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Maybe you don’t even know what search engine optimization (SEO) is? Search engines are the first place that nearly everyone goes when looking for something. Having your site displayed at the top of …

Maybe you don’t even know what search engine optimization (SEO) is? Search engines are the first place that nearly everyone goes when looking for something. Having your site displayed at the top of results for relevant searches is a powerful way to get visitors to your website. In a sense it’s a way to provide free traffic to your site. Also because when people search, they are usually looking for a specific thing and being able to provide it to them you are gaining a relevant visitor. Unfortunately, when people think about SEO immediately those emails of spammers who guarantee #1 results in search engines come to mind. SEO doesn’t have to be black magic, pixie dust, or snake oil. College websites already have the authority to rank well in search engines, but are you getting the most exposure and relevant traffic that you could be? This presentation will go through the fundamental and approved methods for on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and implementing these best practices into your marketing efforts going forward. These actionable steps will be practices that you can take home and begin implementing on your site right away.

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  • Same can be said for a website. You can have the greatest website in the world, but if nobody is visiting it is it making a difference? Of course you have to get people to visit, but knowing what they do when they visit is equally important.
  • Pixie Dust Photo by Angellea
  • Pixie Dust Photo by Angellea
  • Three Blind Mice: Photo credit
  • Google Instant makes Ads much more in your face. It also makes SERPs obsolete because who is going to even look below the fold much less click through results pages.
  • Google cares about the speed of a website in it’s ranking formula.


  • 1. SEO Best PracticesHitting the Low Hanging Fruit
    Kyle James
  • 2. No Need To Take Notes
  • 3. Why Am I Talking to You?
  • 4. What I Do?
  • 5. If a tree falls in a forest and noone is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
  • 6. If people can’t find it,does it matter?
  • 7. What SEO is NOT
  • 8.
  • 9. SEO is Usability and Accessibility
  • 10. Search Engine Crawlers are your blindest users
  • 11. By the Numbers (on one site)
    30% of traffic is delivered by Search Engines
    82% of that traffic is delivered by Google
    On a large school website w/ 1,000,000 visits per month that is 300,000 visitors
  • 12. Search Engine Optimization
    3,000 searches per second
    • Publish more content
    • 13. Optimize your content
    • 14. Promote your content
  • Are you optimized to get that traffic?
  • 15. It All Starts With Keywords
    “It’s NOT about what you want or what you call it, it is about what people are actually looking for.”
    “Nobody cares about your products (except you)” – David Meerman Scott
  • 16. The Long Tail
  • 17. The Long Tail
  • 18. Long Tail Keywords
    Best Biology College in Cincinnati Ohio
    Biology College in Cincinnati Ohio
    College in Cincinnati Ohio
    College in Ohio
  • 19. Search Trends
    Yahoo = navigational
    Bing = transactional
    Ask = informational
    Google = commercial investigation
  • 20. Keyword Research
  • 21. Adwords Keyword Tool
  • 22. Google Insight
  • 23. Thesaurus
  • 24. Powerful Keyword Tools
  • 25. An SEO Breakdown
  • 26. Two Parts of SEO
  • 27. On-Page Optimization
  • 28. Page Title
    Describe The Page
    Include Keywords
    70 Character Limit
  • 29. URL
    Describe The Page
    Include Keywords
    A Dynamic URL is hard to understand
    What are the following two pages about?
  • 30. Headers
    Semantic Markup
    Include Keywords
    Describe sections of the Page
  • 31. Example: Using
    Headers in Word
  • 32. Meta Description & Keywords
    Unique for Each Page
    Only Viewable in Source
    Meta Description limit 150 characters
    Meta Keyword limit 10 keywords max
  • 33. Off-Page Optimization
    We’ve all heard Content is King, so Links must be the Queen?
  • 34. Off-Page Optimization
    Inbound Links
    Site Authority
    Anchor Text
  • 35. Inbound Links
    Content Creation Strategy
    “If You Build It, They Will Come”
  • 36. Publish Content Worth Sharing
  • 37. Videos & Slideshows
  • 38. Audio
  • 39. Student Blogs
  • 40. Interactive Campus Tours
  • 41. Social News
  • 42. RSS & Calendar
  • 43. Site Authority
  • 44. Anchor Text Count!
  • 45. What are those buildings called?
  • 46. What are people looking for?
  • 47. What are people looking for?
  • 48. Getting Ranked
  • 49. Search Call To Actions
    Page Title
    Meta Description
    Page Title and Meta Description are all you get in search results. Make sure that they count.
  • 50. Navigation Helps SEO
    Cross Linking Content
  • 51. Web Analytics Helps SEO
  • 52. Internal Site Search
    SEO also helps with your Internal Site Searchand good for Keyword Research
  • 53. Visits By Keywords
    Know what keywords you are already getting search traffic from
  • 54. Web Analytics Helps SEO
    Quickly make sure your page titles are optimized
  • 55. Web Analytics Helps SEO
    Scan referral sources to see where you are getting links from
  • 56. 404 Pages
    404 Reporting tells you where you are failing to better optimize your site
  • 57. 301 Redirects
    (Almost) Always use 301 Redirects because they pass search authority
  • 58. URL Canonicalization
    Avoid “Double Vision”
    Every page on your site becomes duplicate
  • 59. Splash Screens
  • 60. Flash Websites
    Flash should add not dominate
    Search Engines aren’t very good at reading flash
  • 61. SEO Tools
  • 62. The Lynx Browser
  • 63. SEOmoz Tools
  • 64. SEO Book Toolbar
    The Only Firefox Toolbar you will need for SEO
    Competitive Research
    Keyword Research
    Link Information
    Rank Checker
    Page X-Ray
  • 65. Free Website Grader Report
  • 66. Create
  • 67. Google Instant
  • 68. Google Instant
  • 69. How Fast Is Your Website?
  • 70. Website Speed Tester
  • 71. Final Thoughts
  • 72. SEO is NOT a sprint… it’s a Marathon
  • 73. Help People FindYour Buried Treasure
  • 74. Additional Reading
  • 75. SEO Best Practices: Hitting the Low Hanging Fruit
    Kyle James