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Interactive Campus Map: An Essential Recruitment Tool
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Interactive Campus Map: An Essential Recruitment Tool


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The interactive campus map is an essential tool for recruitment purposes. There are a handful of must-have features that you should have on your website, and, arguably, not one is more important than …

The interactive campus map is an essential tool for recruitment purposes. There are a handful of must-have features that you should have on your website, and, arguably, not one is more important than an interactive campus map. In addition to being a critical tool in the recruitment funnel, it also can serve as an essential element for all of our audiences, providing an engaging, interactive feature for your website.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • does a bunch of reading, talking to friends and family and probably spends some time online. So this process might not start as early as this guy but it’s always around.
  • List of School LogosIf you are in Texas your list probably looks something like this and that is ONLY if you are looking at the larger state schools around. How do you narrrow that down?
  • US News
  • real value of a Campus Tour is it’s ability to get individuals to want to apply to your school. It can be one of the single most influential things in the decision process for a prospective student. So how much is it worth and how do we get prospective students to want to apply to our school?
  • Obama presenting with Auburn Tigers after national title
  • Heweb08 from Mizzou
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Interactive Campus Map An Essential Recruitment Tool Kyle James @KyleJames CEO @nuCloud Founder @eduGuru
    • 2. Interactive Map vs Virtual TourVirtual Tour• Creating a virtual experience withoutactually being there• Picture, video, audio Interactive Map • Interacting with a user • Providing a means to give input and get results
    • 3. So an interactive map isalways a virtual tour, but avirtual tour isn’t always an interactive map.
    • 4. 5 Reasons an Interactive Map is Essential
    • 5. 1. Vital toRecruitment
    • 6. It’s All About Recruitment! • USA Today - instructs prospective students to take virtual tours as the #1 step before actually visiting a college. • Open up the top of your recruitment funnel with a virtual tour of your campus
    • 7. The Prospective Decision Process
    • 8. Lots of Choices
    • 9. How to Narrow the List?
    • 10. Visit Campuses!
    • 11. You Can’t Visit Every School
    • 12. Too Expensive & Too Much Time
    • 13. Most Important Web FeaturesData from Noel-Levitz –
    • 14. Most Used Social Media ResourcesData from Noel-Levitz –
    • 15. Credible Sources in Decision ProcessData from Hobsons -
    • 16. 2. Vital web feature
    • 17. How Important is a Virtual Tour? • A tour is “singlehandedly the most important element” of a college website. --Ron Reis, Co-founder YOUniversity • Students will “get frustrated very quickly if they can’t get the 10,000-foot view.” --Chris Carson, President CampusTours*Quote from -
    • 18. Suite of Killer Web Apps Interactive Tours Course Catalogs Common App Net Price Calculator Event Calendar Online Videos Blogs
    • 19. 3. Tangible Return on Investment
    • 20. Establishing ROIIf we can work backwards from the value of a student we can establish the value of an Interactive Campus Map. *All numbers are created as examples
    • 21. Let’s Do Some Math• Average Years = 3• Cost Per Year = $20,000• Average Yearly Discount = $10,000• Student Value = 3 * ($20,000 - $10,000)• So a Student is worth $30,000!
    • 22. Let’s Do Some Math• Student Value = $30,000• Conversion Rate in Applicant = 20%• App Value = $30,000 * .2• So an Applicant is worth $6,000!
    • 23. Value Of Campus Tour
    • 24. Let’s Do Some Math• Application Value = $6,000• Conversion Rate of Visits to Applicant = 20%• Value of Visit = $6,000 * .2• So Each Student Visit is Worth $1,200!
    • 25. Drive More Campus VisitorsInteractive Campus Map Visit Campus Application
    • 26. Let’s Do Some Math• Visit Value = $1,200• Conversion of Map to Visit = 5%• Value of a Map View = $1,200 * .05• So Each Map View is Worth $60!
    • 27. Do You Think 1,000People Would View Your Map In A Month?
    • 28. Then Having A Map Is Worth $60,000! Per Month!
    • 29. ROI Spreadsheet
    • 30. 4. Important for allexternal audiences
    • 31. Alumni
    • 32. Current Students
    • 33. Athletic Fans
    • 34. Event Speakers
    • 35. Conferences
    • 36. Campers
    • 37. Other Events
    • 38. Prospective Students
    • 39. 5. Everyone elsehas one already
    • 40. Research - See what others are doing
    • 41. Things Not To Do
    • 42. Things Not To Do With A Map• Use Flash – it’s inaccessible and creates a maintenance nightmare• Only images – Include more content than just a map with some photo galleries. Tours need context.• Ignore updates – Keep building information and imagery fresh. You virtual tour needs the power to entice real visits.
    • 43. Where Do I Start?
    • 44. Too Many Options
    • 45. Slow Load Times
    • 46. Confusing
    • 47. Questions? Kyle James