard, Montoya to watch overⅪ reja castle gate Inigo and Fezzik intercept the Albino.Ⅺ duplica imp double it ▪ duplicar to double Ⅺ refréscale la memoria imp refresh his memory ▪Ⅺ a salvo safe refrescar to refresh ▪ memoria memoryⅪ llave nf key Ⅺ intención intention Ⅺ te he fallado I have failed you ▪ fallar to fail Buttercup joins Yellin and Prince Humperdinck. Ⅺ angustia anguish, distressⅪ escoltarán they will escort ▪ escoltar to escort Ⅺ guíes subj you guide ▪ guiar to guideⅪ canal nm channel Ⅺ guía imp guide ▪ guiar to guideⅪ armada navyⅪ acompañarnos to accompany us ▪ acompañar The grandson questions his grandfather. to accompany Ⅺ fingía he was faking ▪ fingir to fakeⅪ luna de miel honeymoon ▪ luna moon ▪ Ⅺ mata he kills ▪ matar to kill miel nf honey Ⅺ enfermo sick, illⅪ con excepción de with the exception of, except Ⅺ calabozo de los tormentos dungeon of tortures for ▪ excepción exception [ϭ Pit of Despair] ▪ calabozo dungeon ▪Ⅺ naturalmente naturally tormento tortureⅪ no me mientas imp don’t lie to me ▪ mentir to lie Inside the dungeon, Inigo speaks.Ⅺ cobarde nmf coward Ⅺ derrota defeatⅪ miserable miserable Ⅺ cuerpo bodyⅪ canalla nmf pej swine Ⅺ milagro miracleⅪ lastimarme to hurt me ▪ lastimar to hurtⅪ destruirlo to destroy it ▪ destruir to destroyⅪ sabuesos bloodhounds, sleuths ▪ sabueso bloodhound, sleuth 21 Miracle Max 4:25Ⅺ espadas swords ▪ espada swordⅪ vil vile Phrases to Listen ForⅪ habitan they inhabit ▪ habitar to inhabit ¿por qué? why? en vez de instead of Prince Humperdinck enters the dungeon, where tenemos una prisa espantosa we’re in a terrible Westley is still attached to the torture machine. hurry a punto de morir about to dieⅪ pareja couple tiene que he has toⅪ cuentos stories, tales ▪ cuento story, tale tal vez maybe, perhapsⅪ sufrir to suffer así que so verdadero amor true love Hearing the cries of pain, Inigo calls to Fezzik. me encantan I love themⅪ sonido sound lo que whatⅪ sufrimiento suffering tiene miedo he is afraidⅪ sufre he suffers ▪ sufrir to suffer hay que it’s necessaryⅪ con permiso excuse me (lit with permission) ▪ para que so that, in order to permiso permission por lo menos at least Names20 Where is Westley? 3:07 Max, Valerie, HumperdinckPhrases to Listen For Inigo knocks on the door of a hut. lo siento I’m sorry Ⅺ milagroso miraculous por favor please Ⅺ me despidió he fired me ▪ despedir to fire, ¿por qué? why? to dismiss quieres decir you mean Ⅺ doloroso painful Dios mío good heavens (lit my God) Ⅺ cortas you cut ▪ cortar to cut muy en serio very seriously Ⅺ daga dagger
  • 76. ····· 46 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ jugo de limón lemon juice ▪ jugo juice ▪ Miracle Max’s wife challenges Max. limón nm lemon Ⅺ mentiras lies ▪ mentira lie Ⅺ escuadrón nm squadron Ⅺ bruja witch Ⅺ milagro miracle Ⅺ su confianza se perdió he lost his confidence ▪ Ⅺ interesante interesting confianza confidence ▪ perderse to lose Ⅺ lo revisaré I’ll look him over ▪ revisar to look Ⅺ no oigo I don’t hear ▪ oír to hear over, to examine, to check Ⅺ decencia decency Ⅺ cállate imp be quiet, shut up ▪ callarse to be Fezzik and Inigo place Westley on a table inside quiet, to shut up Miracle Max’s hut. Ⅺ sufrirá he will suffer ▪ sufrir to suffer Ⅺ espantosa terrible, awful ▪ espantoso terrible, Ⅺ humillación humiliation awful Ⅺ no me presiones imp don’t rush me ▪ As Max paints a pill with chocolate, Inigo looks on. presionar to pressure, to put pressure on Ⅺ píldora pill, tablet Ⅺ sesenta y cinco sixty-five Ⅺ mágica magic ▪ mágico adj magic Ⅺ excepto except Ⅺ cubierta covering Ⅺ noble adj noble Ⅺ se resbale subj it slides ▪ resbalar to slide Ⅺ causa cause Ⅺ quince fifteen Ⅺ lisiada crippled ▪ lisiado crippled Ⅺ nadar to swim Ⅺ apunto de about to Ⅺ diviértanse imp have fun ▪ divertirse to have fun Ⅺ hambre nf hunger Ⅺ castillo castle Ⅺ mentiroso liar Ⅺ asesinaron they murdered ▪ asesinar to murder 22 A Plan! 3:18 Ⅺ fuelle nm bellows Ⅺ deba subj he owes ▪ deber to owe Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ preguntaré I will ask ▪ preguntar to ask tenemos que we have to Ⅺ sabelotodo know-it-all cuanto antes as soon as possible Ⅺ diferencia difference para que so that Ⅺ totalmente totally lo que what Ⅺ ábrele su boca imp open his mouth ▪ ¿por qué? why? abrir to open ▪ boca mouth volverte a la vida to return to life Ⅺ apenas barely, hardly tenemos que we have to Ⅺ ropa clothes de acuerdo agreed ¿para qué? what for? Miracle Max addresses Westley. lo siento I’m sorry Ⅺ valga la pena subj it is worth ▪ valer la pena Names to be worth Buttercup, Humperdinck, Rugen Ⅺ emparedado sandwich Ⅺ ce nf C [letter] Fezzik observes the palace guard. Ⅺ ele nf L [letter] Ⅺ diferencia difference Ⅺ te nf T [letter] Ⅺ píldora pill Ⅺ cordero lamb Ⅺ quince fifteen Ⅺ lechuga lettuce Ⅺ castillo castle Ⅺ tomate nm tomato Ⅺ sostenle la cabeza imp hold his head up ▪ Ⅺ carne magra de cordero mutton ▪ sostener to hold up ▪ cabeza head carne nf meat ▪ magra lean ▪ cordero Ⅺ ábrele la boca imp open his mouth ▪ abrir lamb to open ▪ boca mouth Ⅺ maduros ripe ▪ maduro ripe Ⅺ nutritivos nutritious ▪ nutritivo nutritious Inigo and Fezzik give Miracle Max’s pill to Ⅺ claramente clearly Westley. Ⅺ trampa trap Ⅺ milagro miracle Ⅺ artimaña trick Ⅺ contestar to answer Ⅺ probablemente probably Ⅺ separados separated ▪ separado separate ▪ Ⅺ naipes cards ▪ naipe nm playing card separar to separate
  • 77. The Princess Bride · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 47 ·····Ⅺ brazos arms ▪ brazo arm así que soⅪ resumir to summarize ¿por qué? why?Ⅺ impedir to impede, to put a stop toⅪ rescatar to rescue NamesⅪ escapar to escape Roberts, Fezzik, ButtercupⅪ charlar to chat The Impressive Clergyman addresses thoseⅪ moviste you moved ▪ mover to move gathered for the wedding.Ⅺ dedo finger Ⅺ matrimonio marriageⅪ fantástico fantastic Ⅺ reúne it reunites ▪ reunir to reuniteⅪ sano I get well, I recover ▪ sanar to get well, Ⅺ sagrado sacred to recover Ⅺ sacramento sacramentⅪ labor nm task Ⅺ bello beautifulⅪ portón nm castle gateⅪ mira imp look ▪ mirar to look atⅪ vigilado watched over, guarded ▪ vigilar Fezzik, dressed in black, is wheeled toward the to watch over, to guard guard at the castle gate by Inigo and Westley.Ⅺ sesenta sixty Ⅺ sobreviviente survivorⅪ ventaja advantage Ⅺ pesadillas nightmares ▪ pesadilla nightmareⅪ cerebro brain Ⅺ se harán realidad they will come true ▪Ⅺ planear to plan hacerse realidad to become realityⅪ ligero light, slightⅪ movimiento movement The Impressive Clergyman continues his remarks.Ⅺ carretilla wheelbarrow Ⅺ atesoren imp treasure ▪ atesorar to treasureⅪ albino albino Ⅺ sortija ringⅪ no lo habían mencionado you hadn’t mentioned it ▪ mencionar to mention The gate nearly closes before Fezzik, Inigo, andⅪ manto cover Westley can enter.Ⅺ gigante nm giant Ⅺ reja castle gateⅪ ¿dónde lo conseguiste? where did you get it? ▪ conseguir to get Prince Humperdinck and Buttercup exchangeⅪ milagroso miraculous words during the wedding.Ⅺ obsequió he gave ▪ obsequiar to give a gift Ⅺ terror nm terrorⅪ necesitaré I will need ▪ necesitar to needⅪ sostener to sustain, to hold up Inigo demands the key from Yellin.Ⅺ encuentro I find ▪ encontrar to find, Ⅺ llave nf key to encounterⅪ conde nm count The Impressive Clergyman finishes the weddingⅪ escapamos we escape ▪ escapar to escape ceremony.Ⅺ agotador tiring, exhausting Ⅺ marido husband Ⅺ escolta imp escort ▪ escoltar to escort Prince Humperdinck stands behind Buttercup, Ⅺ suite nupcial honeymoon suite, bridal suite ▪ fastening her necklace. suite nf suite ▪ nupcial nuptialⅪ alegre happy Ⅺ enseguida at onceⅪ novias brides ▪ novia bride ▪ novio groomⅪ no me casaré I will not marry ▪ casarse to marry 24 “Prepare to Die” 3:33 Phrases to Listen For 23 “Mawwiage!” 3:11 ¿qué tal? what’s up?, greetings ¿por qué? why?Phrases to Listen For ya que since lo que what en cuanto as soon as aún no not yet lo siento I’m sorry verdadero amor true love para siempre forever Name tienen que you have to Fezzik
  • 78. ····· 48 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Rugen and his men encounter Inigo, Fezzik, and Ⅺ prométalo imp promise it ▪ prometer to promise Westley in the hallway. Ⅺ rufián nm ruffian Ⅺ gigante nm giant Ⅺ interrogarlo to interrogate him ▪ interrogar to interrogate 27 Bluffing 6:13 Phrases to Listen For Inigo pursues Rugen. algún día someday Ⅺ está escapando he is escaping ▪ escapar ¿no está de acuerdo? don’t you agree? to escape primero lo primero first things first enseguida right away The King and Queen escort Buttercup. de una vez at once, right away Ⅺ extraña strange ▪ extraño strange por qué why Ⅺ suicidarme to kill myself, to commit suicide ▪ para que so that suicidarse to commit suicide Dios mío good heavens (lit my God) Ⅺ alcoba bedroom, room quiere decir that means Ⅺ me besó she kissed me ▪ besar to kiss para siempre forever tal vez maybe, perhaps Rugen hurls a knife at Inigo. así que so Ⅺ español nm Spaniard así es that’s how it is Ⅺ lección lesson al amanecer at dawn Ⅺ hace ya varios años all those years ago ▪ estaban a salvo they were safe varios several ▪ año year otra vez again Ⅺ fallar to fail de acuerdo agreed Ⅺ he presenciado I have witnessed, I have seen ▪ muy bien very well presenciar to witness hasta pronto see you soon (lit until soon) como ordene subj as you wish 25 “Gently!” 0:55 Buttercup confesses to Westley. Ⅺ pecado sin Phrase to Listen For Ⅺ has cometido have you committed ▪ cometer ¿por qué? why? to commit Ⅺ últimamente recently, lately Buttercup holds a dagger in her hand. Ⅺ contraje matrimonio I got married ▪ contraer Ⅺ escasez nf scarcity, shortage matrimonio to marry ▪ contraer to contract ▪ Ⅺ cuerpos bodies ▪ cuerpo body matrimonio marriage Ⅺ pena shame Ⅺ anciano old man Ⅺ dañar to damage, to hurt Ⅺ marido husband Ⅺ no me abrazas you don’t hug me, you don’t Ⅺ nos saltamos we skipped over ▪ saltarse to skip embrace me ▪ abrazar to hug, to embrace over Ⅺ casada married ▪ casado married ▪ casarse to marry, to get married 26 On His Last Legs 1:55 Prince Humperdinck enters to join Westley and Phrases to Listen For Buttercup in her bedroom. algún día someday Ⅺ tecnicismo technicality ¿qué tal? what’s up?, greetings Ⅺ remediado fixed ▪ remediar to fix lo que what Ⅺ dolor nm pain por favor please Ⅺ familiarizado familiar ▪ familiarizar Name to familiarize Inigo Ⅺ frase nf sentence Ⅺ breve brief Inigo stands to face Rugen. Ⅺ bufón nm clown Ⅺ sentido sense Ⅺ cara face Ⅺ desarrollado developed ▪ desarrollar to develop Ⅺ hipopótamo hippopotamus Ⅺ ofréceme imp offer me ▪ ofrecer to offer Ⅺ se atreve he dares ▪ atreverse to dare
  • 79. The Princess Bride · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 49 ·····Ⅺ insultarme to insult me ▪ insultar to insult Inigo, Westley, and Buttercup look out the windowⅪ nariz nf nose at Fezzik and four white horses.Ⅺ lengua tongue Ⅺ establo stableⅪ error nm error, mistake Ⅺ caballos horses ▪ caballo horseⅪ volver a cometer to make again ▪ volver Ⅺ deduje I figured ▪ deducir to figure, to deduce to return ▪ cometer to commit, to make Ⅺ doncella ladyⅪ derecho right Ⅺ descuida imp don’t worry ▪ descuidar to notⅪ orejas ears ▪ oreja ear worry, to neglectⅪ grito scream, shout Ⅺ vanidoso vainⅪ deformidad deformityⅪ apreciar to appreciate Buttercup leaps from the window into Fezzik’sⅪ llanto crying, weeping arms.Ⅺ grite subj he shouts, he screams ▪ gritar Ⅺ resto the rest, the remainder to shout, to scream Ⅺ piratería piracyⅪ eco echo Ⅺ magnífico magnificentⅪ oídos ears ▪ oído earⅪ angustia anguish Inigo, Fezzik, Westley, and Buttercup ride out theⅪ revolcándote rolling around, wallowing ▪ castle gate. revolcarse to roll around, to wallow Ⅺ cabalgaron they rode ▪ cabalgar to ride onⅪ terrible terrible horsebackⅪ miseria misery Ⅺ libertad liberty, freedomⅪ alardeas you bluff, you boast, you brag ▪ Ⅺ al amanecer at dawn ▪ amanecer nm dawn alardear to bluff, to boast, to brag Ⅺ a salvo safeⅪ miserable miserable Ⅺ cubría it covered ▪ cubrir to coverⅪ masa mass Ⅺ ola waveⅪ inmunda filthy ▪ inmundo filthy Ⅺ conforme asⅪ mienta subj I lie ▪ mentir to lieⅪ ponerme de pie to stand up ▪ ponerse de pie Grandfather closes the book. to stand up Ⅺ besos kisses ▪ beso kiss Ⅺ invención invention Westley rises from the bed and points his sword Ⅺ apasionados passionate ▪ apasionado at Prince Humperdinck. passionateⅪ arrójala imp throw it ▪ arrojar to throw Ⅺ puros pure ▪ puro pureⅪ suelo floor Ⅺ leérmelo to read it to me ▪ leer to readⅪ átalo imp tie him ▪ atar to tieⅪ ayúdelo imp help him ▪ ayudar to helpⅪ alardeaba you were bluffing ▪ alardear to bluff, 28 End Credits 4:42 to boast, to bragⅪ cobardía cowardice End credits.
  • 80. · · · · · · · ADVANCED BEGINNER · · · · · The Absent-Minded Professor Nunca habías lucido más bella. You never looked more beautiful. genre Comedy year 1961 director Robert Stevenson cast Fred MacMurray, Nancy Olson, Keenan Wynn, Tommy Kirk studio Walt Disney Productions When Professor Ned Brainard misses his wedding ceremony for the third time because one of his inventions explodes and leaves him unconscious, it allows his rival, Professor Shelby Ashton, to vie for the hand of his beloved Betsy. This absent-minded professor’s plan to win back Betsy’s heart provides rich comic fun on the basketball court, the dance floor, and all the way to the Pentagon. As the film progresses, Spanish students will learn vocabulary from conversations that cover a wide range of topics—from marriage to gambling, pep talks to UFO sightings, and confection sales to laws of energy and physics. 50
  • 81. The Absent-Minded Professor · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 51 ·····BASIC VOCABULARY por Dios good heavens, dear GodNames de hecho in fact loco descabezado wild and crazy manBetsy Carlisle, Ned Brainard, Shelby, Biff, Ned, (lit headless crazy man)Rutland, Medfield, Washington, Alonzo Hawk tengo razón I am rightNouns no tomo partido I don’t take sidesⅪ aplicación application ▪ Quiero que tengan buenas tardes good afternoon en mente, caballeros, que ésta es una aplicación parece que it seems that primitiva de mi descubrimiento. I want you to lo que what keep in mind, gentlemen, that this is a primitive no se preocupe imp don’t worry application of my discovery. otra vez againⅪ colegio college ▪ Esto puede salvar al colegio. por amor de Dios good heavens, for the love This can save the college. of GodⅪ control nm control ▪ Tendremos todo bajo toda la tarde all afternoon control en un momento. We’ll have everything ¿qué me pasa? what’s the matter with me? under control in a moment. luna de miel honeymoonⅪ descubrimiento discovery ▪ Profesor, ¿qué rama espero que así sea subj I hope that’s how it is de los servicios armados se le ha dado el control bajo mi nariz under my nose de su descubrimiento? Professor, what branch algunas veces sometimes of the armed services has been given control no se ve one doesn’t see of your discovery? lo siento I’m sorryⅪ energía energy ▪ Significa sólo una cosa—está Names generando su propia energía. It means only one Milan, Walt Disney, Fred MacMurray, Nancy Olson, thing—it’s producing its own energy. Keenan Wynn, Tommy Kirk, Ashton, Carlisle,Ⅺ modelo T Model T ▪ Es un modelo T, señor. Chatsworth It’s a Model T, sir.Ⅺ voligoma flubber [invented word] ▪ Professor Brainard stands in front of a class. Voligoma, señor Hawk. Flubber, Mr. Hawk. Ⅺ por ejemplo for exampleOther Ⅺ acústica acoustic ▪ acústico acousticⅪ acerca de about ▪ Betsy, ¿recuerdas lo que te Ⅺ descubierta discovered ▪ descubierto dije esta mañana en la oficina acerca de mi discovered ▪ descubrir to discover descubrimiento? Betsy, do you remember what Ⅺ famoso famous I told you this morning at the office about my Ⅺ científico scientist discovery? Ⅺ crédito creditⅪ realmente really ▪ Pero, ¿sabes lo que Ⅺ tenor nm tenor realmente son? But do you know what they Ⅺ italiano adj Italian really are? Ⅺ estaba cantando he was singing ▪ cantarⅪ tal vez perhaps, maybe ▪ Tal vez puedas aprender to sing algo. Maybe you can learn something. Ⅺ aria aria Ⅺ café nm cafe Ⅺ nota note, musical note Opening Credits/ Ⅺ alta high ▪ alto high 1 The Third Time’s a Charm! 9:28 Ⅺ ondas de sonido sound waves ▪ onda wave ▪ sonido soundPhrases to Listen For Ⅺ vaso glass, drinking glass de muchas formas in many ways Ⅺ salón nm classroom por ejemplo for example Ⅺ obsérvenme imp observe me ▪ observar a las ocho treinta de la noche at : p.m. to observe ya basta enough already Ⅺ mostraré I will show ▪ mostrar to show me da gusto verlo I’m glad to see you Ⅺ acción action (lit it gives me pleasure to see you) la tercera es la vencida the third time is the Professor Brainard blows the trumpet. charm Credits and a song in English follow. según dicen as they say (lit according to they Ⅺ distraído absent-minded, distracted ▪ distraer say) to distract
  • 82. ····· 52 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies The smoke clears and the professor addresses Ⅺ invitados guests ▪ invitado guest the class. Ⅺ instruí I instructed, I gave instructions ▪ Ⅺ tarea assignment, task instruir to instruct, to give instructions Ⅺ boda wedding Ⅺ ama de llaves housekeeper ▪ ama mistress, supervisor ▪ llave nf key Shelby and Betsy park in front of a house. Ⅺ se encargará she will handle ▪ encargarse Ⅺ principio del fin beginning of the end ▪ to handle, to be in charge principio beginning ▪ fin nm end Ⅺ el punto sin regreso the point of no return ▪ Professor Brainard’s housekeeper pulls a coat punto point ▪ regreso return from the closet. Ⅺ milla mile Ⅺ anillo ring Ⅺ dichas de palabra spoken ▪ dicha said ▪ Ⅺ bolsa pocket palabra word ▪ decir to say Ⅺ prometiste you promised ▪ prometer to promise In his garage, Professor Brainard fiddles with Ⅺ supón imp suppose ▪ suponer to suppose scientific instruments. The housekeeper enters. Ⅺ reverendo reverend Ⅺ raíz cuadrada square root ▪ raíz nf root ▪ Ⅺ aburrido bored ▪ aburrir to bore cuadrado adj square ▪ cuadrar to square Ⅺ múltiples multiple ▪ múltiple multiple Ⅺ se cambie subj you change ▪ cambiarse Ⅺ bodas weddings ▪ boda wedding to change clothes Ⅺ tercera third ▪ tercero third Ⅺ resolver to solve Ⅺ según dicen as they say ▪ según according to ▪ Ⅺ misterios mysteries ▪ misterio mystery decir to say Ⅺ universo universe Ⅺ sí me alegro I am happy indeed ▪ alegrarse Ⅺ fallé I failed ▪ fallar to fail to be happy Ⅺ rotundamente roundly, completely Ⅺ novio groom Ⅺ discúlpame imp excuse me ▪ disculpar Ⅺ lenguas romances Romance languages ▪ to excuse, to forgive lengua tongue, language ▪ romance Romance Ⅺ alimentar to feed [ϭ derived from latin] Ⅺ qué torpe how clumsy Ⅺ química f ísica physical chemistry ▪ química Ⅺ configuración configuration chemistry ▪ f ísico physical Ⅺ molecular molecular Ⅺ cometí I committed ▪ cometer to commit Ⅺ be nf B [letter] Ⅺ error nm error Ⅺ libre free Ⅺ cometerá she will commit ▪ cometer to commit Ⅺ permanecerá it will remain ▪ permanecer Ⅺ descabezado crazy, wild (lit headless) to remain Ⅺ ramo bouquet Ⅺ grados degrees ▪ grado degree Ⅺ olorosos fragrant ▪ oloroso fragrant Ⅺ centígrados centigrade ▪ centígrado centigrade Ⅺ jacintos hyacinths ▪ jacinto hyacinth Ⅺ luna de miel honeymoon ▪ luna moon ▪ Ⅺ detonador detonator miel nf honey Ⅺ hidrógeno hydrogen Ⅺ cálculos calculations ▪ cálculo calculation Ⅺ misa mass Ⅺ nariz nf nose Ⅺ no tomo partido I don’t take sides ▪ tomar Ⅺ bosque nm forest to take ▪ partido side [of an issue] Ⅺ cruza los dedos imp cross your fingers ▪ cruzar to cross ▪ dedo finger A couple answers the door and welcomes Betsy Ⅺ extraordinario extraordinary and the others. Ⅺ excelente excellent Ⅺ novia bride ▪ novio groom Ⅺ invitarme to invite me ▪ invitar to invite The telephone rings. Betsy is calling. Ⅺ recuerdo I remember ▪ recordar to remember Ⅺ matrimonio marriage Ⅺ oí I heard ▪ oír to hear Ⅺ fallaba he didn’t show ▪ fallar to fail (to attend), Ⅺ rival nmf rival to miss Ⅺ consecutiva consecutive ▪ consecutivo Ⅺ devolveré I will return ▪ devolver to return, to consecutive take back Ⅺ refrán nm saying Ⅺ obsequios gifts ▪ obsequio gift Ⅺ secretaria secretary Ⅺ devuelvan subj they return ▪ devolver to return, Ⅺ quedada spinster to take back
  • 83. The Absent-Minded Professor · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 53 ·····Ⅺ he causado I have caused ▪ causar to cause Ⅺ goma rubberⅪ oficina office Ⅺ voladoras flying ▪ volador flyingⅪ acostumbrada usual ▪ acostumbrado usual ▪ Ⅺ sabrías you would know ▪ saber to know acostumbrar to usually (ϩ verb) Ⅺ equis nf X [letter or variable] Professor Brainard picks up a radioactive substance 2 Flubber! 7:15 with tongs. Ⅺ útil usefulPhrases to Listen For Ⅺ controlarla to control it ▪ controlar to control ¿qué pasó? what happened? Ⅺ isótopo isotope a tus órdenes at your service Ⅺ radioactivo radioactive por supuesto of course Ⅺ obturador lever [technical] tenemos que we have to Ⅺ liso smooth así que so Ⅺ obtener to obtain de la mañana in the morning Ⅺ cantidad quantity otra vez again Ⅺ correcta correct ▪ correcto correct tengo que I have to Ⅺ rayos gamma gamma rays ▪ rayo ray no se preocupe imp don’t worry Ⅺ bombardear to bombardNames Ⅺ disparar to fire, to triggerCharlie, Chatsworth Ⅺ científico scientific Ⅺ botarla to bounce it ▪ botar to bounce Betsy addresses Shelby. Ⅺ laboratorio laboratoryⅪ guardián nm escort Professor Brainard guides a cauldron on a tripod as it rises into the air. The dog kisses Professor Brainard. Ⅺ ¡eureka! int eureka!Ⅺ averiguarlo to find it out, to check it Ⅺ suavizamos we ease up ▪ suavizar to ease, out ▪ averiguar to find out, to check out to ease up, to softenⅪ sino but rather Ⅺ de vuelta back ▪ volver to come back,Ⅺ está generando it is generating ▪ generar to go back to generate Ⅺ suavemente softlyⅪ hemos descubierto we have discovered ▪ Ⅺ flor nf flower descubrir to discover Ⅺ peso weightⅪ tipo type Ⅺ absolutamente absolutelyⅪ descubrí I discovered ▪ descubrir to discover Ⅺ diferencia differenceⅪ sustancia substance Ⅺ boda weddingⅪ aparentemente apparently Ⅺ faltan cinco minutos para las ochoⅪ suscribe it subscribes ▪ suscribir to subscribe it’s five minutes to eight ▪ faltar to lack ▪Ⅺ requerimientos requirements ▪ minuto minute requerimiento requirementⅪ clásicos classic ▪ clásico adj classicⅪ compuesto compound 3 Saving Medfield 6:59Ⅺ meta-estable meta-stableⅪ comportamiento behavior Phrases to Listen ForⅪ clásico adj classic cuello neckⅪ hipótesis nf hypothesis sin embargo howeverⅪ externa external ▪ externo external largo de aquí get away from here, get out of hereⅪ dispara it fires, it triggers ▪ disparar to fire, tengo que I have to to trigger tienes que you have toⅪ molecular molecular lo que whatⅪ libera it frees ▪ liberar to free, to liberate estoy muy de acuerdo I completely agree,Ⅺ previamente previously I am completely in agreementⅪ desconocido unknown, unfamiliar ▪ desconocer por favor please to not know, to not recognize mis sueños de loco my wildest dreamsⅪ bolas round objects, balls ▪ bola round object, (lit my crazy dreams) ball así es como that’s how
  • 84. ····· 54 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Names Ⅺ no vale la pena it’s not worth it ▪ valer la pena Alonzo Hawk, Syne, Carlisle, Daggett, Biffer to be worth it ▪ valer to be worth ▪ pena shame, embarrassment Betsy sits down at her desk. Ⅺ reprobó he failed ▪ reprobar to fail, to give Ⅺ perfectamente perfectly a failing grade to Ⅺ préstamos loans ▪ préstamo loan Ⅺ estudiante nmf student Ⅺ etcétera etcetera, etc. Ⅺ atrasado behind, slow ▪ atrasarse to fall behind, Ⅺ perturbado upset, disturbed, perturbed ▪ to be slow perturbar to upset, to disturb, to perturb Ⅺ reunirse to meet, to get together Ⅺ rumores rumors ▪ rumor nm rumor Ⅺ mentes minds ▪ mente nf mind Ⅺ planea you plan ▪ planear to plan Ⅺ fundaron they founded ▪ fundar Ⅺ posesión possession to found Ⅺ construir to construct Ⅺ construyó it constructed, it built ▪ construir Ⅺ albergue nm shelter, hostel, inn to construct, to build Ⅺ no lo harán they will not do it ▪ hacer Ⅺ atrevimiento audacity to do Ⅺ orgullosamente proudly Ⅺ situación situation Ⅺ retrasado behind ▪ retrasarse to fall behind, Ⅺ requiere it requires ▪ requerir to require to be late Ⅺ manejo handling Ⅺ callarte to be quiet ▪ callarse to be quiet Ⅺ delicado delicate Ⅺ examen nm test, exam Ⅺ alumno student Ⅺ no respondió he didn’t answer ▪ responder Ⅺ estimado esteemed ▪ estimar to esteem, to answer to respect Ⅺ sino but furthermore, but rather Ⅺ expresión expression Ⅺ discutir to argue Ⅺ impertinente impertinent Ⅺ asunto matter Ⅺ cuello neck Ⅺ a solas alone Ⅺ ánimo escolar school spirit ▪ ánimo spirit ▪ Professor Brainard climbs the stairs. President escolar adj school Daggett continues dictating a letter to Betsy. Ⅺ estrella star Ⅺ millón nm million Ⅺ sin embargo however Ⅺ principios principles ▪ principio principle Ⅺ confianza confidence, trust Ⅺ aprobar to pass [education] Ⅺ mostrarle to show you ▪ mostrar to show Ⅺ vagas vague ▪ vago vague Ⅺ plazo mayor extension, longer term ▪ Ⅺ promesas promises ▪ promesa promise plazo term, period ▪ mayor greater Ⅺ prestar to loan, to lend Ⅺ interés nm interest Ⅺ ha prestado he has loaned ▪ prestar to loan, Ⅺ me atrevería I would dare, I would be so bold ▪ atreverse to dare, to be bold to lend Ⅺ me alegra it makes me happy ▪ alegrar to make Ⅺ sugerirle to suggest to you ▪ sugerir to suggest happy Ⅺ ética ethics Ⅺ pertinente appropriate Ⅺ directamente directly Ⅺ lentes nmpl glasses, eyeglasses Ⅺ reclamar to complain, to protest Ⅺ evitarlo to avoid it ▪ evitar to avoid Ⅺ déme imp give me ▪ dar to give Ⅺ boda wedding Ⅺ oficina office Ⅺ laboratorio laboratory Ⅺ alardea you boast ▪ alardear to boast Ⅺ explotó it exploded ▪ explotar to explode Ⅺ valen they are worth ▪ valer to be worth Ⅺ suelo floor Ⅺ efectivo cash, money Ⅺ sentido consciousness Ⅺ superfluo superfluous Ⅺ pelota ball Hawk leaves the president’s office. Ⅺ expediente nm file Alonzo Hawk enters the president’s office. Ⅺ aluminio aluminum Ⅺ agradable pleasant Ⅺ marcado marked ▪ marcar to mark Ⅺ sorpresa surprise Ⅺ doble double Ⅺ charla chat, talk Ⅺ emergencia emergency Ⅺ federal federal Ⅺ no acudí I didn’t go ▪ acudir to go
  • 85. The Absent-Minded Professor · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 55 ·····Ⅺ complicadas complicated ▪ complicado Ⅺ bastante quite complicated ▪ complicar to complicate, to make Ⅺ efecto effect complicated Ⅺ total totalⅪ simple simple Ⅺ trascendente transcendentⅪ términos terms ▪ término term Ⅺ lanzamiento launchingⅪ energía magnética magnetic energy ▪ Ⅺ externa external ▪ externo external energía energy ▪ magnético magnetic Ⅺ aplicada applied ▪ aplicado applied ▪Ⅺ energía repulsiva repulsive energy ▪ aplicar to apply energía energy ▪ repulsivo repulsive Ⅺ elementales elemental ▪ elemental elementalⅪ fija set, fixed ▪ fijo set, fixed Ⅺ pseudo pseudoⅪ explosión explosion Ⅺ equilibrio equilibriumⅪ hubiera descubierto subj I would have discovered ▪ descubrir to discover Betsy pulls some papers from the desk andⅪ energía termal thermal energy ▪ addresses Professor Brainard. energía energy ▪ termal thermal, heat Ⅺ claramente clearlyⅪ metros meters ▪ metro meter Ⅺ salve subj it saves ▪ salvar to saveⅪ previamente previously Ⅺ valer to be worthⅪ incompatibles incompatible ▪ incompatible Ⅺ millones millions ▪ millón nm million incompatible Ⅺ botar to bounceⅪ compuestos compounds ▪ compuesto compound Ⅺ calma calmⅪ combustión combustionⅪ fusión fusionⅪ altas high ▪ alto high 4 The Test Drive 7:19Ⅺ temperaturas temperatures ▪ temperatura temperature Phrases to Listen ForⅪ gases gases ▪ gas nm gas ¿qué es lo que quieres? what is it that you want?Ⅺ explosivos explosives ▪ explosivo explosive lo que whatⅪ residuo residue tienes que you have toⅪ adjunto attached corre la voz there’s a rumor, the word is out (lit the voice runs) At the file cabinet, Professor Brainard shows Betsy en contra nuestra against us the flubber (voligoma). hacia adelante forward hacia la derecha toward the rightⅪ qué conmovedor how moving [emotion] hacia la izquierda toward the leftⅪ me disculpas you forgive me ▪ disculpar así es that’s it to forgive lo importante the important thingⅪ compuesto compound por supuesto of courseⅪ meta-estable meta-stable a menos que unlessⅪ cuya whose ▪ cuyo whose acerca de aboutⅪ configuración configuration para que so thatⅪ molecular molecular tengo que I have toⅪ entrega delivery ¿por qué? why?Ⅺ diminutas minute, tiny ▪ diminuto nm minute, si no le importa if it doesn’t matter to you tiny sí me importa it really matters to meⅪ partículas particles ▪ partícula particle antes de que beforeⅪ superficie nf surface por favor pleaseⅪ libera it frees ▪ liberar to free, to liberate así que soⅪ enormes enormous ▪ enorme enormous dar un paseo to go for a rideⅪ cantidades quantities, amounts ▪ cantidad quantity, amount NamesⅪ actúan they act ▪ actuar to act Medfield, Lennie, Syne, CarlisleⅪ dirección directionⅪ opuesta opposite ▪ opuesto opposite Hawk and Biff ride in the back seat of a car.Ⅺ disparan they fire, they trigger ▪ disparar to fire, Ⅺ presionar to pressure to trigger Ⅺ estás bromeando you are joking ▪Ⅺ al respecto about it, with respect to it bromear to joke, to tease
  • 86. ····· 56 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ convertirlo to convert it ▪ convertir Ⅺ freno brake to convert Ⅺ en reversa in reverse Ⅺ albergues shelters, hostels, inns ▪ Ⅺ supón imp suppose ▪ suponer to suppose albergue nm shelter, hostel, inn Ⅺ giramos we turn ▪ girar to turn Ⅺ tienda store Ⅺ volante nm steering wheel Ⅺ farmacia pharmacy Ⅺ excepto except Ⅺ se están hundiendo they are sinking ▪ Ⅺ cofre nm hood of a car hundirse to sink Ⅺ finalmente finally Ⅺ supermercado supermarket Ⅺ supercolegios super-colleges ▪ supercolegio The professor fastens the seat belt for Charlie super-college the dog. Ⅺ te graduaste you graduated ▪ graduarse Ⅺ cinturón de seguridad seat belt ▪ cinturón nm to graduate belt ▪ seguridad safety Ⅺ cierren subj they close ▪ cerrar to close Ⅺ sonido sound Ⅺ alumnos students ▪ alumno student Ⅺ sujétate bien imp hold on tight ▪ sujetarse Ⅺ leal loyal to hold on Ⅺ amistad friendship Ⅺ se comporta it behaves ▪ comportarse Ⅺ que se hagan cargo that they take charge, that to behave they take care ▪ hacerse cargo to take charge, Ⅺ bellamente beautifully to take care Ⅺ novia bride, girlfriend ▪ novio groom, boyfriend Ⅺ préstamo loan Ⅺ tierna tender, affectionate ▪ tierno tender, Ⅺ cariño affection affectionate Ⅺ caballo horse Ⅺ confesar to confess Ⅺ pierna leg Ⅺ confort nm comfort Ⅺ rota broken ▪ roto broken ▪ romper to break Ⅺ miseria misery The professor lands the car in front of Betsy’s Ⅺ extra extra house. Ⅺ voz nf voice Ⅺ anciano old man Ⅺ apuestas bets, wagers ▪ apuesta bet, wager Ⅺ mostrarte to show you ▪ mostrar to show Ⅺ movimiento movement Ⅺ discúlpenos imp excuse us ▪ disculpar to excuse, Ⅺ no le apostarás you won’t bet ▪ apostar to bet Ⅺ papilla puree to forgive Ⅺ acompáñame imp come with me, accompany Ⅺ acceso access Ⅺ información information me ▪ acompañar to come with, to accompany Ⅺ intento I’m trying ▪ intentar to try, to attempt Ⅺ valiosa valuable ▪ valioso valuable Ⅺ enfadarme to become upset, to become Ⅺ refrán nm saying Ⅺ viento wind annoyed ▪ enfadarse to become upset, to become Ⅺ apostadores gamblers, bettors ▪ apostador annoyed Ⅺ escena scene gambler, bettor Ⅺ no le ha causado you haven’t caused her ▪ Ⅺ préstamos loans ▪ préstamo loan Ⅺ no vale it isn’t worth anything, it has no value ▪ causar to cause Ⅺ bastante enough valer to be worth, to have value Ⅺ pena embarrassment, shame Ⅺ no se meta imp stay out of, don’t interfere ▪ Professor Brainard points to the apparatus meterse to interfere, to become involved he has designed and explains to Charlie how Ⅺ sorpresa surprise it works. Ⅺ obsequio de bodas wedding gift ▪ obsequio gift ▪ Ⅺ palanca lever boda wedding Ⅺ chispas sparks ▪ chispa spark Ⅺ mostrar to show Ⅺ obturador lever [technical] Ⅺ merodeando hanging around ▪ merodear Ⅺ salen they leave, they get out ▪ salir to leave to hang around, to loiter Ⅺ rayos gamma gamma rays ▪ rayo ray Ⅺ ¿nos disculpa? will you excuse us? ▪ disculpar Ⅺ pedal nm pedal to excuse Ⅺ gas nm gas Ⅺ oficina office Ⅺ delante forward Ⅺ fabuloso fabulous Ⅺ pisamos we step on ▪ pisar to step on Ⅺ dar un paseo to take a ride
  • 87. The Absent-Minded Professor · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 57 ····· 5 A Basketball Wonder 12:43 Ⅺ doble double Ⅺ discutirlo to argue about it ▪ discutir to arguePhrases to Listen For Ⅺ me da pena it saddens me, it grieves me ▪ tuve que I had to dar pena to sadden, to grieve ▪ dar to give ▪ premio del honor prize of honor pena shame, embarrassment con permiso excuse me (lit with permission) Ⅺ sección section por favor please Ⅺ pertenece he belongs ▪ pertenecer to belong en contra de against Ⅺ pelota ball no importa it doesn’t matter Ⅺ muchachillos young men, boys ▪ muchacho me da pena I feel sorry for young man, boy no se da cuenta he doesn’t notice Ⅺ empujón nm shove, push ¿por qué? why? Ⅺ zapatos shoes ▪ zapato shoe lo siento I’m sorry Ⅺ elevador elevator ni siquiera alcanza it doesn’t even reach Ⅺ gracioso funny me parece que it seems to me zapatos de elevador elevator shoes The professor places flubber in the team’s extra así que so shoes. les están volando las orejas they are yanking Ⅺ pelar un gato to skin a cat your ears out Ⅺ no dio un paseo she didn’t take a ride ▪ tenemos que we have to dar un paseo to take a ride tal vez maybe, perhaps Ⅺ sorprenderemos we will surprise ▪ sorprender acerca de about to surprise en lo absoluto not at all Ⅺ voligomizar to flubbergast [invented word] de alguna forma in some way, in a manner of speaking The coach addresses the team at halftime.Names Ⅺ orgulloso proudLenny, Medfield, Harper Ⅺ banca bench Ⅺ orejas ears ▪ oreja ear Medfield and Rutland are playing basketball. Ⅺ déjenme imp allow me ▪ dejar to allowⅪ reto challenge Ⅺ he entrenado I have coached ▪ entrenar to coachⅪ apuestas bets ▪ apuesta bet Ⅺ luchen subj they fight, they struggle ▪ lucharⅪ barato cheap to fight, to struggleⅪ precio price Ⅺ verdadero trueⅪ teléfono telephone Ⅺ miren imp look ▪ mirar to look atⅪ obtener to obtain Ⅺ no lucha it doesn’t fight, it doesn’t struggle ▪Ⅺ tipo kind luchar to fight, to struggleⅪ premio prizeⅪ honor nm honor The coach addresses the professor.Ⅺ derrotas you defeat ▪ derrotar to defeat Ⅺ conciencia conscienceⅪ fiera savage animal Ⅺ suspender to suspendⅪ con permiso excuse me (lit with permission) ▪ Ⅺ disculpas apologies ▪ disculpa apology permiso permission Ⅺ mitad nf half Ⅺ calificaciones grades ▪ calificación grade Professor Brainard sits behind Betsy and Shelby. Ⅺ apalear to beatⅪ odio I hate ▪ odiar to hate Ⅺ ignoran you are unaware of ▪ ignorarⅪ comprar en barata to buy cheaply, to buy on to be unaware of, to be ignorant of sale ▪ comprar to buy ▪ barato cheap Ⅺ en lo absoluto not at allⅪ oí I heard ▪ oír to hear Ⅺ salen you go out ▪ salir to go out, to leaveⅪ estaba expulsado he was expelled ▪ expulsar Ⅺ saltar to jump to expel Ⅺ salten subj you jump ▪ imp jump ▪ saltarⅪ estrella star to jumpⅪ realistas realistic ▪ realista realisticⅪ baloncesto basketball Cheerleaders lead the crowd.Ⅺ inglés nm English Ⅺ acábenlos imp finish them off ▪ acabar to finishⅪ obtengo I earn, I get ▪ obtener to earn, to get Ⅺ plática speech, talk
  • 88. ····· 58 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ escondido hidden ▪ esconder to hide Ⅺ ruidos noises ▪ ruido noise Ⅺ arbitro referee Ⅺ toldo car roof Ⅺ dígamelo imp tell me what ▪ decir to tell Ⅺ sople subj you blow ▪ soplar to blow Ⅺ reglas rules ▪ regla rule Ⅺ averiguar to find out Ⅺ míralos imp look at them ▪ mirar to look at Ⅺ probable probable Ⅺ ciego blind Ⅺ esté mirándonos subj it is looking at us ▪ Ⅺ piedra rock mirar to look at, to watch Ⅺ dispara imp shoot ▪ disparar to shoot Ⅺ oscuridad darkness Ⅺ lanza imp shoot ▪ lanzar to shoot, to throw Ⅺ saltar to jump Ⅺ sóplele imp blow into it ▪ soplar to blow Medfield wins. Betsy, Shelby, and the professor Ⅺ ultrajante insulting discuss the victory. Ⅺ se están portando you are behaving ▪ Ⅺ descubrí I discovered ▪ descubrir to discover portarse to behave Ⅺ seguramente surely Ⅺ salvajes savages ▪ salvaje nmf savage Ⅺ crédito credit Ⅺ director nm director Ⅺ haya ganado subj it has won ▪ ganar to win Ⅺ departamento department Ⅺ exactamente exactly Ⅺ inglés nm English Ⅺ se ha vuelto loco have you gone mad?, have you gone crazy? ▪ volverse loco to go mad, to go crazy 6 The Professor’s Revenge 5:31 Ⅺ idiota idiotic Ⅺ cooperativo cooperative Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ sople imp blow ▪ soplar to blow por favor please Ⅺ agradeceríamos we would be grateful ▪ por supuesto of course agradecer to be grateful buenas noches good night lo que what Professor Brainard pulls up to speak to the police no lo sé I don’t know officers. ahora mismo right now Ⅺ usual usual no se preocupe imp don’t worry Ⅺ quinientos dos -- [law code] (lit five tal vez maybe, perhaps hundred two) ▪ quinientos five hundred después de after Ⅺ perdedores losers ▪ perdedor loser tuve que I had to Ⅺ idiotas idiots ▪ idiota nmf idiot así es that’s right Ⅺ repararlo to repair it ▪ reparar to repair hasta pronto see you soon (lit until soon) Ⅺ válvula valve Names Ⅺ modelos T Model Ts ▪ modelo model Charlie, Ashton, Hanson Ⅺ sargento sergeant Shelby escorts Betsy to her door. Ⅺ respuesta answer, response Ⅺ baile nm dance 7 A Business Proposition 10:39 Phrases to Listen For Professor Brainard follows Shelby in his Model T. tal vez maybe, perhaps Ⅺ probablemente probably claro que sí of course Ⅺ anormal strange, abnormal lo que what Ⅺ desesperado desperate acerca de about Ⅺ apago I’m turning off ▪ apagar to turn off, algo así something like that to switch off [motor] a menos que unless Ⅺ motor nm motor ¿por qué? why? después de todo after all Shelby crashes into a police car. así es that’s right Ⅺ apariencia appearance para que so that Ⅺ taza cup por completo completely Ⅺ café nm coffee nada de nada absolutely nothing, nothing at all Ⅺ caliente hot (lit nothing of nothing) Ⅺ describirla to describe it ▪ describir to describe por favor please
  • 89. The Absent-Minded Professor · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 59 ····· antes que before Ⅺ edificios buildings ▪ edificio building para siempre forever Ⅺ almacenes warehouses ▪ almacén nm warehouse tienes razón you are right Ⅺ edificio building tenga que ver con subj it has to do with Ⅺ dedicado dedicated ▪ dedicar to dedicate claro que no of course not Ⅺ enteramente entirely de inmediato immediately Ⅺ ciencia science me doy cuenta I notice Ⅺ revolucionario revolutionary ya basta enough already Ⅺ máquina machine lo que sea subj anything Ⅺ anoche last night ni siquiera me verá she won’t even see me Ⅺ mutuamente mutually Ⅺ nubes clouds ▪ nube nf cloudNames Ⅺ oler to smellHawk, Daggett, Appleton, Lenny, Sam Willard, Ⅺ millones millions ▪ millón nm millionChatsworth, Shelby Ashton Ⅺ ángulos angles ▪ ángulo angle Ⅺ gobierno government Dressed in a robe, Hawk shouts at his henchmen. Ⅺ era espacial space age ▪ era age ▪Ⅺ ducha shower, bath espacial spaceⅪ quince fifteen Ⅺ sucias dirty ▪ sucio dirtyⅪ averigüen imp find out ▪ averiguar to find out, Ⅺ rodillas knees ▪ rodilla knee to research Ⅺ implorarnos to beg us ▪ implorar to beg,Ⅺ vitaminas vitamins ▪ vitamina vitamin to imploreⅪ pruebas tests ▪ prueba test Ⅺ bolsas bags ▪ bolsa bagⅪ saliva saliva Ⅺ barriles barrels ▪ barril nm barrelⅪ averiguaste you found out ▪ averiguar to find Ⅺ aclarar to clarify out Ⅺ chantajear to blackmailⅪ vestidores dressing rooms ▪ vestidor dressing Ⅺ crecer to grow room Ⅺ prosperar to prosperⅪ intermedio intermission, halftime Ⅺ lucha struggleⅪ charla chat, talk Ⅺ por completo completelyⅪ grandioso magnificent, awe-inspiring Ⅺ depende it depends ▪ depender to dependⅪ noticias nfpl news Ⅺ direcciones directions ▪ dirección directionⅪ felicito I congratulate ▪ felicitar to congratulate Ⅺ no me malinterprete imp don’t misunderstandⅪ secreto secret me, don’t misinterpret me ▪ malinterpretarⅪ supremo supreme to misunderstand, to misinterpretⅪ información information Ⅺ apoyo I support ▪ apoyar to support Ⅺ está tirando you are throwing ▪ tirar to throw, Hawk sees the professor flying his Model T. to throw outⅪ dilo imp say it decir to say Ⅺ bomba bombⅪ ése that one Ⅺ no intente volver a retroceder imp don’t tryⅪ genio genius to come back ▪ intentar to try, to attempt ▪Ⅺ retacó he stuffed ▪ retacar to stuff volver to return ▪ retroceder to go backⅪ oídos ears ▪ oído ear Ⅺ hierro ironⅪ locura craziness, crazy ideaⅪ ligera light, slight ▪ ligero light, slightⅪ producir to produce Hawk and Biff ride in the back of their car. Ⅺ telefoneará he will telephone ▪ telefonear The professor works on his Model T in the garage. to telephone Hawk and Biff enter. Ⅺ arpías harpies ▪ arpía harpyⅪ indulgencia indulgence Ⅺ supón imp suppose ▪ suponer to supposeⅪ caber to fit Ⅺ si le echan mano if they get hold of it, if they getⅪ pedante pedantic their hands on it ▪ echar mano to get hold of,Ⅺ hombre de negocios businessman ▪ hombre nm to get one’s hands on, to grab man ▪ negocio business Ⅺ vehículo vehicleⅪ planea he plans ▪ planear to plan Ⅺ volador flyingⅪ tirar to throw away Ⅺ calla imp be quiet ▪ callarse to be quietⅪ visualice imp visualize ▪ visualizar to visualize Ⅺ intento I’m trying ▪ intentar to try, to attempt
