James Burke Racing Partnership


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James Burke Racing Marketing Partnership Opportunity,

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James Burke Racing Partnership

  1. 1. MotorSport Marketing Opportunities
  2. 2. Why become a sponsor? Motorsport has always been associated with glamour, leading-edge technology, and engineering excellence. This is an ideal image to represent the quality of your products and services. Sponsoring a racing car is a serious investment and I want to help make it a worthwhile, one for your company. I am just as serious about promoting your company as I am about my racing. But at the same time I do not forget the main reason why we are attracted to motor racing - the excitement of a grid full of horse power and the legendary words “Gentlemen Start Your Engines!!”
  3. 3. Racing cars and drivers are "crowd pullers”. Clients will see your logo on the car and driver overalls.* Unique client race day involvement, professionally delivered. The very best hospitality and all-day entertainment provided for your guests. Paddock & team walk about.* Enjoyment of being involved with a successful team. Motivation and common interest for employees. Targeted Advertising. Promotional handouts and demo's at race circuits. Advertising at race circuits and race programs. Team could be linked with an advertising campaign.* Exposure at exhibitions, openings and promotions. And get James Burke Racing involved in your company events.* National and local press coverage Tax deductible. Just a few benefits for being a sponsor
  4. 4. Why motorsport marketing makes good business sense Motorsport marketing is an imaginative way of reinforcing your company's image and message to a targeted audience, generating good will, and of building good relationships. It not only gives you a chance to promote your company’s Name, Logo, Products and Services, but provides valuable opportunities for corporate entertainment and networking - the life blood of modern business. Your Company Logos Your Company Logos
  5. 5. Does motor racing influence consumers? You bet it does! These fans are loyal, in fact three out of four fans say they consciously purchase products involved with racing. Market research backs this up, showing that sponsored products consistently receive higher usage. With a growing market in which to advertise, the already committed fan base that awaits you just keeps getting bigger and better. When you sponsor James Burke , fans will remember the names that made their favorite sport possible. They will support your product because you support racing.
  6. 6. Your Company Logos
  7. 7. Driver James Burke Your Company Logos Your Company Logos
  8. 8. Does motor racing influence consumers? What does the average Motorsports fan say about sponsorship? Does sponsorship influence you ? “ Yes, I certainly use their products and go the extra mile to get them because without those sponsors, there wouldn’t be any races to go see!” A fan outside Daytona Speedway Marketing data taken from : IEG Sponsorship Report, Vol. 20, No. 18 CART Marketing, 2001
  9. 9. Motor racing spectator demographics MOTORSPORTS FACTS Race Fan Demographics 66% male, 34% female 67% college educated 59% 18-44 years of age $61,400 average household income
  10. 10. Motor racing spectator demographics
  11. 11. Motor racing spectator demographics MOTORSPORTS FACTS Over 12.4 million spectators attend motorsport events each year! Over 3.5 million spectators attend IRL or Champ car events in the US alone! Over 200 million television households in the US watch motorsports events each year! Attendance of motorsports events has grown over 30% from 1992 to present! $9.5 billion was spent on sponsorships in North America in 2001
  12. 12. The Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Entry Level Motorsport Possible starting point : Entry level , Leading to Grand Am GT , Sports Car Racing. Platform: Local , National , TV on Speed , Newspaper , Motorsport Media etc. Gentlemen racers & Professionals Costs : Low in relative terms. 2 car Team , local Support , local PR , etc. Cost to be agreed ( affordable Budget ) YOUR Team
  13. 13. Grand Am Sports Car Racing Prototype GT Pro Level MotorSport Possible starting point : Pro Level Platform: Local , National , possible TV , Newspaper , Motorsport Media etc Gentlemen racers & professionals Cost effective due to long track time , very cost effective. 1 car Team shared drive , Local Support , Local PR , etc. Cost to be agreed ( affordable Budget )
  14. 14. Indy Lights Series Professional Level Motorsport Possible starting point : Pro Level , Full time professional feeder races. Platform : Local , National / International , TV , Newspaper , Motorsport Media, high profile . etc Gentlemen Racers & Professionals Cost , High Profile Arena , High Quality delivery of service, Prestigious . 2 car Team , National / International Support , Local PR , etc. Costs : Relative to the exposure of Indy Car environment and world wide Brand.