The Pharmaceutical Market: Canada


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The Pharmaceutical Market: Canada

  1. 1. The Pharmaceutical Market: CanadaPublished: October 2011No. of Pages: 72Price: $ 1040Espicoms highly regarded world pharmaceutical market reports have been redesigned toprovide enhanced strategic intelligence in a user-friendly format. Each report provides in-depth information, setting the pharmaceutical market in context. The reports provide:Five-year projections for economic, demographic, health expenditure, health workforceand pharmaceutical market indicators.Specialised intelligence on OTCs, generics, biologics and biosimilars.Exclusive economic and demographic data from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) foreach market in the series.A separate statistical health file, comprising health expenditure, health infrastructure,health services and health personnel.THE PHARMACEUTICAL MARKET: CANADA - REVIEWThe Canadian pharmaceutical market is projected to grow at a relatively fast rate between2011 and 2016, strengthened by an increasing demand for pharmaceuticals, due to anageing population and a commitment to a high standard of healthcare provision. However,due to the economic recession, public finances are set to deteriorate for the first time in adecade, and spending constraints could affect future expenditure on healthcare.Patented drug prices in Canada are controlled by the government and tend to beconsiderably lower than in the USA. This continues to irk the branded industry, and has ledto a burgeoning parallel trade between the two countries. Canadian pharmaceuticalexports exceed US$6 billion, and this strong export performance can be attributed toparallel trade with the USA.Canada’s domestic drug industry is dominated by a handful of multinationals and localgeneric producers. The largest local company is Apotex, one of the world’s foremostgeneric producers. Local research-based companies tend to be small development stageoperations, while a number of major multinational companies have manufacturingoperations in Canada. In March 2011, Valeant completed its acquisition of PharmaSwiss for350.0 million euros (US$437.5 million). In January 2011, Stirling announced that itsmanufacturing facility in Cape Breton, which it acquired in March 2010, had been grantedan Establishment Licence, and that the company could now manufacture pharmaceuticalsat the site.ENHANCED STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCEEspicoms highly regarded world pharmaceutical market reports have been redesigned toprovide enhanced strategic intelligence in a user-friendly format. Each report provides in-depth information, setting the pharmaceutical market in context. The reports provide: Five-year projections for economic, demographic, health expenditure, health workforce and pharmaceutical market indicators. Specialised intelligence on OTCs, generics, biologics and biosimilars. Exclusive economic and demographic data from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) for each market in the series.
