Want to be a movie director here’s how to get your talent noticed


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Want to be a movie director here’s how to get your talent noticed

  1. 1. Want to Be a Movie Director? Here’s How to Get Your Talent Noticed!Are you an aspiring movie director? Is your favorite hobby making home movies? Do you want tobe a famous movie director someday? Here are two easy ways of getting your talent noticed: enter avideo contest online, or post your video on YouTube.There are lots of online contests that encourage aspiring movie directors to upload their best usergenerated media. The potential to win prizes on line is unlimited, if you make good movies. Youmay also catch the attention of a production company that may be monitoring the contest fortalented potential directors. These talent scouts often weed through the user generated media lookingfor people with genuine talent that could eventually be a star movie maker. In fact, more often thatnot the video contest was created solely for that purpose, with the prize simply being a means to anend.
  2. 2. If you already have a decent amateur movie created, you can simply upload it in the user generatedmedia section of the contest submission form. If you do not have a movie you are satisfied with,make one! Then upload it to as many contests as you can find. Even if you don’t get connected witha producer right away from a video contest, you may win prizes on line that will help to fund yourmovie making expenditures .Another great way to get noticed as a potential movie director is to post your best movie on videohosting sites such as YouTube. Many superstars had their beginnings on YouTube, and now talentscouts are taking advantage of the situation are are always on the lookout for great potential viaYouTube. Share your video’s link with family and friends, post it on Facebook and Twitter; get itnoticed as much as you can. The more views you get, the more likely you are to be noticed by atalent scout.So whether you simply want to win prizes on line to fund your efforts, or you want to get connectedwith a producer, entering a video contest is a great option. If you just want a potential producer, anddon’t care about the prizes, then YouTube is the place for you. http://showamerica.com