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Places of Worship by James Tseng
Places of Worship by James Tseng
Places of Worship by James Tseng
Places of Worship by James Tseng
Places of Worship by James Tseng
Places of Worship by James Tseng
Places of Worship by James Tseng
Places of Worship by James Tseng
Places of Worship by James Tseng
Places of Worship by James Tseng
Places of Worship by James Tseng
Places of Worship by James Tseng
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Places of Worship by James Tseng


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Published in: Spiritual
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  • 1. Places of Worship By James Tseng
  • 2. Religions
    • Christian
    • Judaism
    • Buddhism
  • 3. Cathedrals A cathedral is a Christian church with that contains the seat of a bishop. It is a religious building of worship. The word Cathedral comes from ‘cathedra’ which means chair or seat in Latin. In the ancient world the chair or seat was the symbol of a teacher thus the bishop was the teacher Back to Religions Cathedral of Sao Paulo
  • 4. Synagogue
    • Synagogue is a Jewish house of prayer.
    • It usually has a large hall for prayer and separate rooms for
    • studies.
    • Some synagogues have separate rooms for Torah studies, they
    • are called Beit midrash (house of study).
    • Spanish and Portuguese Jews call synagogues an esnoga .
    • Back to religions
    • Dura-Europos synagogue
  • 5. Temples
    • Temple is from the Latin word Templum.
    • It is a structure for religious and spiritual activities.
    • The Buddhism temples are mostly in Asia
    • There are many temples from all over the world for each religion.
    • Temples stores sacred objects of the Buddha.
    • Back to religions
    • To the Temple of Heaven
  • 6. Cathedral of Sao Paulo
    • In 1589 when it decided to build a main church (the Matriz) in a small town Sao Paulo finished in 1616.
    • In 1745 the old church was destroyed and another one was built in the baroque style finished around 1764, it was demolished again in 1911 where a cathedral was built under Duarte Leopoldo e Silva , the first archbishop of Sao Paulo.
    • It was completed around 2001, the original plans from 1912 is still inside the cathedral, allowing for a faithful restoration.
    • There are 2 towers that are 92 meters in height for the new cathedral.
    • More than 800 TONS of rare marbles are used in that cathedral.
    • Back to religions
    • What they worship for
  • 7. Dura-Europos synagogue
    • It is considered the world most old preserved synagogue.
    • It was discovered in 1932 and it was built around 240 B.C.
    • This synagogue was first mistaken as a Greek temple.
    • It contains a drawing on the wall of people and animals.
    • The painted scenes of stories include Moses receiving the Law and leading the Hebrews
    • out of Egypt.
    • Back to religions
    • What they worship for
  • 8. The Temple of Heaven
    • is in Beijing, the southern part of China and one of the most complex ancient building.
    • It was built in 1420 for the emperors.
    • It was for the Ming and Ching dynasty
    • The northern part of the outer surrounding wall is semi-circular in shape while the southern
    • part square , it is a symbol to represent Heaven and Earth
    • The Earth is the square while the Heaven is
    • circle.
    • Back to religions
    • What they worship for
  • 9. What Christians worship for
    • Christians worship shows gratitude to God.
    • They worship by singing songs (hymns) to god because music and the lyrics
    • Makes them feel closer to god.
    • To Christians, worshiping is the central act of being a Christian.
    • Christians worship god because they think it is at the very core of what it means
    • to be a human.
    • They also worship for daily life and to be a better person.
    • In some churches the priest breaks a small piece of bread
    • for the Christians, it tells them to share there meal.
    • Back to religions
    • The end
  • 10. What Jews worship for
    • Jews worship in the synagogues and the Rabbi is the teacher at the synagogue.
    • Jews have to recite three prayers daily.
    • Jews only worship one god in the synagogues.
    • When Jews worship, male and female are separated.
    • Jews also use songs to worship there god
    • Back to religions
    • The end
  • 11. What Buddhists worship for
    • When Buddhists worship alone the usually meditate, read from the Buddhist holy
    • books and chants to the Buddha statue.
    • They worship for better harvest for there crops.
    • Many Buddhist worship in temples at special occasions.
    • Those who goes to the temple listens to the monk chanting from the religious text.
    • Back to religions
    • The end
  • 12. Thank you for watching!