Is Your Toddler Ready For Studio Photos?


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Studio One to One's Arlington toddler photographers. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with young children effectively. It's a big reason our Arlington toddler photography studio is well-known among young families across Texas.

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Is Your Toddler Ready For Studio Photos?

  1. 1. Is Your Toddler Ready ForStudio Photos?
  2. 2. Is Your Toddler Ready For Studio Photos? Your little one is growing so fast and is now an adorable toddler running around and exploring new things. The toddler stage is a special time for parents and baby. Toddlers are now in a hyperactive period of discovering how to interact with their world. Sometimes they are amusing and other times they are downright stubborn. This is the perfect time to consider having professional photos taken of your child. The toddler stage goes by so quickly that parents are often left wistfully wondering where the time goes. In the blink of an eye, your child will be ready for their first day of school. Right now is a good time to capture your child in all their quirky, busybody glory. Studio One to One specializes in Arlington Toddler Photography. The photos we take are very professional and always catch those adorable moments that just beg for a great photo.
  3. 3. Does My Child Have to Sit Still for a PhotoSession?A common question that parents want to know is if their child has to sitand be perfectly still while our photographer snaps away. Absolutely not!We are quite aware that toddlers like to move around, especially whenyoure trying to take their picture.Our philosophy is to go with the flow and allow children to be their naturalselves. Some toddlers do like to sit there and beam a charming smile.Others, however, may choose to get up and roam around the studio. Ourjob is to keep up with them and get their attention long enough to createmany wonderful shots.
  4. 4. What If My Child is Fussy?Toddlers wouldnt have the reputation they do if they didnt get a littlefussy every once in a while. Here at Studio One to One weve seeneverything from crying to full on tantrums. These types of scenes are anormal part of photographing children.We have toys here that we can give them to warm them up to enjoying theexperience. We recommend that parents also bring along a favorite toy tomake the child more comfortable. Oh, and a snack treat or two also helps.Weve seen plenty of fussy children turn into happy, smiling photosubjects.
  5. 5. Toddlers Photo SessionGetting the Most out of Your Toddlers Photo Session at a ProfessionalPhotography Studio, is going to be a new environment for your child.Our aim is to make sure that both you and your toddler are completelycomfortable throughout the photo session. There are some things you cando to help make things go as smoothly as possible. Be sure your child isfully rested before their photo session. We have observed that if a child istired, they tend to be more cranky and uncooperative with wanting tosmile for the camera. Feed your child before the session. Hungry childrenare more likely to be distracted by a rumbling belly. You may want to bringalong snacks to keep them satisfied. Bring two or three additional outfits.We can photograph your child in different outfits.