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Business profile - LIBERTAS GROUP INTL.






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    Business profile - LIBERTAS GROUP INTL. Business profile - LIBERTAS GROUP INTL. Presentation Transcript

    • Libertas Group International LLC Business profile
    • "Work is art. And good business is the finest art of all." Andy Warhol In Libertas Group, since its very beginnings in 2007, we've believed that, even in todays world of globalised commerce, the direct and unobstructed interaction between capital and investment possibilities remains our greatest challenge. Although the technological revolution has made our world a village in its own right, the ways of successful business still passes trough the gates of inside market knowledge. Language and cultural integration, alongside with a broad insight of each and every particularity of a specific market remains the key for a profitable endeavour. That is our ultimate policy. Libertas Group International LLC, a company founded and operated from two capital cities of great international business potential, Madrid (Spain) and Belgrade (Serbia), embodies those principles. In those terms, these regional hubs represent our business. Madrid, the gateway to Latin America, means European style with South American resources, while Belgrade, capital of the sole European country enjoying a Free Trade regime with the Russian Federation, brings the connection between West and East, along with an outstanding tradition of Pan-African and Asian cooperation. About Us Meet the President Services Contact
    • Our goal is simple. Providing our clients the most accurate analysis, high profile contacts and first rate efficiency in every investment enterprise they carry out. We might as well say that we have succeeded. With excellent insight in political and economical circumstances in Spain, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus, Georgia and Russia, we can guarantee our clients the lowest possible risks and costs for their projects. Perhaps the institutional relationships in those countries speak for themselves (Senior Advisors to the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Madrid, Co-founders of the joint Spanish-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Representatives of various Serbian academic institutions in Spain etc.). Our network of associates, partners and co-workers includes a great number of government officials, businessmen, prominent public figures, sportsmen, in short terms, the core structure of every society. This means contacts for us, and that means integration for our clients. That is our way of doing business! Jakov Jasin Libertas Group International LLC President About Us Meet the President Services Contact
    • About Us Meet the President Services Contact Jakov Jasin Bacovic President of Libertas Group International LLC When in 2007, on the back of a string of successful advertising projects in Serbia, Libertas Group International LLC was founded with Jakov Jasin Bacovic being appointed President, the Company had already devised a thorough business plan for future activities. It consisted in exploiting the full investment potential of the rising levels of cooperation between Spain and Serbia from his position of Senior Economic Advisor to the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Madrid.
    • Since then, the role of the contacts established trough this diplomatic engagement has been crucial. A close relationship with the Spanish business, economic and political sector (consultancy accounts for Orange and Telefónica, cooperation agreements with several advertising agencies and media and publishing companies, close contact with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and other governmental and political institutions etc.), alongside corporate connections of the same kind with diplomatic and business representatives of other countries in Spain has contributed to the establishment of Libertas Group International LLC as one of the leading company in terms of investment and capital consultancy for Balkan and Caucasian regions. Naturally, all that added to the existing network of partners in Serbia, which includes government officials as well as entrepreneurs in all branches, with the former General Director of the Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins of the National Bank of Serbia, Mr Jovan Jasin Tena, being one of the founders of the Company. About Us Meet the President Services Contact
    • Personally, he enjoys the friendship of some of the top Serbian athletes and sportsmen, with Tennis being a passion in its own right. Alongside, he actively collaborates with social and academic institutions in both countries and in the region (Carlos III University Madrid, University of Novi Sad, University of Timisoara, Serbian Association for United Nations, European Movement of Serbia, BBVA Foundation etc.), as well as on EU projects (Sustainable Development in the Balkans Academic Camp, writing a study on “History and actual tendencies of Sustainable Development”) At present, he is realising Double Degree Studies of Law and Economics in Carlos III University, with special focus on International Trade and Political Relations and Contractual Law. About Us Meet the President Services Contact
    • Investment and Capital Management About Us Meet the President Services Contact For Libertas Group International, Capital Investment Management means more than shear profit. It is, first and foremost, an opportunity for our clients to work in foreign markets as if they were their own. Sure enough, this task requires profound knowledge of political and economic circumstances and particularities of the desired market, something that implies experience and dedication in order to ensure the best possible performance of each account. For that reason, our services in this field are different. It is not about simple allocation of funds, it is about providing our infrastructure, our expertise and our contacts in the best interest of our partners. At the present moment we find ourselves able to deliver this support in 8 different markets, Spain, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Cyprus, Georgia and Russia.