  • 90. ····· 60 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ idiota nmf idiot Ⅺ interesante interesting Ⅺ modelos T Model Ts ▪ modelo model Ⅺ antigravedad antigravity Ⅺ cochera garage At the White House, O. J. Turnbull, Special Ⅺ falso false Assistant to the President, speaks on the telephone. Ⅺ investigaciones research ▪ investigación Ⅺ desarrollo development research, investigation Ⅺ prosperidad prosperity Ⅺ vuelo flight Ⅺ nacional national Ⅺ de inmediato immediately Ⅺ insistir to insist Ⅺ doy I give ▪ dar to give Ⅺ naturaleza nature Ⅺ urgente urgent Ⅺ significativo significant Ⅺ actualmente currently, nowadays Ⅺ rama branch Ⅺ piloto pilot Ⅺ nómbrelas imp name them ▪ nombrar to name Ⅺ breve brief Ⅺ transporte nm transportation Ⅺ contándonos telling us ▪ contar to tell, Ⅺ industria industry to relate Ⅺ agricultura agriculture Ⅺ llámanos imp call us ▪ llamar to call Ⅺ no me cuelgue imp don’t hang up on me ▪ colgar to hang up [telephone] Professor Brainard hangs up the telephone. Ⅺ planchado ironed, pressed ▪ planchar to iron, A bespectacled man at the Department of to press Agriculture answers the phone. Ⅺ almidonado starched ▪ almidonar to starch Ⅺ departamento department Ⅺ baile nm dance Ⅺ espléndido splendid Ⅺ al respecto about it Ⅺ granjero farmer Ⅺ nariz nf nose Ⅺ cuántas how many ▪ cuántos how many Ⅺ metida inserted ▪ metido inserted ▪ Ⅺ posibilidades possibilities ▪ posibilidad meter to insert, to put into possibility Ⅺ no le pertenecen they don’t pertain to you ▪ Ⅺ fertilizante nm fertilizer pertenecer to pertain Ⅺ vital vital Ⅺ misterios mysteries ▪ misterio mystery Ⅺ sino but also Ⅺ universo universe Ⅺ intención intention At the Pentagon, a civilian addresses three Ⅺ simplemente simply high-ranking military officers. Ⅺ me casaré I will marry ▪ casarse to marry, Ⅺ orgulloso prideful to get married Ⅺ espíritu nm spirit Ⅺ desunir to separate Ⅺ cooperación cooperation Ⅺ átomos atoms ▪ átomo atom Ⅺ ejército Army Ⅺ hombro shoulder Ⅺ marina Navy Ⅺ bailarines dancers ▪ bailarín nm dancer Ⅺ fuerza aérea Air Force ▪ fuerza force ▪ Ⅺ compiten they compete ▪ competir to compete aérea air Ⅺ se voltee subj he turns around ▪ voltearse to turn Ⅺ columnistas columnists ▪ columnista nmf around columnist Ⅺ golpearé I will hit ▪ golpear to hit Ⅺ periódicos newspapers ▪ periódico newspaper Ⅺ exacto exactly Ⅺ diferencia difference Ⅺ civilizado civilized ▪ civilizar to civilize Ⅺ real real Ⅺ brazos arms ▪ brazo arm Ⅺ mentiras lies ▪ mentira lie Ⅺ abrácela imp hug her, hold her, embrace her ▪ Ⅺ teléfono telephone abrazar to hug, to hold, to embrace Ⅺ escriba subj he writes ▪ escribir to write Ⅺ quítesela imp take her from him ▪ quitarse Ⅺ carta letter to take Ⅺ conexión connection Ⅺ mandril nm mandrill Ⅺ congresista nmf member of Congress Ⅺ bestial beastly Ⅺ comité nm committee Ⅺ bailo I dance ▪ bailar to dance Ⅺ apropiación appropriations Ⅺ chimpancé nm chimpanzee Ⅺ influencia influence Ⅺ organillero organ grinder Ⅺ amigable amicable, friendly Ⅺ pareja mate
  • 91. The Absent-Minded Professor · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 61 ····· 8 The Dance 5:19 Names Bard, Shakespeare, Hawk, BetsyPhrases to Listen For tengo que I have to Professor Brainard escorts the military officers por favor please outside to the Model T. tal vez maybe, perhaps Ⅺ sorpresa surprise pensándolo bien on the other hand, I take that Ⅺ doy I give ▪ dar to give back Ⅺ tecnología technology Ⅺ militar adj military Professor Brainard drives under the “Welcome Ⅺ ha progresado it has progressed ▪ progresar Alumni” sign. A military officer arrives at the to progress airport. Ⅺ estoy utilizando I am utilizing ▪ utilizarⅪ hundan imp sink ▪ hundir to sink to utilizeⅪ ejército army Ⅺ medidas measures ▪ medida measureⅪ gris gray Ⅺ seguridad securityⅪ taxi nm taxi Ⅺ esconder to hideⅪ ya tengo que irme I have to go already, I have to Ⅺ en mente in mind ▪ mente nf mind go right away ▪ irse to go away Ⅺ primitiva primitive ▪ primitivo primitive Ⅺ obturador lever [technical] At the dance, Professor Brainard dances with Betsy. Ⅺ levitar to levitateⅪ chimpancé nm chimpanzee Ⅺ gas nm gasⅪ pareja mate Ⅺ delante forwardⅪ está mirándonos it is looking at us ▪ Ⅺ pedal nm pedal mirar to look at Ⅺ freno brakeⅪ no los decepcionemos subj let’s not disappoint Ⅺ en reversa in reverse, backwards them ▪ decepcionar to disappoint Ⅺ absoluto absolute, completeⅪ baile nm dance Ⅺ respiren profundo imp take a deep breath ▪Ⅺ mira esto imp look at this ▪ mirar to look at respirar to breathe ▪ profundo deepⅪ adentro inside Ⅺ emociones emotions ▪ emoción emotionⅪ diversión fun Ⅺ despegar to take off [aircraft] Ⅺ firme adj firm Ⅺ falla it fails ▪ fallar to fail 9 Bait and Switch 9:01 Ⅺ seguramente surelyPhrases to Listen For Ⅺ tipo kind Ⅺ cohete nm rocket por favor please Ⅺ probablemente probably por supuesto of course Ⅺ mecanismo mechanism me doy cuenta I notice Ⅺ demora delay de nuevo again Ⅺ demostración demonstration lo siento I’m sorry Ⅺ aire nm air ya lo verás you will soon see Ⅺ broma practical joke ¿por qué? why? Ⅺ adentro inside lo que what pase lo que pase subj whatever happens es así como it’s just like how Professor Brainard and the military officers look claro que of course inside the Model T engine. tenemos que we have to Ⅺ no me causa it doesn’t cause me, it doesn’t creo en ti I believe in you provoke (in me) ▪ causar to cause, to provoke me alegro I’m happy Ⅺ risa laughter por completo completely Ⅺ ardilla squirrel tiene razón she is right Ⅺ toque nm touch muy bien very good Ⅺ libramos al aire we’ve cleared the air ▪ librar Dios mío good heavens (lit my God) to clear, to free ▪ aire nm air he cambiado de opinión I have changed my mind Ⅺ lástima pity así es that’s right Ⅺ cierra la boca imp shut up, be quiet ▪ cerrar la se ve it looks boca to shut up, to be quiet (lit to close the mouth)
  • 92. ····· 62 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Betsy approaches Professor Brainard as he sits Ⅺ acostumbrarse to get used to, to become on the runner of the Model T. accustomed to Ⅺ burlarte to make fun ▪ burlarse to make fun Ⅺ salte imp jump ▪ subj I jump ▪ saltar to jump Ⅺ fraude nm fraud Ⅺ bastante enough Ⅺ tornillo screw Ⅺ ayúdame imp help me ▪ ayudar to help Ⅺ solemnemente solemnly Ⅺ humanidad humanity Ⅺ he volado I have flown ▪ volar to fly Ⅺ incendio fire Ⅺ descanso rest Ⅺ inmenso immense Ⅺ mostrarte to show you ▪ mostrar to show Ⅺ escaleras stairs ▪ escalera staircase Ⅺ sostenla imp hold it ▪ sostener to hold Ⅺ infierno inferno Ⅺ bótala imp bounce it ▪ botar to bounce Ⅺ humo smoke Ⅺ baloncesto basketball Ⅺ por debajo de from under Ⅺ devolver to return, to take back Ⅺ auxilio help Ⅺ radio radio Ⅺ soportar to tolerate Ⅺ cambió he changed ▪ cambiar to change Ⅺ anoche last night Professor Brainard jumps off Hawk’s balcony. Ⅺ trato deal Ⅺ Gerónimo Geronimo Ⅺ lo mandé a volar I sent him packing ▪ Ⅺ turno turn mandar a volar to send packing ▪ mandar Ⅺ divertido fun ▪ divertirse to have fun, to have to send ▪ volar to fly a good time Ⅺ hurtó he stole ▪ hurtar to steal Ⅺ aterrizará you will land ▪ aterrizar to land [aircraft] Hawk sits in his chair and addresses the professor Ⅺ suavemente softly and Betsy. Ⅺ pluma feather Ⅺ socio associate, partner Ⅺ me alegro I’m glad ▪ alegrarse to be glad, Ⅺ fe nf faith to be happy Ⅺ producto product Ⅺ proposición proposition Ⅺ sensible touchy, sensitive Ⅺ estábamos discutiendo we were discussing ▪ Ⅺ cobarde nm coward discutir to discuss Ⅺ zapatos shoes ▪ zapato shoe Ⅺ voligomizados flubberized [invented word] Hawk jumps off the balcony. Ⅺ salto jump Ⅺ miren imp look at, watch ▪ mirar to look at, Ⅺ encima de on top of to watch Ⅺ nubes clouds ▪ nube nf cloud Ⅺ sencillo simple Ⅺ por completo completely Ⅺ flexione imp flex ▪ flexionar to flex Ⅺ poeta nmf poet Ⅺ rodillas knees ▪ rodilla knee Ⅺ suelo ground Ⅺ tendió una trampa you laid a trap ▪ tender Ⅺ mortal adj mortal to lay, to set ▪ trampa trap Ⅺ brinco skip Ⅺ escondió you hid ▪ esconder to hide Ⅺ canción song Ⅺ bodega warehouse Ⅺ valiosos valuable ▪ valioso valuable Ⅺ aterrizaje nm landing [aircraft] Ⅺ volador flying Ⅺ departamento de bomberos fire department ▪ Ⅺ imagíneselo imp imagine it ▪ imaginar departamento department ▪ bombero firefighter to imagine Ⅺ haz algo imp do something ▪ hacer to do ▪ Ⅺ población population algo something Ⅺ mundial adj world Ⅺ detenme imp stop me ▪ detener to stop Ⅺ compra it buys ▪ comprar to buy Ⅺ prácticamente practically Ⅺ tranquilícese imp calm down ▪ tranquilizarse 10 Stealing the Car Back 5:21 to calm down Ⅺ mostraré I will show ▪ mostrar to show Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ presione imp press ▪ presionar to press, to put ¿por qué? why? pressure on tenemos que we have to Ⅺ tacón nm heel lo que what Ⅺ equilibrio equilibrium, balance ¿qué pasa? what’s up?
  • 93. The Absent-Minded Professor · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 63 ····· bajo control under control Ⅺ mencioné I mentioned ▪ mencionar to mention está dando un gran espectáculo he’s putting on Ⅺ mirones curious onlookers ▪ mirón nm curious a great show onlooker claro que of course Ⅺ área area todo el mundo everyone Ⅺ personalmente personally no se preocupe imp don’t worry Ⅺ experimentado experienced ▪ experimentar antes que before to experience con cuidado carefully, be careful Ⅺ cochero real royal coachman ▪ cochero ¿qué pasó? what happened? coachman, driver of a carriage ▪ real adj royal no me gustaría I wouldn’t like (lit it wouldn’t Ⅺ haz algo imp do something ▪ hacer to do ▪ please me) algo something tener que to have to Ⅺ entrenamiento de primavera spring training ▪ lo de antes the same as before, like before entrenamiento training ▪ primavera spring [season]NamesLenny, Betsy, Feisty McKenna, Marilou, Millie Hawk’s henchmen hear noise in the warehouse. Ⅺ canto song Hawk’s henchmen play cards in the warehouse. Ⅺ astuto astute, cleverⅪ vigilar to watch over Ⅺ exactamente exactlyⅪ lobo de mar old salt (lit sea wolf ) ▪ lobo wolf ▪ Ⅺ fallaron you failed, you missed ▪ fallar mar nm sea to fail Ⅺ no me acorralen imp don’t corner me ▪ The professor and Betsy enter an alley near the acorralar to corner warehouse.Ⅺ saltar to jumpⅪ se han atrasado they have gotten behind ▪ 11 Bringing Down Mr. Hawk 5:41 atrasarse to get behind, to be behindⅪ pagos payments ▪ pago payment Phrases to Listen ForⅪ ruidos noises ▪ ruido noise ¿qué opina usted? what do you think?Ⅺ arpa harp cerca de las siete about seven o’clockⅪ despacio slowly en graves problemas in big troubleⅪ bájalo imp put it down, lower it ▪ bajar to put con permiso excuse me (lit with permission) down, to lower por aquí over hereⅪ zapato shoe por favor pleaseⅪ deshacer to undo, to untie tengo que I have toⅪ nudo knot jugar al tiro al blanco to take target practiceⅪ uña fingernail, toenail de hecho in factⅪ cantos songs ▪ canto song NamesⅪ pajaritos dim little birds ▪ pájaro bird Alonzo P. Hawk, Syne Lang, Hanson The fire department arrives at Hawk’s residence. Several onlookers watch Hawk jump higher andⅪ jefe de bomberos fire chief ▪ jefe nmf chief ▪ higher. bombero firefighter Ⅺ golosinas candies, sweets ▪ golosina candy,Ⅺ calmarme to calm down ▪ calmarse to calm sweet down Ⅺ goma de mascar chewing gum ▪ goma gum ▪Ⅺ idiota nmf idiot mascar to chewⅪ espectáculo show, spectacle Ⅺ rosetas de maíz popcorn ▪ roseta rosette ▪Ⅺ red nf net maíz cornⅪ abran paso imp make way ▪ abrir paso to make Ⅺ cigarros cigarettes ▪ cigarro cigarette way ▪ abrir to open ▪ paso way Ⅺ baño bathⅪ de pie standing ▪ pie nm foot Ⅺ rostro faceⅪ consejo counsel Ⅺ se asomó it suddenly appeared ▪ asomarseⅪ autorización authorization to appear suddenlyⅪ no se enoje imp don’t get mad ▪ enojarse to get Ⅺ ventana window mad Ⅺ calculo I calculate ▪ calcular to calculate
  • 94. ····· 64 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ dieciocho eighteen Ⅺ millones millions ▪ millón nm million Ⅺ pulgadas inches ▪ pulgada inch Ⅺ seguramente surely Ⅺ salto jump Ⅺ no está acusando you aren’t accusing ▪ Ⅺ ¿qué opina usted? what do you think? ▪ acusar to accuse opinar to think, to give an opinion Ⅺ graves grave, serious ▪ grave grave, serious Ⅺ con permiso excuse me (lit with permission) ▪ 12 Military Alert/End Credits 10:38 permiso permission Ⅺ touchdown eng touchdown Phrases to Listen For lo que what In the warehouse, Hawk’s henchmen pursue otra vez again the professor. por lo tanto therefore Ⅺ bodega warehouse ¿por qué? why? Ⅺ no se vayan a rendir imp don’t surrender ▪ por favor please rendirse to surrender no tengo con que arreglarlo I don’t have the stuff Ⅺ golpe nm hit, blow (the things, the tools, etc.) to fix it Ⅺ pónganse de pie imp stand up ▪ ponerse de pie tiene que you have to to stand up para que so that Ⅺ gorilas gorillas ▪ gorila gorilla buena suerte good luck Ⅺ saltarín adj hopping, jumping, bouncing Names Mead, Stutz Bearcat, Papa Toledo, Singer, Myer, The professor and Betsy fly out of the warehouse. Anacostia Ⅺ paredes walls ▪ pared nf wall Ⅺ idiotas idiots ▪ idiota nmf idiot A radar operator reports to his commanding Ⅺ dímelo imp tell it to me, say it to me ▪ decir officer. to tell, to say Ⅺ desconocido unknown ▪ desconocer to not Ⅺ jugar al tiro al blanco to take target practice ▪ know, to not be aware of tiro shot ▪ blanco target [sports] Ⅺ zona zone, area Ⅺ dispararles to shoot at them ▪ disparar Ⅺ prohibida prohibited ▪ prohibido prohibited ▪ to shoot prohibir to prohibit, to forbid Ⅺ demostraré I will demonstrate ▪ demostrar Ⅺ velocidad velocity, speed to demonstrate Ⅺ nudos knots, nautical miles ▪ nudo knot, Ⅺ negocios business ▪ negocio business nautical mile Ⅺ patrulla patrol car Ⅺ pajarera large birdcage, aviary Ⅺ apenas barely, hardly Ⅺ bandera flag Ⅺ suelo ground Ⅺ alista imp prepare, get ready ▪ alistar to prepare, to get ready Hawk and his men crash into a patrol car. Ⅺ pájaros birds ▪ pájaro bird Ⅺ pajaritos dim little birds ▪ pájaro bird Ⅺ azul blue Ⅺ toldo roof of a car Ⅺ en vuelo in flight Ⅺ arma weapon Ⅺ vector nm vector Ⅺ disparada fired ▪ disparado fired ▪ disparar to fire, to shoot The professor and Betsy fly quietly among the Ⅺ finanzas nfpl finances clouds. Shortly, two jets approach. Ⅺ recuerdo I remember ▪ recordar to remember Ⅺ bello beautiful, pretty Ⅺ patán nm oaf Ⅺ enterado understood [radio communication] Ⅺ hielera ice box, refrigerator Ⅺ artefacto object Ⅺ interrumpirlo to interrupt you ▪ Ⅺ piloto pilot interrumpir to interrupt Ⅺ déme imp give me ▪ dar to give Ⅺ directo direct Ⅺ reporte nm report Ⅺ siguiente next Ⅺ sugiero I suggest ▪ sugerir to suggest Ⅺ dé vuelta imp turn, make a turn ▪ dar vuelta Ⅺ se metió it entered ▪ meterse to enter, to insert, to turn, to make a turn to go in Ⅺ carretera highway Ⅺ nube nf cloud Ⅺ aire nm air Ⅺ procedimiento procedure
  • 95. The Absent-Minded Professor · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 65 ·····Ⅺ coronel colonel Ⅺ oficial en mando commanding officer ▪Ⅺ se haga cargo subj he takes charge ▪ hacerse oficial nm officer ▪ mando command cargo to take charge, to take care Ⅺ aérea airⅪ bromear to play a practical joke, to joke, Ⅺ radios radios ▪ radio radio to tease Ⅺ comerciales commercial ▪ comercial commercialⅪ no me interrumpa imp don’t interrupt me ▪ Ⅺ longitudes longitudes ▪ longitud nf longitude interrumpir to interrupt Ⅺ ondas waves, frequencies ▪ onda wave,Ⅺ exactamente exactly frequencyⅪ situación situation Ⅺ militares military ▪ militar adj military Ⅺ objeto volador no identificado (OVNI) UFO, The professor and Betsy remain among the unidentified flying object ▪ objeto object ▪ clouds. volador flying ▪ no identificado unidentifiedⅪ se está arruinando it’s ruining ▪ arruinarse Ⅺ misil nm missile to be ruined Ⅺ área areaⅪ peinado hairdo, hairstyle Ⅺ si no se identifica if it doesn’t identify itself ▪Ⅺ nunca habías lucido you have never looked ▪ identificarse to identify oneself lucir to look, to look good Ⅺ dispararemos we will shoot ▪ disparar to shoot Ⅺ inmediatamente immediately A group of officers discuss the Model T. Ⅺ atreverse to dare Ⅺ se atreverán they will dare ▪ atreverse to dareⅪ sencillo simple Ⅺ advertencia warningⅪ obviamente obviously Ⅺ identif íquese imp identify yourself ▪ identificarseⅪ disfrazado disguised ▪ disfrazar to disguiseⅪ declaro I’m declaring ▪ declarar to declare to identify oneself Ⅺ abriremos fuego we will open fire ▪ abrirⅪ condición conditionⅪ amarilla yellow ▪ amarillo yellow to open ▪ fuego fire Ⅺ batería de misiles missile battery ▪ The professor and Betsy fly over Washington, D.C. batería battery ▪ misil nm missile Ⅺ directo pointedⅪ orgulloso proud Ⅺ repito I repeat ▪ repetir to repeatⅪ no me sorprendería it wouldn’t surprise me ▪ Ⅺ respuesta answer, response sorprender to surprise Ⅺ estoy respondiendo I am responding ▪Ⅺ gritan they shout, they are yelling ▪ gritar responder to respond to shout, to yell Ⅺ americano AmericanⅪ pica it pokes ▪ picar to poke Ⅺ tarjetas de crédito credit cards ▪ tarjeta card ▪Ⅺ tumba de Grant Grant’s tomb crédito creditⅪ Nueva York New York Ⅺ reporta it reports ▪ reportar to reportⅪ Monumento a Jefferson Jefferson Monument Ⅺ congreso CongressⅪ Monticello Monticello Ⅺ en sesión in session ▪ sesión sessionⅪ mapa nm map Ⅺ congresistas members of Congress ▪Ⅺ turístico tourist congresista nmf member of CongressⅪ guantera glove compartmentⅪ edificio del Pentágono Pentagon buildingⅪ estacionamiento parking lot An official from the Department of DefenseⅪ enorme enormous answers the telephone.Ⅺ mil novecientos diecisiete  [date], Ⅺ asunto matter one thousand nine hundred seventeen Ⅺ bájelo imp take it down ▪ bajar to take down,Ⅺ capitolio capitol to bring downⅪ causar to cause Ⅺ correcto correctⅪ alboroto disturbance Ⅺ bájenlos imp take them down ▪ bajar to take down, to bring down The professor and Betsy listen to the radio. Ⅺ personal personalⅪ interrumpimos we interrupt ▪ interrumpir Ⅺ identificarse to identify yourself ▪ to interrupt identificarse to identify oneselfⅪ programa nm program Ⅺ directamente directlyⅪ boletín nm bulletin Ⅺ estación stationⅪ urgente urgent Ⅺ naval naval
