New research shows that an apple a day could keep cancer away


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Bursting with nutrients like vitamin C, potassium, pectin and fiber, mothers have been telling their children for generations that an apple a day can keep the doctor away.

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New research shows that an apple a day could keep cancer away

  1. 1. New Research shows that an Apple a Day Could Keep CancerAway!Bursting with nutrients like vitamin C,potassium, pectin and fiber, mothers havebeen telling their children for generationsthat an apple a day can keep the doctoraway. Now, research has uncovered yetanother reason that apples are one ofnature’s most potent medicines – and mayeven act as a natural cancer cure.Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States,and incredibly, new studies have recently discovered an inverserelationship between the consumption of apples and the risk ofcancer. In other words, the more apples a person eats, the lowertheir risk is for several types of cancer. The most recent researchfound that a compound in apples could actually behave as a naturalcancer cure, killing colon cancer cells more efficiently than evenchemotherapy drugs.Could Apples Be the Key to Curing Colon Cancer?In the course of this study, the researchers isolated a natural sugarfound naturally in apples, called oligosaccharides. Oligosaccharidesare a type of carbohydrate that contains between 3 to 6 units ofsimple sugar in their structure. In order to isolate theoligosaccharides from the rest of the apple, the researchersdisposed of the skins, pulps, seeds and stems, and treated the juiceof the apples with natural enzymes in order to break down theleftover apple compounds into pure oligosaccharides.Once isolated, the oligosaccharides were added at variousconcentrations to human colon cancer cells, called HT29. At lowerconcentrations (about 0.9 parts per million or PPM), theoligosaccharides killed 17.6 percent of the colon cancer cells withinjust 36 hours. On the other hand, the chemo drug, which wasadministered at an even higher concentration, killed only 10.9
  2. 2. percent of the colon cancer cells. Although these results wereimpressive, the truly amazing results occurred when higherconcentrations of oligosaccharides were used – at 9.0 PPM, theoligosaccharides killed a whopping 46% of the human colon cancercells.Apples – A Superior Natural Cancer CureThis breakthrough research showed that the oligosaccharides inapples can not only out-perform common cancer drugs when itcomes to treating colon cancer, but that they are also a non-toxicalternative, without all of the health risks and severe discomfortcaused by traditional cancer therapies. Unlike chemotherapy drugs,oligosaccharides attack only the cancer cells, and do not cause harmto the patient’s healthy cells. As such, treating colon cancer witholigosaccharides could mean avoiding the troublesome side-effectsassociated with cancer drugs such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue andhairlossBefore you go throwing out the apple peels and consuming onlythe juice however, consider the results of a study published in theNutrition and Cancer journal in 2010, which found that apple peelsare also effective as natural cancer cures. The researchers foundthat apple peel extracts reduce the ability of several differentvarieties of cancer cells to survive. According to the study, theapple peel extract decreases the level of a certain antigen found incancer cells, and the reduction of that antigen results in a decreasedability for the cancer cells to grow and multiply. The researchersalso found that apple peel extracts increase levels of a protein calledmaspin, which helps to prevent tumors from growing andspreading.To maximize their cancer fighting properties, eat two apples a dayand don’t discard the skin. Be sure to choose organic apples,because conventionally grown apples are contaminated with toxicpesticides and herbicides which may actually increase your risk forcancer. Also, choose locally grown apples when possible, because
  3. 3. apples that are shipped from far away are picked before they arefully ripe and do not contain as many nutrients.