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  1. 1. “Bringing the Future to Light” Presented By: Green-Energy-Products. Com, LLC Eco-friendly, energy efficient lighting solutions… think green Toll Free: 800-639.8796 www.green-energy-products.com
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Company Overview 2. Product Overview. What is “RealTime Lighting”? 3. Typical Lamp life and Maintenance 4. Benefits of RealTime Lighting 5. Popular Applications 6. Case studies
  3. 3. Product Overview What is “RealTime Lighting”?  Essentially a fluorescent lamp without electrodes or filaments.  R ings w ith m agnetic coils create an electro m agnetic field using a high frequency generated by the electronic ballast.  Electrons discharged by the magnetic coils collide with mercury atoms inside the glass tube and become activated.  These electrons give off energy in the form of invisible UV light.  The conversion to visible light occurs when it passes through a phosphor coating on the inside surface of the tube.  The lamp therefore relies on the fundamental principles of gas discharge and electromagnetic “induction” to produce light.  As a result the lam p offers an unm atched life span . They can last longer than 100 incandescent bulbs, 5 HID, or 5 typical fluorescent lamp changes. Eco-friendly, energy efficient, lighting solutions…think green
  4. 4. S/P Ratio Definition: The S/P ratio determines the apparent visual brightness of a light source and determines how much light a lamp produces which is useful to the human eye (i.e. Visually Effective Lumens/Lux). Measurement: The S/P ratio of a light source is determined by measuring the output in Lumens or Lux using a light meter or spectrometer calibrated first to the Photopic vision sensitivity curve, and then measuring the same light with instruments calibrated to the Scotopic vision sensitivity curve. The resulting numbers form a ratio that is expressed as a single number. S/P RATIO Sun + Sky: 2.47 6500k RealTime Lamp: 2.25 5000k RealTime Lamp: 1.96 4100k RealTime Lamp: 1.62 Metal Halide (Na/Sc): 1.49 High Pressure Sodium(50w): 1.14 Incandescent (2850k): 1.41 Warm White Fluorescent: 1.00 (Credit: Francis Rubenstein of Berkley Labs)
  5. 5. S/P Ratio in Action Typical Lamp Application (1 to 1 comparison): 120 W Low pressure Sodium lamp [SOX 120] X 140 Lumens/W8 = 16,800 Lumens X 0.35(S/P Ratio) = 5,880 lumens of light useful to human vision. 120 W RealTime lamp X 80 Lumens/W = 10,200 Lumens X 1.96(S/P Ratio) =18,816 lumens of light useful to human vision Typical Lamp Application (50% energy reduction): 400W Metal Halide lamp [M 400] X 54.6 Lumens/W8 = 21,840 Lumens X 1.497 = 32,541 useful lumens 200W RealTime lamp X 81 Lumens/W = 16,200 Lumens X 1.96 = 31,752 useful lumens NOTE: The calculations above do not take into account actual electrical energy consumption which would include losses in the ballasts and would make the RealTime induction lamp even more efficient. Eco-friendly, energy efficient, lighting solutions…think green
  6. 6. CRI (Color Rendering Index) CRI: The best possible rendering of colors is specified by a CRI of 100. RealTime Induction lamps come in a wide range of color temperatures, between 3500K – 6500K, with 90+ CRI. This high CRI makes objects look bright, clear and natural under the RealTime induction lamp Eco-friendly, energy efficient, lighting solutions…think green
  7. 7. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words 250 Watt High Pressure Sodium 120 Watt RealTime Lamp Eco-friendly, energy efficient, lighting solutions…think green
  8. 8. Typical Lamp Life TYPICAL LAMP LIFE Incandescent Bulbs: 750-1,000 hours, 0.22 Years Halogen Bulbs: 2,000-3,000 hours, 0.68 Years Metal Halide: 7,500-10,000 hours, 2.2 Years Fluorescent: 15,000-20,000 hours, 4.6 Years Mercury Vapor: 16,000-24,000 hours, 5.4 Years High Pressure Sodium: 15,000-24,000 hours, 5.4. Years R ealTim e Lighting: 80,000-100,000 hours, 22.8 Years **based on 12 hours per day 7 days per week** Eco-friendly, energy efficient, lighting solutions…think green
  9. 9. Lumen Maintenance RealTime Induction Lamps 2007 RTG lighting
  10. 10. Features of RealTime’s Lamp & Ballast • 100,000 hour life time • 5 year warranty • No electrodes & no filaments • Wide range of colour temperatures (3500K – 6500K) • Wide range of wattages • Instant on and Instant re-strike capabilities • Wide operating temperatures (-40F to +122F) • 90+ CRI • .92 power factor • 100% flicker free / no hum • 98% efficient – 2% ballast overhead loss • 80 – 92 lumens per watt • Lumen maintenance of 80% at 90% of rated life span • 120 volt – 277volt – 347 volt ballasts Eco-friendly, energy efficient, lighting solutions…think green