  • 96. ····· 66 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ orden nf order Ⅺ compartirán they will share ▪ compartir Ⅺ base nf base to share Ⅺ ejército army Ⅺ cimentará it will strengthen ▪ cimentar Ⅺ repórtese imp report ▪ reportarse to report to strengthen Ⅺ descender to descend Ⅺ lazos ties ▪ lazo tie Ⅺ terreno terrain Ⅺ tradicionales traditional ▪ tradicional traditional Ⅺ césped nm grass, lawn Ⅺ cooperación cooperation Ⅺ verde green Ⅺ interservicio interservice Ⅺ cabello hair Ⅺ conquistar to conquer, to win the affections Ⅺ despeinado messy [hair] of someone The professor and Betsy land on the White House The professor and Betsy stand before the minister. lawn. Ⅺ repetirlo to repeat it ▪ repetir to repeat Ⅺ dedicado dedicated ▪ dedicar to dedicate Ⅺ sentido sense Ⅺ avance nm advance Ⅺ marido husband Ⅺ ciencia science Ⅺ novios bride and groom Ⅺ entusiasmo enthusiasm Ⅺ novia bride ▪ novio groom Ⅺ rama branch Ⅺ recién recently, newly Ⅺ servicios armados armed services ▪ Ⅺ finalmente finally servicio service ▪ armado armed ▪ Ⅺ casados married ▪ casado married ▪ armar to arm [weapons] casarse to marry, to get married
  • 97. · · · · · ADVANCED BEGINNER ······Eragon Pobre Durza, ¿cómo le dirás al rey que fallaste? Poor Durza, how will you tell the king you failed?genre Adventure/Fantasyyear 2006director Stefen Fangmeiercast Ed Speleers, Sienna Guillory, Jeremy Irons, John Malkovichstudio Twentieth Century FoxA simple farm boy who loves to hunt finds a mysterious rock in the king’s forest.When that rock hatches, a fanciful adventure story unfolds, with its hero riding a flyingdragon to protect the rebel forces of good against the well-established forces of evil.For the Spanish learner, Eragon is light on the use of the more difficult Spanish verbtenses, and the dialogue occurs at an easily manageable pace that allows time toprocess the new vocabulary. 67
  • 98. ····· 68 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies BASIC VOCABULARY Ⅺ gobernada governed ▪ gobernado governed ▪ Names gobernar to govern Ⅺ montaban they rode, they mounted ▪ Eragon, Saphira, Brom, Durza, Arya, Galbatorix, montar to ride, to mount Ra’zac, Varden, Shade Ⅺ poderosos powerful ▪ poderoso powerful Nouns Ⅺ misión mission Ⅺ batalla battle ▪ Y en una sangrienta batalla Ⅺ proteger to protect creyó que los había matado a todos, tanto a los Ⅺ prosperó it prospered ▪ prosperar to prosper jinetes como a sus dragones. And in a bloody Ⅺ arrogantes arrogant ▪ arrogante arrogant battle, he believed that he had killed all of them, the riders as well as their dragons. As a dragon flies through the air, the narrator Ⅺ campesino peasant ▪ Un simple campesino continues the story. de Carvajal. A simple peasant from Ⅺ notando noticing ▪ notar to notice Carvajal. Ⅺ debilidad weakness Ⅺ dragones dragons ▪ dragón nm dragon ▪ Ⅺ traicionó he betrayed ▪ traicionar to betray Sabe de dragones. He knows about dragons. ▪ Ⅺ sangrienta bloody ▪ sangriento bloody Y cuando un dragón y su jinete son uno solo, llegan Ⅺ rebelión rebellion a ver como uno. And when a dragon and his rider Ⅺ incluyendo including ▪ incluir to include are as one, they begin to see as one. Ⅺ defensores defenders ▪ defensor nm defender Ⅺ ejército army ▪ Dos patriotas voluntarios más Ⅺ libertad nf liberty, freedom para el ejército del rey. Two more volunteer Ⅺ sobrevivieron they survived ▪ sobrevivir patriots for the army of the king. to survive Ⅺ jinetes riders, knights ▪ jinete rider, knight ▪ Ⅺ huyeron they fled ▪ huir to flee Y ahora, los días de los jinetes han regresado. Ⅺ milagro miracle And now, the days of the riders have returned. ▪ Ⅺ equilibrara subj it balances ▪ equilibrar Un jinete vivirá aunque su dragón muera, Eragon. to balance A rider will live on even though his dragon may die, Eragon. A woman on horseback and her escort ride swiftly Ⅺ montañas mountains ▪ montaña mountain ▪ through a forest. Los que sobrevivieron huyeron a las montañas. Ⅺ aliada allied ▪ aliado allied ▪ aliar to ally Those who survived fled to the mountains. Ⅺ huía she fled ▪ huir to flee Verb Ⅺ piedra rock Ⅺ cuida imp take care of ▪ cuidar to take care of ▪ Cuida bien a Arya. Take good care of Arya. The king sits on his throne addressing one of his henchmen. Other Ⅺ sufro I suffer ▪ sufrir to suffer Ⅺ brisingr [elf language] Ⅺ no prolongues imp don’t prolong ▪ prolongar Ⅺ skulblakas ven [elf language] to prolong Ⅺ sufrir suffering ▪ sufrir to suffer A young man dresses and then blows out 1 Main Titles/The King’s Stone 6:19 a candle. Ⅺ se aventuraba he was venturing ▪ aventurarse Phrases to Listen For sin tener not having (lit without having) to venture Ⅺ cazar to hunt así que so, therefore mi sufrir my suffering The woman on horseback is captured. The young Name man, Eragon, hunts a deer. Later, Eragon picks up Alagaësia the “stone.” Ⅺ mírenla imp look at her ▪ mirar to look at Clouds and mountains are visible as the narrator Ⅺ entrégamelo imp give it to me ▪ entregar to give, begins the story. to hand over Ⅺ época age, epoch Ⅺ crea subj he believes ▪ creer to believe Ⅺ imponente imposing Ⅺ fallaste you failed ▪ fallar to fail
  • 99. Eragon · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 69 ····· 2 Eragon 2:36 Ⅺ ladrón nm thief Ⅺ embustero cheat, liarPhrases to Listen For Ⅺ las confiscaré I will confiscate them ▪ ¿cuánto vale? how much is it?, how much is it confiscar to confiscate worth? Ⅺ pelarlas plucking them ▪ pelar to pluck se lo cambio por lo que tengo aquí I’ll trade you Ⅺ huesos bones ▪ hueso bone for what I have here (lit I’ll trade it to you for Ⅺ se ahogaran subj they suffocate ▪ ahogarse what I have here) to suffocate, to drown así que so, therefore perdón por no pelarlas pardon me for not plucking them 3 Roran Leaves Home 5:01Name Phrases to Listen ForSpine ¿qué pasó? what happened? Soldiers escort young men in chains as the villagers lo que that, what protest. antes de que before ya lo sabe he already knowsⅪ patriotas patriots ▪ patriota nmf patriot aún no lo sé I still don’t knowⅪ voluntarios volunteers ▪ voluntario volunteer me gusta I like (lit it pleases me)Ⅺ guerreros warriors ▪ guerrero warrior por eso that’s whyⅪ aldea small town hay que it’s necessaryⅪ contribuir to contribute por otro lado on the other hand (lit on theⅪ alégrese imp be happy ▪ alegrarse to be happy other side)Ⅺ se convertirán they will become ▪ convertirse cuídate mucho imp take care, be very careful to becomeⅪ héroes heroes ▪ héroe nm hero Name Roran Eragon enters a butcher shop.Ⅺ caro expensive Eragon meets his brother on the family farm.Ⅺ carne nf meat Ⅺ saluden imp greet ▪ saludar to greetⅪ grasa fat Ⅺ poderoso powerfulⅪ se desvanece it vanishes ▪ desvanecerse Ⅺ cazador hunter to vanish, to disappear Ⅺ invisible invisibleⅪ corte nm cut Ⅺ presa catchⅪ ¿cuánto vale? how much is it worth? ▪ Ⅺ ¿te asustaste? were you afraid? ▪ asustarse cuánto how much ▪ valer to be worth to be afraid, to be frightenedⅪ especie nf type Ⅺ venado deerⅪ roca rock Ⅺ gruñó it snorted ▪ gruñir to snort, to gruntⅪ hurtaste you stole ▪ hurtar to stealⅪ estaba cazando I was hunting ▪ cazar to hunt Eragon and his brother Roran enter the barn.Ⅺ devuélvela imp return it ▪ devolver to return The two practice fighting.Ⅺ pertenece it belongs ▪ pertenecer to belong Ⅺ respeto respectⅪ arriesgarías you would risk ▪ arriesgar to risk Ⅺ cabra female goat Ⅺ lento slow Eragon walks through the village streets and Ⅺ iluso gullible witnesses the soldiers talking to a man. Ⅺ cráneo cranium, skullⅪ botín nm lootⅪ apetitoso tempting Eragon and Roran talk while working in the field.Ⅺ lazo de joyas string of jewels ▪ lazo string, Ⅺ edad age ribbon, thread ▪ joya jewel Ⅺ reclutado recruited, conscripted ▪ reclutarⅪ interesante interesting to recruit, to conscriptⅪ senda trail, path Ⅺ soldados soldiers ▪ soldado soldierⅪ rama branch Ⅺ te avisaré I’ll let you know ▪ avisar to let know,Ⅺ relámpago lightning to appriseⅪ tropezar to trip Ⅺ me establezca subj I get settled ▪ establecerseⅪ colgué I hung ▪ colgar to hang to get settled, to be established
  • 100. ····· 70 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies At night, Eragon speaks with his uncle. Ⅺ asunto subject, issue Ⅺ decidirás you will decide ▪ decidir to decide Ⅺ leyenda legend Ⅺ nariz nf nose Ⅺ real real Ⅺ desconocido unknown ▪ desconocer to not Ⅺ valor nm courage, bravery know, to not recognize Ⅺ desafiarme to challenge me ▪ desafiar Ⅺ resistir to resist, to oppose to challenge Ⅺ urgencia urgency, emergency Ⅺ me desafíe he challenges me ▪ desafiar Ⅺ no habría ganado I wouldn’t have gained ▪ to challenge ganar to gain, to earn, to win Ⅺ fronteras borders ▪ frontera border Ⅺ hay reminiscencias de resistencia In the morning, with his travel bag on his shoulder, there are influential pockets of resistance ▪ Roran bids farewell. reminiscencia influence ▪ resistencia Ⅺ ahorré I saved ▪ ahorrar to save resistance Ⅺ bendición blessing Ⅺ enanos dwarfs ▪ enano dwarf Ⅺ duendes elves ▪ duende nm elf Eragon walks with him into town. Ⅺ esperanza hope Ⅺ practica imp practice ▪ practicar to practice Ⅺ tiro shooting Eragon looks at his hand and then talks to the dragon. Ⅺ urgencia urgency, emergency 4 Hatched 3:17 Durza calls forth the Ra’zac. Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ asesinen imp kill ▪ asesinar to kill, to murder ¿tienes hambre? are you hungry? (lit do you have hunger?) lo siento I’m sorry lo que what 6 Dragons and Dragon Riders 6:25 por lo que veo as far as I can see (lit for what Phrases to Listen For I see) ¿para qué? what for? tienes mucha razón you are quite right The “rock” hatches. no me hagan caso imp don’t pay any attention Ⅺ roca rock to me Ⅺ ave nf bird hasta que until para sí mismo for himself Several react to the hatching. largo de aquí get out of here Ⅺ ha nacido it has been born ▪ nacer to be born tiene razón he’s right lo que what Eragon shows the dragon his scar. por favor please Ⅺ mira imp look ▪ mirar to look at hasta aquí to here, to this point Ⅺ labores chores ▪ labor nm chore Ⅺ ¿tienes hambre? are you hungry? ▪ tener hambre Names to be hungry (lit to have hunger) Horst, Galbatorix Ⅺ bebe imp drink ▪ beber to drink Eragon walks through town at night. Horst, Brom, Ⅺ tibia lukewarm ▪ tibio lukewarm and others are seated at a table eating. Ⅺ ratas rats ▪ rata rat Ⅺ roto broken ▪ romper to break Ⅺ sufrimiento suffering 5 Death Order 2:16 Ⅺ soldados soldiers ▪ soldado soldier Ⅺ diferencia difference Phrase to Listen For Ⅺ florecía it flourished ▪ florecer to flourish antes de que before Ⅺ crueldad cruelty Ⅺ época age, epoch Inside the dark castle, Durza approaches the throne Ⅺ aniquiló he annihilated ▪ aniquilar of Galbatorix. to annihilate Ⅺ ha nacido it has been born ▪ nacer to be born Ⅺ se oponía he was opposed ▪ oponerse Ⅺ simple simple to be opposed
  • 101. Eragon · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 71 ····· Soldiers approach Brom. Brom arrives at the farm.Ⅺ te cuelgo I hang you ▪ colgar to hang Ⅺ sepulte subj I bury ▪ sepultar to buryⅪ crimen nm crime Ⅺ hoguera bonfireⅪ sordo deaf Ⅺ funeraria funeral Ⅺ asesinaron they murdered ▪ asesinar to murder The dragon flies for the first time. Ⅺ caballo horseⅪ ha vuelto it has returned ▪ volver to return Ⅺ cabalga imp ride ▪ cabalgar to ride a horseⅪ pensamientos thoughts ▪ pensamiento thought At night, Eragon enters a house and opens 8 Chosen 5:00 a book.Ⅺ ¡lárgate! imp go away!, get lost! ▪ Phrases to Listen For largarse to go away, to get lost, to clear out ¿por qué? why?Ⅺ tamaño size una porción de valentía, tres porcionesⅪ escupen they spit ▪ escupir to spit de tonto one part courage, three parts stupidⅪ te burlaste you made fun, you ridiculed ▪ ya que since burlarse to make fun, to ridicule uno al otro to each otherⅪ permiso permission lo que whatⅪ cultivo crop aun así even soⅪ te meterás you’ll get yourself involved ▪ Name meterse to get involved, to meddle BeorⅪ ¿en qué te conviertes? what are you turning into? ▪ convertirse to turn into, to become Eragon and Brom ride a ridge trail. They dismountⅪ mentiroso liar in the forest.Ⅺ cobarde nm coward Ⅺ asesinado murdered ▪ asesinar to murderⅪ real real Ⅺ protegiéndote protecting you ▪ proteger to protect Ⅺ porción portion 7 Life in Danger 4:50 Ⅺ valentía courage, bravery Ⅺ asesinan they murder ▪ asesinar to murderPhrases to Listen For Ⅺ sin piedad without mercy ▪ piedad mercy estás en peligro you are in danger Ⅺ quince fifteen ¿por qué? why? Ⅺ dieciséis sixteen lo lamento I’m sorry Ⅺ diecisiete seventeen ¿cómo que…? what do you mean …? Ⅺ probablemente probably hasta que until Ⅺ durarías you would last ▪ durar to last Ⅺ asesinos murderers ▪ asesino murderer Eragon walks the village streets, hearing cries Ⅺ asesinaré I will kill ▪ asesinar to kill, of pain. to murderⅪ granja farm Ⅺ hechicero sorcererⅪ valle nm valley Ⅺ poseído possessed ▪ poseer to possess Ⅺ espíritus spirits ▪ espíritu nm spirit Eragon runs. Saphira picks him up. Ⅺ demoniacos demonic ▪ demoniaco demonicⅪ peligro danger Ⅺ ruega imp pray ▪ rogar to prayⅪ advertirle to warn him ▪ advertir to warn Ⅺ esperanza hopeⅪ sujétate imp hold on ▪ sujetarse to hold on Ⅺ rebeldes rebels ▪ rebelde rebelⅪ me resbalo I’m slipping ▪ resbalarse to slip Ⅺ parias outcasts ▪ paria nmf outcastⅪ bájame imp put me down, let me off ▪ Ⅺ valientes courageous, valiant ▪ valiente bajar to put down, to let off courageous, valiantⅪ necio foolish Ⅺ dementes demented ▪ demente dementedⅪ alternativa alternative ▪ alternativo alternative Ⅺ oponerse to oppose Ⅺ fortaleza strength Eragon lands in a haystack. Ⅺ imaginarías you would imagine ▪ imaginarⅪ habrías sufrido you would have suffered ▪ to imagine sufrir to suffer Ⅺ trato deal
  • 102. ····· 72 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ no mentirnos not to lie to each other ▪ Ⅺ eficiente efficient mentir to lie Ⅺ evadió he evaded ▪ evadir to evade Ⅺ pensamientos thoughts ▪ pensamiento thought Ⅺ sangre nf blood Eragon calls Saphira. In the forest, Brom again addresses Eragon. Ⅺ abandoné I abandoned ▪ abandonar to abandon Ⅺ cabalgata ride Ⅺ juzgaré I will judge ▪ juzgar to judge Ⅺ frontera border Ⅺ tranquila exp easy, take it easy, be calm Ⅺ cordillera mountain range Ⅺ descubiertos discovered ▪ descubierto Brom approaches Saphira. discovered ▪ descubrir to discover Ⅺ musculosa muscular ▪ musculoso muscular Ⅺ posibilidades possibilities ▪ posibilidad Ⅺ proporciones proportions ▪ proporción possibility proportion Ⅺ área area Ⅺ garras claws ▪ garra claw Ⅺ salida exit Ⅺ torneadas shapely ▪ torneado shapely Ⅺ patas legs ▪ pata leg [of an animal] Eragon and Brom leave the trail and view the Ⅺ delgadas thin ▪ delgado thin scene below from behind a large rock. Ⅺ voz nf voice Ⅺ primo cousin Ⅺ suave soft Ⅺ entrenamos we trained ▪ entrenar Ⅺ anciano old man to train Ⅺ puntas points ▪ punta point Ⅺ espadas swords ▪ espada sword Ⅺ filosas sharp ▪ filoso sharp Ⅺ he subestimado I have underestimated ▪ subestimar to underestimate Brom addresses Eragon. Ⅺ cargar to carry Eragon and Brom practice fighting. Ⅺ destino destiny Ⅺ habilidades abilities ▪ habilidad ability Ⅺ elegido chosen ▪ elegir to choose Ⅺ anciano old man Ⅺ nace it is born ▪ nacer to be born Ⅺ atácame imp attack me ▪ atacar to attack Ⅺ presencia presence Ⅺ efecto effect Ⅺ necesario necessary Ⅺ entrenamiento training Ⅺ riesgo risk Ⅺ madera wood Ⅺ elegirme to choose me ▪ elegir to choose Ⅺ destruya subj he destroys ▪ destruir to destroy In the evening, Brom strikes two rocks together. Ⅺ asesinarte to kill you ▪ asesinar to kill, to murder Ⅺ lastimar to hurt Ⅺ escupen they spit ▪ escupir to spit Ⅺ edad age 9 The Journey Begins 4:35 Ⅺ sostener to sustain Ⅺ encendí I lit ▪ encender to light Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ faldas slopes, hills ▪ falda slope, hill peor aún even worse Ⅺ directo direct de noche at night haz lo que dice imp do what he says ten cuidado imp be careful 10 Fortune Teller 3:43 cerca de near lo que what Phrase to Listen For tal vez maybe, perhaps cerca de near por suerte para ti lucky for you Names a final del día at the end of the day Daret, Angela Names Urgals, Daret, Roran, Beor Eragon and Brom arrive at a small village. Ⅺ aldea small town Durza appears as the Ra’zac forge their weapons. Ⅺ caballos horses ▪ caballo horse Ⅺ espada sword Ⅺ compra imp buy ▪ comprar to buy Ⅺ simple simple Ⅺ pan nm bread
  • 103. Eragon · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 73 ····· Eragon enters a hut. A woman approaches. Ⅺ ejecutar to executeⅪ ha pedido she has asked for, she has requested ▪ Ⅺ hechizo spell, enchantment pedir to ask for, to request Ⅺ lengua tongue, languageⅪ huesos bones ▪ hueso bone Ⅺ antigua ancient ▪ antiguo ancientⅪ infancia infancy Ⅺ duendes elves ▪ duende nm elfⅪ dura hard, tough ▪ duro hard, tough Ⅺ controlar to controlⅪ generaciones generations ▪ generación Ⅺ hechizos spells ▪ hechizo spell, enchantment generation Ⅺ f ísica physical ▪ f ísico physicalⅪ batallas battles ▪ batalla battle Ⅺ resistir to resist, to opposeⅪ no logro I can’t manage, I’m unable ▪ Ⅺ efecto effect lograr to manage, to be able, to achieve Ⅺ débil weakⅪ condenado condemned, doomed ▪ Ⅺ puente nm bridge condenar to condemn, to doom Ⅺ inconsciente unconsciousⅪ yace it lies ▪ yacer to lie [position] Ⅺ aniquilarán they will annihilate ▪ aniquilarⅪ se aproxima he draws near ▪ aproximarse to annihilate to draw near, to get closer Ⅺ límites limits ▪ límite nm limitⅪ con rapidez rapidly, quickly Ⅺ aprenderlos to learn them ▪ aprender to learnⅪ futuro future Eragon points at the tree. He uses words that are not Spanish, traevam and kvistr. 11 Instinct 4:00 Ⅺ ramas branches ▪ rama branchPhrases to Listen For a través de through 12 Finally Flying 3:14 tu lazo con ella your connection with her antes de before Phrases to Listen For lo que what ya que sinceName hay que it’s necessary claro que of courseUrgals de nuevo again Eragon leaves the hut. no está tan mal por aquí it’s not so bad here no está nada mal it’s not bad at allⅪ futuro future lo que what Eragon wakes up. tal vez maybe, perhaps aún no not yetⅪ arde it burns ▪ arder to burn, to sting eso no es nada that’s nothingⅪ lento slowⅪ patearon they kicked ▪ patear to kick NameⅪ descubriste you discovered ▪ descubrir Brom to discoverⅪ instinto instinct Brom looks out over the valley.Ⅺ magia magic Ⅺ anunciamos we announced ▪ anunciarⅪ reacción reaction to announceⅪ fluye it flows ▪ fluir to flow Ⅺ espectacularmente spectacularlyⅪ a través de through Ⅺ colinas hills ▪ colina hillⅪ montan they mount, they ride ▪ montar to mount, to ride Saphira appears suddenly and lands. Ⅺ mencionó mentioned ▪ mencionar to mention Eragon stands up. Ⅺ agradécele imp thank him ▪ agradecer to thankⅪ suyo your own Ⅺ silla chairⅪ lazo bondⅪ se celebre subj it is celebrated ▪ celebrar Saphira and Eragon fly. to celebrate Ⅺ inclínate imp lean ▪ inclinarse to leanⅪ recurso recourse Ⅺ gira she turns ▪ girar to turn, to spinⅪ reglas rules ▪ regla rule Ⅺ acelera she accelerates ▪ acelerar to accelerateⅪ limitaciones limitations ▪ limitación limitation Ⅺ sujétate imp hold on ▪ sujetarse to hold on