  2. 2.  A separate statistical health file, comprising health expenditure, health infrastructure, health services and health personnel. The reports are updated quarterly, providing you with the latest information for a full year. In addition, the service will keep you up to date with market and industry news on a regular basis.HEALTHCARE STATISTICSA comprehensive tabula review, comprising demographics, epidemiology, healthexpenditure, hospital and primary care infrastructure & services and healthcare personnel,is additionally included.Table of ContentsEXECUTIVE SUMMARYSnapshot: Strategic Espicom AnalysisSnapshot: Key Data ProjectionsMACROENVIRONMENTPOLITICALECONOMICProjectionsLEGALEvergreeningBill C-9, Generic Exports to Developing CountriesCanada Remained on the USTR’s Priority Watch List in 2010 � 9DEMOGRAPHICProjectionsDemographic IndicatorsBirthsDeathsInfant DeathsLife Expectancy at BirthEPIDEMIOLOGYDISEASE BURDENLeading Causes of MortalityDISEASE PREVALENCECommunicable DiseasesHIV/AIDSNon-Communicable DiseasesCancerHEALTHCARE - ACCOMPANYING HEALTH STATISTICSORGANISATIONEXPENDITUREProjectionsLatest FiguresINFRASTRUCTUREHospital InfrastructureSERVICESHospital Inpatient Services
  3. 3. WORKFORCEProjectionsPhysiciansNursesPharmacistsREGULATORY AFFAIRSNATIONAL AUTHORITYPHARMACEUTICAL REGULATIONBill C-51Drug Approval ProcessMutual Recognition AgreementsMARKETING REGISTRATIONPROMOTIONAdvertisingPRICING & REIMBURSEMENTPRICINGPatented MedicinesNon-patented MedicinesProvincial FormulariesREIMBURSEMENTDrug Insurance ProgrammesNational Pharmaceuticals StrategyDISTRIBUTION CHANNELSDRUG WHOLESALINGAssociation of WholesalersCAPDMLeading WholesalersKohl & FrischMcKesson CanadauniPHARM Wholesale DrugsDRUG RETAILINGAssociation of Community PharmaciesCACDSLeading Pharmacy ChainsJean Coutu Group (PJC)Katz Group CanadaPharmasave DrugsShoppers Drug Mart/ PharmaprixMARKET ANALYSISSIZEProjectionsHistorical FiguresCurrent StructureHospital Drug ExpenditurePRODUCT DEVELOPMENTMANUFACTURING
  4. 4. TRADEExportsImportsBalance of TradeCOMPETITIONTRADE ASSOCIATIONSRx&DCOMPANY INTELLIGENCEAbbott LaboratoriesAventis Pharma (sanofi-aventis)Axxess PharmaBiovailDraxis HealthGaldermaGlaxoSmithKline (GSK)Merck FrosstNovartis Pharmaceuticals CanadaPfizer CanadaSchering-Plough CanadaStirling ProductsTaro PharmaceuticalsValeant PharmaceuticalsOTC PHARMACEUTICALSMARKET SIZECOMPETITIONTrade AssociationConsumer Health Products CanadaGENERIC PHARMACEUTICALSREGULATIONPRICING & REIMBURSEMENTMARKET SIZECOMPETITIONTrade AssociationCGPACompany IntelligenceApotexGenpharmOrbus PharmaPharmascienceRanbaxy CanadaratiopharmSandozTeva CanadaBIOLOGICS & BIOSIMILARSREGULATIONBiosimilar MedicinesPRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
  5. 5. COMPETITIONTrade AssociationsBIOTECanadaBIOQuébecCompany IntelligenceCangeneTherapure BiopharmaCONCLUSIONS: OPPORTUNITIES & CHALLENGESStrategic Espicom AnalysisMACROENVIRONMENTEPIDEMIOLOGYHEALTHCAREREGULATORY AFFAIRSPRICING & REIMBURSEMENTDISTRIBUTION CHANNELSMARKETCOMPETITIONOTC PHARMACEUTICALSGENERIC PHARMACEUTICALSBIOLOGICS & BIOSIMILARSRadar AnalysisSWOT AnalysisDIRECTORYDISTRIBUTORSGOVERNMENT ORGANISATIONSHEALTHCARE ORGANISATIONSPHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIESGeneric CompaniesBiologic CompaniesPHARMACY CHAINSTRADE ORGANISATIONSList of TablesEspicom Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Market, 2011Key Data Projections, 2011-2016Political Landscape, 2011Regional Ranking of Projected Economies, 2016Projected Economy, 2011-2016Regional Ranking of Projected Demographics, 2016Projected Demographics, 2011-2016Population by Provinces & Territories, 2007-2009 (000s)Demographic Indicators, 2002-2009Reported Notifiable Diseases, 2003-2006Regional Ranking of Projected Health Expenditure, 2016Projected Health Expenditure, 2011-2016Health Expenditure by Sector & Type, 2009 (C$ Millions)Hospitals & Beds, 2005-2008
