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Blue Berry Consulting & Trade Show Corr Division
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Blue Berry Consulting & Trade Show Corr Division


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BlueBerry consulting & trade Corrugated Industry Division

BlueBerry consulting & trade Corrugated Industry Division

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  • 1. We sense the duty to serve you The BluBerry team….
  • 2. Twenty years of proficiency in global business, among which ten years of strategic planning services, initiated the launching of BlueBerry consulting & trade s.a.r.l “The home network for Customers/Suppliers” International business concept is an exclusive transaction between a supplier and a buyer, habitually each one of them hunts for the other, and our role is to be the ultimate link for a productive and dynamic deal. BlueBerry consulting & trade s.a.r.l . initiated its activities on December 1 st 2010, based on our expertise in corporate operations worldwide; we have opted to assist the prerequisites of local and external markets. Our goal extends beyond closing contractual agreements, rather is our commitment to secure appropriate handling of queries. Our line of services reflects what we can offer; just name it and we do the rest.
  • 3. BlueBerry consulting & trade s.a.r.l
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  • 8. Corrugated Machinery solutions, accessories & Services
  • 9. ROLL MOVER Roll Mover is a directly driven electrical paper roll pusher capable to push paper rolls up to 9 Tons of weight. Operators will be able to load paper reels onto the floor trolleys without effort and in total safety. Heavy duty roll mover for heavy paper rolls. Battery powered element providing free movement without impending cables or air tubes in total safety for the operator. Simple to use and easy to maneuver. Its swivel control arm allows total movement reaching even where other systems have difficulties for access. Power: 36 v. Quick charging 36v NiCad Batteries Push speed up to 32mts/min. 160A Speed Controller.
  • 10. Benefits: Auto alignment when paper width changes. No need to reduce speed during paper splicing Better precision when gluing the papers. Side trim reduction Less paper tear-outs. Reduced production downtime No need for operator intervention Features: Web position read by 2 lasers Smooth but fast correction due to its traction wheels 4x50mm & 5x100mm. Precise web guiding. Bigger contact surface than competitors meaning better accuracy and greater control over sudden web deviations. Constant reading, comparing and correcting Internal modem for remote access Quick return of investment . Attractive price when compared with competitors.
  • 11. D/ BACKER ROLLER ENTRY Solution & Benefits: CERTO offers an upgrade mounting an independent roller assembly supported by two pneumatic cylinders. As a consequence, there will be no more double-kiss effect. The board will always meet a constant entry nip of contact . The structure is installed in a position to avoid the space between the hot plates Pressure might be varied according to the board grade combination. Simple mechanical installation over a weekend.
  • 12. LOW THERMAL INERTIA STEAM HOT PLATES Main advantages of our thin low inertia hot plates: Adaptable to most double backers taking the place of the existing conventional steel or cast iron plates. Made to size to match the dimension of most hot plates. The plate special design and steam flow circuit permits high heat transfer with minimum thermal inertia: Rapid surface temperature increments or decrements are possible. Its particular steam channel construction does not require PED steam vessel certification. The new flat plates provide better surface contact than old wavy plates. The best features and the most competitive prices. Advantages: The fast stream of steam does not allow any condensation. The result is a higher and homogeneous temperature very close to the plate surface with minimum heat loss. A continuous steam conduct drilled through the plate has one steam in-feed point and one steam outlet. Any variation in steam pressure is rapidly transformed in a new surface temperature condition at the heating plate. No overheating, bags or blisters common on fine flutes with conventional hot plates. Smooth flat polished surface facilitates pre-print production. Minimum surface temperatures are now possible with clear advantages for light weight papers, mini-flutes, preprint and special coatings. With the new thin plates, no PED steam vessel certification is required. Available models: Standard plate
  • 13. COLD WAX APPLICATOR Wax applicator for cold wax Models P/F220 & P/F300: Available in two models (applicator Ø 220 and 300mm) The 300mm version is specially designed for 2800mm wide corrugators and high speed operation. Features: Cold wax applicator Maximum automation (PLC and touch screen included) Paper speed reading Accurate speed control Roll condition check-up system Auto-wash option Benefits: Maximum accuracy in wax application Totally enclosed applicator: The safest design to protect the operator from accident. No risk of burns or splashing (cold wax) Odorless product No health risk due to harmful vapors from hot wax. Minimum maintenance. Heavy duty European built
  • 14. STEAM SECTIONAL PLATES Why should we use the Steam Sectional Plates?: The paper roll characteristics vary from supplier to supplier when not from roll to roll. The paper elasticity, its hygroscopic capacity to absorb moisture and starch as well as its coefficient of stretch versus temperature remains unknown. The operator of a modern corrugator requires new tools to produce flat board with optimum quality at high speeds. The traditional elements: brakes, wrap-arms, floor preheaters... are no longer sufficient. Benefits: Heat is applied just before the processing nip in areas where conventional heating drums would not fit. No temperature loss in the ambient when paper travels from the floor pre-heater to the machines. Quick and effective direct heat transfer onto the paper. Hot plate effect and dry shower combination. Might be also used as a stem shower. Maintains and improves fiber elasticity. The operator decides the use in function of the production. Energy efficient: Uses saturated steam in the ideal position. Stimulates paper hygroscopic capacities to receive starch: Improved gluing. Effective against wet streaks. Facilitates reaching homogeneous moisture across the web. Corrugator higher speeds are possible. Small capital investment. Adaptable to most corrugators in various positions. Convenient for the medium and liner papers at the single facers as well as before the glue machine. May be supplied with a telescopic arm separating the paper when running light grades or no extra heat is required.
