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Waterloo road script
Waterloo road script
Waterloo road script
Waterloo road script
Waterloo road script
Waterloo road script
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Waterloo road script


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Waterloo road SCRIPT AND STORYBOARD<br />
  • 2. Waterloo road - This is a bomb – 15th April 2010<br />Two teachers sat at the desk, one throws a ball forwards, camera angle changes onto a boy sat on a chair who catches it.<br />Teacher 1: This is a bomb MS<br />Boy looks confused MCU REVERSE ANGLE EDIT<br />Boy1: Are you alright?<br />Teacher 1 throws ball to girl, girl catches it MS<br />Teacher 1: This is a bomb CU<br />Girl 1: Its a ball (looking confused) MCU REVERSE ANGLE EDIT<br />Teacher1 throws ball and girl2 does not react, it hits her, teacher 2 looks concerned, teacher 1 gets up to go get the ball MS REVERSE ANGLE EDIT<br />CU on teacher 2’s face and then cuts to teacher 1’s face showing concern, cuts to MS when teacher 1 stands up<br />Teacher 1: Ill get it<br />Teacher 1 throws ball to girl 3, enthusiastically catches it, teacher1 goes to repeat this is a bomb, girl3 cuts him off MS<br />Girl 3: yeah I know, this is a bomb, and if it was a bomb I&apos;d throw it out the window which is apparently how someone passed his oxford interview MS REVERSE ANGLE EDIT<br />Teacher 1 throws ball to girl 4 who catches and sighs MCU<br />Teacher 1: This is a bomb MCU REVERSE ANGLE EDIT<br />Girl 4: *screams and throws ball away from her, teachers laugh and teacher 1 jumps up to catch it and shakes his head then returns to his seat. MCU, TRACKS teacher catching ball<br />Teacher 2: Where do you see yourself in 10 years Phil? MS<br />Boy 1 folds arms and sighs<br />Boy 1: With a beard (feels fake beard) MS REVERSE ANGLE EDIT<br />Teachers Laugh<br />Teacher 1: Thank you<br />Girl 1: (pondering) erm, in a job I suppose, god ill be 27! (shocked) MCU<br />Teachers look at each other disturbed MS REVERSE ANGLE EDIT<br />Teacher 1: Thank you<br />Girl 3: In a French speaking north African country, working in human rights (looking pleased with her answer MCU<br />Teacher 1: (smiling) Brilliant, thanks Ross (teacher 2 looks towards teacher 1 then back to girl 3)<br />Teacher 2: Thank you Ross (gently smiling) MS<br />Girl 4: I... I don&apos;t know (shaking head) MCU<br />Teacher 2: Well.. What would you like to be doing (softly) MS<br />Girl 4: (Long pause) I know what I don&apos;t want to be doing (looks sad) MCU REVERSE ANGLE EDIT<br />Teacher 2: And what&apos;s that (Gently encouraging) MS<br />Teacher 1 hand on face waiting for answer<br />Girl 4: (Sadly) Raising three kids... In a one bed roomed flat...with no bloke, no job MS<br />Teacher 2: (shrugs) So what would you like MCU<br />Girl 4: (Pauses to think) Well I suppose I&apos;m, I&apos;m good at telling people what to do, I know (stutters) its usually just for a laugh but...I could make a good boss couldn’t I <br />Teachers are intrigued MCU SLOW ZOOM TO MS<br />Girl 4:... Yeah, I&apos;d like to have my own business (nodding) MS STILL SLOWLY ZOOMING<br />Teachers look at each other, subtly surprised and impressed<br />Teacher 2: Thank you Michaela (smiles and nods, Teachers write down notes) MS<br />Girl 4 smiles in satisfaction MCU<br />
  • 3. Props, Lighting and time of day<br />Props:<br /><ul><li>Ball
  • 4. 3 Chairs
  • 5. 1 desk
  • 6. Classroom
  • 7. Papers and pens</li></ul>Natural lighting through classroom windows around mid-day<br />Possible locations are any large classrooms around the college, would have to move the desks to gain a better positioning. <br />Costumes: <br />Although waterloo road is set in a school, I will set the scene in a college therefore clothes appropriate for a college day should be worn.<br />
  • 8.
  • 9. Two person MS. “This is a bomb” <br />Two person MS. “This is a bomb” <br />MCU Reverse angle. “Are you alright?”<br />Two person MS. “This is...” <br />MS Reverse angle. “Yeah I know, this is a bomb” enthusiastically<br />MS Reverse angle. “It’s a ball?” looking confused<br />Two person MS. “This is a bomb” <br />MCU Reverse angle. Girl catches and screams<br />MS Reverse angle. “With a beard” <br />
  • 10. Two shot LS. Teachers laugh at response<br />MCU reverse angle. “God I&apos;ll be 27!” shocked<br />MCU reverse angle. Looks disturbed <br />MS reverse angle. “In a French speaking north African country” looking pleased<br />MCU. Smiling “Brilliant, thanks Ross” <br />MCU. Looking sad. “Raising three kids... In a one bed roomed flat...with no bloke, no job”<br />