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Head Lice Prevention -  Stop Infestations Before They Start
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Head Lice Prevention - Stop Infestations Before They Start


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Head lice prevention is not difficult to do and can save parents from the nightmare that is eradicating a head lice infestation. Follow this simple advice now.

Head lice prevention is not difficult to do and can save parents from the nightmare that is eradicating a head lice infestation. Follow this simple advice now.

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  • 1. Head Lice Prevention- Stop Infestations Before They Start by James Lamb Learn how to stop headliceinfestations with this simple advice
  • 2. Head Lice Prevention - Stop InfestationsBefore They StartHead lice prevention is something we all need to bevery aware of. Seeing your child scratching away attheir scalp or to witness them coming out at theend of a school day clutching the dreaded head liceletter leaves many parents in despair. We can allgroan at the tiresome and unpleasant prospect of anunwelcome head lice infestation. It may seem to bea never ending round of bug busting pressuregetting rid of nits. No sooner is one lot of thehorrible nasties eradicated then they seem toreturn again.However, the nuisance of constant bouts of headlice infections can be avoided with a little bit ofeducation and knowledge about how these parasitesare spread. Use this knowledge wisely and it cangreatly reduce or even eradicate infestations ofhead lice altogether.When the creatures appear most parents have onlyone thing in mind and that is to get rid of them assoon as possible. Thats understandable but bylearning a few pointers about the pests life andhabits can curtail future infections througheffective head lice prevention. All that isrequired is to know how the menace is spread andhow to keep your loved ones out of the firing line.In simple terms it is a case of prevention iseasier than cure.
  • 3. • Head lice are wingless parasites that feed only on human blood and will not attack animals. As such you have nothing to fear about catching them from your pet dog or cat in the same way you may get fleas. • Head lice are only able to live away from a human hosts for a maximum three days or they will die through lack of food. They will infest any human scalp to live and do not discriminate about hair colour, condition, length, skin colour or sex of the host. • Their six legs each has a claw used to cling to and crawl through hair and because of this is impossible to simply wash ans shampoo them out. The adult, juveniles and the eggs or nits MUST be killed or combed out fully to clear the infestation.Head Lice Prevention TechniqueBeing unable to fly or leap they are mainly spreadby head to head contact whereby an infectedpersons hair touches someone elses so that thecreatures creep from one scalp to another. This isthe main reason why kids are often infected atschool because they often touch heads or hair
  • 4. during play etc.Once they have moved to a new host these parasiteswill then lay their eggs and begin a new colony.From then on it is a constant cycle of breeding andbuilding the colony. The best defence is quitelogical, avoid contact with others. In real terms,avoiding contact with others means not placing thehead or hair within actual touching distance ofanother person. It is difficult to explain tochildren NOT to share their friends or otherpeoples hats, scarves, clothing, hair brushes andcombs, headscarf or items that the head lice may beable to crawl onto and inhabit. That way the spreadis stopped in its tracks.Explaining the importance of not sharing personalitems or touching hair to a young child is a hardthing to do. Nevertheless, if it can be done itwill virtually wipe out incidents of catching thebugs. As long as vigilance is maintained at home toensure no family member is infected, close contactamong families will not matter as it is outsiderswhere the risks lie.This is just one step in a host of measures thatthe wise parent can employ to beat the nuisance ofthese parasites when they come calling.Head lice prevention is just one element of keepingthe pests at bay and you can learn everything youneed to know for free by visiting my website at: