Healthcare Performance Improvement Brochure


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Today’s healthcare executives are seeking performance improvement across multiple dimensions: expenses and profitability, waste, risk, and patient satisfaction and outcomes. That’s exactly what Crowe Horwath LLP’s Performance Improvement team delivers.

This brochure provides an overview our our service and value proposition.

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Healthcare Performance Improvement Brochure

  1. 1. Higher-Quality, Lower-Cost HealthcarePerformance and Profitability ImprovementAudit | Tax | Advisory | Risk | Performance The Unique Alternative to the Big Four ®
  2. 2. Crowe Horwath LLPTangible Patient and Provider Impact ■■ Outpatient clinic productivity ■■ Length-of-stay reductionToday’s healthcare executives are seeking performance ■■ Asset and facility productivity ■■ Process and technology alignmentimprovement across multiple dimensions: expensesand profitability, waste, risk, and patient satisfaction Integral to any engagement is the installation of the Crowe Horwathand outcomes. That’s what the Crowe Horwath LLP Accountability and ManagementPerformance Improvement team delivers. Performance System (CHAMPS™), a proprietary patient-centered, purpose-In a changing industry where the future Turning Operational driven operations excellence system. Thisis uncertain because of political andother external influences, there is one Challenges Into balanced scorecard methodology helpsinescapable truth: the delivery model Bottom-Line Results support and maintain the improvement year after year. Further, going beyondneeds to shift toward one that provides The Crowe Performance Improvement the traditional limitations of simplehigh-quality, patient-centric health team has a bottom-line focus. metrics, CHAMPS also provides criticalsolutions at a better value. Combining the hard science of accountability and change-management operations management and rigorousThe Crowe Performance Improvement tools, enabling clients to not only data analysis with techniques from theteam, working at the intersection of recognize the key performance indicators, soft sciences of organizational changeimproved patient experience and but also what to change and how to drive and performance management, we applyimproved financial performance, has had behaviors based on this information. leading practices to drive an improvedgreat success delivering solutions that patient experience while reducing costs.provide direct, immediate, significant, Why Operationsand measurable impact. Crowe approaches each client situation Excellence Delivers objectively and assertively. Instead ofThe Crowe team helps healthcare When the challenge is to deliver more redefining your business’s challenges toproviders identify the root causes of for less, more effective operations match a predetermined solution, Croweperformance deficiencies and then management is the solution. Raising begins by accurately identifying thedesigns and helps implement solutions quality, lowering costs, and reducing challenge and opportunity it presentsto streamline processes, reduce waste risk are best accomplished through and then draws on the broadest possibleand variability, improve management evidence-based process and operations array of solutions and approacheseffectiveness, enhance revenue, and improvement, as has been shown in to identify the specific methods thataddress additional, specific concerns. virtually all other industries. This is the will produce immediate positive best path for “bending the cost curve” impact. This differentiates Crowe fromBeyond making recommendations, Crowe while delivering an improved patient narrowly focused specialists or nicheemploys a hands-on implementation experience and better outcomes. consultancies that typically approachapproach that delivers immediate every challenge as an opportunity to Operations improvement helps HITbottom-line improvement during the apply the same, familiar tools. investments pay bigger dividends. Manycourse of the engagement, while alsoestablishing a foundation for long-term, technology-driven improvement efforts Particular areas of expertise forsustainable growth. deliver only mixed results, at best. To Crowe include: avoid the risk of automating dysfunctional ■■ Operating room efficiency work processes or deploying expensive tools with an uncertain return, a much ■■ Emergency department performance more effective approach is to first ■■ Procurement and materials focus on the process rather than the2
  3. 3. Higher-Quality, Lower-Cost Healthcare: Performance and Profitability Improvementtechnology. By addressing process as specialized experts in specific ■■ We Stick With You Until thedeficiencies before or during a technology management tools and methods Results Are Delivered – You and weimplementation, savings generated can drawn from many other industries. agree upon a specific, guaranteedhelp fund the necessary upgrades and ■■ Positive ROI – Above all, our financial return at the outset of themultiply the benefits. approach achieves immediate and assignment – and we stay with you measurable financial improvement, until it’s achieved.Highly efficient operations enable producing an agreed-upon return on ■■ We Empower You to Make Itphysician practice integration and new the client’s investment. Last – We go beyond merely trainingcoordinated care models. Optimal ■■ Long-Term Commitment – Our goal your people in tools and techniques;design of the delivery of services is to establish ongoing relationships we instill a continuous improvementencompasses the processes, operational with successful organizations, helping mind-set so that initial results formfootprint, management systems, tools, you apply proven and continuing the basis for further improvement.and employee behavior – all integralcomponents of coordinating populations improvement initiatives in a varietyacross organizations and creating of venues. Proven Expertisestronger connections with physicians The Crowe Performance Improvement In addition, clients frequently commentacross the continuum of care. team has achieved results addressing a on the Crowe team’s insight and ability broad array of business problems with anOperations excellence augments a to quickly discern opportunities. This, impact on the patient experience, helpingculture of quality and patient safety. coupled with the ability to quickly to deliver an improved financial positionBoth the mission-critical need to drive prioritize needed actions and rally for the provider. Crowe brings dedicatedout variability and adverse events and client teams to achieve rapid results, specialists with proven expertise in toolsthe financial implications of heightened produces a unique “bias for action” that and methodologies such as:sensitivity to performance relative is the hallmark of a Crowe Performanceto peers are completely aligned with Improvement initiative. ■■ Planning and scheduling optimizationdriving quality metrics such as improved ■■ Productivity improvementoutcomes, decreased length of stay, and What Makes It Work ■■ Procurement cost reductionreduced readmissions. As important as technical and ■■ Inventory and materials management industry expertise are, the CroweWhat Sets Us Apart Performance Improvement team adds ■■ Capacity planning and optimizationThe Crowe Performance Improvement a third essential component: a proven, ■■ SG&A optimizationteam has built a strong track record of systematic approach. ■■ Process and technology alignmentdelivering measurable financial results. ■■ We Find the Right Levers – The ■■ Asset utilizationAmong the key factors that set Crowe Crowe analytical approach identifies ■■ Cycle and lead-time reductionapart are: those areas in which performance ■■ Lean and Six Sigma■■ Quality of Our Team – The Crowe improvement will have direct financial consulting team members bring years and patient impact so we can focus ■■ Theory of constraints of experience to bear. Inexperienced our efforts in those areas. ■■ Service design staffers are not brought in to train at ■■ We Implement What We Recom- ■■ Total quality management (TQM) the client’s expense. mend – Rather than merely presenting■■ Broad and Deep Expertise – Our reports and recommendations, the team is composed of proven Crowe team works side-by-side with performers in healthcare, as well you at every level of your business to help get the desired 3
  4. 4. Contact Information The Results: What’s The Next StepFor more information on Crowe Horwath in It for You? Is there real, significant opportunityLLP Healthcare Operations Consulting The Crowe hands-on approach has for profitability improvement in yourServices, contact: helped healthcare providers address a organization? One phone call can broad array of specific challenges – from get you started toward answeringJerry Larson that question. underperforming operations, low630.575.4315 productivity, and shortcomings in Jerry Larson and Pat Sorrentino, experience and service to scheduling, who lead the Crowe PerformancePat Sorrentino inventory, capacity management, and Improvement and Healthcare Operations630.990.4448 revenue challenges. By clearly identifying services, have more than 20 years the root causes of poor performance, hands-on experience helping providers and by designing and implementing achieve measurable, verifiable bottom- specific solutions in a proven and highly line improvement. They would be happy interactive approach, the Crowe team to discuss your current situation and can help your organization achieve both give you their frank initial impression immediate bottom-line improvement and of the potential opportunities in your long-term, sustainable growth. organization. Based on that initial conversation you will be in a better position to determine if a no-cost, no-obligation review of your business might be worthwhile. Crowe Horwath LLP, The Unique Alternative® Crowe Horwath LLP ( is one of the largest public accounting and consulting firms in the United States. Under its core purpose of “Building Value with Values, ” Crowe uses its deep industry expertise to provide audit services ® to public and private entities, while also helping clients reach their goals with tax, advisory, risk, and performance services. With offices coast to coast and 2,600 personnel, Crowe is recognized by many organizations as one of the country’s best places to work. Crowe serves clients worldwide as an independent member of Crowe Horwath International, one of the largest global accounting networks in the world, consisting of more than 150 independent accounting and advisory services firms in more than 100 countries around the When printed by Crowe Horwath LLP, this piece is printed on Mohawk Color Copy Premium, which is manufactured entirely with Green-e® certified wind-generated electricity.The Mohawk Windpower logo is a registered trademark of Mohawk Fine Papers Inc.Green-e is a registered trademark of Center for Resource Solutions.Crowe Horwath LLP is an independent member of Crowe Horwath International, a Swiss verein. Each member firm of Crowe Horwath International is a separate and independent legal entity.Crowe Horwath LLP and its affiliates are not responsible or liable for any acts or omissions of Crowe Horwath International or any other member of Crowe Horwath International and specificallydisclaim any and all responsibility or liability for acts or omissions of Crowe Horwath International or any other Crowe Horwath International member. Accountancy services in Kansas and NorthCarolina are rendered by Crowe Chizek LLP, which is not a member of Crowe Horwath International. © 2012 Crowe Horwath LLP PERF12449