Chick-fil-A Leadercast Notes


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I attended the Chick-fil-A Leadercast last week and was pretty blown away. Tons of great takeaways. Unfortunately, I was having battery issues, so I wasn't able to take notes on every speaker, but here is what I was able to gather.

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Chick-fil-A Leadercast Notes

  1. 1. John Maxwell@johncmaxwellExperience isn’t the best teacher. We all know people that are getting older, but they’re not gettingbetter.Complexity requires questioning.Let’s look at people that have experience. Look at people getting older, they’re not always the mostaffective.Deep and fast is what you want in your leadership. You want something your team can dive into.Having a leadership position doesnt make you a leader.Leadership is not position.Once you go through the complexity and get to the simple, you understand what leadership is.Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.Add value to people every day. If you really want to be an influencer, it’s very simple.How do I become a leader? Add value to people every day. If you intentionally do this, you increase yourinfluence with people. Anyone who has influence in your life, it’s because they added value to your life.Who did I add value to today?If you will add value intentionally every day, you will begin to increase your influence and expand yourleadership pool.A guy once told me at a book signing he didn’t agree with one of my 21 Rules of Leadership. My reply - Ididn’t write the book to make you happy, I wrote the book to help you. I’m a leader, not a clown.Add value to people every day, subtract your leadership landmines, and multiply your strengths bydeveloping them, divide your weaknesses by delegating them.You’ve got something within you that’s a strength the person beside you doesn’t have.You’ve got to find your strength. That is where you will find your influence.Look at the things you don’t do well and stop doing them.Pass your weaknesses off to others. The quarterback isn’t the highest paid player because he’s good atrunning the ball. He hands it to someone who’s good at running the ball.Your people know your weaknesses. They’re at the water cooler talking about them.
  2. 2. Are we facing a leadership crisis in our world? The answer is an obvious yes.Our problem is trying to find the leader to solve our problems. The answer is be the leader that solvesthe problems.Coach KAs a leader, you can’t hold back. If you’ve got something to say, then say it.You can get sidetracked, but you have to complete your mission.Follow your courage.In order to learn, you have to get out of your comfort zone.To me, a leader is someone who puts his people in a position to be successful all of the time. They createan environment that’s conducive to success. You create a culture of success. It’s not just a matter ofsaying, “This is our mission.” It’s about execution and setting people up to succeed.We never use the word delegate, we always say, “Empower.”The most important things about leadership is communication. For me, we set a rule/standard thatwhen we talk to each other, we look in each other’s eyes.When you talk to somebody, you shouldn’t just respectfully talk, but actually listening. If you do thatwith your team, everything gets better.The second element is always to tell the truth.Trust is the most important element in any team. If you trust, two is better than one, because twodoesn’t as one. If you don’t trust, two is worse than one.When we started our journey on the Men’s Olympic Basketball team, I said our team is not going tohave any rules.Rules don’t lead, and sometime rules are not owned by the people being ruled. But, standards is howyou do things all of the time. And you OWN it.If you’re a really good leader, sometimes you have to have moments of truth.If you’re not sure of the people on your team, and you step forward, you start looking over yourshoulder. But, if you have a team that has each other’s back, you step forward with confidence.You have to teach resiliency today more than ever.In the first practice of the US Olympic Basketball team, Kobe never took a shot to set a standard.No excuses was our top standard on the team.
  3. 3. If you can communicate, you can develop trust. And if you can develop standards on your team, you’vegot a chance to complete the mission.Rules are externally applied, but standards are internally owned.Jack Welch@jack_welchGet a focus and go after it with everything you got.Ask yourself, “If you weren’t already in this business, would you enter it today?”When you choose to sell a business, you’re doing people a favor to get them in their area of destiny.You have no right to be called a manager if your employees don’t know where they stand.If you don’t like people, being a leader is a bad job.In every good leader, you find a generosity gene. They’re interested in you. They want to grow you.Self-confidence, simplicity and speed. Your job as a leader is to get self-confidence in their blood. Afterthey have self-confidence, they can be simple. If you get simplicity, you’ve got speed. And then you canwin.Look for teaching moments to get everyone in your organization to get the vision.The vision or the mission is the why, the how are the behaviors. The behaviors are what you wantpeople to do.Hate bureaucracy and the bureaucrats that practice it.Top value at GE. They had it printed onbusiness cards.Get in the skin of everyone. Get the vision of where and why in your whole team. Then, you can get tothe how.When you start talking to your team about change, don’t forget the most important thing about change– what’s in it for them?Make sure your team understands what change is going to mean to them.You know what you’re really having when you have a budget review? A personnel review with numbers.If you’ve got people on the team that buy into the behaviors you want, you want them on your team.But you don’t want people with high performance and bad behaviors. That person destroys the cultureof a company. But, that person is the one that is kept in companies.
  4. 4. You can give 1,000 speeches, but every personnel move you make 1-by-1 will determine how successfulyou are.When you say something’s important, you back it up with a personnel move. A personnel move is gold,it’s worth 1,000 people.You’ve got to have healthy skepticism when you’re making big moves. If you don’t, you’ve got no blood.Have a healthy skepticism, some fear and GO for it!The last thing you want is a bunch of people who are scared to leave. That puts no pressure on themanager.Overdeliver is the bottom line. When your boss asks you to do something, your boss already hassomething in their mind of what they want done. You’ve got to take an assignment and create a wholenew education for the boss. Broaden the horizon, show them opportunities. Make your boss smarterthan he was before he met you. Work all the time to bring new insights to the job, bring new insights tothe place. Then you become indispensable.@RorkeDenverAs leaders, people at a minimum are going to mimic your behavior.Calm is contagious. Panic is contagious. Stupid is 100% contagious.“A nation that draws too broad a difference between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinkingdone by cowards, and it’s fighting done by fool.” Thucydides