  • 15. Oil mist lubrication system for Single Facers.
  • 16. Oil mist lubrication system for Single Facers. Main features - Adaptable to most single facers. - Auto lubrication cycle by PLC or timer controlled. - Four (4) adjustable spray nozzles. - Lubrication pump and 8 Kg reservoir. - Silicone-based lubricant, non-toxic (accepted by the food industry), suitable for high temperatures Benefits: 1.- Prevents decoupling between the cor. rolls, keeping the roll edges clean from dust and starch build-up. 2.- Ultra-thin layer of lubricant uniformly distributed and continuously renewed. Significant reduction in lubricant consumption compared with manual application. 3.- The most effective protection against corrosion. 4.- Increased operator safety automating the lubrication process. No operator intervention. 5.- Reduced maintenance time. 6 - Increased roll life.
  • 17. DIGI-NIP® ROLLER ALIGNMENT INSTRUMENT DigiNip® is a powerful new system that allows the quick and easy diagnosis of roller conditions : The nip contact point. With minimal investment and no prior experience a user can quickly and accurately record spot nip width (contact point between rollers) at any section of your web or converting process. DigiNip® s sensing capability is as sensitive as it s case is durable its ergonomic shell is impact hardened and water resistant. Benefits: No more time consuming and inaccurate nip measurements with carbon paper. Now nip readings can be determined instantaneously and adjustments made while the sensor is between your rolls! DigiNip® is also economical, just like your carbon paper; the sensor elements that connect into the DigNip® device are designed to provide thousands of readings before replacement by the user is necessary. Have you ever needed to evaluate pressure or force between two touching or mating surfaces? Previously, your only alternatives were strain gauges and load cells, that are both time consuming and difficult to interface. Now with the advent of our disposable one-time use pressure film, evaluating surface contact pressure distribution and magnitude is accurate, quick and highly economical.
  • 18. EZ-NIP® IMPRESSION PAPER EZ-Nip® is a thin color changing pressure activated paper used to detect uneven nip rollers in paper making and converting machinery. EZ-Nip® determines the actual working, static nip width between two mating rolls. The paper immediately changes color upon the application of pressure, enabling the user to easily analyze/measure the nip "footprint" (nip width) both visually or, for more intense scrutiny, with a ruler or micrometer. EZ-Nip® is a self contained single sheet system making it useable by just one person, and can easily be encased for waterproofing purposes. Benefits: With any corrugator and converting machinery, uneven nip rollers cause waste and yield deficiencies. Non-uniform nips usually lead to wrinkles, web breaks and other troubles. For a maintenance engineer, identifying these little problems with big consequences can be difficult and time consuming. EZ-Nip®, a thin color changing pressure activated paper , is an easy and efficient troubleshooting tool that can quickly be put to the task of detecting problem areas. Specification: Thickness : 4 mils (0,1016 mm) Humidity Range: 10-90% RH Pressure minimum: 200 PSI (14,06 kg/cm2) Main advantages: Economical and practical solution for determining proper crowns, roll parallelism, alignment, and symmetrical loading Self contained single sheet system Usable by just one person Strictly design for measuring nip widths Replaces and improves obsolete Telex paper Excellent for corrugating roll tests and adjustments Applicable to all nip points in a corrugator (gluers, roll stacks) as well as for converting machinery. Manufactured by the leading U.S. Company in sensor products for multiple applications.
