Consumer Health Report | Consumer Health in Taiwan


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Parapharmacies such as Watsons and Cosmed saw their sales boom due to their rapid business expansion. Both players ran extensive marketing campaigns to strengthen awareness of their brands associated with expertise in beauty and health products and excellent consumer service.

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Consumer Health Report | Consumer Health in Taiwan

  1. 1. Consumer Health in Taiwan Consumer health in Taiwan showed steady growth in 2011. Growing concern about healthand an increasing focus on wellbeing among Taiwanese consumers resulted from prolongedlife expectancy and widespread unhealthy lifestyles motivated people to resort increasinglyto vitamins and dietary supplements to improve their health and boost their energy levels.Long working hours and busy lifestyles contributed to rising sales of analgesics, digestiveremedies, medicated skin care, and adult mouth care products. Taiwan’s government-sponsored national campaigns to promote physical exercise and reduce smoking led to anincrease in sales of sports nutrition and NRT smoking cessation aids.The Consumer Health in Taiwan market research report includes: Analysis of key supply-side and demand trends Detailed segmentation of international and local products Historic volumes and values, company and brand market shares Five year forecasts of market trends and market growth Robust and transparent market research methodology, conducted in-countryRequest a Sample for or Inquire before buying the report @ points covered in Table of Contents of this report include:EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSteady growth due to rising health-consciousnessTaiwan’s government implemented stricter food safety inspection to ensure consumers’safetyInternational players remain strong power in consumer healthParapharmacies gain share in distribution channelsSteady but declining growth forecast as a result of maturityKEY TRENDS AND DEVELOPMENTSIncreasingly busy lifestyles and long working hours raise consumer focus on personalhealthcareParapharmacies become a strong force in consumer health distributionCumulative effect Western food culture drives demand of digestive remedies and vitaminsand dietary supplementsTaiwan’s government implements stricter food safety inspections to ensure consumers’safetyDomestic players switch their interest to overseas countries due to limited development inTaiwanMARKET INDICATORSTable 1 Consumer Expenditure on Health Goods and Medical Services 2006-2011Table 2 Life Expectancy at Birth 2006-2011MARKET DATA
  2. 2. Table 3 Sales of Consumer Health by Category: Value 2006-2011Table 4 Sales of Consumer Health by Category: % Value Growth 2006-2011Table 5 Consumer Health Company Shares 2007-2011Table 6 Consumer Health Brand Shares 2008-2011Table 7 Penetration of Private Label by Category 2006-2011Table 8 Sales of Consumer Health by Distribution Format: % Analysis 2006-2011Table 9 Sales of Consumer Health by Category and Distribution Format: % Analysis 2011Table 10 Forecast Sales of Consumer Health by Category: Value 2011-2016Table 11 Forecast Sales of Consumer Health by Category: % Value Growth 2011-2016APPENDIXOTC registration and classificationVitamins and dietary supplements registration and classificationSelf-medication/self-care and preventative medicineSWITCHESSOURCESSummary 1 Research SourcesConsumer Health in Taiwan - Company Profiles Report Details:Published: May 2012Price: US$2400Contact:Priyank TiwariTX, Dallas North - Dominion Plaza,17304, Preston Road,Suite 800, Dallas 75252Tel: +1-888-391-5441sales@reportsandreports.comConnect With Us: