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These are the slides that are shown in the background of the Refresh Teesside events. They give a little info on the background of Refresh Teesside and provide some links and further information about the events.

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  • Thanks for coming.There will not be a main speaker but future events may feature a main speaker.Thank Capaldi’s for their support.If you have business cards or leaflets/brouchour then put on table.Sharpe Recruitment have very kindly donated a bottle of champion. For your chance to win it all you have to do is pop your business card in the bucket!
  • I have been for meetings with Stockton Council but nothing has come of those meetingsI have read and heard things in the press about how Teesside is a digital hub. I have tried to contact the gazette about todays event but nobody is interested.Digital City setup Boho to be the centre of the hub however I understand 80% of the building is taken up by one company.Digitial City first wednesdays is attened by a closed group of people. Teesside University have spent a long time talking about how they are at the centre of this digital hub. People who have come out of Teesside University are not employable in my industry – I have tried to contact them to offer my time for FREE!
  • Refresh Teesside background slides

    1. 1. REFRESH TEESSIDE Second Wednesday of every month. Registration will be between 6 and 6.30pm.At 6.30pm there will be an introduction to the event with any announcements. After this, it’s up to you to get out of the event what you want.
    2. 2. WHAT IS REFRESHRefresh is a community of designers and developers working torefresh the creative, technical and professional culture of New Media endeavours in their areas. We aim to promote design, technology, usability and standards. The Refresh Manifesto Gather Great Minds, Share All Of Our Knowledge, All Grow And Learn,Be More Than We Think We Can Be, Promote Local Talent, Make Our Cities Better Find out more at
    3. 3. REFRESH TEESSIDE Refresh Teesside follows the manifesto of other Refreshing Cities around the world. However, we have decided to open the events up to more than just designers and developers. We welcome allthose who work in the creative industry including: photographers, marketing, printers, designers, developers etc. We made this decision in recognition of the importance ofdigital communities working closely together and increasing their understanding of other’s work, thus reaping the mutual benefits of collaboration.
    4. 4. REFRESH TEESSIDEIn Teesside there are hundreds of creative businesses who can benefit from knowing each other. Many of thebusinesses are relatively small in size, focusing on a specific skill or service.Everyone can benefit from knowing other professionals intheir own trades and networking with other professionalswho offer skills and services they may require in the future.
    5. 5. WHY TEESSIDE Newcastle is a digital hub! They have support, networking events, meet ups and places to collaborate.Teesside talks about being a digital hub, but are we? We have the people, the knowledge and the skills but no method of meeting up and collaborating. Refresh Teesside is an idea by a web developer living and working in Teesside... It’s a platform to make Teesside a digital hub... It’s now up to you to help make it happen!
    6. 6. THANK YOU CAPALDI’SA huge thank you to Capaldi’s for sponsoring this event allowing us to their function room and putting on FREE food for us all. Don’t forget to check the back of your name badge for 10% off a meal
    7. 7. CHECK IN & TWEET! Please help spread the word! Capaldi’s have an account on foursquare and Facebook so please checkin!Tweet as much as you can about the event #RFTees
    8. 8. CONNECTRefresh Teesside has accounts on loads of social media... COME JOIN US! Google Group: LinkedIn: Facebook: Flickr: