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Influencer Marketing from step one through to the support of these valuable longterm relationships

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  • I run a company called Social Fresh. We started out by putting on social media conferences. And we have grown online with our free and premium social media training resources at Our blog brings in 250k readers from all over the world
  • All of our training, at our conferences and online is for marketers. PR, Advertising, Comms, small biz, F500. Anyone trying to grow a business digitally
  • We bring in top speakers from around the country, and the world. This is Frank Eliason of Citi, formerly @ComcastCares at our last conference. Some of the best speakers in the industry. People that know their stuff and won’t put you to sleep explaining it.
  • We have a lot of fun. Our next Social Fresh conference is in two months in Tampa, April 18-19. It is by far the best lineup we’ve had. And a local, Ryan of Sachs Media is actually one of our speakers.At the end of the presentation I am going to tell you how you can enter to win a free ticket Social Fresh EAST.
  • But right now, let’s get to work. Today we are here to talk about InfluenceWho wears the hat of influence? It is a big and contentious topic, especially since Klout started deciding to measure people on influence. It is important to remember we are influenced by absolutely everything. Sometimes product reviews, a website’s design, or ads can be the biggest decision maker in the consumer journey. So while today’s presentation focuses on the “influencer”, it is important to remember that this is an ecosystem of push and pull from 1000 directions. Influencers, or the people in this ecosystem, are typically the most powerful push we see.
  • The most powerful influence in the world is one person REALY listening to another person.This is word of mouth right, the back bone of marketing. When a company is doing things amazingly well, hitting on all cylinders, word of mouth movements happen on their own. Social media, to reinvest in the customer, to run your business in a way and primes it for influencers to spread the news.Advocacy is when your stakeholders and mainly your customers promote your company for you. They may not be influencers on the scale we will be talking about today with large blogs or emails lists, but they can influence their peers
  • Define the topics. What verticals, areas of interest, industries,etc do you want your influencer to be focused on. Important step. Martinis are optional.
  • Volkwagen teamed up with Nikkie, an 18-year-old girl from the Netherlands who had started giving make-up tips on YouTube at the age of 14 who then had over 160,000 subscribers on her channel. (She just passed 200,000 subscribers)50,000 views a video, the campaign received over 1.5 MILLION views and received plenty of media attention from around the world, helping Volkswagen achieve their main goal of bringing awareness to female drivers.
  • Hundreds of blog posts, videos, original pieces of content from bloggers, fans, and forums.
  • FindWeightVet
  • Hundreds of blog posts, videos, original pieces of content from bloggers, fans, and forums.
  • The brand and agency monitored the brand and industry conversation around their industry. They explored online communities to try and identify community leaders in the brand’s key content categories. The client reviewed several suggestions and found key brand champions that could represent the brand best.They blog, tweet, Facebook, and champion the products on the brand’s behalf.They have extended their contracts for 3t years now. Thousands of Twitter followers, millions of YouTube views, and true fans extending the reach of the brand.They get access and compensation.@SarahKayHoffman pictured
  • Read their blog, subscribe to RSS and Youtube, sign up for a newsletterLeave comments, retweet, ask questions, promotePay attention to any current partnerships they have, if they specify what they create content on, how they prefer to be contactedEmail them to introduce yourself without asking for somethingProvide content, guest blog, create content, Learning the ecosystem is probably the most valuable point here. Shift communications did a big blogger outreach campaign last year for Slydial, a new app that let you leave a voicemail for someone without calling them. Every single pitch of theirs was personal. • 381 blog posts in one month • 200,000 beta users in less than two weeksThis goes for more than just learning about bloggers or Twitter. Learn about the people you are making contact with.
  • “The first dozen videos were highly targeted smart bombs”
  • Influencer Marketing

    1. 1. DISCLAIMER: There are a lot of photos inthis presentation that might resemble themafia. If you should leave inspired tobeg, borrow, and steal your way to thetop, please do not hold me accountable.
    2. 2. Hello@JasonKeath
    3. 3. Hello
    4. 4. Hello
    5. 5. Hello
    6. 6. Hello
    7. 7. INFLUENCE
    8. 8. Influence Is About People people content social media
    9. 9. InfluenceThe AbilityTo MovePeople TowardValuable Action
    10. 10. 4 Levels of Influencers Celebrities Bieber Publishers Fans Blogger Vendor Friends Customer Coworker Girlfriend (@nikisnotes) Mom
    11. 11. The Influence Sweet Spot Celebrities Publishers Fans Blogger Vendor Friends Customer
    12. 12. Influence and Advocacy Celebrities Influencers Advocates Blogger Vendor Friends Customer
    13. 13. Publishing Targets Blogs Email Lists OtherLarge and Focused Captive Audiences, Forum Audiences Higher Converting Youtube Twitter Facebook Pinterest LinkedIn
    14. 14. Yeah, I can get yousome customers.Butit’llcost ya.
    15. 15. Cash or SweatThe cost of influence:• Average bloggers can get paid $300-$1000 per piece of content (and more)• Developing influencer relationships takes months and years
    16. 16. Influencer Marketing1. Focus2. Research3. Refine4. Relationship5. Activation6. Follow Up
    17. 17. 1. Focus
    18. 18. Focus: Defining TopicsStart with your influenceeFord might look for:1. Moms – Parenting2. College Students – Indie Music3. Newly Weds – Home Improvement
    19. 19. VW Beauty VideosVW Partners With Beauty Bloggers For Driver Safety Videos
    20. 20. Coraline Niche TargetsCoraline Film Gives Influencers Custom Gift Boxes
    21. 21. 2. Research
    22. 22. Tips On ResearchKlout, PeerIndex, Little Bird, Amazon, Youtube, Google,Technorati, Twitter, Followerwonk, Alltop
    23. 23. Universal Harry PotterWebinar for 7 bloggers creates coverage that reaches millions
    24. 24. 3. Refine
    25. 25. via Dave Fleet
    26. 26. Tips For RefiningObjective tools:Google Pagerank, Alexa Score, Klout Score, Amazon Reviews, YoutubeSubscribers, Comments, Twitter Followers, Publishing FrequencySubjective tools:Website design, language, frequency, community, ads, partners
    27. 27. Laughing Cow Champions @SarahKayHoffmanHighly Targeted Content Creators as Paid Partners
    28. 28. 4. Relationship
    29. 29. Tips For Relationship1. Content2. Participate3. Ecosystem4. Say Hello5. Support
    30. 30. 5. Activation
    31. 31. Tips For Activation• First Access• Big Creative• Feature Them• Involve Them• Spotlight the Movement• Tailor the Ask (relevance)
    32. 32. Old Spice Viral VideosCustom commercials sent to influencers, millions of views
    33. 33. 6. Follow Up
    34. 34. Tips For Follow Up• Be A Resource• Monitor• Answer Questions• Get Feedback• Say Thank You• Syndicate
    35. 35. Join Us In Tampa
    36. 36. Thank You