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Recommendations for Student Companies After Video Competition
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Recommendations for Student Companies After Video Competition


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Recommendations by Marek Kalovec from Pontis Foundation for Kenyan and Slovak student practice companies after their joint competition in promotional video making. The activity was part of our soteICT …

Recommendations by Marek Kalovec from Pontis Foundation for Kenyan and Slovak student practice companies after their joint competition in promotional video making. The activity was part of our soteICT program -

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  • 1. soteICT Video Competition RECOMMENDATIONS FOR STUDENT COMPANIES by Marek Kalovec, Pontis Foundation Hello, my name is Marek Kalovec and I am an intern working for Pontis Foundation in Slovakia. After watching your video presentations I wanted to give you a feedback and some basic advices concerning the framework of the video. • before making a video itself, sit down with all the staff of your company and try to discuss what message (your business product) you want to send to the final recipient of your presentation • if you have to remember just one thing, remember this Golden Rule of many parts of our life, the presentations as well: • do not have to make up and deliver hundreds of information for people in your presentation, choose a core message and try to serve it as simply as it is possible • the final recipient (your customer) does not need to know all members of your company and their positions therefore the presentation of company or product doesn’t necessarily require whole staff involved in the video, choose one or max two persons with the best presentation skills and let them sell your product • if you are ready for making the video and you have the plan what message you want to deliver, choose the best place ever for making it (avoid locations like in front of the tank of water, at school or outside in the middle of nowhere) – remember that environment strongly contributes to the final outcome of the video
  • 2. • the video must “stand” on your product – doesn’t matter if you are presenting it or you are playing a funny scene; the outcome of the video must be the product • focus on your product – underline one or more benefits (but always remember our Golden Rule) • avoid presentations in Powerpoint (because of sounds of keyboard/mouse clicking) even using a projector (because of blinking) • for cameraman – shaking with the camera during recording or cutting the part of somebody’s head is unacceptable (put your camera on a stand, table or anything fixed and prepare the distance by making a mark on the ground for presenters so that they don’t loose any part of the body) • when presenter is showing some products, cameraman has to cooperate and focus on it as well • when you stand in front of the camera, try to make the best look with nice smile you could imagine (do not look bored, frightened or wondering) • speak loudly but not too much (cameraman needs to control sound and microphone settings before shooting video), avoid repeating your name in video • when you present with somebody, you have to introduce him as well as yourself • when you make the video on PC, send it and do not grab it on camera for making another one • when you make a decision to create a presentation of your company in Powerpoint, avoid hardly recognizable font colour (red on dark background, etc.), better use font outline • you can use some gentle and short introduction to video – music, picture, name of company, etc. instead of showing CEOs directly • if you choose some kind of music in video, make sure the music is appropriate (related especially to Slovak companies) • if you work in the area of tourism, shoot your video in the best locations you can (imagine that you sell location as a product, show animals, sightseeing points, etc.; nobody will come and pay for seeing a tree or a stone) • for the video cut, use appropriate software (do not have to download amount of them, try some that Windows itself has, e.g. Windows Movie Maker); avoid using the one that shows some notice like not activated program To sum up I want to show you one commercial where you can see that you do not have to involve all the info into your presentation, it is enough to have a little of invention and you can simply deliver your core message. Think how you can inspire people by your products… Enjoy and inspire yourselves ☺