Curriculum Vitae                                                                                   Amanda Jackson         ...
ExperienceNov ‘10 to   Beegle Ltd, AucklandPresent             Beegle Ltd was formed in Nov 2011 and Fronde became my firs...
March ‘04   Fronde Systems Group, AucklandtoNov ‘10            Work with Fronde is varied, interesting and different for e...
Change/Build Coordinator – Vodafone - 2005             Assisting within several Vodafone projects. Obtaining and assimilat...
1997 to   Omron Electronics Ltd, UK2002          Network Administrator (1997 – 1998)          Development Quality Lead (19...
●   System Tester.                 ●   Client support on-site in hospital A&E departments during first 24 hours after soft...
Education and Professional AffiliationUniversity                          Winchester King Alfreds - University of Southamp...
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Cv Amanda Jackson (2)

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Amanda Jackson 2/22 Odin Place Beach Haven Phone: 021 24 21 594 Email: ● A strong leader with over 20 years professional experience in the fields of Network Administration, Software and Database Development, Process Improvement, Change Management and Quality Assurance. ● Regularly asked to speak at conferences and user group meetings, examples include: ○ Wellington SQL User Group – Index Defragging and Automating Maintenance ○ Auckland SQL Code Camp – Microsoft Certifications ○ SQL PASS Conference – SQL Coding Standards ○ TechEd NZ & Australia – Managing Complexity in a Software Plus Services World. ● Founder of NZ Girl Geek Dinners, co-founder of Auckland SQL User Group with Dave Dustin ● Secretary for the Asia Pacific branch of GITCA (Global IT Community Association) ● Excellent math skills and good understanding of quantitative analysis and statistical modeling. ● Able to pick up new skills and ideas very quickly, and very good at thinking creatively/laterally. ● Extremely pedantic about coding standards, quality, design and reusability.Key Skills ● Enterprise Analysis and Architecture ● Javascript, Google Maps and HTML Development ● SQL Development - Microsoft and TSQL ● Data Migration ● Requirements Gathering & Analysis ● Change Management ● Quality Assurance ● Build Automation ● Source Control Management ● Team Leadership ● Process and Methodology Improvement ● Documentation ● Test Management ● Test AutomationIndustry Experience ● Medical – Hospital Sector ● Electronics – PLCs ● Telecoms (mobile) ● E-Commerce and Web Technologies ● PDA and Smartphones ● Financial – Investments/IRD/Banking/Insurance ● Government - Statistics & reporting
  2. 2. ExperienceNov ‘10 to Beegle Ltd, AucklandPresent Beegle Ltd was formed in Nov 2011 and Fronde became my first client ensuring that the work being undertaken at TOWER was not interrupted. Any weekends not working for TOWER have been spent working on small projects for a variety of clients both in NZ and overseas. Several projects have been successfully completed with excellent project completion references received from all clients. The projects include: Business Process Analysis/Change Management Solutions. This work was for an Auckland based web design company who are looking to expand and grow their business. I provided a top level analyst to work with them in addition to myself. This company wanted to review their current working practices and processes to see where changes could be made that would be of maximum benefit. A full analysis was completed using a combination of Agile, Six Sigma and quantitative analysis skills. Working closely with the client a change plan has been put into place that they can implement at their own pace with minimal disruption. They have also been provided with a selection of tools that will help them to help themselves grow the company and increase profitability. Interactive Google Map. Created for a company who offer multiple locations throughout New Zealand for freedom campers. They required a map that showed the locations of sites using a customised pin, when clicked the pin showed additional details for the site location. Different options were available for members and non-members so that only limited information was shown to non-members. Research. Creating an Excel dataset of all car models created since the invention of the car, including photographs/images of each car (as far as possible), the images needed to be creative commons license. Converting Flash Website. A Flash based website needed to work on all device types, including iPhone; as iPhones will not run Flash this meant converting the site to css and HTML5.0. HTML Email Signatures for Outlook 2010. Not as straightforward as it sounds as the ability to easily add HTML signatures has been removed from Outlook 2010. The signatures were created along with social media links, the client was also given detailed documentation so that they could alter the signatures themselves in the future. Re-writing the expat guide to Auckland. Around 200 different articles were written covering a range of topics from schooling, to NZ visa laws, to finding the best beaches in the area. QA review of a control panel for a US congressman. I provided testing staff for this project but also took an active role myself at the weekends to ensure the highest quality work was provided. All of the testing feedback was sent to me by the test team and then reviewed, collated and forwarded to the client. Software, IT Technical writer/editor. This was for a developer conference and it involved reviewing the abstracts of presentations, creating HTML emails that would appeal to technical professionals and generally assisting the conference organizers with any technical queries they may have.
