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Presnetation given by Jane Finnis, Chief Executive, Culture 24, at the Crossovers confernce at the Economic Development Resource Centre, University of Greenwich, 19th Septemer 2012

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  • M@N national festival late night opening takes place over one weekend in May. Culture24 coordinate & lead campaign. Look at how the project is working to develop new audiences. How it crosses over the boundaries between culture and tourism, between arts, museums, heritage. How it forges new partnerships and suggests new ways of working.
  • M@N’s USP is ‘ Do something different’ Very simple. Open late at night over one weekend Attract different people
  • Modern Moss cartoon in guardian, encapsulates for me the essence of the campaign. Unexpected, funny and appealing.
  • Over last few year there is a growing trend of local partnerships that are very interesting. We call clusters. 12 areas accounted for approx 40% of total events. This is local delivery of a National Campaign. Focus here is local tourism - local / regional audiences. Drill into few examples
  • Aim was to bring in people from outside town, boost night time economy - which they did. Change to night-time economy Town centre feels more family friendly People come and go Discover new places Stay longer and spend more    
  • City wide initiative Joint branded with M@N Really is whole town – even the football club - focus different areas each night Well coordinated joint marketing People wear the glow sticks around their necks which provide a very identifiable talking point (NEXT SLIDE)
  • Old Fishing village. Key local individual. On the ground, from scratch Four weeks, brought together three venues never worked together Theme day – pirate. Cross generational audience Used theme move people between venues on a journey form afternoon, to evening
  • Built on success of 2011. Grew the cluster out to include a series of costal towns. HLF funding through Culture24 for event costs Small amount of matched local money Local project manager brought it all together Diversity of venues
  • Diversity of events Wide appeal
  • Joint marketing Social media, blogs etc 60% first time visitors 50 local but 20% came between 60/200 miles £65k visitor spend Worked with annual crab and lobster festival happening at same time on cross promotion.
  • People liked it 85% rated experience as more 8 or more out of ten. Word cloud from visit feedback
  • Key to clusters is local champions, lots of redundancies. Some clusters have found it hard to sustain activity. Tensions in trying to cross promote. Are you the competition? Norfolk the crab festival saw say M@N as positive link up but now always the case. Attention share is hard. Online and offline. Some you may know of Culture24’s lets get real research about lack of profile cultural sector has online compared to other stuff. Culture is always in competition with other leisure activities but can we find ways to make real links that are win-win? Also the fact that being a cross sector festival makes a better product. But for Culture24 difficult to fundraise as it is cross departmental.
  • So – other key factors that help: Culture24 are the catalyst for collaboration. Provide a focal point for external partnerships in and outside sector. Partners bring in activities, content, resources and sometimes money Crucially it is free to participate in BUT allow for flexible interpretation You can do whatever suits you and your town and your audience best. Make your own flexible price point if you want to Also date change (Sunday night not working as well) consultation – Thursday more opportunities for partnerships and collaboration. See how it goes.
  • We are able to exploiting existing digital infrastructure for collection and aggregating cultural listings and information. Publishing platforms (our website) Data sharing – BBC things to do
  • So next year – could you form a cluster? Who would you work with? How could you Do something different?
  • Mueums at Night - Jane Finnis

    1. 1. “Do something different”
    2. 2. Growth in venues and events (4 years)
    3. 3. Growth in media coverage (4 years)
    4. 4. Growth in visits (4 years)
    5. 5. This May there were:537 events at 416 venues121,000 visits£3.4m AVE12 clusters (& growing)
    6. 6. Dorchester:2 x Local Authority museums4 x commercial attractionsRoman Town HouseLocal restaurantsFamily ticket (with discount)
    7. 7. Newcastle:Joint branding ‘Late Shows’Over 50 eventsEveryone! (even the football club)
    8. 8. Sheringham 2011:Local champion (only 4 weeks)Library, theatre and museumTheme and a journey
    9. 9. North Norfolk 2012:•Sheringham Preservation Society•North Norfolk Railway•Sheringham Little Theatre•Cromer Preservation Society•Cromer Museum•Wells Maltings•RNLI Henry Blogg Museum•The Mo: Sheringham Museum•Norfolk Libraries & Information Service
    10. 10. 12 events – 3 nights•Magic lantern show•Victorian photographic portraits•Guided tours•Early films hand turned on 1912 projector•20,000 Leagues Under The Sea•Victorian circus and fashion show•Reconstruction of 1897 lifeboat rescue•Exhibition of seashell art•Steam train rides with entertainment & singing
    11. 11. 3,252 visitors60% first timers50% local20% travelled 60+ miles£65,000 visitor spend
    12. 12. Peopleliked it!
    13. 13. Not all easy:•Cuts in jobs•Marketing tensions•Attention share
    14. 14. What helps:•Light touch coordination•Flexible interpretation•Cross-sector participation•Existing digital infrastructure
    15. 15. Data sharing (activities)
    16. 16. New Clusters ??? May 16th to 18th