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Your Social Media Strategy Is Wrong


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  • 1. Your Social Media Strategy Is Wrong James La Porte @jlp
  • 2. Table of Contents •  On Social Media •  Earned Media and Moments of Truth •  The Path Forward
  • 3. On Social Media
  • 4. When asked, most people will say that social media is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, or one of the hundreds of logos on this slide. What is Social Media?
  • 5. They’re websites and platforms, that’s all. But those sites are just tools…
  • 6. Social media, in it’s simplest state, is a conversation. People talking to each other, brands talking to fans, fans talking to brands. Technology is finally catching up with the way we’ve communicated forever Social Media is a Conversation
  • 7. By 2014 there will be over 1.8B people who use social networks. Source:  h*p://­‐networking-­‐sta2s2cs/   A Large Conversation
  • 8. Facebook users spend spend over 700 billion minutes on Facebook every month. Source:  h*p://­‐networking-­‐sta2s2cs/   A Large Conversation
  • 9. The conversation doesn’t end. There will always be people talking to each other online. " Sometimes they’ll be talking about your brand. A 24/7 Conversation
  • 10. As long as people communicate with each other there will always be some form of social media. Some people think social media is a fad
  • 11. But there will always be ways for people to communicate with each other online. It may not be any of these platforms
  • 12. To communicate To express themselves To discover information They could be talking with their best friend, someone they’ve never met or a brand. Just as we express ourselves in the real world (i.e. the way we dress, the music we listen to, et c) we shape our online personas to the way we want people to perceive us. Information can be the new viral video, world news, or a picture of your sister’s newborn. Why People Use Social Media
  • 13. ~27% of time spent on the web in the United States is spent on social networking. Source:  Experian,  2012   They use social media a lot…
  • 14. Stay ahead of consumer needs and wants To Shape Brand Perception To create functional and emotional bonds with consumers Extend customer service offerings To Augment market research with real time data Why Brands Use Social Media
  • 15. Consumers are now empowered and their voices have the potential to be louder and carry more weight than brand voices. Harnessing their thoughts and feelings is how brands will be successful in social media. Brands need to focus on earned media. Why Social Media Is Powerful
  • 16. Earned Media and Moments of Truth
  • 17. Paid Owned Earned Content that is served to prospects via ad- networks or paid placement. Content you post on channels you control (e.g. Facebook, owned website). Content created or perpetuated by a third party – typically a consumer. The Types of Media
  • 18. How Most Brands See Social Most brands focus on paid and owned media, it’s the easy part of social media. They like the idea of earned media, but they aren’t too good at making it happen. Paid Owned
  • 19. What Brands Should Focus On If you are effective at creating a sempiternal ecosystem of earned media you will always be top of mind with your consumers, this is easier said than done. Earned
  • 20. Moments of Truth Zero Moment First Moment Second Moment Ultimate Moment What it is When a consumer is researching which product is the best for them. What it is When a consumer is in-store/online and is about to purchase your product. What it is When a consumer uses and has an experience with your product they have purchased. What it is When a consumer shares their experience with your product with others. Where it happens •  In the consumers life Where it happens •  E-Commerce •  In-Store Where it happens •  Social Media •  Search •  Owned Website •  E-Commerce •  In-store •  Social Graph Where it happens •  Social Media •  Blogs, websites, comments •  E-Commerce •  Social graph This is Earned Media
  • 21. The Consumer Decision Journey 0 1 2 U Check out your product on Google & Facebook Examine product on shelf, like it Use your product, have an experience with it Like what they see, go to the store to check it out Enjoy using your product Tell your friends how great of a product it is “Your current consumers’ Ultimate Moment of Truth becomes your potential consumers’ Zero Moment of Truth”
  • 22. Earned Media Manifesto Every experience, both digital and physical, with your brand, through every moment of truth, has to be crafted with the knowledge that the consumer is going to share their experience with someone at some point in time.
  • 23. Earned Media at Scale Digital, social media more specifically, gives consumers the ability to share their experiences more often, with a larger audience, and at a faster pace than ever before. It also gives brands the ability to augment, perpetuate, and build upon existing experiences as well as creating opportunities to create future ones.
  • 24. The Path Forward
  • 25. This Talk Will Cover… - Why focusing solely on your owned properties is the wrong strategy. - Where you should focus your social media efforts. - Social Media’s role in the consumer decision journey