  3. 3. March ‘04 Fronde Systems Group, AucklandtoNov ‘10 Work with Fronde is varied, interesting and different for each client. Fronde employees are expected to be involved in all aspects of client interaction, from sales through to post implementation reviews. I am employed by Fronde as a senior developer, however, if there is no development work available then I make myself available for other roles to ensure my time is billable. Projects undertaken whilst at Fronde: Accounting System Test Analyst/Technical BA – TOWER – 2009 – 2011 Initially working with the CFO and lead architect, my role was to document the accounts receivable/accounts payable (AR/AP) system and understand the configuration requirements. After documenting this area of the system, I then moved on to analyzing test requirements for AR/AP and Reinsurance. I created a document explaining what Reinsurance is and the methods of calculation, with examples, that would help other test analysts to understand this area of insurance. I have also been creating ad-hoc training sessions to show business users how to use the AR/AP system for posting transactions, handling claims and various other accounting tasks. Google Maps Developer & Architect Design – Internal project – 2009 Whilst between clients I converted the office floor plan to use google maps with a back end XML data file that contained staff information. This allowed users to easily find where a staff member was sitting. Additionally I put together an architecture plan for an RFP that involved a cloud based database plus google maps solution for a geospatial requirement. Test Manager / SSRS Developer – Fonterra Brands – 2008 - 2009 Initially sent to Fonterra for a short term assignment as a test manager, this role expanded to include build release management, training Fonterra staff to handle help desk calls, handheld configuration and support for over seventy franchisees, liaising with Fonterra third party suppliers, their staff and end users. Upon completion of the test management role, a new role was started using SSRS to create complex reports that have been integrated into their front end application. MOSS Developer – Watercare – 2008 Developer on a project requiring automation of Health and Safety related forms that are required to be submitted by WSL contractors for various projects undertaken by WSL. The forms were used throughout the project duration and required reviews and approval by WSL representatives and operations people at frequent intervals after initial submission and approval. Developed and configured web enabled forms and complex workflows associated with them to automate the internal process related to contractors’ health and safety. Powerbuilder/SQL Developer – Bravura Solutions – 2006 - 2008 Working on a project using Powerbuilder 10.5 and Sybase 12.5. I received two weeks’ notice to upskill and learn Powerbuilder/Sybase SQL prior to starting work on the client site. Powerbuilder work included application migration from PB5 and PB8 to PB10, analysis, bug fixing, creating new data objects, report writing, user interface formatting/GUI design and development, porting customizations. SQL work involved data migration, porting customizations, bug fixing, performance tuning, report writing, creating new user interfaces. Worked on a secondary project to migrate and integrate data from a banks legacy system into the Talisman system. As the solo team member for this side project, tasks included estimation, business analysis, design, liaising with Bravura’s client, documentation, development work and performing the migration. In addition, I assisted with maintenance of source control and versioning, ensuring that branching was correct and repairing when necessary.
  4. 4. Change/Build Coordinator – Vodafone - 2005 Assisting within several Vodafone projects. Obtaining and assimilating information then presenting this in an easy to understand format. Helping the project avoid potential clashes with environments and informing them in advance of any issues that may affect their testing or releases. White paper detailing steps that could be taken to improve release processes, build and environment control. Coordination of events for multiple projects. Flash/XML Developer – The Learning Federation – 2004 – 2006 Working with a Fronde team in Wellington to create web based learning objects for The Learning Federation. I was part of the development team until the project ended in 2006. Test Manager – Aucsat - 2004 Team Manager with 3 permanent and contract test resources on the Aucsat .NET project. Test management for the project and consulting regularly with clients. Responsible for managing the client’s UAT team. Implemented defect logging standards both internally and for the client’s test team. PHP Developer – Vodafone – 2004 Implemented full life cycle Quality Assurance and verification on a wide range of systems from web to mobile applications. Created mobile phone menus for the Vodafone 3G rollout. General Achievements whilst at Fronde ● Engaged in requirements gathering, analysis and testability assessments. ● Implemented development process improvements based on best practices of RUP, CMM and previous project experiences. ● Successful delivery of a large development projects for clients. ● Initiated the process of creating an Agile Testing Methodology and championed the use of Agile methodologies. ● Involvement with internal .NET projects (360 Survey). ● Involvement with successful sales negotiations. ● Consistently high performer. ● Started Girl Geek Dinners in NZ, this is now running in four NZ cities. ● Started Auckland SQL User Group with Dave Dustin. ● Invited to be the Secretary of the APAC branch of GITCA, which I accepted ● Became a Microsoft Certified Professional in Dynamics CRM 4.0 Installation and Configuration.December Greenwood Technology Ltd, Auckland2002 toMarch 2004 Test and Change Control Manager ● Management of build & test processes. ● Installshield scripts creation and maintenance. ● Delphi and .NET/C++ product builds as required for the total build process. ● Fully automated the build process using Final Builder. ● Process and methodology improvement including a full change and standardisation of processes to improve product quality from design through to delivery. ● Implemented change & source control management processes and policies to ensure software quality. ● Management of VSS Database. ● Management of Installshield Update Service for Greenwood products. ● Management of the test team. ● TestTrack Pro database and server administration. ● Creation and maintenance of automated testing scripts using SilkTest.
