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Champions Read Challenge
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Champions Read Challenge


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. The Students at St Martin’s were encouraged to unleashtheir creativity with a Champions Read Challenge…
  • 2. BookCakes…
  • 3. A Night Owl By Bianca K
  • 4. The National Year of Reading By Brianna S
  • 5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Ellena B
  • 6. I Love Reading Taylah D
  • 7. Champions ReadAmy, Stephanie B and Caitlin Z
  • 8. Zac Power – Test Drive Jedd A
  • 9. Champion Readers’ Books of Choice Maddi, Hana and Venessa
  • 10. Diary of a Wimpy KidMonique, Emily and Hannah
  • 11. The Very HungryCaterpillar Alice M
  • 12. Models…
  • 13. Chloe D This is my Harry Potter clay model. I spent days making each piece, letting it dry, painting it and gluing it all together. I made the Harry Potter book, the Slytherin snake, Harry`s glasses, The Sorting Hat, the wand, the "Firebolt", the Snitch, the house scarves ( Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.) I had so much fun making it !
  • 14. This Champion Reader contains the titles of lots of booksAnna has read on her way to becoming a Champion Reader. Anna B
  • 15. Claire’s clay model is of herself relaxing on the couch readingher favourite books. Claire W
  • 16. Riley has made Max from one of his favourite book “Where theWild Things Are”. Riley A
  • 17. William has used Lego to makeTintin and his dog Snowy. William S
  • 18. Joshs Lego creation is of the book " Theadventures of Tintin The Secret of theUnicorn".Josh and his friend William worked together tomake their Tintin creations! Joshua D
  • 19. Brodie has created her own Library. Brodie C
  • 20. Tom has used clay to create himself relaxing reading a bookby one of his favourite authors Anthony Horowitz. Thomas W
  • 21. Olivia and Grace enjoy reading the Billie B. Brownseries by Sally Rippin. Olivia M and Grace M
  • 22. Sarah has designed her own Champion Readermedal with some of her favourite books. Sarah J
  • 23. Ted has made a snowy mountain covered in Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.The man with the megaphone is calling out what you can read on thepaper beside Ted’s creation. Ted M
  • 24. Ruth has reinvented herself as a Reading Super Hero. Ruth B
  • 25. Hayley has created her own Library. Hayley C
  • 26. Mia has used Lego to create a Champions Read sign. Mia K
  • 27. Sarah has made a Reading Champion and filled it withthe titles of some of her favourite books. Sarah H
  • 28. Natasha has used a sewing machine for the first time tocreate her “I Love Reading” sign. Natasha K
  • 29. Luca has created a battle over abook between the good guysand the bad guys. Luca P
  • 30. Jacob has created a Champion Reader using Lego. Jacob R
  • 31. Lily has made a model ofherself as a Champion Reader. Lily H
  • 32. Danielle and Damian have made our Story Chair and added some of theirfavourite books. Danielle and Damien B
  • 33. Jasper’s crane is erecting a Champions Read sign. Jasper K
  • 34. Minecraft
  • 35. My creation is a huge library to symbolise "Read". The outer walls areoversized books which symbolises all the different kinds of books wecan read. In the centre is a running track with a huge gold medal at theend to symbolise "Champions". Julian F
  • 36. We have created the book of Champions Read and it’s the biggest book evercreated. On the back it has our names. The trees represent the branch to reading.It took Alex and I four hours to create and we arranged it just for this challenge. Tarquin B and Alex S
  • 37. Bailey has made a ChampionsRead sign and a dragon becausehe is reading “How to Train YourDragon”. Bailey G
  • 38. Nicholas has created a largeChampion Reader reading ina chair. Nicholas R
  • 39. This is my heaven, our library. You can see the circulation desk. There is thestorytelling chair and lots of books. Alexandra B
  • 40. I have made a trophy to represent Reading Champions and a podiumout of books to represent Champions Read. I have also made aReading Tree. Alexandra B
  • 41. Raffael has created the Just Series by one of his favourite authors Andy Griffiths Raffael T
  • 42. The first picture is of giant books that are actually large libraries. These are the Golden door, the Silver door and the Wooden door from the Emily Rodda series. Marcus C
  • 43. This is what I thought the Hunger Games looked like when I was reading it(Cornucopia). Marcus C
  • 44. Oscar has created a sign for Champions Read. Oscar B
  • 45. Will has built an open and a closed book.Will G
  • 46. Michael has created a ChampionsRead sign and a ChampionReader. He has also created abook pyramid using two favouritebooks – Wonder and The HungerGames. Michael A
  • 47. Michael has created his own library complete with threeStory Chairs and couches to relax and read. Michael A
  • 48. Posters…
  • 49. Eleanor, Alicia and Lizzie have created each of the letters to spellChampions Read. Eleanor, Alicia and Elizabeth
  • 50. Alessandra is one of our fabulous Champion Readers as youcan see from her large pile of books! Alessandra S
  • 51. Noah enjoys reading lots of different books. Noah B
  • 52. Audrey loves to read! Audrey
  • 53. Beth is one of our Champion Readers who thinks reading is fun! Beth C
  • 54. Champion Readers love toread on a comfortable couch! Sofie B
  • 55. If ever Jeff Kinney wants to retire Oliver can take over illustrating for him! Oliver S
  • 56. What a fabulous jobunleashing yourcreativity everyone!