Jamba Juice Philippines 2012


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Jamba Juice Philippines 2012

  1. 1. Jamba Juice Philippines Asian Marketing Effectiveness 2012 Most Effective Use of Public Relations  
  2. 2. JAMBA JUICE PHILIPPINES Most Effective Use of Public Relations  Campaign Summary:   The Groovy Fruit Smoothie Makeover   Jamba Juice on the loose in the Philippines  Challenges and Objectives   –  How do you introduce and create excitement for a foreign fruit smoothie brand in a tropical country, where juice is ordinary and the market is already saturated with fruit smoothies?  Target Market:   –  Upper income, “Sporty and Beautiful” Filipino men and women aged 13 and up  
  3. 3. JAMBA JUICE PHILIPPINES Most Effective Use of Public Relations  Insight and Strategy:   –  When Philippine restaurateurs The Max’s Group of Companies sought to bring American fruit smoothie brand Jamba Juice to the Philippines, it faced a market that had been drinking fruit smoothies for decades before the brand even came into existence. Virtually, every restaurant serves smoothies. The strategy was to position Jamba, not as a main stream but as a high end, almost exclusive “see and be seen” brand. Our approach was focused network building. We intentionally limited our pre-launch introduction to a core group of influential and taste-making individuals who fit the profile of “Sporty and Beautiful” and were already positively familiar with Jamba Juice. We then empowered our “influentials” to bring their friends, colleagues and loved ones to get introduced to Jamba Juice at an invitation-only opening event. The resulting surge curiosity created a surge of publicity, talk and sales; some of it organized, much of it spontaneous, all of it earned.  
  4. 4. JAMBA JUICE PHILIPPINES Most Effective Use of Public Relations  Results:What Made this PR Campaign Special? 1.  This was a locally generated PR driven campaign. Not part of an ad campaign or international effort. •  Evidence: i.  There was no ATL spend and only one billboard. ii.  All other activities revolved around mainstream media, social media and influencer marketing. iii.  21,981,063 Philippine pesos earned (not purchased) media values generated in under 3 months iv.  That’s about 2,000 USD in exposure for every square meter of their shop. v.  Trended on Twitter in the Philippines for 2 straight days despite competing with a Manny Pacquiao (national hero, during his matches the crime rate drops) boxing match and a major launch from HTC vi.  Generated 17,000 Facebook fans in under 3 months without major promotions vii.  Considered one of the largest and most successful country launches in the history of Jamba Juice Asia
  5. 5. JAMBA JUICE PHILIPPINES Most Effective Use of Public Relations  Results: 2.  A ubiquitous brand was instantly transformed into a highly-coveted destination brand •  Evidence i.  The location of Jamba Juice’s premiere branch is in an unfinished section of a high-end outdoor dining and shopping gallery. There were no other shops and almost no passing foot-traffic. Despite this, Jamba has an average of 485 visitors to its stores per weekday and 573 per weekend-day, making it one of the highest visited locations in the entire gallery. ii.  The location has become a favorite spot for “celebrity- spotting” with the media and the public which is of interest, considering the nearest studio is over 45 minutes away. iii.  With little more than product, Jamba was able to participate in major events like the local football team’s (The Azkals) match against David Beckham and the LA Galaxy.
  6. 6. JAMBA JUICE PHILIPPINES Most Effective Use of Public Relations  Results: 3.  Sales targets were exceeded despite being doubled at the start of the campaign •  Evidence i.  Jamba Juice was launched in November of 2011. The original sales target was 4 million pesos by 2011 year-end, that’s right, 60 days. But because of the unprecedented launch, the target was doubled to 8 million pesos. ii.  Actual sales beat target at 8.013 million, easily surpassing marketing investment by 25% iii.  Sales were so brisk that Jamba Juice was forced to air freight cups from the US and other countries just to keep up with demand
  7. 7. JAMBA JUICE PHILIPPINES Most Effective Use of Public Relations  Results: 4.  Customer Base immediately and decisively selects the meals that belong to Jamba •  Evidence i.  Many new establishments are confused with and must compete against restaurants they are ill-prepared to face. An aggressive usage campaign with influencers successfully pre-addressed that concern ii.  37% of Jamba Juice’s sales come from the 2 to 6PM day, referred to by Filipinos as Merienda (Snack time). This is a period considered by most restaurants to be “dead time,” so being able to generate big sales is a competitive advantage. iii.  34% of Jamba’s sales come from 10PM to 1AM, drastically different from other countries. This is a time when most customers are out club hopping. Most restaurants aren’t even open at this time. Big sales at this day-part is direct evidence that Jamba is considered a hip “see and be seen” place by the active attractive market.
  8. 8. JAMBA JUICE PHILIPPINES Most Effective Use of Public Relations  Results: 5.  Core product is the direct recipient of the demand created for the brand. •  Evidence: i.  Core product: Fruit smoothies ii.  Projected percentage of sales 77% iii.  Actual percentage of sales: 81% iv.  It’s official, the fruit smoothie is back in fashion, thanks to Jamba Juice!