  • 104. ····· 74 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ combatir to combat hasta que until Ⅺ incluso including, even igual de fuerte que tú as strong as you Ⅺ cola tail Ⅺ fantástico fantastic Names Arya, Ellesméra, Gil’ead, Durza, Eragon The Ra’zac report to Durza. 13 A Fellow Rider 4:21 Ⅺ sangre nf blood Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ te acabo de ascender I’ve just promoted you ▪ no te preocupes imp don’t worry ascender to promote no escuchas nada de lo que te digo you don’t hear anything I tell you Eragon dreams. con vida alive (lit with life) Ⅺ princesa princess hay que it’s necessary Ⅺ aliados allies ▪ aliado ally el uno al otro to each other Ⅺ prisionera prisoner ▪ prisionero prisoner Names After awakening, Eragon talks to Brom in the Saphira, Za’roc, Morzan, Galbatorix, Carvajal morning fog. Ⅺ presa prisoner ▪ preso prisoner While Eragon and Saphira fly, the Ra’zac pursue Ⅺ discusión discussion Brom. He uses the word kvistr again. Ⅺ dirección direction Ⅺ síguelos imp follow them ▪ seguir to follow Ⅺ riesgo risk Ⅺ huevo egg Eragon and Brom attend to Saphira’s wounds. Ⅺ solamente only Ⅺ protege imp protect ▪ proteger to protect Ⅺ sacrificio sacrifice Ⅺ irresponsabilidad irresponsibility Ⅺ felizmente happily Ⅺ cuesta it costs ▪ costar to cost Ⅺ valora she values ▪ valorar to value Ⅺ permiso permission Ⅺ suya her own Ⅺ movimiento en falso false move ▪ movimiento Eragon joins Brom as he washes up in the stream. move, movement ▪ falso false Ⅺ habíamos acordado we had agreed ▪ Ⅺ decisión decision acordar to agree Ⅺ inconsciente irresponsible Ⅺ mentirnos to lie to each other ▪ mentir to lie Ⅺ valiente courageous, valiant Ⅺ asesinada killed ▪ asesinado killed ▪ Ⅺ sabio wise asesinar to kill, to murder Ⅺ espada sword Eragon surveys Gil’ead. Ⅺ asesina de dragones dragon slayer ▪ Ⅺ anochecer nm nightfall asesino murderer ▪ dragón nm dragon Ⅺ paredes walls ▪ pared nf wall Ⅺ protegerme to protect me ▪ proteger to protect Ⅺ encierran they enclose ▪ encerrar to enclose Ⅺ asesinado killed ▪ asesinar to kill, to murder Ⅺ realmente really Ⅺ encuentro encounter Ⅺ encajé I thrust ▪ encajar to thrust, to insert Ⅺ excepto except Ⅺ me oculté I hid ▪ ocultarse to hide 15 Saving Arya 4:22 Ⅺ totalmente totally Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ ambos both más rápido faster abran paso imp make way porqué reason 14 Girl of His Dreams 4:46 aun así even so qué interesante how interesting Phrases to Listen For antes de que before no está a discusión it’s not up for discussion, tendrás que you will have to it’s not open to discussion hay que it’s necessary tratar de to try to un movimiento en falso one false move Name a veces sometimes Za’roc
  • 105. Eragon · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 75 ····· Eragon enters Gil’ead. He uses the non-Spanish ¿por qué? why? words marmor and trais. hay que it’s necessaryⅪ abran paso imp make way ▪ abrir paso to make Name way ▪ abrir to open ▪ paso way Murtagh Eragon finds Arya. Arya falls to the ground.Ⅺ no tenías porqué venir you had no reason Ⅺ envenenó he poisoned ▪ envenenar to come ▪ porqué nm reason to poisonⅪ bosque nm forest Ⅺ encuentro I find ▪ encontrar to find,Ⅺ mago magician to encounterⅪ interesante interestingⅪ exhala he exhales ▪ exhalar to exhale Saphira drops Murtagh in front of Eragon.Ⅺ aliento breathⅪ gritos shouts, screams ▪ grito shout, scream Ⅺ siguiéndonos following us ▪ seguir to follow Ⅺ valle nm valley Ⅺ arroyo brook, stream Brom steps in front of the spear. Ⅺ sufrirá she will suffer ▪ sufrir to sufferⅪ sugiero I suggest ▪ sugerir to suggest Ⅺ arriesgaste you risked ▪ arriesgar to riskⅪ arqueros archers ▪ arquero archer Ⅺ asesinada murdered ▪ asesinado murdered ▪Ⅺ disparen imp shoot ▪ disparar to shoot asesinar to murderⅪ techo roof Ⅺ rumores rumors ▪ rumor nm rumorⅪ peso weight Ⅺ retribución retribution Ⅺ me muestras you show me ▪ mostrar to show 16 Dying with Honor 4:31 Ⅺ convencer to convincePhrases to Listen For hay que it’s necessary se muere he is dying 18 The Varden 6:17 no vale nada it is not worth a thing Phrases to Listen For te mueras subj you die tendremos que we will have to por mi culpa because of me (lit for my fault) hasta que until no tardes imp don’t be too long In the night, Arya attends Brom. Eragon joins them. otra vez again Non-Spanish words include waise and heill. ni lo menciones imp don’t mention itⅪ ¿atravesaste? did you pierce? ▪ atravesar suelen pasar they usually happen to pierce por suerte para ti lucky for youⅪ se aniquila one destroys ▪ aniquilar to destroy a mi favor in my favorⅪ atraviesas you pierce ▪ atravesar to pierce ser penada con la muerte to be punished byⅪ devolviste you returned ▪ devolver to return deathⅪ no vale it is not worth ▪ valer to be worth ¿por qué? why?Ⅺ porción portion ten cuidado imp be carefulⅪ valentía courage, bravery ya no hay there is no longer anyⅪ dignidad dignity Names Eragon and Arya bury Brom. Urgals, Ajihad, Saphira, MorsanⅪ escupir to spitⅪ no lo dañará it will not damage ▪ dañar Eragon and Murtagh dismount. to damage, to hurt Ⅺ a pie on foot ▪ pie nm foot Ⅺ ni lo menciones imp don’t even mention it ▪ mencionar to mention 17 Murtagh 2:02 Ⅺ visión visionPhrases to Listen For Eragon leaps into the water beneath the falls. tengo que I have to Murtagh follows. necesitas de mí you need me Ⅺ salta imp jump ▪ saltar to jump
  • 106. ····· 76 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Galbatorix confronts Durza. Durza surveys his army. Ⅺ tarea assignment Ⅺ cobardes cowards ▪ cobarde nmf coward Ⅺ simplemente simply Ⅺ no se ocultarán they will not hide ▪ ocultarse Ⅺ complicaciones complications ▪ to hide complicación complication Ⅺ destruiremos we will destroy ▪ destruir Ⅺ suelen pasar they usually happen ▪ to destroy soler to usually (ϩ verb) ▪ pasar to happen Ⅺ existencia existence Ⅺ incompetencia incompetence Ⅺ aniquílenlos imp annihilate them ▪ aniquilar Ⅺ directo directly to annihilate Ⅺ responsabilidad responsibility Ⅺ hombros shoulders ▪ hombro shoulder Ⅺ se resisten they resist ▪ resistirse to resist, 19 Preparing for Battle 4:05 to oppose Ⅺ reinado reign Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ deslealtad disloyalty me tienen miedo they are afraid of me Ⅺ penada punished ▪ penado punished ▪ ¿por qué no habrían de temer? why shouldn’t penar to punish they be fearful? Ⅺ reúne imp gather ▪ reunir to gather desde que since Ⅺ síguelos imp follow them ▪ seguir to follow ¿por qué? why? toda la noche all night Eragon and Murtagh are captured and brought en sus puestos at your posts before the leader. Names Ⅺ bestia beast Carvajal, Saphira Ⅺ tráela imp bring her ▪ traer to bring Eragon washes his hands. The daughter of Ajihad Saphira brings Arya to Eragon and the Varden. enters. Ⅺ está luchando she is fighting, she is struggling ▪ Ⅺ disculpa excuse (me) ▪ disculpar to excuse, luchar to fight, to struggle to forgive Ⅺ latidos heart beats, pulse ▪ latido heartbeat, Ⅺ ante before pulse Ⅺ ha respondido she has responded ▪ Ⅺ débiles weak ▪ débil weak responder to respond Ⅺ envenenada poisoned ▪ envenenado poisoned ▪ Ⅺ curaciones healing ▪ curación healing envenenar to poison Ⅺ profunda profound ▪ profundo profound Ⅺ curanderos healers ▪ curandero healer Ⅺ contestará she will answer ▪ contestar to answer Urgals kill the guard. A messenger carries the news Eragon walks with Ajihad. to the leader of the Varden. Ⅺ huye he flees ▪ huir to flee Ⅺ escalan they climb ▪ escalar to climb, to scale Ⅺ ocultarse to hide Ⅺ montaña mountain Ⅺ sospecha suspicion Ⅺ superarán they will surpass ▪ superar to surpass, Ⅺ se esparció it spread ▪ esparcirse to spread to overcome Ⅺ rumor nm rumor Ⅺ ejecútenlo imp execute him ▪ ejecutar to execute Ⅺ traidor traitor Ajihad shows Eragon his armor. Ⅺ no elije he doesn’t choose ▪ elegir to choose Ⅺ armadura armor Ⅺ odiándolo hating him ▪ odiar to hate Ⅺ escudos shields ▪ escudo shield Ⅺ prisión prison Ⅺ asesínenlo imp kill him ▪ asesinar to kill, Arya helps Eragon with his armor. to murder Ⅺ sencillo simple Ⅺ escapar to escape Ⅺ búsqueda search Ⅺ suéltenme imp let me go, let go of me ▪ Ⅺ peligrosa dangerous ▪ peligroso dangerous soltar to let go, to let go of Ⅺ hemos cargado we have carried ▪ cargar to carry Ⅺ arriesgarme to take a risk ▪ arriesgarse to take Ⅺ huevo egg a risk Ⅺ memoria memory Ⅺ me rodean they surround me ▪ rodear Ⅺ naciera subj she is born ▪ nacer to be born to surround Ⅺ finalmente finally
  • 107. Eragon · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 77 ·····Ⅺ destino destiny Ⅺ pecho chestⅪ simple simple Ⅺ gritar to shoutⅪ eligió she chose ▪ elegir to choose Ⅺ te hirieron they wounded you ▪ herir to wound,Ⅺ apenas barely to hurtⅪ reconocer to recognize Ⅺ concéntrate imp concentrate ▪ concentrarse to concentrate Arya takes Eragon to Saphira, who is now covered Ⅺ visión vision with armor. Ⅺ está fallando it is failing ▪ fallar to failⅪ protegiendo protecting ▪ proteger to protect Ⅺ herida woundⅪ esperanza hope Ⅺ debilita it weakens ▪ debilitar to weakenⅪ guiará he will guide ▪ guiar to guide Ⅺ tranquila exp easy, take it easy, be calm Ⅺ lo superaremos we will overcome it ▪ The Vardens prepare for the battle. superar to overcomeⅪ soldados soldiers ▪ soldado soldier Ⅺ estoy debilitándome I’m weakening ▪Ⅺ posiciones positions ▪ posición position debilitarse to weakenⅪ puestos placed ▪ puesto placed ▪ poner to place 22 Losing Strength 2:1220 Together as One 1:41 Phrase to Listen ForPhrases to Listen For lo que what ¿por qué? why? tengo miedo I’m afraid After crashing, Eragon approaches Saphira. Eragon again uses the non-Spanish words waise The leaders of the Varden look out over their and heill. troops. Ⅺ ambos bothⅪ arqueros archers ▪ arquero archer As the battle begins, Saphira talks to Eragon. 23 A Living Legend 4:53Ⅺ se elije one chooses ▪ elegir to chooseⅪ valor nm courage, bravery Phrases to Listen For por suerte luckily a veces sometimes 21 To Win or Die 6:11 no hay que it’s not necessaryPhrases to Listen For orgulloso de ti proud of you hay que acabar con esto it is necessary to finish el tiempo vuela time flies this off más pronto de lo que crees sooner than you hay que it’s necessary think no te preocupes por mí imp don’t worry about Names me Brom, Ellesméra, Galbatorix, Eragon, Shade, Geisha lo que what tengo que I have to Eragon wakes up and sees Murtagh. Ⅺ irreemplazables irreplaceable ▪ Aboard Saphira, Eragon flies into battle. Murtagh irreemplazable irreplaceable escapes. Some non-Spanish words are spoken. Ⅺ reemplazar to replaceⅪ regresarte to return to you ▪ regresar Ⅺ imprudente imprudent to return Ⅺ me alegra it makes me happy ▪ alegrar to make happy Durza enters the fray, mounted on his own Ⅺ sabio wise dragon. Ⅺ porción portion, partⅪ sangre nf blood Ⅺ valentía courage, braveryⅪ magia negra black magic ▪ magia magic ▪ Ⅺ orgulloso proud negro black Ⅺ no lo mencionarías you would not mention it ▪Ⅺ arráncaselo imp pull it out of him ▪ mencionar to mention arrancar to pull out Ⅺ caballo horse
  • 108. ····· 78 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Eragon, riding on Saphira, reaches Arya. Ⅺ se esparce it is spread ▪ esparcirse to be spread Ⅺ que me despidiera subj for me to say good-bye ▪ Ⅺ ayer yesterday despedirse to say good-bye Ⅺ héroe nm hero Ⅺ derrota defeat Ⅺ precio price Ⅺ valor nm courage, bravery 24 End Titles 6:33 Ⅺ leyenda legend Ⅺ aniquilador killer, destroyer End credits.
  • 109. · · · · · ADVANCED BEGINNER ······The Chronicles of Narnia:The Lion, the Witchand the Wardrobe No somos héroes, señor. Somos de Finchley. We’re not heroes, sir. We’re from Finchley.genre Classic Literature Adaptation/Fantasy/Adventureyear 2005director Andrew Adamsoncast Tilda Swinton, James McAvoy, Georgie Henley, William Moseleystudio DisneyThe Pevensie children—Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy—meet enchanting fauns,ice-cold witches, talking beavers, and the most noble of lions as they find their way toNarnia through an old wardrobe. When one of them betrays his siblings and the forcesof good in Narnia, redemption comes from an unexpected source. For Spanish learners,the pace of conversation is manageable, the sentence structure is usually simple, andthe vocabulary—though sprinkled with mythology—is uncomplicated. 79
  • 110. ····· 80 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies BASIC VOCABULARY Edmund is watching the bombing through Names a window. Ⅺ refugio shelter Lucy, Edmund, Ed, Narnia, Aslan, Susan, Tumnus, Ⅺ ¡agáchate! imp get down! ▪ agachar to get down, Adán, Pevensie to crouch Nouns Ⅺ nos matas you kill us ▪ matar to kill Ⅺ bosque nm forest ▪ Ella es la que tiene a Narnia Ⅺ egoísta selfish bajo un invierno eterno, y dio órdenes de que si alguien se encontraba un humano vagando At a train station, Lucy, Susan, Edmund, and Peter en el bosque, deberíamos entregárselo a ella. say good-bye to their mother. She is the one who has Narnia under an eternal Ⅺ personal nm personnel winter and gave orders that if anyone finds a Ⅺ evacuación evacuation human wandering in the forest, we must turn him Ⅺ ¿te abriga? are you dressed warmly? ▪ over to her. abrigarse to dress warmly Ⅺ bruja witch ▪ La bruja llegó a ellos antes que yo. Ⅺ obligaría he would force ▪ obligar to force, The witch got to them before I did. to obligate Ⅺ castillo castle ▪ Debe estar en el castillo de la Ⅺ a bordo on board bruja y ya saben lo que dicen. He must be in the Ⅺ abordar to board witch’s castle, and you all know what they say. Ⅺ pórtate bien imp behave yourself ▪ portarse Ⅺ castor nm beaver ▪ También el castor me to behave oneself dijo que planeas hacerte un sombrero con él. The beaver also told me that you plan to make The children advance through the crowded train him into a hat for yourself. station. A woman in uniform asks for their tickets. Ⅺ fauno faun ▪ Soy un fauno, y tú, ¿qué eres? Ⅺ boletos tickets ▪ boleto ticket I’m a faun, and you, what are you? Ⅺ extrañar to miss Ⅺ majestad nf majesty, your majesty ▪ Perdóneme, Majestad. Forgive me, Your Majesty. Ⅺ mesa de piedra stone table ▪ El castor habló sobre una Mesa de Piedra, y que Aslan tiene 2 Mrs. MacReady 4:07 tropas ahí. The beaver spoke of a Stone Table, and that Aslan has troops there. Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ ropero wardrobe ▪ Es un ropero bastante amplio. tal vez maybe, perhaps It’s an awfully big wardrobe. por lo tanto therefore Ⅺ traidor traitor ▪ Majestad, encontramos sobre todo above all al traidor. Your Majesty, we found the traitor. ya verás you’ll soon see Ⅺ tropas troops ▪ tropa troop ▪ ¿Nuestras tropas? lo que what Our troops? en serio seriously por favor please 1 Introduction 7:09 Names MacReady, Kirke Phrases to Listen For tenemos que we have to The children carry their bags. A car crosses the train hay que it’s necessary tracks. ¿por qué? why? Ⅺ vendríamos we would come ▪ venir to come piensas en you think about Ⅺ etiquetas labels, tags ▪ etiqueta label, tag ti mismo yourself lo que what A horse-drawn wagon stops before the children. tendríamos que we would have to Ⅺ pertenencias belongings, possessions ▪ todos a bordo all aboard pertenencia belonging, possession favor de please Ⅺ aprecio I appreciate ▪ apreciar to appreciate todo en orden everything is in order no te preocupes imp don’t worry The children and Mrs. MacReady enter the house. Names Ⅺ acostumbrado accustomed, in the habit (of ) ▪ Peter, Edmund, Bampton, Steventon, Milton Road, acostumbrarse to be accustomed, to be in the Huntington, Easton habit (of )
  • 111. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 81 ·····Ⅺ unas cuantas several, a few ▪ unos cuantos 3 The Wardrobe 7:08 several, a fewⅪ reglas rules ▪ regla rule Phrases to Listen ForⅪ gritar to shout ¿cómo que…? what do you mean …?Ⅺ utilizar to use, to utilize de verdad really, trulyⅪ montaplatos nm dumbwaiter todo lo que everything thatⅪ no toque imp don’t touch ▪ tocar to touch lo lamento I’m sorryⅪ objetos objects ▪ objeto object ¿por qué? why?Ⅺ prohibido prohibited ▪ prohibir to prohibit no lo sé I don’t know cerca de near Peter listens to the radio. NamesⅪ anoche last night Helen, Cair Paravel, Lucy PevensieⅪ fuerza aérea alemana German Air Force ▪ fuerza force ▪ aérea air ▪ alemana adj Lucy enters the room with the wardrobe. German Ⅺ setenta seventyⅪ realizó it carried out ▪ realizar to carry out Ⅺ ochenta eightyⅪ varios several Ⅺ noventa ninetyⅪ Gran Bretaña Great BritainⅪ bombardeos bombardments, bombings ▪ Lucy comes out from behind the lamppost bombardeo bombardment, bombing and approaches the faun.Ⅺ duraron they lasted ▪ durar to last Ⅺ ¿te escondías de mí? were you hiding from me? ▪ esconder to hide Lucy is in bed. Peter and Susan approach Ⅺ barba beard her. Ⅺ enano dwarfⅪ sábanas sheets ▪ sábana sheet Ⅺ la más alta the tallest ▪ alto tallⅪ duras rough, scratchy ▪ duro rough, scratchy Ⅺ Eva EveⅪ eternas forever, eternal ▪ eterno forever, Ⅺ humana human ▪ humano human eternal Ⅺ a partir de beginning, startingⅪ fantástico fantastic Ⅺ farol nm streetlamp Ⅺ océano ocean Lucy watches the rain through the window. Ⅺ oriente nm eastⅪ gastro gastro Ⅺ roca rockⅪ vascular vascular Ⅺ palo stickⅪ pon atención imp pay attention ▪ poner atención Ⅺ hielo ice to pay attention Ⅺ bastante amplio quite large ▪Ⅺ gastrovascular gastrovascular bastante quite, enough ▪ amplio large,Ⅺ latín nm Latin ampleⅪ inventado invented ▪ inventar to inventⅪ jugar a las escondidas to play hide-and-seek Lucy extends her hand to Tumnus.Ⅺ divertido fun ▪ divertirse to have fun Ⅺ estréchela imp shake it (my hand), shake hands ▪ estrechar la mano to shake hands The children rise to play hide-and-seek. The song Ⅺ lejana faraway ▪ lejano faraway “Oh, Johnny” plays. Ⅺ Bitación Spare Oom [Tumnus’ name for the landⅪ once eleven where Lucy lives]Ⅺ doce twelve Ⅺ te invito I invite you ▪ invitar to inviteⅪ trece thirteen Ⅺ cenar to eat dinner, to dineⅪ catorce fourteen Ⅺ cálido warmⅪ quince fifteen Ⅺ galletas cookies, crackers ▪ galleta cookie,Ⅺ dieciséis sixteen crackerⅪ veinticuatro twenty-four Ⅺ té nm teaⅪ veinticinco twenty-five Ⅺ pasteles cakes ▪ pastel nm cakeⅪ veintiséis twenty-six Ⅺ sardinas sardines ▪ sardina sardineⅪ veintisiete twenty-seven Ⅺ ratito dim a little while ▪ rato a whileⅪ veintiocho twenty-eight Ⅺ montones piles ▪ montón nm large pile,Ⅺ veintinueve twenty-nine large amount
  • 112. ····· 82 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies 4 Mr. Tumnus’ House 6:11 Tumnus takes Lucy by the hand and runs through the snow. Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ espías spies ▪ espía nmf spy después de after Ⅺ disculpa forgive (me) ▪ disculpar to forgive, muchas gracias thank you very much to excuse hace años years ago Ⅺ quédatelo imp you keep it ▪ quedarse to keep no importa it doesn’t matter Ⅺ no me había sentido I hadn’t felt ▪ sentir to feel tengo que I have to tal vez maybe, perhaps lo siento I’m sorry 5 Just Your Imagination 5:06 no importa lo que pase subj no matter what happens Phrases to Listen For a la vez at a time Lucy and Tumnus walk through the snow. ya basta enough already Ⅺ cómodo comfortable ¿por qué? why? Ⅺ tibio warm tienes que you have to todo lo que everything that Lucy and Tumnus enter his home. tiene razón she’s right Ⅺ cara face Name Ⅺ invierno winter Lu Ⅺ patinas you skate ▪ patinar to skate Ⅺ hielo ice Lucy comes out of the wardrobe and falls. Ⅺ nieve nf snow Ⅺ noventa ninety Ⅺ cien one hundred Ⅺ cien one hundred Ⅺ se trata it is about ▪ tratarse to be about Lucy sits down and takes a cup from Tumnus. Ⅺ fondo back Ⅺ verano summer Ⅺ imaginación imagination Ⅺ faunos fauns ▪ fauno faun Ⅺ mentiras lies ▪ mentira lie Ⅺ bailábamos we danced ▪ bailar to dance Ⅺ apoyo support Ⅺ dríadas wood nymphs ▪ dríada Ⅺ fútbol nm football wood nymph Ⅺ gabinete nm cabinet Ⅺ jamás nos cansábamos we never got tired ▪ Ⅺ baño bathroom jamás never ▪ cansarse to get tired Ⅺ paz nf peace Ⅺ música music Ⅺ empeorarlo to make it worse ▪ empeorar Ⅺ preciosa precious ▪ precioso precious to make worse Ⅺ pieza piece Ⅺ chiste nm joke Ⅺ canción de cuna lullaby ▪ canción song ▪ Ⅺ crecerás you will grow up ▪ crecer to grow, cuna cradle to grow up Ⅺ me alegro I’m happy ▪ alegrarse Ⅺ arreglas you fix ▪ arreglar to fix to be happy Edmund opens the wardrobe door. Lucy wakes up in the dark, still inside Tumnus’ Ⅺ no temas subj you are not afraid ▪ house. temer to be afraid Ⅺ terrible terrible Ⅺ oscuridad darkness Ⅺ gentil kind Ⅺ cometí I committed ▪ cometer to commit 6 Hail the Queen! 5:14 Ⅺ secuestrarte to kidnap you ▪ secuestrar to kidnap Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ eterno eternal por favor please Ⅺ humano human ¿por qué? why? Ⅺ vagando wandering aimlessly ▪ vagar tal vez maybe, perhaps to wander aimlessly ¿en serio? really? Ⅺ entregárselo to give it to her ▪ entregar hasta entonces see you then (lit until then) to give, to deliver otra vez again
