What the fck is Pinterest


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Thoughts on Pinterest, the webs new social media darling and the brands that are using it.

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What the fck is Pinterest

  1. WHAT THEFCKIS PINTEREST2012 James Collier www.adzag.co @James_Collier
  2. What the fck is Pinterest? Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. The Pinterest Mission  Our goal is to connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting. We think that a favorite book, toy, or recipe can reveal a common link between two people. With millions of new pins added every week, Pinterest is connecting people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests.source: www.pinterest.com
  3. The anatomy of PinterestBrand/User Profile anatomyConnectionsProfile Image BoardFollow allDescriptionBrand assets PinActivityStream Follow Board
  4. Pinterest by the numbers Pinterest has experienced ridiculous growth over the last 10 months reportedly reaching 12 million users while still operating as invite only.source: www.compete.com
  5. Pinterest by the numbers Key demographic usage varies by countrysource: www.visu.ly
  6. Pinterest by the numbers Household income of users is far higher in the UK than the USsource: www.visu.ly
  7. Pinterest by the numbers Art, fashion and crafts are major drivers of participation in the US where as the UK sees a much larger business (specifically communication) layer. UK ad agency folk are probably getting asked the same question we are hence the activity!source: www.visu.ly
  8. Pinterest by the numbers The US has a far more female user base potentially driven by the art, fashion and craft industry which are heavily present on Pinterestsource: www.visu.ly
  9. Fashion Retailer : Gap Gap Content: Look books, trends, style and gift guides, Gap is curating a space that provides fashion inspiration beyond its own retail empire.
  10. Home Improvement : Lowe’s Lowe’s Content: In the same vain as any interior design or home magazine the Lowes profile covers room inspiration, craft, family projects, gifts and holidays. The breadth of boards does a great job of widening peoples perspective on what Lowes can offer every DIY’er.
  11. Fashion Retailer : Nordstrom Nordstrom Content: Nordstrom focused their attention on key fashion lines/trends such as coats, shoes and 70’s while also collating collateral and content around their communication properties such as NY Fashion Week.
  12. Travel : See Australia See Australia Content: The best sights that Australia has to offer shared by state, city and attraction.
  13. Travel : Travel Channel Travel Channel Content: A diverse presence that pulls in inspiration from all facets of travel from destinations, trip ideas, food, culture, fun and even the often debated travel bucket list.
  14. FMCG : Chobani Yogurt Chobani Yogurt Content: Aligned with Chobani’s proposition of ‘Nothing but good’ their Pinterest collates only the very best and most positive lifestyle content supporting their brand and image.
  15. Telecoms : Telstra Telstra Content: Positioned as a test in the description Telstra are yet to find a role for Pinterest with little to no pins and only 4 boards. An opportunity for Telstra could be to talk about how consumers can maximise their mobile experience through apps, accessories and new technology.
  16. Education : UCLA UCLA Content: UCLA are using Pinterest to share the story behind the university and what life is like on campus. Covering traditions, history, alumni and sports the content captures the exciting life a prospective student could have at UCLA.
  17. Media : Time Magazine Time Magazine Content: Focused almost exclusively on Time Magazine content Pinterest is being used to drive traffic and exposure across the publications verticals as well and aggregating historic moments and events.
  18. Armed Forces: US Army US Army Content: All facets of the US Army from Army chow and uniforms to the heartwarming moments when troops arrive home to loved ones. The content being curated goes a long way toward humanising the American armed forces.
  19. Pinterest is mobile toiPhone only at present with an Android app planned. Apps corefeature set is built around browsing, liking and repining content
  20. James Collierblogs @ www.adzag.cotweets @ James_Collieris now pinning @ JamezCollier