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Understanding Your Marketing Funnel - Higher Education Marketing
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Understanding Your Marketing Funnel - Higher Education Marketing


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Understanding a higher education marketing funnel is critical to web marketing success.

Understanding a higher education marketing funnel is critical to web marketing success.

Published in: Education
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  • So what is important to me? What should I be tracking?Admission SpecificApply to CollegeSchedule a Campus VisitRequest InfoDownload the ViewbookTake a Virtual TourGeneral GoalsSign up for eConnect updatesWatch VideosSubscribe to RSSBecome Facebook Fan, Member of a GroupJoin Linked InRead Blogs
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  • We have heard for years that the physical campus tour is the single most important element in the recruitment process and now we have the data to back that up.
  • real value of a Campus Tour is it’s ability to get individuals to want to apply to your school. It can be one of the single most influential things in the decision process for a prospective student. So how much is it worth and how do we get prospective students to want to apply to our school?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Understanding Your Marketing Funnel Kyle James @KyleJames CEO @nuCloudFounder @eduGuru
    • 2. What isImportant?
    • 3. What are our goals?
    • 4. At most schools 50%+ of annual revenue comes through tuition
    • 5. Follow The Money!
    • 6. • Give Us Money!• But How?• Applicants • Alumni Donations• Schedule a Visit• Download Catalog• Get on Mailing List
    • 7. Marketing ProcessMarketing Funnel Sales Funnel
    • 8. Recruitment Funnel Awareness Visit Website Learn about School Convert/Engage Request Info Visit Campus Commit Apply Attend
    • 9. Let’s give a specific example The Virtual Tour
    • 10. Physical Campus Tour Is CriticalData from Noel-Levitz –
    • 11. Vital toRecruitment
    • 12. ROI AnalysisBuild a Business Case
    • 13. Establishing ROI If we can work backwards from thevalue of a student we can establish the value of an Interactive Campus Map. *All numbers are created as examples
    • 14. Let’s Do Some Math
    • 15. What is the value of a Student?• Average Years = 3• Cost Per Year = $20,000• Average Yearly Discount = $10,000• Student Value = 3 * ($20,000 - $10,000)• So a Student is worth $30,000!
    • 16. What is the value of an Applicant?• Student Value = $30,000• Conversion Rate in Applicant = 20%• App Value = $30,000 * .2• So an Applicant is worth $6,000!
    • 17. Value Of Campus Tour?
    • 18. What is a Campus Visit Worth?• Application Value = $6,000• Conversion Rate of Visits to Applicant = 20%• Value of Visit = $6,000 * .2• So Each Student Visit is Worth $1,200!
    • 19. What is a Virtual Tour Visit Worth?• Visit Value = $1,200• Conversion of Map to Visit = 5%• Value of a Map View = $1,200 * .05• So Each Map View is Worth $60!
    • 20. Do You Think 1,000People Would View Your Map In A Month?
    • 21. Then Having A Map Is Worth $60,000! Per Month!
    • 22. You can now justify this project
    • 23. ROI Spreadsheet
    • 24. Let’s take a step back
    • 25. You can use this sameprocess to decide the value of doing any web project
    • 26. Possible Important ItemsAdmission Specific General Goals• Apply to College • Sign up for eConnect• Schedule a Campus Visit updates• Request Info • Watch Videos• Download the • Subscribe to RSS Viewbook • Become Facebook Fan,• Take a Virtual Tour Member of a Group • Join Linked In • Read Blogs26
    • 27. The One Takeaway
    • 28. This Only Works If You Convert
    • 29. Questions? Kyle James @KyleJames