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Build your wp8 app today


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A short 45min talk about why and how getting started and build your Windows Phone 8 app today.

A short 45min talk about why and how getting started and build your Windows Phone 8 app today.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Windows Phone Osez franchir le cap !
  • 2. Windows Phone ? Once upon a time…
  • 3. ModernUI (Metro) everywhere
  • 4. Flash back WP7. 8 Mars 11 Septembre 09 WM6.5 WP7.0 Octobre 10 WP7.0.x (Nodo) Juin 12 WP7.1 (Mango) Septembre 11 WP7.1 (Tango) Août 13 WP8.0 (Apollo) Octobre 12 WP8 GDR2 2014 WP8 GDR3 Novembre 13 WP8.1
  • 5. Fresh news
  • 6. Hi, I’m Jeremy Before the fun begins
  • 7. Introduction Jérémy Alles MVP / WPF Disciples A fast and fluid todo list Windows Phone + Windows 8 @jalpf Sync in the cloud
  • 8. What about you ? “Who are you people ?”
  • 9. Agenda Getting started Dev platform UI platform Live tiles & lockscreen Monetization Building for both screens Misc Conclusion
  • 10. Ready, go ? WindowsPhone.exe
  • 11. Dev Center Dev Center Registration US $19
  • 12. Tools What you need ? Visual Studio 2012 Visual Studio 2013 FREE edition available ! To use the emulator ? An Hyper-V capable hardware To deploy on a device ? A developer account (19$) Or an App Studio account (free)
  • 13. Demo: First WP app from VS2013 Project  New  Debug  Start Debugging !
  • 14. Windows Phone Dev Platform C# + XAML = Love 
  • 15. Platform options XAML + Managed Code (C# or VB) DirectX + Native Code (C or C++) Mix of both Reuse existing native libraries Add 3D vizualization to a XAML app
  • 16. Multitasking on Windows Phone Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone 7.5 Windows Phone 8 Tombstoning Fast App Switching VoIP Run Under Lock Background Audio Playback Continuous Background Execution Notifications Generic Background Agents Fast App Resume Evolution of Multitasking
  • 17. Windows Phone UI platform Using XAML
  • 18. Design Principles Pride in craftsmanship More with less Fast and fluid Authentically digital Win as one
  • 19. UI Framework & XAML UI Framework XAML Signature & Standard Controls eXtensible Application Markup Language Layouts A declarative, markup-based language to define your user experience Tree based Retained mode / composited framework Everything you can do in XAML you can do in code – it’s just easier in XAML. Fully extensible UserControl & Panel Styling Templating Subclassing StackPanel stackPanel = new StackPanel(); TextBox textBox = new TextBox(); stackPanel.Children.Add(textBox); Button button = new Button(); stackPanel.Children.Add(button); <StackPanel> <TextBox/> <Button/> </StackPanel>
  • 20. Controls Reusable & Customizable Embody the Windows Phone design principles Standard Controls Map, WebBrowser, Ads, Intrinsic Controls (Button, TextBox, Grid, etc) Toolkit Controls DatePicker, TimePicker, Rating, AutoCompleteBox, etc Signature Controls Panorama, Pivot, LongListSelector, AppBar
  • 21. Signature Controls: Panorama
  • 22. Signature Controls: Pivot
  • 23. Pages & Navigation
  • 24. Page Navigation Each page identified by a URI Each page is essentially stateless private void btnLongListSelector_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { NavigationService.Navigate(new Uri("/LongListSelectorPage.xaml", UriKind.Relative)); }
  • 25. Live Tiles & Lock Screen Staying alive !
  • 26. Tile Templates and Tile Sizes Flip – flips from front to back Iconic – clean iconic layout Cycle – cycles through up to nine images 30
  • 27. Lock Screen on Windows Phone 8
  • 28. Monetization Give me the cash !
  • 29. Making Money Paid Apps Microsoft takes 30% of your revenue (up to 25,000$, 20% after)
  • 30. Build for both Windows Phone 8 + Windows 8
  • 31. Build For Both Windows and Windows Phone Shared Core Straightforward to share code between apps No XAML sharing technique however… MVVM - Model View ViewModel Easy to share Model and ViewModel for both apps Views are tailored to screen sizes Easiest if you build both apps at the same time
  • 32. Misc Some other useful stuff you might to look at
  • 33. Team Foundation Service
  • 34. Azure Mobile Services
  • 35. App Studio Build an app from your browser Add content Customize the app Download it on your device Share with family & friends
  • 36. Conclusion Si c’est pas maintenant le bon moment ?
  • 37. Conclusion It’s the best time to get started ! Tons of useful resources available online Topics we didn’t covered… More advanced APIs: speech, NFC, wallet, background tasks… Launchers and choosers File association Deployment … Happy to take questions !