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On The Move

On The Move






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  • The goal of every district is to gain academic achievement There is more and more research saying “technology” in education is the leading source to student achievement in the classroom. Is our current achievement worth settling for? Lets strive for continued improvement Ask yourself; what are some ways we can achieve this?On The Move; Why this interpretation? The schools that act now will succeed with the advancement of technology, are we going to be a passenger or a spectator?
  • There are keys aspects that will lead us in achieving educational achievement in students We will need to focus on these four areas: Educational achievement in students Implementation of Technology in Classrooms Staff Development Funding Educational Technology- Without the focus of all four of these “wheels”, our plan would be stalled.
  • Our main goal is student achievement These 4 areas are where we expect to see student progressAsk yourself, “Do I have a better solution to achieving improvments”Also ask yourself, “Is the investment of improving student futures worth the risk”?
  • This graph is a small example of the big picture. Its key evidence supports all other common areas. Explain the graph to the audienceWho is the control group?Who is the CSILE group?
  • I like to use the term “The Circle of Educational Technology” when referring to staff development and it’s place in standards. You first need Staff Development to give teachers the adequate skills to make the technology beneficial As soon as or before the development, you need to have proper educational technology implemented into the site for teachers to implement their skills from staff development This new and exciting style of learning will improve student moral More positive individual moral in the school will domino into an overall positive school climate for everyone, making a perfect educational environment This new environment and increased student interest will pay itself in the form of student achievement in grades, tests, athletics, life, etc. The school then needs to refocus on newer and better staff development to replace ways of new and keep students on their toes wondering “what’s next”?
  • This graph provides us with an example of what staff development promotes in other areas. When staff development is provided, student computer use rises Which then influences the overall achievement of math It also promotes a more positive school climateWithout staff development in educational technology, the opportunity to achieve great levels for students deminishes.
  • Funding is the key to this plan Without funding, none of this is possible – from beginning to end We need a commitment to stay true to this investment in order for it to properly show dividends. Once we have the investment commitment, we will be able to: - purchase the proper equipment needed for all students and instruction - Regular scheduled annual staff development as needed - Keep our district “on the move” with the technological world and modeling school setting the tone for others who are spectators.
  • Read the viewing page aloud to audience.
  • I use the top quote because of it’s hidden message, I feel that it provides us with a good analogy that we need to admit it’s going to happen with or without us. There’s no slowing technology downTo be a leader in education technology, we need to act now or the progress will out run us. I’m not here to impress anyone, I’m here for the better of our students future. What I presented to you today, is what I truly believe will be the single most benefactor to our students in the near and distant future. Students show us everyday with their personal technology that they’re obviously interested in it, why not use this to our favor and implement it into our plans. Are we a spectator, or are we “ON THE MOVE”?Are there any questions?
  • These are the references I used throughout this process of putting a presentation together.

On The Move On The Move Presentation Transcript

  • Academic Achievement and the role of technology
    By. Jim Mack
    On The Move
  • The 4 Wheels of success
    Educational Achievement in students
    Implementation of Technology in Classrooms
    Staff Development
    Funding Educational Technology
    The Big Move:
  • Maximizing Test Scores
    No Child Left Behind
    State AYP
    Student Achievement
  • 8 year research has shown that a Computer Supported Intentional Learning Environment(CSILE) maximizes student thinking, reading, understanding and test scores.
    Student Achievement
  • The circle of educational technology
    Staff Development
    Educational Technology Implementation
    Positive Individual Moral and Excitement to Learn
    Positive School Climate and Atmosphere
    Student Achievement
    Staff Development
  • Staff Development
  • Commitment to Investment
    Implementing proper technology into labs and classrooms
    Continued staff development
    Stay “On The Move”
    Remain up to date on newer technology
    Students lose interest unless there’s new implementation
    Support additional teacher development aside from the required
     Funding Educational Technology
  • The rush into investing in education technology is that we no longer want to be a spectator for our students. We want to be a model for other school to follow. We owe it to our community, school and most importantly our students. Rather then be complacent and settle for “good enough”, lets get our school “On the Move”.
    What’s the Rush?
  • “Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.”
    Albert Einstein
    Final Thought
  • Schacter, John (1999) The Impact of Education Technology on Student Achievement: What the Most Current Research Has to Say. Santa Monica, California: Milken Exchange on Education Technology.
    Cradler, J., McNabb, M., Freeman, M., Burchett, R., (2002) How Does Technology Influence Student Learning? ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education).
    Earle, R., S., (2002) The Integration of Instructional Technology into Public Education: Promises and Challenges. Educational Technology.
    Wenglinsky, Harold (1998). Does it Compute? The Relationship between Education Technology and Student Achievement in Mathematics. Princeton, NJ: Educational Testing Service.
    Middleton, B. M., Murray, R. K. (1999). The Impact of Instructional Technology on Student Academic Achievement in Reading and Mathematics. International Journal of Instructional Media.