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  1. 1. INDUSTRIAL HIGH BAY FIXTURE SERIES LIBERTY Designed for High Bay Industrial Applications Aluminized Dome SPECIFICATIONS FEATURES General Description: Use in High Ceiling applications that require effi- • 100,000 HOURS SYSTEM LIFE, 10 YEAR STAN- cient down light and horizontal illumination while providing premium DARD WARRANTY glare control. Unique metallic finish provides long life efficiencies • MAINTENANCE FREE SYSTEMELIMINATES that will not degrade over time. EXPENSIVE LAMPREPLACEMENT COST Housing: UL Approved UVFR Poly carbonate white (Custom Colors WHERE ACCESS IS DIFFICULT OR COSTLY available) • UP TO 58% ENERGY SAVINGS OVERSTAN- Lamp Holder:Unique Design allows for an additional lamp to be added DARD HID FIXTURES onsite. • INSTANT ON, INSTANT RE-STRIKE IDEAL FOR Optics: 25” Diameter acrylic aluminized dome >85% efficient CIE type SENSOR APPLICATIONS direct. • LIGHTWEIGHT EASY TO INSTALL < 20 LBS • BALLAST HOUSING EASILY REMOVED FOR Mounting: The unique housing design allows either remote or hook REMOTE HOUSING INSTALLATIONS mount. The integral junction box splice used either for suspension or • INDUCTION LAMPS PROVIDE UNBEATABLE wire termination. .75” hub allows rigid conduit or hook suspension. LUMEN MAINTENANCE –90% AT 70,000 one .5” knockouts allow easy sensor integration. HOURS Electrical / Generator: 100,000 hour rated IC generator, is FCC class • UP TO 90 CRI PROVIDE EXCELLENT GLARE- “A” sound rated, power factor .99, <10% THD, meets or exceeds FCC FREE ILLUMINATION or EMI industrial regulations • ROBUST OPERATING CONDITIONSPROVIDE Lamp: Electrode free inductively coupled fluorescent lamp pro-vides >90 WORRY FREE INSTALLATIONS-70°F/-56° lumens per watt, rated for 100,000 hours, flicker free, C~120°C/250°F COLOR SERIES LENS LAMP 01 LAMP 02 OPTIONS VOLTAGE TEMP Example: PIDM25 AC 20 20 50 WG 12 ORDERING GUIDE SERIES LAMP 01 LAMP COLOR TEMPARATURE VOLTAGE PID25 High Bay Retail Fixture 20 200 watt 35 3500K 12 120VAC 41 4100K 20 208~240VAC DOME STYLE LAMP 02 50 5000K 27 277VAC AC Acrylic Lens 20 200 watt OPTIONS NOTES PC Poly Carbonate Lens NA No Options Ambient Temparature ratings vary with WG Wire Guard lamp & voltage. (Consult Factory) OCC Occupancy Sensor TW6 Twist Lock 6' Whip CC Custom Color (Consult Factory) www.efficiencyfixturecorp.com 1950 Park Ave. Unit B . Redlands, CA 92373 E307380 Tel: 909.307.9700 . Fax: 909.307.9797 “Bringing you, Tomorrow’s Light, Today”
  2. 2. PHOTOMETRY INFORMATION SERIES LIBERTY Description: 2/200W NexLume Induction Lamp 25” aluminized acrylic dome open bottom. Catalog No.: PIDA25-20-20-50-NA-12 Lamp Type: NexLume ORBIS 200W 5000K Test Report No.: 02711 Lamp Quantity.: 2 Date.: 8/15/2006 Rated Lumens: 32000 Efficiency (Total): 78.5% Efficiency (Downlight): 74.8% Efficiency (Uplight): 3.6% CIE Classification Direct Spacing Criteria 1.28 No. Of Lamps 2 Luminous Opening Vertical Cylinder Diameter: 2.08’ Height: 2.08’ Input Watts 400.7 RP-1-93 VDT Conformance Non-Conformance ROOM ESTIMATOR Input Parameter Output Parameter Room Dimensions Reflectance Target FC 25 fc. 50 fc. 75 fc. Length (X): 100' Ceiling: 60% Total Wattage 400w 400w 400w Width (Y): 100' Wall: 30% Number of Fixtures 12 23 35 Height (Z): 35' Floor: 10% CU 0.66 0.66 0.66 Mounting Height: 32' Light Loss Factor: 0.91 Power Density 0.48 0.92 1.40 Work Plane Height: 3.5' Total Lumen: 32,000 lm 1950 Park Ave. Unit B . Redlands, CA 92373 E307380 Tel: 909.307.9700 . Fax: 909.307.9797 “Bringing you, Tomorrow’s Light, Today”