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Martin parr presentation

  1. 1. James Cable Daisy Marshall Jimmy Chan
  2. 2. Bio   Born in Epson, Surrey 23rd May 1952  Started as a documentary photographer at 14  Influenced by his grandfather who was an amateur photographer  Studied Photography at Manchester Polytechnic between 1970-1973 (aged 18-21)  Got married in 1980 and has one child  Martin Parr was appointed Professor of Photography in 2004 at The University of Wales Newport campus.
  3. 3. Early Work   Bad Weather Photography:  - This is exemplary of his early work, that of which he gained recognition for.  - Use of black and white  -He has developed an international reputation for his innovative imagery, his unique approach to social documentary, and his input to photographic culture within the UK and abroad.
  4. 4. Examples 
  5. 5. Thoughts on the Thatcher era   Parr didn't like Margaret Thatcher and her ideologies  Parr regrettably never photographed Thatcher or the miners strike (which he supported)  Parr considers himself a liberal, but in recent time has been quoted as saying in an article for the guardian that," some of her politics helped modernize Britain", despite being angry at her during the 80's  his work aimed to mirror the lifestyle of ordinary British people, reflecting the social decline and distress of the working class during the era of Margaret Thatcher
  6. 6. More recent work   - Parr has developed an interest in film-making, and has started to use his photography within different conventions, such as fashion and advertising.  - In 2008 Martin Parr was guest curator at New York Photo Festival, curating the New Typologies exhibition.  - Parr has been working on a 4-year project documenting the Black Country (West Midlands)
  7. 7. Work outside the UK   Parr has done some work in Mexico where he was struck by the clear impact of America's pop culture on Mexican life  thematic aspects of his work in Mexico include: colourful and mocking close-ups of food, hats, signs, and souvenirs etc.  His work demonstrated the corruption of authentic cultural forms by global consumer culture.  his work both critiques and celebrates this corruption
  8. 8. Magnum Photos   In 14, Parr Became a member of Magnum Photos  There was a great deal of controversy around him joining Magnum due to his provocative photographic style  Parr- “I was one of the first to break that humanist tradition that was so strong in the previous generation. They thought I was exploitative, cynical, even fascist. All kinds of words were used. But you should ask them.”
  9. 9. Influences   Bill Brandt - at the age of 15, Parr went to one of his exhibitions and thought "This is fantastic! This is what I want to do."
  10. 10. …Influences   Henri Cartier-Bresson - "You're on another planet!". Parr replied, our styles may be different but "don't shoot the messenger." His black and white style is similar to Parr’s, but he's movement towards a postcard style couldn't be more different.
  11. 11. …Influences   Supposedly the most significant of his influences was Tony Ray-Jones who similarly, 'teased' the English culture, like Parr. Jones was also British and only around ten years older than Parr.
  12. 12. Documentaries   Worked in Radio and various TV shows, including the being one of the 12 film makers who contributed to the survey of the funeral of Princess Diana. It's Nice Up North, Think of England, Vivians Hotel
  13. 13. Think of England   Parr asked members of the public what it took to be English. 
  14. 14. Books   First book / Black and White Photography  - Bad Weather (1982) and 'A Fair Day' (1984)
  15. 15. The switch to colour photography   Then switch to colour photography  few years later  - 'The Last Resort' (1986)  start his photographs with  colourful images  pioneer : John Bulmer  chResult&STID=2S5RYD122MMI
  16. 16. Other examples of his work           - Postcard collectors key influence with the help of John Hinde collaboration with Gerry Badger - Documentary filmmaker Nick Barker 'Signs of the Times' 1992 'It's Nice Up North' 2006 - Big Awards and Honors Centenary Medal of The Royal Photographic Society/ (HonFRPS)