    • Another advantage of our proposal is that it allows direct access to the desired investment field. That means business with less intermediaries, lower costs and decreased risk. Whether it is commodities, real estate or industrial production, our clients have unrestricted and accurate insight of the investment potential of their portfolio. Our corporate contacts, that include C.E.O.s and owners of both private and state-owned financial, energetic and industrial conglomerates, are there to assure that. Furthermore, it means that clients companies may count on the fastest market insertion, supported by excellent legal and economic professionals that are our usual collaborators. Finally, LGI Capital and Investment Management means that you will, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, be able to keep in touch with your investment. And what is more, we’ll treat it as if it were our own. About Us Meet the President Services Contact
    • Market Analysis About Us Meet the President Services Contact In the world of globalised communication information is everywhere and everything. What only yesterday was a privilege today is nothing more than easily accessible data. Nevertheless, “when even a shoe-cleaner can make unbelievable profit, it’s time to get out”. That why for us market analysis lies beneath short term hypes, deep into long term strategies, in the very structure of our social needs.
    • Rather than a tedious procedure, for Libertas Group International commercial research is an opportunity. First, it’s a chance for us to get to know our clients, and what is even more important, an opportunity for our clients to asses themselves, to meet face to face their strengths and weaknesses and go into new markets with a clear vision of the future. Second, it is a ticket for the train that goes slowly, stops rarely and never goes back. It is our way into market tendencies that today might be only whispers, but soon enough they’ll become prime vectors of its development. In short terms, it is an ultimate opportunity to be part of the very future of the market, to make your brand the flagship of its expansion and growth. We acknowledge the complexity of this goal. Even so, we firmly believe that with the right methods it can be achieved. That why we offer our clients a unique service, to access, via our own network of corporate contacts, that disperse group of top of the range professionals that rarely work for a single company. Moreover, we give them insight into the puzzle of individual market tendencies in order to understand its trend, and to find their place in it. Business planning is crucial to us. It is our way to know what we have, what we can promise and what we can do. That’s why, once we have it, we can bet on it, and we can rely on it when our client’s money is on the line. That’s why must deposit all our credibility in it every single time. And that’s why we can carry the torch of pioneers, because we’ve laid firm tracks beneath. About Us Meet the President Services Contact
    • Commercial Representation About Us Meet the President Services Contact Commercial representation is one of the core services we offer to our clients. As a matter of fact, Libertas Group International was made upon the idea of efficient and effective brand introduction for newcomers to our markets. For us, commercial representation embodies our business spirit. It means the outmost level of involvement with our clients, the symbiosis and synergy between us and the company we represent. It’s about those moments when we become the face that customers see. Furthermore, it gives us an opportunity to contribute to the development of a particular brand, of a specific business idea, to nurture its potential and strengths. In this we believe that we have devised a very unique “our way”.
    • Following that slightly nostalgic guideline of business being done tete a tete, we offer our clients the chance to access the circles of decision-making in environments that are not necessarily “strictly business”. Alongside, we rely on individual outsourcing as a method to guarantee the best possible service that can rarely be offered by a single company. It is true that LGI doesn’t commercialise what we ourselves wouldn’t buy. We have invested our greatest efforts to preserve our image of market leaders in sectors that still need to be fully explored. That’s why we have carefully chosen only those brands and products that reflect our care for detail and luxury, in short, companies that work the way we would have. In this, as in everything else, Libertas Group International brings a different way of doing business. Because, in markets where the customer asks for differentiation rather than mediocrity, we promise to bring that sense of class, that sense of identification with the brand which makes the product an intricate part of the buyer. Finally, it’s because of our conviction that, rather than being one of many, we sell the brands of the future we can be there when our clients need us. About Us Meet the President Services Contact
    • E-mail World Wide Web About Us Meet the President Services Contact