The future of retailing in middle east and africa to 2016


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The report provides a detailed and comprehensive quantitative analysis of the trends affecting market development through both historic and forecast data.

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The future of retailing in middle east and africa to 2016

  1. 1. The Future of Retailing in Middle East and Africa to 2016The report is based upon an extensive, cross-country, industry research program which brings togetherCanadean’s research, modelling and analysis expertise in order to develop uniquely detailed market data.It provides detailed quantitative analysis of past and future trends, crucially providing retail sales data notjust by channel and by product, but showing product sales through different channels. This allowsmarketers interested in retailing to determine how to account for the development of the retail tradeoverall and to know which channels are showing growth for which products in the coming years. It aims tocapture the shift to new channels depending on the country, the effects of recession, and shiftingconsumer behaviour thereby providing timely, highly comparable analysis of the retail markets. Data setsare provided for 2006 through to 2016, with actuals being provided for 2011. All initial market sizing andanalysis is conducted in local currency in order to ensure that local trends are reflected in the data beforeconversion into other currencies.Consumers have been reacting to the effects of the global recession including the following recoveryperiod on their discretionary spending and retail markets have been no exception. While the country bycountry market changes have varied, nowhere has been left totally untouched.This report quantitativelyexamines the components of change in the market by looking at historic and future growth patternsincluding how changes in consumers’ behaviour have affected the retail sector for differentproductcategories and channels.This report provides detailed data on the size and development of retail sales of individual product typesthrough specific retail channels and formats in the Middle East and Africa. It provides a detailed andcomprehensive quantitative analysis of the trends affecting market development through both historic andforecast data.Buy your copy of this report @ Features and BenefitsCategory coverage is provided to cover 25 products, across eight product groups that include: Apparel,Accessories and Luxury Goods, Books, News and Stationery, Electricals and Electronics, Food andGrocery, Furniture and Floor Coverings, Home and Garden Products, Music, Video and EntertainmentSoftware, and Sports and Leisure Equipment.Channel coverage is provided to cover 17 channels, across four channel groups that include: GeneralRetailers, Specialist Retailers, Value Retailers, and Online Retailers.Forecasts allow marketers to understand the future pattern of market trends, from winners and losers tocategory and channel dynamics, and thereby quickly and easily identify the key areas in which they wantto compete in the future.
  2. 2. Major points covered in Table of Contents of this report include:1 Introduction2 Middle East and Africa: Retail Sales Overview3 Middle East and Africa: Channel Analysis4 AppendixList of TablesList of FiguresBrowse reports related to Retail @ Details:Published: June 2012No. of Pages: 83Price: Single User License – US$4950 Corporate User License – US$14850Contact:Priyank TiwariTX, Dallas North - Dominion Plaza,17304, Preston Road,Suite 800, Dallas 75252Tel: +1-888-391-5441sales@reportsandreports.comConnect With Us: