Youtube Case Study on Airtel


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Youtube Case Study on Airtel

  1. 1. CASE STUDY ONBy Jalaluddin Khan
  2. 2. OBJECTIVETo leverage brand Airtel’s association with ChampionsLeague T20 they used the popular social platform Youtube toengage and interact with the Target Audience in their naturalonline habitats during the ACL T20, 2010.
  3. 3. TARGET AUDIENCEIndia being a billion-strong cricket-crazy nation, they had todeal with a vast and un-exhaustive target audience.
  4. 4. STRATEGYThe idea behind the contest was to provide a platform to themillions of cricket fans in India to showcase their enthusiasm forthe teams and sport, in general, during the ACL T20 happening inSouth Africa. And what better platform than YouTube- the mostactive video sharing networking site with 300,000 odd users inIndia, could have been chosen to run this contest.The confluence of cricket and YouTube, for the first time in India,was bound to spell success for the contest.
  5. 5. SOLUTION/ CREATIVE IDEAThe idea was simple: Upload a video, make it go viral and stand a chance to catchthe ACLT20 final live in South Africa.The initiative invited real, passionate fans to make cheering videos for theirfavorite team and upload them on the ACL T20 YouTube channel. It gave fans theplatform to showcase their creativity, their talent, their passion, and their madnessfor the game.The criterion for awarding the prizes was based on the number of views a videoreceived over the duration of the contest. And the top 10 video owners withmaximum views were flown to South Africa, with their partners, to cheer for theirteams live at the venue!The buzz also translated into other social shores, with fans sharing video links onFacebook and Twitter. The contest picked up maximum viral mileage with fansspreading the word through word-of-mouth and other mediums, with hundredsparticipating and many more voting for their friends/peers to win. The whole socialarena was abuzz with the excitement surrounding the ACL T20 YouTube Contest.
  6. 6. RESULT & RECOGNITIONThe ACL T20 Real Fans campaign set many benchmarks since itslaunch. Starting off as India’s 1st YouTube contest page, it becamethe Most Subscribed channel (all time & the month of September)with 500,000+ channel views in the first 30 days.The level of interaction the brand had with its consumers and theresponse thus generated can be seen in the massive number of videosubmissions we received- over 2500 video submissions. Thecampaign was successful in giving fans one thing they love themost: a platform to express their love, passion and cheer for theirteams. It also effectively established Airtel as an enabler of talent andamplifier of passion for the youth in this country.The campaign won the Best Social Media Campaign award in thetelecommunication category at the IAC 2011 awards.