  • 113. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 83 ····· te ves you look Lucy wakes up Peter. hace frío it’s cold Ⅺ solamente only por aquí over here Ⅺ fingí I pretended, I was faking ▪ fingir to pretend,Name to fake Ⅺ discúlpame imp forgive me ▪ disculparGinarrbrik to forgive, to excuse Edmund watches in the snow as a sleigh Ⅺ alentarla to encourage her ▪ alentar approaches. The White Witch addresses Edmund. to encourage Ⅺ fingir to pretend, to fakeⅪ dominios dominions ▪ dominio dominionⅪ persiguiendo following ▪ perseguir to follow, to pursue Lucy bumps into the professor.Ⅺ te estás congelando you are freezing ▪ Ⅺ traviesos mischievous ▪ travieso mischievous congelarse to freeze, to be freezing Ⅺ no se comportan you don’t behave ▪ comportarse to behave Edmund sits beside the White Witch on the sleigh. Ⅺ mandar to sendⅪ beber to drink Ⅺ establo stableⅪ caliente hot Ⅺ no lo molestaran subj they don’t bother you ▪Ⅺ crecer to grow molestar to botherⅪ se te antoje subj you fancy ▪ antojarse to fancy Ⅺ descuide imp don’t worry ▪ descuidar to notⅪ golosinas candies, sweets ▪ golosina candy, worry, to neglect sweet Ⅺ explicación explanationⅪ encantadores enchanting, charming ▪ Ⅺ taza cup encantador enchanting, charmingⅪ nombrarte to name you ▪ nombrar to name The professor fills his pipe. (to a post) Ⅺ afectaron they affect ▪ afectar to affectⅪ príncipe nm prince Ⅺ delicada delicate ▪ delicado delicateⅪ sirvientes servants ▪ sirviente nm servant Ⅺ estabilidad stabilityⅪ colinas hills ▪ colina hill Ⅺ emocional emotionalⅪ palacio palace Ⅺ ama de llaves housekeeper ▪ ama mistress,Ⅺ divertirse to have fun supervisor ▪ llave nf keyⅪ repletas full ▪ repleto full Ⅺ no se repetirá it won’t happen again ▪Ⅺ arruinar to ruin, to spoil repetir to happen again, to repeatⅪ apetito appetite Ⅺ llanto cryingⅪ visitarme to visit me ▪ visitar to visit Ⅺ yo lo arreglo I’ll fix it (lit I fix it) ▪ arreglarⅪ esperarte to expect you, to wait for you ▪ to fix, to mend esperar to expect, to wait Ⅺ noté I noticed ▪ notar to notice Ⅺ descubrió she discovered ▪ descubrir As soon as the White Witch leaves Edmund, to discover Lucy finds him. Ⅺ lógica logicⅪ no se enteró she was not informed, she did not Ⅺ estaban fingiendo they were faking ▪ find out ▪ enterarse to be informed, to find out fingir to fake, to pretendⅪ escapar to escape Ⅺ miente she lies ▪ mentir to lieⅪ salida exit Ⅺ actuar to act The children play cricket outside. 7 Peter, Wake Up! 4:34 Ⅺ anotación score Ⅺ Bella Durmiente Sleeping Beauty ▪Phrases to Listen For bello beautiful ▪ durmiente sleeping en realidad actually Ⅺ jugamos a las escondidas we play hide-and- lo lamento I’m sorry seek ▪ jugar a las escondidas to play hide-and- por supuesto of course seek por lógica logically Ⅺ aire fresco fresh air ▪ aire nm air ▪ fresco ¿no es así? isn’t that right? freshName Ⅺ adentro insideMacReady Ⅺ ruido noise
  • 114. ····· 84 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies 8 The World of Narnia 7:21 Ⅺ firma signature Ⅺ policía secreta secret police ▪ policía police Phrases to Listen For force ▪ secreto secret ten cuidado imp be careful Ⅺ arrestaron they arrested ▪ arrestar to arrest lo siento I’m sorry Ⅺ humano human tal vez maybe, perhaps Ⅺ descubrió she discovered ▪ descubrir to discover ya basta enough already Ⅺ criminal nmf criminal lo lamento I’m sorry Ⅺ pájaro bird no importa it doesn’t matter hay que it’s necessary The children exit Tumnus’ house and encounter ni siquiera van they’re not even going a beaver. tenemos que we have to Ⅺ oler to smell ¿por qué? why? Ⅺ regalé I gave ▪ regalar to give a gift lo que what Ⅺ está engañando he is deceiving ▪ engañar después de que after to deceive tiene razón she’s right Ⅺ charlábamos we talked, we chatted ▪ charlar ¿todo en orden? everything all right? to talk, to chat a salvo safe Ⅺ estar a salvo to be safe ▪ a salvo safe no quiero que se nos haga de noche subj Ⅺ mitad nf half I don’t want night to fall Ⅺ té nm tea Ⅺ caliente hot Names Ⅺ presa dam Lu, Tumnus, Jadis, Maugrim, Narnia Ⅺ me faltan detalles I need to take care of a few The children enter the wardrobe. details (lit details are lacking to me) ▪ faltar Ⅺ me pisaste you stepped on me ▪ pisar to step on, to lack ▪ detalle nm detail Ⅺ negocio business to walk on Ⅺ empujar to push Ⅺ no te pisé I didn’t step on you ▪ pisar to step on, to walk on 9 Beavers’ Home 3:32 Ⅺ empujando pushing ▪ empujar to push Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ tranquila exp easy, take it easy, be calm Ⅺ imaginación imagination lo que what Ⅺ mentiroso liar por favor please Ⅺ oí I heard ▪ oír to hear con cuidado carefully Ⅺ fingir to pretend, to fake todo lo contrario quite the opposite Ⅺ graciosa funny ▪ gracioso funny más vale it’s better Ⅺ visitarlo to visit him ▪ visitar to visit tenemos que we have to Ⅺ nieve nf snow ¿por qué? why? Ⅺ analizas you analyze ▪ analizar to analyze tiene razón he’s right Ⅺ lógica logic lo siento I’m sorry tal vez maybe, perhaps The children, dressed in full-length coats, walk Names through the forest. Cair Paravel, Finchley Ⅺ comida food Ⅺ rica excellent ▪ rico excellent [food] A female beaver steps out of a beaver dam to greet the male beaver and the four children. The children enter Tumnus’ home. Ⅺ angustiada anxious, distressed ▪ angustiado Ⅺ arresto arrest anxious, distressed ▪ angustiarse to become Ⅺ alta traición high treason ▪ alto high ▪ anxious, to get distressed traición treason Ⅺ descubro I discover ▪ descubrir to discover Ⅺ imperial imperial Ⅺ tejón nm badger Ⅺ asilar to give refuge, to give protection, to harbor Ⅺ pelo hair Ⅺ confraternizar fraternizing ▪ confraternizar Ⅺ no me diste you didn’t give me ▪ dar to give to fraternize Ⅺ civilizada civilized ▪ civilizado civilized ▪ Ⅺ humanos humans ▪ humano human civilizar to civilize
  • 115. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 85 ·····Ⅺ despacio slowly antes de que beforeⅪ pisen imp step ▪ pisar to step on, to walk on tiene razón she’s rightⅪ desorganizado disorganized ▪ hay que it’s necessary desorganizar to disorganize tal vez maybe, perhapsⅪ ¿estás disfrutando? are you enjoying? ▪ Name disfrutar to enjoy MaugrimⅪ vista view After following Edmund for a short while, Peter, Peter and Lucy are seated at a table inside the Susan, Lucy, and the beaver view the palace beaver dam. Susan approaches. of the White Witch.Ⅺ han cruzado they have crossed ▪ cruzar to cross Ⅺ carnada baitⅪ vuelto returned ▪ volver to return Ⅺ evitar to avoidⅪ esperanza hope Ⅺ profecía prophecy Ⅺ asesinará she will kill you ▪ asesinar to kill, One of the beavers laughs. to murderⅪ simpático nice, kind, pleasantⅪ verdadero true A wolf attacks Edmund.Ⅺ ausente absent Ⅺ mil disculpas a thousand pardons ▪ disculpaⅪ profecía prophecy pardon, apologyⅪ regreso return Ⅺ afortunado fortunateⅪ arrestado arrested ▪ arrestar to arrest Ⅺ favorito favoriteⅪ culpan you blame ▪ culpar to blameⅪ culpamos we blame ▪ culpar to blame Edmund sits on the throne of the White Witch.Ⅺ todo lo contrario quite the opposite Ⅺ sordas deaf ▪ sordo deafⅪ carne nf flesh Ⅺ inteligencia intelligenceⅪ hueso bone Ⅺ te atreves you dare ▪ atreverse to dareⅪ trono throne Ⅺ sencilla simple ▪ sencillo simpleⅪ rima it rhymes ▪ rimar to rhyme Ⅺ castores beavers ▪ castor nm beaverⅪ antigua ancient ▪ antiguo ancient Ⅺ presa damⅪ leyenda legend Ⅺ inútil uselessⅪ Eva Eve Ⅺ golosinas candies, sweets ▪ golosina candy,Ⅺ derrotar to defeat sweetⅪ restaurar to restoreⅪ paz nf peaceⅪ más vale exp you’d better, it’s a good thing 11 They’re After Us! 4:31Ⅺ cometen you are committing ▪ cometer to commit Phrases to Listen ForⅪ terrible terrible tiene hambre he’s hungry (lit he has hunger)Ⅺ error nm error, mistake lo siento I’m sorryⅪ héroes heroes ▪ héroe nm hero ¿qué es lo que pasó aquí? what happened here?Ⅺ hospitalidad hospitality es lo que pasa it’s what happensⅪ control nm control en serio seriously tienen que you have to Still inside the dam, Peter calls for Edmund. en mente in mindⅪ necesario necessary ya basta enough alreadyⅪ había visitado he had visited ▪ visitar to visitⅪ anteriormente previously The beaver, followed by the children, enters the dam. Ⅺ no tardo I won’t be long ▪ tardar to be long, 10 Behold the Queen’s Castle 6:20 to take time Ⅺ gruñón nm grump, grouchPhrases to Listen For Ⅺ hambre nf hunger lo que what Ⅺ jalea jelly ¿por qué? why? Ⅺ galletas cookies, crackers ▪ galleta cookie, claro que of course cracker
  • 116. ····· 86 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies The children follow the beavers through the tunnel. tener que to have to Ⅺ cavamos we dug ▪ cavar to dig ¿qué pasa? what’s going on? Ⅺ tejón nm badger por ahí over there Ⅺ salida exit hace muchos años many years ago Ⅺ túnel nm tunnel tengas que subj you have to Ⅺ mapa nm map apuesto a que sí I’ll bet it is Ⅺ no cupo it didn’t fit ▪ caber to fit feliz navidad Merry Christmas Ⅺ comida food hasta el próximo año see you next year (lit until next year) The beavers and the children exit the tunnel. muchas gracias thank you very much Ⅺ enojar to anger Edmund eats, then coughs. Tumnus speaks to him. Ⅺ te haré trizas I’ll rip you to shreds ▪ trizas nfpl shreds, small pieces Ⅺ piernas legs ▪ pierna leg Ⅺ dientes teeth ▪ diente nm tooth Ⅺ nariz nf nose Ⅺ feo ugly Ⅺ desafortunado unfortunate The White Witch enters Edmund’s cell. Ⅺ especies species ▪ especie nf species Ⅺ destrozó it tore apart ▪ destrozar to tear apart, Ⅺ escapar to escape to ruin, to destroy Ⅺ mente nf mind Ⅺ presa dam Ⅺ guardia nm guard The wolves exit the tunnel. Ⅺ libre free Ⅺ delató he betrayed ▪ delatar to betray Ⅺ saludos greetings ▪ saludo greeting Ⅺ golosinas candies, sweets ▪ golosina candy, Ⅺ lealtad nf loyalty Ⅺ humanos humans ▪ humano human sweet Ⅺ súbanlo imp take him up ▪ subir to take up, Ⅺ información information Ⅺ valiosa valuable ▪ valioso valuable to go up Ⅺ trineo sled, sleigh Ⅺ recompensa reward Ⅺ extraña he misses ▪ extrañar to miss Ⅺ fugitivos fugitives ▪ fugitivo fugitive Ⅺ norte nm north The children cross a natural bridge. Ⅺ huyeron they fled ▪ huir to flee Ⅺ olfatear to sniff Ⅺ campamento camp Ⅺ cruzando crossing ▪ cruzar to cross Ⅺ río river A campfire burns. Lucy speaks to the fox. Ⅺ congelado frozen ▪ congelar to freeze Ⅺ daño damage Ⅺ cien one hundred Ⅺ ladran they bark ▪ ladrar to bark Ⅺ totalmente totally Ⅺ muerden they bite ▪ morder to bite Ⅺ se baña he bathes ▪ bañarse to bathe The beavers lead Susan, Peter, and Lucy across Ⅺ gentileza kindness, courtesy a vast expanse of ice and snow. Ⅺ curar to heal, to cure Ⅺ humanos humans ▪ humano human Ⅺ heridas wounds ▪ herida wound Ⅺ peludo hairy, fluff y Ⅺ honor nm honor Ⅺ sombrero hat Ⅺ corto short Ⅺ el que manda he who gives the orders ▪ Ⅺ reunir to gather Ⅺ luchar to struggle, to fight mandar to order Ⅺ detrás behind Ⅺ profecía prophecy Ⅺ necesarios necessary ▪ necesario necessary Mr. Beaver sniffs the air as the beavers and the children hide. 12 The Queen’s Lair 11:01 Ⅺ revisar to look, to look over, to check out Ⅺ cariño dear, darling, sweetheart Phrases to Listen For no lo sé I don’t know Mr. Beaver returns. antes de que before Ⅺ peligro danger hace cien años a hundred years ago Ⅺ se hayan portado subj you have behaved otra vez again yourselves ▪ portarse to behave oneself
  • 117. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 87 ····· Father Christmas answers Lucy. tienes que you have toⅪ he soportado I have put up with ▪ para siempre forever soportar to put up with, to tolerate no te preocupes imp don’t worryⅪ he conducido I have driven ▪ conducir to drive Mr. Beaver crosses the ice.Ⅺ esperanza hope Ⅺ advertí I warned ▪ advertir to warnⅪ han brindado you have brought, you have Ⅺ no siguieras subj you don’t continue ▪ provided ▪ brindar to bring, to provide seguir to continue, to followⅪ majestades your majesties ▪ majestad nf Ⅺ postres desserts ▪ postre nm dessert majesty, your majesty Ⅺ cena dinnerⅪ se debilite subj it weakens ▪ debilitarse Ⅺ cocinas you cook ▪ cocinar to cook to weaken, to become weak Ⅺ se enterara subj she’s informed, she learns,Ⅺ jugo juice she becomes aware ▪ enterarse to inform,Ⅺ flor nf flower to learn, to become awareⅪ gota drop of liquidⅪ curar to heal, to cure A wolf attacks Mr. Beaver.Ⅺ herida wound Ⅺ lastimar to hurtⅪ valiente courageous, valiant Ⅺ atraviésalo imp run him through ▪Ⅺ batallas battles ▪ batalla battle atravesar to pierceⅪ repugnante repugnant, disgusting, ugly Ⅺ lobo wolf Ⅺ traje rojo red suit ▪ traje nm suit ▪ rojo red Father Christmas picks up a bow and a quiver Ⅺ espada sword of arrows and addresses Susan. Ⅺ héroe nm heroⅪ arco bow Ⅺ río riverⅪ nunca falla it never fails ▪ fallar to fail Ⅺ ¡sosténganse! imp hold on! ▪ sostenerseⅪ confianza confidence, trust to hold onⅪ sopla imp blow ▪ soplar to blowⅪ apoyo support, help, assistance Peter pierces the ice with his sword. The children float downstream. Peter pulls a sword from its sheath as Father Ⅺ abrigo overcoat, coat Christmas addresses them. Ⅺ cariño dear, darling, sweetheartⅪ herramientas tools ▪ herramienta toolⅪ sabiduría wisdom The White Witch, her henchman, and EdmundⅪ irme to go ▪ irse to go away, to leave view the falls.Ⅺ invierno winter Ⅺ hace demasiado calor it’s too hot ▪ hacer calorⅪ se acumulan they accumulate, to be hot ▪ demasiado too, too much ▪ they pile up ▪ acumularse to accumulate, calor nm heat to pile up Ⅺ trineo sled, sleighⅪ te ausentas you are away, you’re gone ▪ Ⅺ incitaba he was rallying, he was inciting ▪ ausentarse to be away, to be gone incitar to rally, to incite Ⅺ tembloroso shuddering, trembling Father Christmas rides away on his sleigh. Ⅺ agradable pleasing, pleasantⅪ hielo ice Ⅺ sorpresa surpriseⅪ cruzar to cross Ⅺ anoche last nightⅪ armar to build, to put together Ⅺ halagarme to flatter me ▪ halagarⅪ veloz fast, speedy to flatterⅪ realista realistic Ⅺ grosero rude Ⅺ humanos humans ▪ humano human Ⅺ criaturas creatures ▪ criatura creature 13 Across the Melting River 6:40 Ⅺ honestidad honesty Ⅺ adelántense imp go on ahead ▪Phrases to Listen For adelantarse to go ahead, to move forward lo que what Ⅺ reúnan imp gather, bring together ▪ por favor please reunir to gather, to bring together todo lo que everything that Ⅺ súbditos subjects ▪ súbdito subject
  • 118. ····· 88 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies 14 Aslan’s Camp 5:39 Ⅺ reflexiones subj you reflect, you consider ▪ reflexionar to reflect, to consider Phrases to Listen For ¿por qué? why? Ginarrbrik, the Witch’s henchman, addresses tal vez maybe, perhaps Edmund, who is bound and gagged. te ves you look Ⅺ príncipe nm prince a salvo safe Ⅺ incómodo uncomfortable lo que what Ⅺ acomode subj I arrange ▪ acomodar to arrange no me hagas mucho caso imp don’t pay much Ⅺ almohada pillow attention to me Ⅺ tratamiento treatment ¿no es así? isn’t that right? Susan and Lucy stand amid the trees beyond Names a red tent. Oreius, Cair Paravel, Peter, Finchley Ⅺ varios several Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, Peter, Susan, and Lucy enter Ⅺ nos divertíamos we had fun ▪ divertirse to have the camp. fun Ⅺ aburrida boring ▪ aburrido boring Ⅺ cara face Ⅺ fea ugly ▪ feo ugly Ⅺ afeitarte to shave yourself ▪ afeitarse to shave oneself 15 Sir Peter 7:13 Aslan exits his tent. Phrases to Listen For por favor please Ⅺ bienvenido adj welcome tal vez maybe, perhaps Ⅺ Eva Eve tenemos algo que hacer we have something to do Ⅺ castores beavers ▪ castor nm beaver a salvo safe Ⅺ humano human lo que what Ⅺ solicitar to solicit, to request por mi culpa because of me Ⅺ capturado captured tengo que I have to Ⅺ traicionó he betrayed ▪ traicionar to betray lo siento I’m sorry Ⅺ explicación explanation Ⅺ solamente only Names Ⅺ empeore subj it makes worse ▪ empeorar Sir Peter, Oreius, Philip, Aslan, Jadis to make worse Ⅺ traición betrayal A wolf growls and barks at Susan and Lucy. Ⅺ sencillo simple Ⅺ huir to flee Ⅺ valor nm courage, bravery Aslan and Peter view Cair Paravel in the Ⅺ necesario necessary distance. Ⅺ guarden imp put away ▪ guardar to put away Ⅺ tronos thrones ▪ trono throne Ⅺ armas weapons ▪ arma weapon Ⅺ absoluto absolute Ⅺ batalla battle Ⅺ profecía prophecy Ⅺ planeas you plan ▪ planear to plan Aslan frees the wolf from beneath his paw. Ⅺ sombrero hat Ⅺ guiará he will guide, he will lead ▪ guiar to guide, Ⅺ magia magic to lead Ⅺ poderosa powerful ▪ poderoso powerful Ⅺ limpia imp clean ▪ limpiar to clean Ⅺ rige he rules ▪ regir to rule, to govern Ⅺ espada sword Ⅺ diferencia it differentiates ▪ diferenciar Ⅺ ¡de pie! exp stand! to differentiate Ⅺ terror nm terror Ⅺ correcto correct Ⅺ lobos wolves ▪ lobo wolf Ⅺ incorrecto incorrect Ⅺ gobierna it governs ▪ gobernar to govern Inside the White Witch’s camp, preparations Ⅺ destinos destinies ▪ destino destiny are being made for battle. The White Witch listens Ⅺ proteger to protect to the battle plan. Ⅺ a salvo safe Ⅺ minotauros minotaurs ▪ minotauro minotaur Ⅺ necesario necessary Ⅺ flanco flank
  • 119. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 89 ·····Ⅺ gigantes giants ▪ gigante nm giant Ⅺ dicta it dictates ▪ dictar to dictateⅪ de reserva in reserve Ⅺ tradición traditionⅪ enanos dwarves ▪ enano dwarf Ⅺ discutiré I will discuss ▪ discutir to discussⅪ prisionero prisoner Aslan enters his tent, followed by the White Witch. Edmund eats. Lucy addresses him. Shortly, they exit.Ⅺ comida food Ⅺ ha renunciado she has renounced ▪ renunciarⅪ de regreso return to renounceⅪ a salvo safe Ⅺ sacrificio sacrificeⅪ peligroso dangerous Ⅺ promesa promiseⅪ te ibas a ahogar you were going to drown ▪ ahogarse to drown At night, Lucy and Susan follow Aslan.Ⅺ sufran subj they suffer ▪ sufrir to suffer Ⅺ acompañarte to accompany you ▪ acompañar to accompany Susan picks up her bow and arrows. Ⅺ rato while Ⅺ a partir de starting, beginningⅪ practicar to practiceⅪ en guardia on guardⅪ bloquea imp block ▪ bloquear to block 17 Aslan’s Sacrifice 8:32Ⅺ demanda she demands ▪ demandar to demand Phrases to Listen ForⅪ audiencia audience ¿por qué no se defiende? why doesn’t he defend himself? en serio really, seriously 16 The Lion and the Witch 5:51 para siempre forever no importa it doesn’t matterPhrases to Listen For lo que what a solas alone hay que it’s necessary para siempre forever ya no hay tiempo there’s no more time a partir de beginning, starting tienen que you have to The White Witch holds a dagger as Aslan approaches. Ginarrbrik leads the White Witch and her Ⅺ admiren imp admire ▪ admirar to admire entourage into Aslan’s camp. Ⅺ león nm lionⅪ emperatriz nf empress Ⅺ comida foodⅪ islas islands ▪ isla island Ⅺ ¿por qué no se defiende? why doesn’t he defendⅪ Islas Solitarias Lone Islands himself?Ⅺ ofensa offense Ⅺ átenlo imp tie him ▪ atar to tieⅪ daño damage Ⅺ afeitarlo to shave him ▪ afeitar to shaveⅪ se forjó was forged ▪ forjarse to be forged Ⅺ decepcionada disappointed ▪ decepcionadoⅪ no recites imp don’t recite ▪ recitar to recite disappointed ▪ decepcionar to disappointⅪ magia magic Ⅺ sacrificarte to sacrifice yourself ▪ sacrificarseⅪ ante before to sacrifice oneselfⅪ sangre nf blood Ⅺ lograrías you would achieve, you wouldⅪ propiedad property accomplish ▪ lograr to achieve, to accomplishⅪ llevártelo to take him with you ▪ llevar to take, Ⅺ humano human to carry Ⅺ magia magicⅪ lograrías you would accomplish, you would Ⅺ se aplacará it will be appeased ▪ aplacar achieve ▪ lograr to accomplish, to achieve to placate, to appeaseⅪ negarme to deny me ▪ negar to deny Ⅺ conquistar to conquerⅪ derecho right Ⅺ te enteraste you were informed ▪ enterarseⅪ no recibo I don’t receive ▪ recibir to receive to be informedⅪ demanda it demands ▪ demandar to demand Ⅺ desespera imp despair ▪ desesperar to despair,Ⅺ devastada devastated ▪ devastado devastated ▪ to give up hope devastar to devastate Ⅺ batalla battleⅪ perecerá it will perish ▪ perecer to perish Ⅺ dure subj it lasts ▪ durar to last