  11. 11. Eco-Friendly ‘RealTime Lighting’ Positive Environmental Impact: Our Lamps offer a LEED qualifying “Green” lighting product that eliminates toxic waste disposal costs with 100% recyclable mercury. Aids the environment with a product that promotes a reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions. Less demand for power on local utilities reduces electrical power generation Dramatically reduces the contribution of hazardous waste to landfill sites by the elimination of spent lamps and ballasts Eliminate the high levels of mercury currently being added to the environment by disposed lamps RealTime lamps contain solid amalgam mercury which is 100% recyclable. This makes the RealTime induction lamp a completely ‘green lighting’ product NOTE: Lamps such as Metal Halide, Fluorescent & High Pressure Sodium all contain substances (i.e. mercury) that are dam aging to the environment
  12. 12. Benefits of RealTime Induction Lighting Energy, Maintenance & Productivity Savings: Cost Savings: Immediately reduce electric consumption (typical electric savings range between 40-70%) Maintenance Savings: Practically maintenance free. 100,000 hour/ 5-year warranty on bulb and ballast eliminates the cost of constant maintenance and re-lamping HVAC Savings: Ballasts are 98% efficient – no heat generated. HVAC cost reduction. Increased Safety and Security – instant on and re-strike – no flicker-no hum Increases worker productivity with ‘spectrally enhanced’/full spectrum lighting Eco-friendly, energy efficient, lighting solutions…think green
  13. 13. Popular “Green” Lighting from Green-Energy-Products.Com, LLC Flood Light Garage Lighting Wallpacks Roadway Lighting Surface Mount (Billboards/Buildings) (Parking Garages, (outside of buildings) (Schools/Parking Garages…) Train Stations…) Sealed Industrial Shoe Box Lighting (Tunnels/Bridges/Highways) Office Lighting (Parking Lots/Walkways…) Self Ballasted (screw in bulb) High Bay Lighting Earth embedded Decorative (Parks, Plazas, Down Lighting (landscape) shopping malls)
  14. 14. Retrofit RealTime Electronic Ballast RealTime Lamp Many customers choose to keep their existing fixtures by “retrofitting” the fixture with the RealTime Lamp & Ballast
  15. 15. CASE STUDIES Town on Long Island, N.Y. Goes Green …with “induction lighting” Town Expects to Save Nearly $1 million in 2008 As part of a 12-point 2008 Clean Energy Action Plan: - phasing-in induction lighting in its 30,000 streetlights -Town Energy Committee -electricity reduction program -adopting a number of in-house procedures to lower energy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “We have no higher obligation than to protect our environment, reduce our carbon footprint, and leave the Town in the best shape we know how for future generations," -Statement from Councilman Eco-friendly, energy efficient, lighting solutions…think green
  16. 16. CASE STUDY Manufacturer of Fire & Emergency Vehicles Changes to Induction Lighting Application: * previously had 400W Metal Halide fixtures. * Installed 200W induction lights which replaced the old Metal Halide Fixtures. Testimonial “We are extremely pleased with our new lights. Our production staff which includes welders, fabricators and mechanics see much better than before, resulting in improved quality and higher productivity. In addition we saved over 50% on our lighting energy costs and the 10 year warranty has eliminated the costly lamp and ballast replacements we had before. I highly recom m end induction lighting to other com panies.” -President
  17. 17. CASE STUDY Hospital Application: Application 1: Radiology Office: Replaced 14 x 40w T-5 Fluorescent with 4 x 40w Magnetic Induction lamps & ballasts. Reduced energy consumption from 560w to 160w Application 2: Maintenance Dept. & Laundry Room: Replacing fixtures that contain 2 x 32w fluorescent bulbs with 1 x 40w induction lamp. Decreasing energy consumption on an average of 35% Application 3: Parking Garages: Replacing various wattages of Metal Halides, HPS & fluorescents with half the wattage in induction lamps. Projected 10-year savings over $970,000 Testimonial: “These lights look like the sun…” -Facilities Manager at the hospital
  18. 18. Summary Key Benefits of RealTime Lighting Environmentally Friendly: contains solid amalgam mercury which is 100% recyclable. Eliminates the high levels of mercury being added to the environment by disposed lamps. Energy Savings: Reduces your lighting energy consumption by 35% - 70%. Reduced Carbon Footprint: There is a direct link between CO2 and global warming. By using our energy saving lamps you directly reduce your organization’s carbon footprint. Maintenance Free: Practically maintenance free, our bulb & ballasts are engineered to last for 100,000 hours (11.4 years running continuously). This eliminates the maintenance costs associated with constantly re-lamping. Eco-friendly, energy efficient, lighting solutions…think green
  19. 19. Green-Energy-Products.Com, LLC Eco-friendly, energy efficient lighting solutions … think green 13055 SW 83rd Avenue Pinecrest, FL 33136 Toll Free: 800-639.8796 E-mail: info@green-energy-products.com Web: www.green-energy-products.com attn: Mr. John Novar Fax: 786.242.8929