  • 19. SIDE ROLL SIAMESE SKIVER MACHINE A tailor-made machine built with the purpose to join two running papers of narrow width into a finished double size roll. With our skiver, side rolls (trim rolls) turn into valuable rolls capable to be efficiently used into any corrugator as inside liners or as fluting papers. Two side trim rolls of lower market price become a finished double size roll perfectly suited to run in your corrugator. With paper being nearly 60% of the finished cost of your operation, the skiver machine brings a quick pay-back placing your company one step ahead from your competition. Main components: Double roll stand for reels 1400mm x Ø 1500mm Double roll stand for reels 2800mm x Ø 1500mm Guiding bridge and roll assembly Two web guiding systems Two special paper grinding devices Vacuum dust removal unit Gluing system and applicator Circular trim knives Rewinding station Control system and operating console Technical Data: Max. finished roll width: 2800mm Max. rewinding diameter: 1500mm Running speed: 150-200 m/min Paper weights: from 100-400gr/m2
  • 20. HARPER-LOVE ADDITIVES FOR THE STARCH HARPER-LOVE is the world leader in adhesives and additives. For Europe and the Middle East (MEA) we have selected just the following products from their ample portfolio: HRC-2000 Penetrating & Performance Enhancer LIQUIBOND BLUE Performance Enhancer MULTIBOND for heavy weight, DW, TW and difficult substrates HYDRATITE-401 Wet Strength Resin 0% free formaldehyde XM-5 Adhesive Stabilizer Penetrant Indicated specially for plants: Running a high percentage of agricultural business. Corrugators running waxed and/or treated papers. High performance corrugators raising their limits. In general: plants willing to produce flatter, more consistent board, faster and with the minimum waste. If you
  • 21. HRC-2000: Includes penetrating and performance enhancer to increase speed on difficult to bond substrates. Benefits: Better bonding & increased corrugator production capability Increased pin values & speed with single, simple application Better penetration and water holdout Viscosity stability Replaces bag starch and is much more cost effective Easy clean-up Odorless Registered for REACH 0% free formaldehyde LIQUIBOND BLUE: Higher speeds & improved bonding on heavy weight paper and difficult to penetrate substrates. Benefits: Increased pin adhesion and fiber tear Higher corrugator speeds on all grades including heavyweights Compatible with all normal adhesive ingredients Well suited for automated additions Near neutral pH No hazardous ingredients Odorless Registered for REACH MULTIBOND: Like LiquiBond Blue but with Resins . Provides higher speeds and better bonding including heavy weight papers, DW,TW and substrates difficult to penetrate. The wet strength resins eliminate the need for two additives. Two additives in one !! Benefits: Increased pin adhesion and fiber tear Includes wet strength resin to produce water resistant board Compatible with all normal adhesive ingredients Well suited for automated additions HYDRATITE-401: Wet strength resin . The highest resin solids content combined with no free formaldehyde. Maximum water resistance for starch based adhesives. Benefits: Excellent water resistance Excellent reactivity profile Higher resin solids Safe to use, complies with OSHA Registered for REACH 0% free formaldehyde
  • 22. XM-5 PENETRANT: Facilitates adhesive release into paper substrates. By reducing surface tension, XM-5 assists the liquid phase of starch to migrate rapidly into the paper substrates to be bonded. Benefits: Enhanced starch adhesive penetration Very effective surface tension reduction Low foaming action Very consistent performance Easy to use Registered for REACH HARLO-CIDE: A broad spectrum preservative which will control the growth of a w i d e r a n g e o f m i c r o o r g a n i s m s including bacteria, mold and yeast. Benefits: Effective microbial control E x c e l l e n t s t a r c h preservative Broad spectrum activity FDA approved for food packaging. H a n d y p r o d u c t presentation
  • 23. INTELLISYS CORRUGATOR PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEM CORRUGATOR CONTROL AND AUTOMATION SOLUTION: Modular approach. Unique real time corrugator process control and automation solution. Proven experience with more than 16 installations in operation in Europe in multiple corrugator brands and varied compositions. Features: Paper flatness control Board moisture control Paper moisture control Temperature control Steam pressure control Web tension control Gap control Corrugator speed control Features: Paper flatness control Board moisture control Paper moisture control Temperature control Steam pressure control Web tension control Gap control Corrugator speed control
  • 24. INTELLISYS CORRUGATOR PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEM Benefits: Increased board quality Reduced variability on critical parameters Waste reduction Reduced energy consumption Higher production speeds and cruising speeds Reliable and valuable production data Less operator dependence Order repeatability Entire process optimization Rapid return of investment
  • 25. INTELLISYS CORRUGATOR PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEM Material Management Solution: Intellisys designs and offers the most advanced roll stock and material management solution. Tracking every aspect and activity of your roll stock : from ordering and reception to consumption. The company wide experience in the paper industry greatly contributed to their understanding of the problems and to their capacity to propose effective solutions. Features: Roll reception and data acquisition Roll stock management Reduction of butt rolls and butt roll management Real time paper consumption read-out Ability to control multiple inventories Reduced downtime Benefits: Stock optimization Complete product traceability Paper usage optimization Real time roll stock visibility Error elimination Less dependence from the human factor Dramatic customer claim reduction Improved efficiency Quick return of investment
  • 26. INTELLISYS CORRUGATOR PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEM THE INTELLISYS APPROACH: Before producing the first proposal, INTELLISYS will realize a refundable on site visit and corrugator audit. A report will be made as a result of the visit. The report will be accompanied by a formal product presentation, the preliminary proposal and a personalized return of investment. As an engineering company, INTELLISYS will study the alternatives with the plant management and decide together the composition of the supply and the project phases. Being a modular system, the project might be accomplished in steps. The INTELLISYS years of experience offering the most advanced moisture control of the finished board with real time moisture read-out and real time correction allows them to suggest the best application with the fastest return of investment anticipating your particular needs.
  • 27. BlueBerry consulting & trade s.a.r.l Naccache – Tallet Srour – Sciemma 15 Bldg. Tel +9614522348 – Fax +9614522347 Cel +96171102060 P.O.Box 70-424 North Metn - LEBANON [email_address] Jamal J. Nasr Founder Managing Director Amal J. Nasr Deputy Managing Director [email_address]