  5. 5. 1997 to Omron Electronics Ltd, UK2002 Network Administrator (1997 – 1998) Development Quality Lead (1998 – 2002) Initially my role at Omron was as Network Administrator. Responsibilities included: ● Building and maintaining work & email servers; rewiring the network cabling when necessary. ● Building new PCs to company requirements. ● Software auditing. ● User support via phone and in person. ● Maintaining the server room, patch panels and network. ● Creating and then maintaining a defect logging database (using Lotus Notes) in order to manage user requests. ● Maintaining and repairing inventory database (Access). In 1998 there was a requirement for someone to work with the development team to improve build quality prior to code being released into test. I was responsible for starting the DQT (Development Quality Test) department. This mainly involved low level API testing with some higher level unit testing, both of which required writing test harnesses in C++. After creating this department, other departments within the company followed suit and incorporated DQT as a standard phase in development. The job was multi-site and involved working in partnership with colleagues in Japan. Whilst at Omron I also qualified as a C++ (MFC) developer and a ClearCase Multisite Administrator. Main responsibilities: ● Ensured code quality. ● Bug fixing of the smaller components during any testing downtime. ● Managed source control across three sites, one in the UK and two in Japan. ● Re-writing and maintaining help files. ● Established quality review meetings. ● Hardware (PLC) construction and maintenance.1996 to Peek Traffic, UK1997 Network Administrator ● Responsible for three NT servers, one Lotus Notes server and two Oracle servers. ● Looked after ten site WAN, this involved travelling around the country helping users, liaising with leased line suppliers and fixing routers when necessary. ● Performed software and hardware installations. ● Undertook software auditing for several hundred users. ● Built new PCs. ● Rewiring network cabling in the factory when necessary. ● Achieved Windows NT Workstation and Server certification.1994 to Footman Walker, UK1996 Database Developer, Crystal Reports Developer/Trainer, Help File Author ● Helpdesk support. ● Database development using Smithware DDF Builder. ● Crystal Reports Developer. ● Crystal Reports Trainer.
  6. 6. ● System Tester. ● Client support on-site in hospital A&E departments during first 24 hours after software release. ● Wrote suite of training manuals. ● Part of team installing patient management systems into hospital A&E departments around the UK. ● Part of team installing a bar-coding system into a large Birmingham hospital. ● Trained hospital staff in the use of our software and supported the product both remotely and in person. ● Repaired databases remotely using PC Anywhere, and in person when necessary. ● Worked in conjunction with government auditors to create a suite of reports that monitored hospital waiting times.1994 Wessex Power, UK PA / Database Admin PA to Director, plus set up and maintained network system for the office PCs and a new database for accounts, sales leads and orders using Access. Prior to this all PCs in the office were stand alone as there was no network.1994 GAN Life Assurance, UK Financial Advisor/Income Tax Specialist This role was a brief foray into an alternative occupation. This was a commission only sales role for a life assurance and pension company. My grades for the various exams that needed to be passed ranged from 95% to 100%. Most exams were math based around financial calculations. Decided that whilst I enjoyed the math side of this role, sales was not one of my skills.1992 - 1994 Deacon Insurance, UK Account Executive / Network Admin ● Account executive for insurance customers. ● Completed routine maintenance and administration for UNIX servers and workstations. ● Created reports, certificates and other insurance documentation using Kyocera printer commands.
  7. 7. Education and Professional AffiliationUniversity Winchester King Alfreds - University of Southampton (Incomplete) Studied 2 years towards BA(Hons) in Computer and Applied Sciences. Achieved high grades in all subjects, averaging A-. Highest graded subjects were Software Development, Quantitative Analysis and Statistical Modelling. Incomplete due to lack of funds to continue paying fees.Microsoft Microsoft Certified Professional - Dynamics 4.0 Installation and ConfigurationWardyIT Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence. One day technical course.Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum MasterAce Training Course 2349B: Programming with the Microsoft .NET Framework (Microsoft Visual C# .NET)NZ Institute of Management People Management SkillsLearning Tree (UK) NT4 Server & Workstation Professional Certification C++ with MFC for C Programmers OO Analysis & Design using UMLRational University (UK) ClearCase NT Fundamentals ClearCase NT Metadata ClearCase NT AdministrationISEB (UK) Foundation Certificate in Software TestingOmron In House Training (UK) Practical Testing Processes – Test Management Solutions on site course OC1 Basic PLC Programming (Ladder Programming) OC2 Advanced PLC Programming OC7 Controller Link Networking OC8 – DeviceNet NetworkingOn-line training C in 21 days – OOP using C++ - OO Analysis & Design – GUI Design Series – CGI Perl – Paintshop Pro Advanced – Photoshop Advanced – Microsoft Clinic 5046: Inside Look at Building and Developing Solutions with MOSS 2007 Various other Microsoft e-learning courses including several SQLServer 2008 and MOSS 2007.Personal InformationMost of my spare time is spent writing/playing music, socializing with friends and family and walking my dogs.