  6. 6. Regional Ranking of Projected Physicians, 2016Projected Physicians, 2011-2016Registered Nurses by Place of Employment, 2005-2007Number of Pharmacists by Province or Territory of Registration, 2006-2007Number of Brand Name Pharmaceutical Applications Received, 2001-2006Pharmaceuticals Regulatory Decisions, 2003-2006Approved New Active Substances, 2004-2006Average Approval Times for Brand Name Drugs, 2002-2005 (Months)Pharmacy Distributor Members of CAPDM, 2011Pharmacies by Type and Province & Territory, 2009Retail Members of CACDS, 2011Shoppers Drug Mart Financial Highlights, 2008-2009 (C$000s)Regional Ranking of Projected Pharmaceutical Markets, 2016Projected Pharmaceutical Market at Retail Prices, 2011-2016Historical Pharmaceutical Market at Retail Prices, 1995-2010Manufacturers’ Sales of Patented Drugs, 1990-2008 (C$ Billions)Sales of Patented Drugs by Therapeutic Area, 2005-2008 (C$ Millions)Public/Private Drug Expenditure, 1975-2008 (C$ Millions)Prescribed Drug Expenditure by Source of Finance, 2008 (C$ Millions)Out-of-Pocket Expenditure on Medical Care and Health Services, 2002-2008 (C$ Millions)Drug Expenditure by Province/Territory, 2001 & 2005 (C$ Millions)Drug Expenditure in Hospitals by Province, 2003 (C$ Millions)Total R&D Spending and R&D to Sales Ratios, 1991-2008 (C$ Million)Canadian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Shipments, 2003-July 2009 (C$/US$ 000s)Pharmaceutical Exports by Category, 2005-2009 (US$000s)Pharmaceutical Exports by Country/Region, 2009 (US$000s)Canadian Exports to the USA, 2000-2009 (US$ Millions)Exports of Retail Medicaments to the USA by Province, 2003-2009 (US$ Millions)Pharmaceutical Imports by Category, 2005-2009 (US$000s)Imports of Raw Materials by Country/Region, 2009 (US$000s)Imports of Antisera & Vaccines by Country/Region, 2009 (US$000s)Imports of Medicaments by Country/Region, 2009 (US$000s)Balance of Pharmaceutical Trade, 2005-2009 (US$000s)Members of Rx&D, 2011Top 20 OTC Product Categories in Retail Prices, 2004 (C$ Millions)Main Self-Care Health Product Companies in Canada, 2009Active Members of Consumer Health Products Canada, 2011Number of Generic Pharmaceutical Applications Received, 2001-2006Average Approval Times for Generic Drugs, 2002-2005 (Months)Canadian Generics Prescription Drugs Market, 2003-2008 (C$ Billions/US$ Billions)Manufacturers’ Sales of Generics, 1990-2005 (C$ Billions)Members of CGPA, 2011Number of Biologic Applications Received, 2001-2006Average Approval Times for Biologics, 2002-2005 (Months)Biotechnology Products in Canadian Company Pipelines, 2009Cangene’s Financial Results, 2004-2009 (C$000s)Cangene’s Financial Results for Biopharmaceutical Operations, 2007-2009 (C$000s)Espicom Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Market, 2011SWOT Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Market, 2011List of ChartsWholesale Sales of Pharmaceutical Products, 2001-2008 (C$ Millions)Regional Comparison of Top 4 Projected Pharmaceutical Markets at Retail Prices, 2016
  7. 7. Historical Pharmaceutical Market at Retail Prices, 1995-2010Pharmaceutical Exports, 2001-2009 (US$ Millions)Change in Pharmaceutical Exports, 2002-2009 (%)Pharmaceutical Exports by Country/Region, 2009 (%)Pharmaceutical Imports, 2001-2009 (US$ Millions)Change in Pharmaceutical Imports, 2002-2009 (%)Imports of Pharmaceuticals by Country/Region, 2009 (%)Pharmaceutical Balance of Trade, 2001-2009 (US$ Millions)Radar Graph of the Pharmaceutical Market, 2011About Us:MarketReportsOnline is comprising of an online library of over 50,000 reports and in-depthmarket research studies & analysis of over 5000 micro markets. We provide 24/7 online andoffline support to our customers. Get in touch with us for your needs of market researchreports.Contact:Mr.Priyank7557 Rambler road,Suite727,Dallas,TX75231Tel: + 1 888 391 5441E-mail: sales@marketreportsonline.com