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  • Facebook was founded in 2004 with a mission to give its people the power to share and make the world more connected and open. Millions of people use facebook everyday and its thousands of people still joining every day. About 70% of facebook users are outside the United States.
  • People use facebook to keep up with friends by their status, pictures and other post, it’s very interactive.  As of march 2012 facebook had 901 million active users. Social networking sites make it easy for people to create a profile about themselves and use it to form a virtual network combining their off line friends and new online friends.
  • Faceboook is for anybody but more than 50% of its users are between 18-34 I’m pretty sure it’s the teenagers using facebook to its full  ability using the different task available like the chat option sharing links etc. It’s not targeted for a particular group its open to everyone. People vary by networks such as your workplace, school, and the city you live in.
  • Many businesses actually have facebook pages with us for our users to keep up to date with their products and it keeps our name out there. Sharing links and liking our page from sites isn’t hard to keep the buzz with our site out there. Every site you come across I’m pretty sure you can see a facebook link somewhere on the site. It helps get their brand out there and our name.
  • It is important to make sure the mobile content loads quickly, many sites still don’ t have a mobile friendly architecture so they miss out on opportunites to sell to many people and get their brand out their. Facebook has a various of different apps avaviable for whatever liking their users may have.
  • With other social media networking sites out here becoming main stream such as twitter facebook is constantly working on ways to keep up with its consumers needs and with the current flow of society. We just want more users to continue joining facebook on a daily and keep our fan base up
  • Facebook started off as a networking sites for students to connect with each other then in 2006 it opened to non students. Once opened to nonstudents within months traffic 14million users per month and it kept doubling. Facebook is a great first step for your personal organization to engage with people.
  • The ability to make applications, which is a great way build your brand on facebook. Its an open platform facebook allows anybody to create applications that allow friends to share information on the service in different ways. There are thousands of applications available on facebook.
  • The target audience as of now I think would target the younger audience becuase they actually use to the site to its full abilities and be the active users who actually use the site on a daily. Possiably making a new marketing strategy that would be geard toward getting more of the teenagers/young adults to join the site. People want to be interactive and be up to date with the things their friends are doing a this is the best way to up keep with that. Feedback is great and we want all feedback so you can try and meet users needs.
  • Social media is such an important concept. Social media provide the way people shares ideas, content, thoughts, and realtionship online. Social media differ from so called manstream media in that anyone can create comment on and add social media content. Social media can take form of text audio video images and communities.
  • Final presentation

    1. 1. Facebook
    2. 2. Social NetworkKeep up with friends  Photos  Status updates  Chat  Sharing post
    3. 3. Audience901 million active users50% of users between 18-34Active members of all ageDifferent networks  City  School  work
    4. 4. Facebook and BusinessMany businesses have a facebook link on their page to link back too facebookSharing optionsBrand promotion
    5. 5. MobileMobile web friendlyVarious smart phone apps
    6. 6. Keeping the buzzFacebook top social networking site539,000 likes worldwide this monthMany other social networking sites  Twitter  linkedIn  Myspace
    7. 7. Not just for studentsTool for businesspeopleOpened for non students in 2006Meet new peopleSchool, work, and friendsEngaging with people
    8. 8. BrandingAbility to make applicationsCreate apps allowing friends to share infoThousands of app avaiableMarketing tool
    9. 9. Staying up to dateYounger audienceConstantly updating facebook with trendsFeedbackUsers demands
    10. 10. Social MediaShare ideasContent thoughtsRelationshipsImportant conceptAnything from blogs, wikis, video and photosharing