  • 120. ····· 90 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Susan and Lucy climb onto the table where Aslan Ⅺ voluntaria voluntary ▪ voluntario voluntary was slain. Ⅺ no ha cometido he hasn’t committed ▪ Ⅺ avisar to warn, to advise cometer to commit Ⅺ abandonarlo to abandon him ▪ Ⅺ traición betrayal, treason abandonar to abandon Ⅺ ejecutada executed ▪ ejecutado executed ▪ ejecutar to execute In bed, Peter awakes and draws his sword. Ⅺ dará marcha atrás it will turn backwards ▪ Ⅺ príncipes princes ▪ príncipe nm prince dar marcha atrás to turn backwards Ⅺ noticia news Ⅺ noticia message Ⅺ batalla battle Ⅺ lomo back [of an animal] Ⅺ recorrer to cover [distance] 18 You Have to Lead Us 3:00 Ⅺ se cubran subj you cover ▪ cubrirse to cover Ⅺ oídos ears ▪ oído ear Phrase to Listen For tendrás que you’ll have to Peter exits Aslan’s tent. 21 Phoenix 4:29 Ⅺ ejército army Mounted on the white horse, Peter shouts Ⅺ se acerca it draws near ▪ acercarse to draw near instructions. Ⅺ rocas rocks ▪ roca rock Peter sits on a white horse. Ⅺ señal nf signal Ⅺ alteza your highness Ⅺ superan they surpass ▪ superar to surpass, Susan and Lucy ride atop Aslan. to overcome Ⅺ sosténganse imp hold on ▪ sostenerse to hold on Ⅺ batallas battles ▪ batalla battle Aslan breathes life into Tumnus and the other statues. 19 Battle for Narnia 3:25 Ⅺ registrar to search, to examine Phrase to Listen For así que so 22 Peter vs. the Witch 6:01 Aboard her chariot, the White Witch gives battle Phrases to Listen For instructions. tienes que you have to Ⅺ prisioneros prisoners ▪ prisionero prisoner ¿por qué? why? lo que what 20 Aslan’s Resurrection 2:21 Edmund draws his sword. Mr. Beaver speaks to Edmund. Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ huyeras subj you flee, you get away ▪ huir to flee, tengo frío I’m cold to get away de otro modo in another way tal vez maybe, perhaps se dio it was given tenemos que we have to 23 The Royal Coronation 6:03 Phrases to Listen For In the morning, Susan and Lucy find the Stone hasta que until Table broken. no te preocupes imp don’t worry Ⅺ cuchillo knife a su tiempo in his time Ⅺ significado meaning ya no no longer Ⅺ sacrificio sacrifice ¿qué tienes? what’s the matter? Ⅺ habría interpretado she would have interpreted ▪ ¿qué pasa? what’s going on? interpretar to interpret lo que what Ⅺ magia magic otra vez again Ⅺ víctima nmf victim hay que it’s necessary
  • 121. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 91 ·····Names Ⅺ descanso I rest, I’m resting ▪ descansar to restLucy, Edmund, Susan, Peter, Narnia, Philip, Lu Ⅺ ciervo stag Ⅺ Bitación Spare Oom [Tumnus’ name for the land At Cair Paravel, Aslan escorts the four children to where Lucy lives] their thrones. Ⅺ ramas branches ▪ rama branch Ⅺ abrigos coats, overcoats ▪ abrigo coat, overcoatⅪ océano ocean Ⅺ me estás pisando you’re stepping on me ▪Ⅺ oriente nm eastⅪ valiente courageous, valiant pisar to step on, to walk on Ⅺ me empujaron you pushed me ▪ empujarⅪ occidente nm westⅪ radiante radiant to push Ⅺ me pisaste you stepped on me ▪ pisar to step on,Ⅺ sur nm southⅪ benévola benevolent ▪ benévolo benevolent to walk on Ⅺ yo no te pisé I didn’t step on you ▪ pisar to stepⅪ norte nm northⅪ magnífico magnificent on, to walk onⅪ que su sabiduría nos guíe subj may your wisdom guide us ▪ sabiduría wisdom ▪ guiar Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy fall out of the to guide wardrobe. The professor enters the room.Ⅺ estrellas stars ▪ estrella star Ⅺ escondidos hidden ▪ escondido hidden ▪ esconder to hide Lucy watches Aslan on the beach in the distance. Tumnus approaches. 24 Credits 11:26Ⅺ presionarlo to pressure him ▪ presionar to pressure Phrase to Listen ForⅪ domesticado tamed, domesticated ▪ aun así even so domesticar to tame, to domesticate End credits. Lucy looks inside the wardrobe. An older Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy ride The professor stands to address her. on horseback through the forest. Ⅺ probablemente probably
  • 122. · · · · · · · ADVANCED BEGINNER · · · · · Tarzan ¿Qué les dije? What did I say? genre Classic Literature Adaptation/Adventure/Animation year 1999 directors Chris Buck, Kevin Lima cast Eduardo Palomo, Héctor Emmanuel Gómez, Gabriela Tessier, Lucero studio Walt Disney Pictures Edgar Rice Burroughs’ story about a baby boy raised in the jungle by gorillas has captured the imagination of story lovers for generations. This modern animated adaptation features the music of Phil Collins, the comic relief of Tarzan’s friend Terk, the romance inspired by the beautiful scientist and explorer Jane, and the danger of two villains—the gorilla hunter Clayton and the dangerous leopard Sabor. The Spanish vocabulary and sentence structure used in the film are simple, but sometimes the animals in the story can be hard to understand, because they speak quickly and with exaggerated cartoon voices. While it may not be a film for those brand-new to Spanish in context, once the animal voices are familiar and easier to understand, it offers a delightful learning experience. 92
  • 123. Tarzan · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 93 ·····BASIC VOCABULARY Ⅺ jungla jungleNames Ⅺ cubrirá it will cover ▪ cubrir to cover Ⅺ alerta alertTarzan, Kerchak, Clayton, Terk, Kala, Porter, Tantor Ⅺ valor nm courage, braveryNouns Ⅺ construye imp construct, build ▪ construirⅪ criaturas creatures ▪ criatura creature ▪ to construct, to build Al contrario, señor Clayton, la teoría de mi padre Ⅺ protección protection es que son criaturas sociales. On the contrary, Mr. Clayton, my father’s theory is that they are The gorilla’s baby is killed. social creatures. Ⅺ llanto cryingⅪ elefante nm elephant ▪ Sí, un pelo. ¡Aja! Ⅺ curar to heal, to cure Pero de elefante. Yes, a hair. Aha! But of an Ⅺ herida wound elephant.Ⅺ fe nf faith ▪ Mas con fe y entendimiento en un hombre convertirás. But with faith and 2 Kala’s Discovery 2:46 understanding, you will become a man.Ⅺ gorilas gorillas ▪ gorila gorilla ▪ Mi padre The gorilla Kala enters the tree house. y yo hicimos esta expedición para estudiar a los gorilas. My father and I made this expedition 3 A Narrow Escape 2:09 in order to study gorillas.Ⅺ manada pack, herd ▪ ¡Viven en manada! Kala holds the baby Tarzan. Later, Kala and Tarzan They live in a pack! escape from the leopard.Ⅺ peligro danger ▪ Peligro vas a encontrar. Ⅺ unión union You will find danger. Ⅺ intensa intense ▪ intenso intenseⅪ piraña piranha ▪ ¡Piraña! Piranha!VerbsⅪ creas subj you believe ▪ creer to believe ▪ 4 Adopted 2:44 Pon tu fe en lo que tú más creas. Put your faith Phrases to Listen For in what you most believe in. tuve que I had toⅪ guiará it will guide ▪ guiar to guide ▪ ¿qué rayos…? what the heck …?, what in the Te guiará tu corazón. Your heart will guide world …? you. tendrás que you will have toOther NamesⅪ feo ugly ▪ Pero esta vez en verdad vi algo feo. Kala, Terkina, Sabor But this time I really saw something ugly.Ⅺ salvaje adj savage, wild ▪ Todo este tiempo pensé The gorilla clan sees Kala arrive. que eras un bruto salvaje o algo así. All this time I thought you were a wild brute or something like Ⅺ ha vuelto she has returned ▪ volver to return Ⅺ desviarme to take a detour ▪ desviarse to take that. a detour Ⅺ fea ugly ▪ feo ugly 1 Main Title/“Two Worlds” 3:22 Ⅺ rara strange ▪ raro strange Ⅺ qué rayos what the heckPhrase to Listen For Ⅺ te acostumbras you get used to it ▪ lo que what acostumbrarse to get used to, to become accustomed Phil Collins sings “Two Worlds.” Several scenes show Tarzan’s family surviving a shipwreck and Kerchak sniffs the baby Tarzan. building a new life in the jungle. Ⅺ no repondrá he will not replace ▪Ⅺ pon imp put ▪ poner to put, to place reponer to replaceⅪ paraíso paradise Ⅺ devolverlo to take it back, to return it ▪Ⅺ paz nf peace devolver to take back, to returnⅪ suaves smooth, soft ▪ suave smooth, soft Ⅺ jungla jungleⅪ huellas footprints ▪ huella footprint Ⅺ peligroso dangerousⅪ arena sand Ⅺ cachorro cub, puppy, young animal
  • 124. ····· 94 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies 5 “You’ll Be in My Heart” 1:38 At the waterfalls, two gorillas play. Terk arrives. Ⅺ partir to cut (into pieces) Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ diversión fun te ves you look Ⅺ tardaste siglos you took centuries ▪ tardar para siempre forever to take (time) ▪ siglo century no importa it doesn’t matter Ⅺ plaga plague dentro de inside Ⅺ controlado controlled, under control ▪ controlar to control The baby Tarzan cries. Kala sings. Ⅺ bromitas dim little jokes ▪ broma joke Ⅺ calma exp easy, take it easy, be calm Ⅺ maravilla sin pelo hairless wonder ▪ Ⅺ me apena it grieves me ▪ apenar to grieve maravilla marvel, wonder ▪ pelo hair Ⅺ siéntela imp feel it ▪ sentir to feel Ⅺ acompañarlos to accompany you, to go with Ⅺ protejo I protect ▪ proteger to protect you ▪ acompañar to accompany, to go with Ⅺ situación situation In the darkness of the jungle, Kala carries Tarzan. Ⅺ complicada complicated ▪ complicado Ⅺ abrazarte to embrace you, to hug you ▪ complicated ▪ complicar to complicate, to make abrazar to embrace, to hug complicated Ⅺ protegeré I will protect ▪ proteger to protect Ⅺ me fascina it fascinates me ▪ fascinar Ⅺ fusión union to fascinate Ⅺ irrompible unbreakable Ⅺ te consta exp there’s no doubt about you Ⅺ convencerlos to convince them ▪ convencer to convince 6 Young Tarzan 1:41 Ⅺ absurdo absurd Phrases to Listen For Terk and Tarzan observe the elephants. qué susto what a fright claro que sí of course Ⅺ humillación humiliation Ⅺ adelántate imp go ahead ▪ adelantarse to go Flowers bloom. Kala awakens and does not find ahead, to move forward Tarzan. Ⅺ déjenmelo imp leave it to me ▪ dejar Ⅺ susto fright to leave Ⅺ arreglo I’ll fix (lit I fix) ▪ arreglar to fix, Ⅺ imitar to imitate Ⅺ animales animals ▪ animal nm animal to repair Ⅺ ruidosos noisy ▪ ruidoso noisy Ⅺ divertidos fun ▪ divertido fun ▪ Tarzan dives toward the elephants. divertirse to have fun Ⅺ le dolió it hurt him ▪ doler to hurt Ⅺ imito I imitate ▪ imitar to imitate Ⅺ genial terrific Ⅺ leopardo leopard Ⅺ sobrevive he survives ▪ sobrevivir to survive Ⅺ inventas you invent ▪ inventar to invent Ⅺ vista view Ⅺ sonido sound Tarzan bumps into Kerchak. 8 Baby Tantor 1:16 Ⅺ sabio wise Ⅺ protector protective Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ decírtelo to tell you that ▪ decir to tell, en verdad really, truly to say por supuesto of course Ⅺ escarabajo beetle tiene razón he’s right por favor please otra vez again 7 Pest Control 2:25 ¿qué tienen? what’s the matter? Phrases to Listen For Tantor, a baby elephant, hesitates about entering hay que it’s necessary the water. tengo que I have to Ⅺ higiénica clean, hygienic ▪ higiénico clean, tienes que you have to hygienic ¿no crees? don’t you think? Ⅺ turbia muddy, cloudy ▪ turbio muddy, cloudy
  • 125. Tarzan · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 95 ·····Ⅺ sospechosa suspect ▪ sospechoso suspect Ⅺ no pertenezco I don’t belong ▪ pertenecerⅪ bacterias bacteria ▪ bacteria bacteria to belongⅪ está nadando it is swimming ▪ nadar Ⅺ cierra la boca imp shut your mouth, shut up ▪ to swim cerrar la boca to shut one’s mouth, to shut upⅪ directo directly Ⅺ nariz nf noseⅪ paciencia patience Ⅺ orejas ears ▪ oreja earⅪ pirañas piranhas ▪ piraña piranhaⅪ África AfricaⅪ Sudamérica South America 12 “Son of Man” 2:47Ⅺ detrás de behindⅪ trasero backside Phrase to Listen For lo que what Tarzan climbs over Kala. 9 Piranha! 0:58 Ⅺ simio ape Tarzan comes up for air. Ⅺ seguramente surely The boy Tarzan slips as he climbs a tree. Ⅺ sabio wise 10 Outcast 1:40 Ⅺ respuestas answers ▪ respuesta answer Ⅺ montaña mountainPhrases to Listen For Ⅺ cima top ¡qué tonto! how dumb!, how foolish! Ⅺ alma soul ¿qué pasó? what happened? Ⅺ libre free lo que what Ⅺ orgulloso proud por poco almost Tarzan makes a spear. Terk drags Tarzan on the sand. Ⅺ guíe subj he guides ▪ guiar to guideⅪ pirañas piranhas ▪ piraña piranha Ⅺ entendimiento understandingⅪ devoran they devour ▪ devorar to devour Ⅺ te convertirás you will become ▪Ⅺ infarto heart attack convertirse to becomeⅪ conseguiste you got ▪ conseguir to getⅪ alboroto uproar, commotion Tarzan is just out of reach of the green snake.Ⅺ colita dim tail ▪ cola tail Ⅺ imaginación imagination Ⅺ realiza tu ilusión imp make your dream come Kala arrives at the shore. Shortly, Kerchak arrives as well. true ▪ realizar to make real, to realize ▪ ilusión dream, illusionⅪ asustaste you scared ▪ asustar to scareⅪ accidente nm accidentⅪ excusa excuse 13 Monkeying Around 0:54Ⅺ no lo defiendas imp don’t defend him ▪ defender to defend Phrases to Listen For hasta que until ¡ya basta! enough already! 11 Hand to Hand 2:00 Tarzan sneaks up behind Kala.Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ no te atrevas imp don’t you dare ▪ ¿por qué? why? atreverse to dare no importa lo que… it doesn’t matter what … Ⅺ pelaje nm fur lo que what Ⅺ brillante brilliant, shiny así es that’s right Ⅺ cuello neck Ⅺ diversión fun Tarzan smears mud over himself. Kala looks into Ⅺ se saque un ojo subj someone loses an eye ▪ the water from behind. sacar to take out ▪ ojo eyeⅪ cubierto covered ▪ cubrir to cover Ⅺ lastimado hurt ▪ lastimar to hurtⅪ lodo mud Ⅺ quebradora armlock, hammerlock [wrestling]
  • 126. ····· 96 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies 14 Sabor Attacks 4:20 Ⅺ contrataron you hired ▪ contratar to hire Ⅺ protección protection Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ parada standing ▪ parado standing ▪ lo siento I’m sorry pararse to stand up tal vez maybe, perhaps Ⅺ nido nest llamar la atención to get attention (lit to call Ⅺ hallazgo find attention) Ⅺ bestias beasts ▪ bestia beast lo que pasa es the situation is (lit what happens Ⅺ evidencia evidence is) Ⅺ nidos nests ▪ nido nest me di cuenta I noticed Ⅺ habías predicho you had predicted ▪ predecir to predict Tarzan lets go of Terk. Ⅺ animal nm animal Clayton leans on the barrel of his gun Ⅺ últimamente recently, lately as Jane and her father inspect the gorilla Ⅺ subespecie nf subspecies “nest.” Ⅺ elefantes elephants ▪ elefante nm elephant Ⅺ salvajes savage, wild ▪ salvaje adj savage, Ⅺ maní nm peanut wild Ⅺ arrancarían la cabeza they would yank Tarzan raises Sabor high above his head. your head off, they would tear your head off ▪ Ⅺ abran paso imp make way ▪ abrir paso to make arrancar to yank off, to tear off ▪ way ▪ abrir to open ▪ paso way cabeza head Ⅺ costumbre nf custom, habit Ⅺ saludarlos greeting you, saying hello to you ▪ Ⅺ sepas subj you know ▪ saber to know saludar to greet, to say hello Ⅺ me tropecé I tripped ▪ tropezarse to trip Ⅺ al contrario on the contrary Ⅺ teoría theory Ⅺ sociales social ▪ social adj social 15 Explorers 3:08 Ⅺ oeste nm west Ⅺ ganoderma ablonatum herb [pseudo latin] Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ excelente excellent ¿por qué…? why …? Ⅺ habilidades abilities, skills ▪ habilidad ability, lo siento I’m sorry skill al contrario on the contrary Ⅺ safari nm safari ya basta enough already ¿qué tal si…? what if …? tal vez maybe, perhaps 16 The Baby Baboon 1:01 Names Clayton, Porter Phrases to Listen For por Dios dear God Tarzan finds a bullet shell. tal vez maybe, perhaps Ⅺ supe I knew ▪ saber to know está de lujo it is a luxury Ⅺ había nacido I had been born ▪ por favor please nacer to be born Ⅺ África Africa Jane looks down at a baby baboon. Ⅺ había sido creada it had been created ▪ Ⅺ causó he caused ▪ causar to cause creado created ▪ crear to create Ⅺ alboroto commotion, racket Ⅺ aguarda imp wait ▪ aguardar to wait The professor finds Clayton. Ⅺ lindura beauty Ⅺ hippopotamus anfibius hippopotamus [latin] Ⅺ rhinoceros bihornus rhinoceros [latin] The baboon steals Jane’s book. Ⅺ profesor nm professor Ⅺ ladronzuelo little thief Ⅺ disparos gunshots ▪ disparo gunshot Ⅺ de lujo luxurious ▪ lujo luxury Ⅺ dibujos drawings ▪ dibujo drawing Jane approaches Clayton. Ⅺ babuino baboon Ⅺ expedición expedition Ⅺ papel nm paper Ⅺ ahuyentar to frighten Ⅺ bananas bananas ▪ banana banana
  • 127. Tarzan · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 97 ····· 17 Tarzan to the Rescue 2:38 Ⅺ contrólate imp control yourself ▪ controlar to controlPhrases to Listen For Ⅺ estás avergonzándome you are embarrassing lágrimas de cocodrilo crocodile tears me ▪ avergonzar to embarrass ¿qué rayos…? what in the world …?, what the heck? 19 “Trashin’ the Camp” 4:05 The baby baboon cries. Phrases to Listen ForⅪ lágrimas de cocodrilo ▪ crocodile tears, otra vez again fake tears ▪ lágrima tear ▪ cocodrilo lo que what crocodileⅪ se enfadarían they would get upset, they would Name get annoyed ▪ enfadarse to get upset, to get Tantor annoyed, to get angryⅪ paciencia patience Terk inspects a table with scientific equipment. Ⅺ bestia beast Tarzan swings through the air holding on to Jane. Ⅺ primitiva primitive ▪ primitivo primitiveⅪ ¿qué rayos sucede? what the heck is happening? ▪ Ⅺ responsable responsible suceder to happen Ⅺ desastre nm disasterⅪ ¡auxilio! exp help! The gorillas break plates and tear pages from books. 18 Treetop Introductions 4:05 Ⅺ rásgalo imp tear it ▪ rasgar to tear Ⅺ ritmo rhythmPhrases to Listen For Ⅺ raro strange por favor please Ⅺ ¡ánimo! exp come on!, get up!, get going! ya basta enough already Ⅺ me fascina it fascinates me ▪ fascinar muchas gracias thank you very much ¿por qué? why? to fascinate tal vez maybe, perhaps Jane holds on to a tree. 20 Jane’s Rant 1:09Ⅺ monos monkeys ▪ mono monkey Phrases to Listen ForⅪ empeorar to worsen, to get worse por todas partes everywhereⅪ apártate imp move away, get away ▪ al final in the end apartarse to move away ¿en serio? seriously?, really?Ⅺ me dan cosquillas that tickles ▪ dar to give ▪ cosquillas nfpl tickling In camp, Jane talks to her father and Clayton.Ⅺ advierto I warn ▪ advertir to warn Ⅺ babuino baboon Ⅺ dibujé I drew ▪ dibujar to draw Jane listens to Tarzan’s heart. Ⅺ monos monkeys ▪ mono monkeyⅪ palpitar to beat [heart] Ⅺ ejército armyⅪ peinarme to fix my hair, to comb my hair ▪ Ⅺ estaban gritándome they were shouting at me, peinarse to fix one’s hair, to comb one’s hair they were screaming at me ▪ gritar to shout,Ⅺ humedad humidity to screamⅪ bruto brute Ⅺ mandrillus mandrill [latin]Ⅺ exacto exactly Ⅺ imitando imitating ▪ imitar to imitateⅪ extraordinario extraordinary Ⅺ terrible terribleⅪ campamento camp Ⅺ lianas vines ▪ liana vine Ⅺ aire nm air Tarzan’s friends search the jungle for him. Ⅺ rodearon they surrounded ▪ rodear to surroundⅪ interesante interesting Ⅺ bota bootⅪ horror nm horror Ⅺ volador salvaje flying savage ▪ volador flying ▪Ⅺ escóndanme imp hide me ▪ esconder salvaje nm savage to hide Ⅺ taparrabo loincloth
  • 128. ····· 98 ······ ········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ escándalo commotion, disturbance Ⅺ intensos intense ▪ intenso intense Ⅺ no tengo la menor idea I don’t have the slightest Ⅺ fijos fixed, set ▪ fijo fixed, set idea ▪ tener to have ▪ menor least ▪ idea idea Ⅺ tales such ▪ tal such Ⅺ inventaba she invented, she made up ▪ Ⅺ pizarrón nm blackboard, chalkboard inventar to invent, to make up Ⅺ hombre mono ape man (lit monkey man) ▪ hombre man ▪ mono monkey 22 Tarzan Drops In 1:41 Phrases to Listen For 21 Tarzan Confronts Kerchak 1:45 se ve he looks tal vez maybe, perhaps Phrases to Listen For Dios Salve a la Reina God Save the Queen no lo sé I don’t know yo me haré cargo de esto I’ll take care of this tal vez maybe, perhaps ¿por qué? why? Clayton approaches the professor and Jane lo que what at the chalkboard. ¿en serio? seriously?, really? Ⅺ fantasía fantasy a solas alone Ⅺ infantil infantile ya basta enough already Ⅺ real real lo importante es the important thing is Ⅺ ¡apártense! imp move away! ▪ apartarse lo que what to move away Ⅺ sonido sound Name Ⅺ escopeta shotgun Isabel Ⅺ espacio space Ⅺ personal personal Kerchak addresses the gorillas. Ⅺ simio ape Ⅺ evitaremos we will avoid ▪ evitar to avoid Ⅺ eslabón perdido missing link ▪ eslabón nm Ⅺ daño damage link ▪ perdido missing, lost ▪ perder to lose Ⅺ intimida it intimidates ▪ intimidar to intimidate Ⅺ guía nmf guide [person] Ⅺ protege imp protect ▪ proteger to protect Ⅺ gorila gorilla Ⅺ ruego I beg ▪ rogar to beg Ⅺ gritar shouting ▪ gritar to shout Ⅺ me ocultaste you hid from me ▪ ocultar to hide, Ⅺ lenguaje nm language to conceal Ⅺ obligaré I’ll force ▪ obligar to force, to make, to obligate In camp, Jane draws a picture of Tarzan on a chalkboard. Clayton erases the chalkboard. Ⅺ erguido erect Ⅺ perico parrot Ⅺ encorvado curved Ⅺ Dios Salve a la Reina God Save the Queen Ⅺ soportaba he supported ▪ soportar to support, Ⅺ dámelo imp give it to me ▪ dar to give to bear Ⅺ me haré cargo I’ll take charge ▪ hacerse cargo Ⅺ pecho chest to take charge, to take care of Ⅺ nudillos knuckles ▪ nudillo knuckle Ⅺ extraordinario extraordinary Ⅺ sorprendente surprising 23 “Strangers Like Me” 3:54 Ⅺ posición position Ⅺ descubrimiento discovery Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ lenguaje nm language lo que what Ⅺ comportamiento behavior de nuevo again Ⅺ humano human así que so Ⅺ respeto respect ¿por qué no? why not? Ⅺ espacio personal personal space ▪ espacio space Ⅺ acechándome threatening me ▪ The lamp is lit. Phil Collins sings “Strangers Like Me.” acechar to threaten Ⅺ razonable reasonable Ⅺ confundido confused ▪ confundir to confuse Ⅺ mas but Ⅺ al principio at first, in the beginning ▪ Ⅺ imagen nf image principio start, beginning Ⅺ descubriré I will discover ▪ descubrir to discover
  • 129. Tarzan · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 99 ·····Ⅺ cuan how Ⅺ trampas traps ▪ trampa trapⅪ futuro future Ⅺ bestias beasts ▪ bestia beastⅪ normal normal Ⅺ me decepciona it disappoints me ▪ decepcionar to disappoint Tarzan rides a bicycle.Ⅺ gesto gesture Jane bumps into Tarzan in camp. The wordⅪ atracción attraction imposible is used but is cut short.Ⅺ me invita it invites me ▪ invitar to invite Ⅺ imposible impossibleⅪ emociones emotions ▪ emoción emotion Ⅺ arribó it arrived ▪ arribar to arriveⅪ detrás de behind Ⅺ Inglaterra EnglandⅪ horizonte nm horizon Ⅺ posibilidad possibilityⅪ enseñes subj you teach ▪ enseñar to teach Ⅺ acompañaras subj you accompany ▪Ⅺ mostraré I will show ▪ mostrar to show acompañar to accompanyⅪ guiaré I will guide ▪ guiar to guide Ⅺ equipaje nm luggage In camp, Clayton faces Jane and the professor. Clayton leans against a crate and addresses Tarzan.Ⅺ arribará it will arrive ▪ arribar to arrive, Ⅺ típico typical to reach port Ⅺ explicación explanation Ⅺ decepcionada disappointed ▪ decepcionado Terk and Tantor talk. disappointed ▪ decepcionar to disappointⅪ corta imp cut ▪ cortar to cut Ⅺ hecha trizas devastated ▪ hecho trizasⅪ cuerdas cords ▪ cuerda cord devastated ▪ estar hecho trizas to be devastated ▪ trizas nfpl small pieces, shreds Ⅺ se reúnan they meet ▪ reunirse to meet24 The Boat Arrives 2:43 Ⅺ planes plans ▪ plan nm planPhrases to Listen For hay que it’s necessary 25 Distracting Kerchak 1:02 ¿qué pasa? what’s happening?, what’s going on? por favor please Phrases to Listen For hasta que until con mucho gusto with great pleasure para nada for nothing, useless lo que what de verdad really, truly de acuerdo agreed tengo que I have to Tarzan follows Terk down the trees. lo lamento I’m sorry Ⅺ distraigas subj you distract ▪ distraer to distractNames Ⅺ distraería I would distract ▪ distraer to distractJones, Snipes Ⅺ cierra imp shut, close ▪ cerrar to shut, to close Ⅺ trompa trunk [of an elephant] The sailors break camp. Ⅺ tira he throws, he tosses ▪ tirar to throw, to tossⅪ quítenlo imp remove it ▪ quitar to remove Ⅺ jirafa giraffeⅪ recojan imp gather up, pick up ▪ Ⅺ recién nacida adj newborn ▪ recién recently ▪ recoger to gather, to pick up nacido born ▪ nacer to be bornⅪ aguarden imp wait ▪ aguardar to wait Ⅺ numerito dim musical number ▪Ⅺ no me embarcaría I wouldn’t board, I wouldn’t número number get on board ▪ embarcar to board, to get on board Ⅺ cara faceⅪ desastre nm disaster Ⅺ no me obligues imp don’t force me ▪ obligar to force, to obligate Clayton pleads with the captain. Ⅺ vergonzoso embarrassing, shamefulⅪ falla failure, breakdownⅪ máquinas machines ▪ máquina machine Terk wears a dress.Ⅺ espérenos imp wait for us ▪ esperar to wait Ⅺ te adelgaza it makes you look thinner ▪ adelgazarⅪ puertos ports ▪ puerto port to cause to appear thin, to become thinⅪ Londres London Ⅺ escote nm necklineⅪ culpa suya your fault ▪ culpa fault ▪ suyo your Ⅺ algo atrevido somewhat daring ▪ atrevidoⅪ instintos instincts ▪ instinto instinct daring
  • 130. ····· 100 ···· ··········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies 26 Meeting Tarzan’s Family 3:36 After Tarzan boards the boat to head for the ship, Terk and Tantor arrive at the shore. Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ no te hubieras detenido subj you shouldn’t have tenga cuidado imp be careful stopped ▪ detener to stop no lo sé I don’t know Ⅺ indicaciones nfpl directions ya basta enough already Ⅺ despedirnos to say good-bye to each other ▪ Name despedirse to say good-bye to one another Ⅺ lampiño hairless person Arquímedes Porter Ⅺ ingrato ungrateful person Tarzan, Jane, the professor, and Clayton face Kala. Ⅺ desteñido colorless item Ⅺ sin pelo hairless, without hair ▪ pelo hair Ⅺ asustarla to frighten her ▪ asustar to frighten Ⅺ extrañarlo to miss him ▪ extrañar to miss Ⅺ se escapa she’s getting away ▪ escaparse to get away, to escape Ⅺ se espantará she will be frightened ▪ espantarse to be frightened 29 Clayton’s Trap 2:05 Ⅺ huyendo fleeing ▪ huir to flee Phrases to Listen For The professor is asleep, dreaming. lo que what a bordo aboard Ⅺ majestad nf majesty ¿por qué? why? Ⅺ coqueta coquette, flirt de hecho in fact Ⅺ servicio service tengo que I have to Ⅺ roce social social interaction ▪ roce nm regular contact ▪ social social Names Darwin, Kipling 27 Tarzan Defies Kerchak 1:53 Before boarding the ship, Jane talks to Tarzan. Phrase to Listen For Ⅺ científicos scientists ▪ científico scientist Ⅺ famosos famous ▪ famoso famous hace años years ago Ⅺ escritores writers ▪ escritor nm writer Kerchak finds Tarzan and the other humans with Ⅺ qué torpe how clumsy the gorillas. Clayton puts the barrel of his gun beneath Tarzan’s Ⅺ ejemplar exemplary chin. Ⅺ suéltala imp let it go ▪ soltar to let go Ⅺ hombre mono ape man (lit monkey man) ▪ Ⅺ devuélvemela imp give it back ▪ devolver to give back, to return hombre man ▪ mono monkey Ⅺ bienvenida welcome Tarzan releases Kerchak. Ⅺ a bordo on board Ⅺ escena scene Ⅺ proteger to protect Ⅺ peludos hairy ▪ peludo hairy Ⅺ traicionaste you betrayed ▪ traicionar to betray Ⅺ jaulas cages ▪ jaula cage Ⅺ trescientas three hundred ▪ trescientos Kala approaches Tarzan from behind. three hundred Ⅺ confundido confused ▪ confundir to confuse Ⅺ libras esterlinas pounds sterling [british Ⅺ acompáñame imp come with me ▪ money] ▪ libra pound ▪ esterlina sterling acompañar to come with, to accompany Ⅺ agradecértelo to thank you for it ▪ Ⅺ haberte mostrado to have shown you ▪ agradecer to thank mostrar to show Ⅺ prisión prison 28 The Truth 3:51 30 “We Got a Boat to Catch” 2:23 Phrases to Listen For no importa it doesn’t matter Phrases to Listen For largo de aquí go away ya basta enough already ya no me importas I don’t care about you any estoy harto de I’m sick of, I’m up to here with more tenemos que we have to
  • 131. Tarzan · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 101 ····· lo siento I am sorry Clayton wounds Tarzan and shoots Kerchak. tenía razón he was right Ⅺ esconderse hiding yourself ▪ esconderse ¿qué tal? what do you think of that? to hide oneself a veces sometimes Ⅺ retos challenges ▪ reto challenge Ⅺ me deshaga de ti subj I get rid of you ▪ Terk and Tantor hear Tarzan’s cry for help. deshacerse de to get rid ofⅪ estoy harto I’m fed up ▪ hartar to be fed up Ⅺ reunir to gather, to gather upⅪ constipación emocional emotional Ⅺ mona monkey ▪ mono monkey constipation Ⅺ sencillo simpleⅪ ¿lo entendiste? did you understand? ▪ entender to understandⅪ sujétate imp hold on ▪ sujetarse to hold on 32 A Fight to the Finish 1:42 Terk and Tantor fall into the ocean. Tarzan points the gun at Clayton.Ⅺ me había sentido I had felt ▪ sentir to feel Ⅺ dispara imp shoot ▪ disparar to shootⅪ preciosa precious ▪ precioso precious In the ship’s hold, Tarzan jumps from wall to wall. 33 “My Son” 2:30Ⅺ traicionó he betrayed ▪ traicionar to betray Tarzan approaches Kerchak.Ⅺ traicioné I betrayed ▪ traicionar to betray Ⅺ has formado you have formed ▪ formarⅪ magníficas magnificent ▪ magnífico to form magnificent Ⅺ dependerá it will depend ▪ dependerⅪ temblando trembling ▪ temblar to tremble to dependⅪ jaulas cages ▪ jaula cageⅪ ha convertido it has become ▪ convertir to become 34 Good-byes 2:22 Tantor and Terk fight on deck. Phrase to Listen ForⅪ animal nm animal todos los días every dayⅪ me avergüenzas you embarrass me ▪ At the shore, Tarzan faces Jane. avergonzar to embarrass, to shame Ⅺ Londres London Ⅺ comparado compared ▪ comparar to compare Ⅺ extrañar to miss 31 Ambush 3:13 Ⅺ despedirnos to say good-bye to each other ▪Phrases to Listen For despedirse to say good-bye to one another me acuerdo de ti I remember you The professor and Jane are in the boat ¡a la carga! charge! headed for the ship. lo que what Ⅺ extrañaré I will miss ▪ extrañar to miss después de que after Ⅺ pertenezco I belong ▪ pertenecer to belong Clayton points his gun at Kerchak. Ⅺ Inglaterra EnglandⅪ lucirá mejor it will look better ▪ lucir to look, Jane tackles Tarzan. to look goodⅪ sala de trofeos trophy room ▪ sala room ▪ Ⅺ rescatar to rescue Ⅺ guante nm glove trofeo trophyⅪ ¡a la carga! exp charge! The professor addresses the captain. Tarzan frees Kerchak. Ⅺ selva jungle Ⅺ adiosito dim good-bye ▪ adiós good-byeⅪ hogar nm homeⅪ presa preyⅪ aguardando waiting ▪ aguardar to wait 35 Our Family 0:55Ⅺ descuide imp don’t worry ▪ descuidar to not worry, to neglect Phrase to Listen ForⅪ útil useful lo que what
  • 132. ····· 102 ···· ··········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Jane speaks to the gorillas. Ⅺ fusión fusion Ⅺ pon imp place, put ▪ poner to place, to put Ⅺ irrompible unbreakable Ⅺ proceder nm behavior Ⅺ diferencias differences ▪ diferencia 36 End Credits 5:57 difference Ⅺ destino destiny End credits. Ⅺ mas but Ⅺ soledad loneliness Phrases to Listen For Ⅺ aguantar to tolerate, to put up with te ves you look Ⅺ no sufras más imp don’t suffer any more ▪ para siempre forever sufrir to suffer no importa it doesn’t matter Ⅺ pon imp put ▪ poner to put, to place dentro de mí inside me Ⅺ paraíso paradise tendrás que you will have to Ⅺ paz nf peace por siempre forever Ⅺ ponte alerta imp be alert ▪ ponerse to become ▪ Ⅺ como me apena how it hurts me, how it makes alerta alert me sorry ▪ apenar to hurt, to make sorry Ⅺ valor nm courage, bravery Ⅺ siéntela imp feel it ▪ sentir to feel Ⅺ construye imp construct, build ▪ construir Ⅺ protejo I protect ▪ proteger to protect to construct, to build Ⅺ frágil fragile Ⅺ protección protection Ⅺ sensual sensual Ⅺ llanto crying Ⅺ abrazarte to hug you, to hold you ▪ abrazar Ⅺ curar to heal, to cure to hug, to hold Ⅺ herida wound
  • 133. · · · · · INTERMEDIATE ······Holes ¿Te enseño a leer? You still want to learn to read?genre Drama/Literature Adaptationyear 2003director Andrew Daviscast Shia LaBeouf, Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voightstudio Walt Disney ProductionsStanley Yelnats is unjustly convicted of stealing a pair of baseball shoes and is sentencedto the deceptively named Camp Green Lake. At this desert camp, Stanley (known as“Caveman”) encounters three villains (Warden Walker, Mr. Sir, and Mr. Pendanski),a hard-core gang of juvenile delinquents, and the legend of outlaw Kissin’ Kate Barlow.Spanish learners will find the vocabulary straightforward and will have many opportunitiesto develop an ear for phrases that include complex sentence structure. 103
  • 134. ····· 104 ···· ··········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies BASIC VOCABULARY qué asco how gross, how sick, how disgusting Names me alegra it makes me happy, I’m happy ¿por qué no? why not? Yelnats, Camp Green Lake, Magnet, Madame Zeroni, lo que what Hector no tienes que you don’t have to Nouns Name Ⅺ campamento camp ▪ Ah, pues nunca he visitado Stanley Yelnats un campamento. Ah, well, I’ve never visited a camp. A boy looks at a rattlesnake. Ⅺ cavernícola nmf caveman, cave-dwelling person ▪ Ⅺ levántalo imp pick it up ▪ levantar to pick up, En la excavación de Cavernícola apareció algo. to lift Something appeared in Caveman’s excavation. Ⅺ estás quemándote you are burning yourself, Ⅺ directora director ▪ director nm director ▪ you are getting burned ▪ quemarse to burn Si a la directora le parece, se te dará el resto del oneself, to get burned día libre. If it seems like it to the director, she will Ⅺ calentamiento global global warming give you the rest of the day off. Ⅺ agujero de ozono ozone hole ▪ agujero hole Ⅺ hoyos holes ▪ hoyo hole ▪ Le encanta hacer Ⅺ vómito vomit hoyos. He loves to dig holes. Ⅺ divertido funny, fun ▪ divertirse to have fun Ⅺ lagartijas lizards ▪ lagartija lizard ▪ Ⅺ ¡reacciona! imp wake up!, watch out! ▪ Ah, descuida, lo uso con las lagartijas amarillas, reaccionar to react no gastaría una bala en ti. Ah, don’t worry, I use Ⅺ bromas practical jokes ▪ broma practical joke it with the yellow lizards, I wouldn’t spend a bullet on you. A pair of shoes flies through the air and hits Ⅺ lago lake ▪ Se fue con el lago. It went away with Stanley. the lake. Ⅺ incorrecto incorrect Ⅺ pala shovel ▪ Si no hacen que excaven más rápido, Ⅺ maldición curse pueden tomar una pala y ayudar. If you don’t Ⅺ familiar adj family make them dig faster, you can both take a shovel Ⅺ salen mal they turn out badly ▪ salir to turn out, and help. to leave Ⅺ tatara tatarabuelo great-great-great- Ⅺ alivia it helps ▪ aliviar to relieve grandfather ▪ Todo es por el indigno y ruin Ⅺ culpar to blame robacerdos de tu tatara tatarabuelo. All because of your worthless, despicable, pig-stealer of a Stanley smells the baseball shoes. great-great-great-grandfather. Ⅺ qué asco how sick, how disgusting, yuck ▪ Verbs asco disgust Ⅺ cavar to dig ▪ Ah, es que la verdad yo no sé Ⅺ apestan they stink ▪ apestar to stink enseñar, y me canso de cavar todo el día, así que Ⅺ destino destiny sólo quiero volver y roncar. Ah, the truth is that I Ⅺ escrito written ▪ escribir to write don’t know how to teach, and I get tired digging all Ⅺ zapatos shoes ▪ zapato shoe day, so the only thing I want to do is come back Ⅺ ¡detente! imp stop! ▪ detenerse to stop and snore. Ⅺ tenis tennis shoes, athletic shoes ▪ Ⅺ disculpa excuse (me) ▪ disculpar to excuse ▪ teni nm tennis shoe, athletic shoe Disculpa. Excuse me. Stanley rides a bus through the desert. Other Ⅺ torpe adj dense ▪ No soy torpe. I’m not dense. Ⅺ tercero third Ⅺ inventor nm inventor Ⅺ cura cure Opening Credits/ Ⅺ pie nm foot 1 The Family Curse 5:15 The police knock on the door of Stanley’s Phrases to Listen For apartment. ya no sirve it’s no good anymore Ⅺ oloroso smelly, strong-smelling ya basta enough already Ⅺ me alegra I’m happy (lit it makes me happy) ▪ deja de imp stop alegrar to make happy maldición familiar family curse Ⅺ piso floor
  • 135. Holes · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 105 ·····Ⅺ apesta it stinks ▪ apestar to stink 2 Welcome to Camp Green Lake 4:53Ⅺ asqueroso gross, sickeningⅪ no te espantes imp don’t be frightened ▪ Phrases to Listen For espantarse to be frightened darle su bienvenida welcome himⅪ moretón nm bruise no te pases de listo imp don’t get smartⅪ fea ugly ▪ feo ugly para nada not at allⅪ equivocación mistake, error lo que whatⅪ consultar to consult tal vez maybe, perhapsⅪ abogado lawyerⅪ se arrepentirán you all will regret ▪ Stanley steps off the bus. arrepentirse to regret Ⅺ bienvenida welcomeⅪ haberse metido having become involved ▪ Ⅺ tiernito dim rookie ▪ tierno tender meterse to become involved Ⅺ oí I heard ▪ oír to hearⅪ no se lo arrebates imp don’t grab it from him ▪ arrebatar to grab forcefully A man eating sunflower seeds in an office tellsⅪ pedazo piece Stanley to be seated.Ⅺ pastel nm cake Ⅺ semillas de girasol sunflower seeds ▪Ⅺ café nm coffee semilla seed ▪ girasol sunflowerⅪ tacita dim little cup ▪ taza cup Ⅺ fumar smoking ▪ fumar to smokeⅪ olerlos to smell them ▪ oler to smell Ⅺ nombran they name ▪ nombrar to nameⅪ huelo I smell ▪ oler to smell (to a post)Ⅺ revisa imp check ▪ revisar to check, to review, Ⅺ al revés backwards to go over Ⅺ tradición traditionⅪ válida valid ▪ válido valid Ⅺ divertido funny ▪ divertirse to have funⅪ corte nf court of law Ⅺ exploradoras girl scouts ▪ exploradoraⅪ contestar to answer girl scout ▪ explorador boy scoutⅪ permanecer to remain Ⅺ caja box, case Ⅺ sorpresas surprises ▪ sorpresa surprise Stanley’s family is seated around the table. Ⅺ sed nf thirstⅪ indigno worthless, no-good Ⅺ acostúmbrate imp get used to it ▪ acostumbrarseⅪ ruin despicable, dirty-rotten to get used to, to get accustomed toⅪ robacerdos nm pig stealer ▪ robar to steal, Ⅺ sediento thirsty to rob ▪ cerdo pig Ⅺ siguientes next ▪ siguiente nextⅪ carpintero woodpecker (lit carpenter) Ⅺ dieciocho eighteenⅪ no cantes imp don’t sing ▪ cantar to singⅪ canción song Mr. Sir walks with Stanley outside.Ⅺ corteza bark Ⅺ mira a tu alrededor imp look at yourⅪ no canten imp don’t sing ▪ cantar to sing surroundings, look around you ▪Ⅺ mesa table mirar to look at ▪ alrededor surroundingsⅪ Ma Mom Ⅺ torres towers ▪ torre nf towerⅪ tranquila exp easy, take it easy, be calm Ⅺ guardias guards ▪ guardia guardⅪ costoso expensive Ⅺ cerca eléctrica electric fence ▪ cerca fenceⅪ Pa Dad Ⅺ huir to flee, to run away Ⅺ no te lo impediré I won’t stop you ▪ Stanley and his family appear in court. impedir to stop, to impedeⅪ te encierro I lock you up ▪ encerrar to lock up Ⅺ apestas you stink ▪ apestar to stinkⅪ cárcel nf jail Ⅺ descuida imp don’t worry, relax ▪Ⅺ conciencia consciousness, conscience descuidar to not worryⅪ vacante nf vacancy, opening Ⅺ uso I use ▪ usar to useⅪ juventud nf youth Ⅺ amarillas yellow ▪ amarillo yellowⅪ forje subj it forges ▪ forjar to forge Ⅺ no gastaría I wouldn’t spend ▪ gastar to spendⅪ carácter nm character Ⅺ bala bulletⅪ decisión decision Ⅺ escapar to escapeⅪ he visitado I have visited ▪ visitar to visit Ⅺ no encontrarías you wouldn’t find ▪Ⅺ dieciocho eighteen encontrar to find
  • 136. ····· 106 ···· ··········· Listen ’n’ Learn Spanish with Your Favorite Movies Ⅺ kilómetros kilometers ▪ kilómetro kilometer Carrying his equipment, Stanley accompanies Ⅺ oasis nm oasis Pendanski. Ⅺ buitres vultures ▪ buitre nm vulture Ⅺ tienda tent Ⅺ entero whole Ⅺ de nf D [letter] Ⅺ tercer third Ⅺ diligencia diligence Ⅺ comedor dining room Mr. Sir picks up a pair of boots. Ⅺ cuarto de diversión game room ▪ cuarto room ▪ Ⅺ desvístete imp get undressed ▪ desvestirse diversión fun to get undressed, to undress Ⅺ duchas showers ▪ ducha shower Ⅺ ropa clothes Ⅺ grifo faucet Ⅺ lavada washed ▪ lavado washed ▪ lavar to wash Ⅺ temperatura temperature Ⅺ excavarás you will dig ▪ excavar to dig Ⅺ helada freezing cold ▪ helado freezing cold ▪ Ⅺ sesenta sixty helar to freeze Ⅺ diámetro diameter Ⅺ cabaña cabin Ⅺ referencia reference Ⅺ la cabaña de la dirección headquarters ▪ Ⅺ cascabel nf rattlesnake cabaña cabin ▪ dirección management Ⅺ muerda subj it bites ▪ morder to bite Ⅺ regla rule Ⅺ mordido bitten ▪ morder to bite Ⅺ no importunes imp don’t bother ▪ Ⅺ lagartija amarilla yellow lizard ▪ importunar to bother lagartija lizard ▪ amarillo yellow Ⅺ director nm director Ⅺ pasarte to happen to you ▪ pasar to happen Ⅺ de mal humor in a bad mood ▪ humor mood Ⅺ agonizarías you would be dying ▪ Ⅺ fumar smoking ▪ fumar to smoke agonizar to be dying Ⅺ lenta slow ▪ lento slow The boys from Tent D join Stanley and Pendanski. Ⅺ penosamente painfully Ⅺ Neandertal nm Neanderthal